Zubatman The Animated Series HD Intro

Aug 20, 2012
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He's the hero Kanto needs. But not the one it deserves.

Shock-Dingo, the voice of Zubatman: shock-dingo.newgrounds.com/
Intero, the music maker and sound guy: intero.newgrounds.com/
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Well this took FOREVER. This is the most detailed animation I've made to date, hope you guys liked it! I recreated the intro from Batman the Animated Series, with a Pokemon twist! I rotoscoped a bit and practiced drawing super heroes for a few days to get this style down somewhat to keep the look consistent throughout (I'd also like to credit the anime "Toaru Majutsu no Index" cause that's where I got that epic punch from). I learned a lot from this, and I can't wait to apply what I've learned to my next animations :D
I'm going to take a little breather for a while (for GUILD WARS 2!) but when I return I plan on doing some more NoPUNintendo! Super detailed animations like this really take a lot, so it might be a while until I do something like this again.

Oh, and did you like the credit music? It's from Batman Return of the Joker for GameBoy lol, you can download the soundtrack here: www.mediafire.com/?4jti45igvhk341n

  • Of all the animations you've done over the years, Jeremy, this is still my favorite

    FableCountryFableCountryMonth ago
  • ahhhh... nothing beats the classics :D

    Random ChannelRandom ChannelMonth ago
  • vai pro inferno

    Felipe FoncecaFelipe FoncecaMonth ago
  • r.i.p the Pokémon

    White susWhite sus4 months ago
  • I can tell there was a ridiculous amount of time put into this one compared to the prior animations

    Darius RDarius R4 months ago
  • robert pattinson is Zubatman

    Ghoost RiderrGhoost Riderr5 months ago
  • Ok this channel use to be dark like zubatman killed to pokemons

    Moises HernandezMoises Hernandez5 months ago
  • Wait till Ratataman avenges that ratata.

    Its-_-Fox GrrrIts-_-Fox Grrr6 months ago
  • The Zubatmobile noises got me

    Niall McSorleyNiall McSorley6 months ago
  • I want to see another one

    edd the dogedd the dog6 months ago
  • the man is hitting very new comments with the love button, can we appreciate the dude for the dedication for a sec

    Jaiden NOT AnimationsJaiden NOT Animations6 months ago

    Pedro Henrique Lopes OliveiraPedro Henrique Lopes Oliveira6 months ago
  • 0-0That was weird why wouldn’t he step on a Ratatat I mean they’re very easy to step on but this is pretty gruesome

    Ariana AlvarezAriana Alvarez6 months ago
  • Man! I really like the way you mix this. Cerulean city lol!

    Rodrigo HerreraRodrigo Herrera6 months ago
  • If zubatman takes care of team rocket, what will red take care of?

    JuinXhiJuinXhi6 months ago
  • That ratatta... And I thought what Kirby did to Dedede in Super Star was dark

    Sparta34 / / The GamerSparta34 / / The Gamer7 months ago
  • It was ok it would made more sense he has used pokemon or zubatarangs maybe?.

    九尾の狐Kyubi九尾の狐Kyubi9 months ago
  • 0:40 But Batman swore to never kill😭😭😭

    Meme MasterMeme Master10 months ago
  • Who is zubatman and what is this?

    Professor MiloProfessor Milo10 months ago
  • Imagine if DC made a Pokémon animated series. That would be awesome!

    Andres E. Gomez M.Andres E. Gomez M.11 months ago
  • Pokemon League Unlimited when?

    Cameron KiesserCameron KiesserYear ago
  • Zubatmans worse than team rocket

    Clayton CrowleyClayton CrowleyYear ago
  • *yeets ratata* mood

    Jordan JoestarJordan JoestarYear ago
  • Holy shit I'm so glad I came all the way down here. This was really well done and it made me laugh really hard like.

    Kyle KenKyle KenYear ago
  • quick give me a repel

    Polly CongPolly CongYear ago
  • Love it !

    M. HendrixM. HendrixYear ago
  • there really was a japanese super hero called zubat🤣

    咸鱼仔阿春咸鱼仔阿春Year ago
  • It makes me mad how technically wonderful this is

    Tom JungTom JungYear ago
    • Tom Jung haha I lost it when I saw the zubatmobile

      Endtimeguitarist EndtimeguitaristEndtimeguitarist EndtimeguitaristYear ago
  • May I introduce to you the other zubatman? I believe the artist would be tickled by your video as much as you'll be with his own comics.. fav.me/d886zcs

    delta341delta341Year ago
  • I want a webseries out of this!!!

    Pablo312Pablo312Year ago
  • I thought zubatman gonna battle them.

    No this is PatrickNo this is PatrickYear ago
  • That Zubat sound instantly triggered me

    Casual_Time_MachineCasual_Time_MachineYear ago
  • This is still A1 content, 7 years later

    Chaz SmithChaz SmithYear ago
  • The quality of the animation is studio quality. I hope you have a great career in animation and I get to see one of them in the cinema one day.

    Senor CorbuiserSenor CorbuiserYear ago
  • That Pokémon battle was just wrong bruh

    DreamyDreamyYear ago
  • mmm, I feel like Lavender Town would've been a more fitting city for Zubatman.... maybe....

    marplatense31marplatense31Year ago
  • Ali: I like it, but the credits at the end. The music is bad, be more serious dark music.

    XIPHOZ1XIPHOZ1Year ago
  • Awesome, i Loved it!

    Alahir BarbozaAlahir BarbozaYear ago
  • Beautiful recreation! I had a hard time telling apart yours from the original in a few scenes!

    ScrewBall the Alien!ScrewBall the Alien!Year ago
  • :3 reviviendo los 90's

    dios ofiucodios ofiucoYear ago
  • When's the next episode?

    waffielzwaffielzYear ago
  • My existence is complete.

    Luke MarcumLuke MarcumYear ago
  • On the side it says “Batman: The Animated Series” *L M A O*

    Jim Bob JoeJim Bob JoeYear ago
  • Did u get this idea from Pokemon talk

    BabyporkchopBabyporkchop2 years ago
  • Well, this is a masterpiece!

    DeathToJihadDeathToJihad2 years ago
  • PETA agents are at your door.

    Galaxy BrainGalaxy Brain2 years ago
  • You should also do one for The Adventures of Zubatman and Fletchling

    Josiah HerringJosiah Herring2 years ago
  • In the thumbnail Zubatman looks like a granny

    Memeious Dogeius- YTMemeious Dogeius- YT2 years ago
  • Dude I think they just made it somewhat official. comicbook.com/gaming/2018/11/16/pokemon-lets-go-batman-master-trainers/

    The DragonborneThe Dragonborne2 years ago
  • i love batman and pokemon... thank you.

    Cominatcha 133Cominatcha 1332 years ago
  • Eventually he will have to rebrand himself to Golbatman But after that it should be fine. Doubt he will ever reach the happiness level required to become Crobatman

    HORRIORHORRIOR2 years ago
  • that's a pretty good batman voice...

    Jessen's ChannelJessen's Channel2 years ago
  • The bedt

    Lapo RiccardiLapo Riccardi2 years ago
  • Plot twist: Zubatman was a man infused with a zubat just like Bill was with a rattata in that one chapter of the manga.

    Jakob IngersollJakob Ingersoll2 years ago
  • Nice Zubat, man! ( get my joke?) Looks like the creator of this video gets my joke! ( also thanks for the heart)

    Nimy 5Nimy 52 years ago
  • I... am... Zoboomafoo!

    ErasmosaurusErasmosaurus2 years ago
  • Zubatman the Celadon City

    Comrade FedorovComrade Fedorov2 years ago
  • Yeet

    Givl UpiGivl Upi2 years ago
    • What does it take to get a heart from TerminalMontage: A comment.

      Givl UpiGivl Upi2 years ago
  • Nah, Joker should be a crazy guy who dresses like Mr. Mime and kills Pokemon for fun...IMO

    K BK B2 years ago
  • Such great animation.

    ManiaMediaMediumManiaMediaMedium2 years ago
  • Muk clayface, plz.

    TNTTNT2 years ago
  • Awesome!!!!

    Bobby CollingsBobby Collings2 years ago
  • Make more of this pls.

    PkfierPkfier2 years ago
  • Zubatman is too op if someone caught him he would be the king of Pokémon

    TenXTenX2 years ago
  • No one giving props for the zubat call when the zubatmobile takes off? That was gold

    ToniShinobiToniShinobi2 years ago
  • Is there swubatman

  • Let me guess mr joker?

    Naief The goonyNaief The goony2 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] or that works too

      Naief The goonyNaief The goony2 years ago
  • *_in darkest caves, in restless nights, i will always be in sight_*

    David M.David M.2 years ago
  • I love you for this.

    Emperor MaysEmperor Mays3 years ago
  • zubatman you’re a fucking BULLY

    ss3 years ago
  • Outro Credits music is. Batman: Return of the Joker Gameboy advanced track 7 The Train. :)

    Bin BagBin Bag3 years ago
  • This is true art😂😂😂

    Strawberry fields97Strawberry fields973 years ago
  • Greatest thing I've ever seen

    Zvie OercaneZvie Oercane3 years ago
  • This is so high quality (the voice acting and animations) hence why its so good.

    MS.10MS.103 years ago
  • His lips tho

    Cameron GodseyCameron Godsey3 years ago
  • Brock Is Zubatman

    Tyler KlauseTyler Klause3 years ago
  • Robin: Fletchling Joker: Mr.Mime Penguin: Delibird Riddler: Chatot Scarecrow: Darkrai/Hypno Superman: Pidgeot

    Kaan DagdasKaan Dagdas3 years ago
  • What is this.....

    Ghost Warrior 38Ghost Warrior 383 years ago
  • It's ironic that Team Rocket's main Pokémon is also Zubat :D

    Lizandra JardimLizandra Jardim3 years ago
  • *AVGN in a Pokemon Universe* So anyways, the game sucks, gotta give it the Zubatman Punishment.

    thebestml201thebestml2013 years ago
  • Zubatman used Stomp

    Thee AdjudicatorThee Adjudicator3 years ago
  • Who is the director?

    S.Irwinfan64S.Irwinfan643 years ago

    Call me Zelda ONE moar timeCall me Zelda ONE moar time3 years ago
  • Zubatman has some nice lips

    The Murderers FolleyThe Murderers Folley3 years ago
  • What about Woobatman?

    Volter TMVolter TM3 years ago
  • The batman gameboy music tho

    Dark KnightDark Knight3 years ago
  • RIP rattata : Still better than bidoof

    Datboi HDatboi H3 years ago
  • lmao the Officer Jennys showing up XD

    Gobo KinjeGobo Kinje3 years ago
  • It's ironic since Zubat is common pokemon fodder for Team Rocket.

    zerozanozerozano3 years ago

    AJ FulcoAJ Fulco3 years ago
  • best Batman ft Pokemon intro ever

    Benjamin WeverBenjamin Wever3 years ago
  • at least zubatman is like the real Pokemon world.

    Michael CrespoMichael Crespo3 years ago
  • the plot to dorkly Pokemon.

    Michael CrespoMichael Crespo3 years ago
  • it feels so unf to watch

    FullCaberFullCaber3 years ago
  • 1 like= 1 rattata and koffings saved

    The Gaming MushroomThe Gaming Mushroom3 years ago
  • Hold up, so we've got officer Jennys... but is there a commisioner Jenny?

    VocalCalibrationVocalCalibration3 years ago
  • where is the nananananana intro?

    CL TerrellCL Terrell3 years ago
  • such a genius animation idea lmao PROPS MY FRIEND

    King DulyKing Duly3 years ago
  • You inspired me to breed a perfect Zubat after you to tell you the truth, Jeremy.

    John MelendezJohn Melendez3 years ago
  • Nice video, but not sure if the stomping part was required. The pokemon fight could have been like some random punches

    daron122daron1223 years ago