Zubatman TAS: Supersonic Clip

Sep 10, 2012
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Exclusive leaked footage from Zubatman The Animated Series! "The Haunter" is a confirmed villain!!
Voice of The Haunter: seshido.newgrounds.com/
The Haunter is an insane ex-psychiatrist who uses a variety of drugs and psychological tactics to use the fears and phobias of his adversaries. He does not commit his crimes for wealth, but rather as a form of "research" to further study the effects of fear on humans (later, he does it to satisfy his own psychopathic desires), making the innocent citizens of Kanto his unwilling guinea pigs.

  • man I can't wait to see the koffing

    KaoDubsKaoDubsMonth ago
  • 😲

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY2 months ago
  • Lol

    Nerdy gamersNerdy gamers2 months ago
  • 8 years huh? Soon TeminalMontage will become 10 years. WOOOOOOOOO!!! “Unfortunately, TerminalMontage can’t read

    Olle Tynelius SöderströmOlle Tynelius Söderström3 months ago
  • he *SCREEM*

    Well Dressed MonkeWell Dressed Monke3 months ago
  • The first two seconds with the man behind the murderer

    Ariana AlvarezAriana Alvarez6 months ago
  • Oh jeez

    EnderGoku9001EnderGoku90019 months ago
  • Mad hatter + hypno = madno well got a hunter scarcrow why not a hypno as mad hatter

    Charles SeaboltCharles Seabolt9 months ago
  • Zubatman used supersonic Its super effective

    Marcos ViníciusMarcos Vinícius9 months ago
  • If there are others like supermawtwo or aquakarp or boltash or marvel like spinarman or iron sharp or durantman

    MarMar9 months ago
  • Baby on the air plane

    zee zamzee zam10 months ago
  • mother of god

    Codename L-bravoCodename L-bravo11 months ago
  • This is the fifth Zubatman I know about.

    Jack KempJack Kemp11 months ago
  • Sadly as TAS batman this series also got forgotten :c

    Z0k TwfZ0k TwfYear ago
  • WTH the ...

    cemetary wolfcemetary wolfYear ago
  • Two of the most 90s things Batman TAS and Pokémon

    SwordsmanMercenarySwordsmanMercenaryYear ago
  • I just got Rick rolled in an ad. Amazing

    TheGetALifeClubTheGetALifeClubYear ago
  • My mom still yells louder

    waffielzwaffielzYear ago
  • Ha!

    Yoshidex 64Yoshidex 64Year ago
  • How much time did you spend pressing the a button every frame?

    Presto019 makes stuffPresto019 makes stuff2 years ago
  • Makes since

    Aououboogah aAououboogah a2 years ago

    Dodge NeonDodge Neon2 years ago
  • Haunter is the Scarecrow, Cubone can be bane, Killer croc can be A Feralgator, Robin can be Fletchwing, Posion ivy can be Meganium, Clay face can be Muk, Joker can be Mikuyu, Harley can be Minum/Plusu, Penguin Can be Empolen, Condemt king can be kleffikey. I think I'll add more latter I made mistakes with names I'll fix it later

    Vlad TepesVlad Tepes2 years ago
  • My suggestions: Golbat = Batwoman Zubat girl = Batgirl Spearow = Robin Fearow = Nightwing Taillow = Damian Wayne Bannette = Raven Ditto = Beastboy Do Duo = TwoFace Muk man, or the Grimer = Clayface Mr. Mime = Joker The Jynx = Harley Quinn Persian = Catwoman Professor Porygon = Riddler Poison Ivysaur = Poison Ivy The Haunter = Scarecrow Primeape = Bane Would be interesting if you would do a Pokemon anime / this parody Batman universe crossover...

    K BK B2 years ago
  • I guess Jessie and James don't exist in this universe?

    K BK B2 years ago
  • Okay, um Joker equivalent, please! Joker is Mr. Mime and Harley is Jynx (or Mime Jr., that would work, too)? Please please please....

    K BK B2 years ago
  • Cool!

    Bobby CollingsBobby Collings2 years ago
  • Ya know for kids!

    Hamza YahyaHamza Yahya2 years ago
  • This is pure art😂😂😂

    Strawberry fields97Strawberry fields973 years ago
  • ear destruction

    Benjamin WeverBenjamin Wever3 years ago
  • gengar should be joker

    FullCaberFullCaber3 years ago
    • Oh Gosh Dint Expect an awnser that fast :O

      FullCaberFullCaber3 years ago
  • I'm confused.

    SamsonSamson3 years ago
  • Dude, make a patreon or something. I'm waiting years for the actual series.

    ¡Elias!¡Elias!3 years ago
  • Scaremurkrow, Delcattwoman, Poison Ivysaur, The Unown, The Empoleon, Mr. Mime, Harley Jynx, Giovanni Al Ghoul, Ditto Face, Zubatman & Pidgey

    Verron 1Verron 13 years ago
  • Is that suppose to be Haunter as Scarecrow? Genious!

    TheGamingFluttershyFanTheGamingFluttershyFan3 years ago
  • When will mimer Show up?

    orhan koçakorhan koçak3 years ago
  • A TAS? Where are the multi-shines?

    GhostarGhostar3 years ago
  • Scarehaunter use Mean Look. Zubatman can no longer escape. Zubatman use Supersonic. Scarehaunter is confused. It hurt itself in confusion (and possibly fainted).

    RUSTY GX 4RUSTY GX 44 years ago
  • So I'm guessing his leading lady is PERSIANWoman and that her accomplice as a cat burglar is her trusty Meowth? ;) Other guesses: Zubatgirl (Batgirl) Spearow (Robin) Fearow (Nightwing) Do-Duo (Talia Al Ghul) Do-Drio (Ra's Al Ghul) Gol-Bat (Man-Bat) Toxic Vileplume (Poison Ivy) Dug-Trio (Two Face) Mr. Mime (The Joker) Hoiday Hi-Jynx (Harley Quinn) The Porygon (The Riddler) The Wild Hypno (The Mad Hatter) The Nidoking (The Clock King) Muk-face (Clayface) The Kangaskhan (The Ventriloquist) Poli Wrath(Killer Croc) Lil Nido (Baby Doll, a Nidoran female) Mr. Cloy (Mr Freeze, a Cloyster) The Seadra (The Penguin)

    Elyse WalkerElyse Walker4 years ago
    • killer Krook(killer croc), the empoleon (the pinguin), Tsareena ivy (poison ivy), doduo face (or girafaring face)(2 face),

      Antonio OvalleAntonio Ovalle4 years ago
    • I think Empoleon and Sandile's evolutions work better for Penguin and Killer Croc respectively

      Grey KnightGrey Knight4 years ago
  • So Zubatman is just Black Canary?

    InformedInformed4 years ago
  • Xjshshhw

    Mitchell ValdezMitchell Valdez4 years ago
  • Do your ears bleed? _THEY'RE GOING TO..._

    TBONE2004TBONE20044 years ago
    • Actually, 'going to' is actually more immediate than 'will,' so there's either no difference or he was right to begin with.

      FadoodlebloberFadoodleblober4 years ago
    • More like Do you ears bleed? THEY WILL...

      KSound KaijuKSound Kaiju4 years ago
  • Make more. Have Zubatman battle Master/Legendman or whatever name that is a rip-off of Superman. Zubatman v.....

    Cameron KiesserCameron Kiesser4 years ago
  • more please.

  • Well that escalated at supersonic speed.

    EsperEsper5 years ago
    • Very true

      Jason FalconJason Falcon5 years ago
  • Why does this not have more views?

    hammer3737hammer37375 years ago
  • Why are we not funding this?

    Skull KizzleSkull Kizzle6 years ago
  • Breaking news: We found zubatman hanged upside down from gotham tower with a note saying "venom and carnage was my targets"

    muskatDRmuskatDR6 years ago
  • you really need to make this a thing

    Noah RichardsonNoah Richardson6 years ago
  • that was cool but it was basically black canary from dc

    illumiNATIillumiNATI6 years ago
  • So is haunter going to be scarecrow?

    Probably a boxProbably a box6 years ago
    • Yeah basically if you read the description, kinda fits Scarecrow's description.

      SF9SF96 years ago
  • I'm CONFUSED!! Oooooooooh!

    Cono DodioCono Dodio6 years ago
  • MY EARS D:

    stewievaderstewievader6 years ago
    • Stewievader fainted!

      kreeper kraftkreeper kraft6 years ago
  • The Haunter's voice is epic

    Makaveli456Makaveli4566 years ago
    • The Krookodile Hunter Because, while Cacturne is a scarecrow, it’s more about being a moving cactus. Haunter, meanwhile, is all about fear and terror

      spindash64spindash645 months ago
    • But why Haunter and not Cacturne?

      The Krookodile HunterThe Krookodile Hunter3 years ago
    • hell yeah it is

      dpilanddpiland6 years ago
  • So The Haunted is basically Scarecrow?

    Goomba GroundPounderGoomba GroundPounder6 years ago
  • What if the sonic screech is how Zubatman talks?

    Boxproductions1337Boxproductions13376 years ago
  • Empoleon as the pinguin?

    drifttech234drifttech2346 years ago
  • Make a series

    humunuminahumunumina6 years ago
  • R.i.p headphone users

    Orange SparkOrange Spark6 years ago
  • Scarecrow is Haunter Should we expect Mr Mime as Joker, Feraligatr as Killer Croc, and Ursaring as Bane?

    Winterfeuer D369Winterfeuer D3696 years ago
    • Bane is machamp

      Riyan ShariRiyan Shari5 months ago
    • Triforce75 Marowak Bane I didn’t know the warmth of a hug until I already evolved and by then I felt nothing but BURNING The pain betrays you... because it _belongs to me_

      spindash64spindash646 months ago
    • Cuane

      HaydenatorHaydenator9 months ago
    • Ra's Al Ghul? Hmmm

      SwordsmanMercenarySwordsmanMercenaryYear ago
    • Nah-Cubane

      SwordsmanMercenarySwordsmanMercenaryYear ago
  • 00:15-00:17 we need a 1 hour version

    grimfate56grimfate567 years ago
  • You did a fantastic job at fusing Haunter with the BTAS Scarecrow.

    GabagoooshGabagooosh7 years ago

    Gary MorrisGary Morris7 years ago
  • Two face = girafiface

    CCHEZERCCHEZER7 years ago
  • Cubane poison ivysaur meowth woman

    CCHEZERCCHEZER7 years ago
    • @Zarnirox The Masketta 'Mon...

      Brian CahillBrian Cahill4 years ago
    • And Mr. Mime as The Joker (Mr. Joker)

      Cristian David Salas GutiérrezCristian David Salas Gutiérrez4 years ago
    • Personally, I find Liepard more sensible for Cat Woman fusion

      Broadcast Station MinTVBroadcast Station MinTV6 years ago
    • @HALOvsSephiroth I like Cubane. He already wears a mask.

      ZarniroxZarnirox6 years ago
    • Why isn't bane a machamp?

      ScreamWankScreamWank6 years ago
  • As a proud user of headphones, I think I can represent all of my fellow headphone users by saying OH GOD, MY EARS! WHY? OH GOD WHY?

    Eric LawlorEric Lawlor7 years ago
  • Any updates on the series?

    JoeMamma23JoeMamma237 years ago
  • We ever gonna get Cubane?

    • You think being parentless is your thing. You merely encountered being an orphan. I was born into it, molded by it. I didn’t know the warmth of a hug until I was already a Marowak, and by then it was nothing but BURNING The pain betrays you... because it _belongs to me_

      spindash64spindash646 months ago
    • Never because this series didnt even start

      Professor MiloProfessor Milo10 months ago
    • best comment

      JazzyJazzy2 years ago
  • next is poison ivy-saur

    Derpy SlayerDerpy Slayer7 years ago
  • So did they hit themselves in confusion afterwards?

    qurazyqurazy7 years ago
  • Zubatman uses Supesonic... It's super effective.

    mitchellv1992mitchellv19927 years ago
  • And We all know who Mr. Mime is going to be.

    Dishonorable DickwraithDishonorable Dickwraith7 years ago
  • this is the next step in pokemon and batman

    Kenji's Gaming DenKenji's Gaming Den7 years ago
  • My fucking ears!!! damm headphones!

    Matt IslandMatt Island7 years ago
  • I'll throw some cash in that if it comes up.

    StethacanthusStethacanthus7 years ago
  • Don't hurt yourself.

    StethacanthusStethacanthus7 years ago
  • And a movie where Zubatman has to fight Mr. Mimer!

    ChibbyTonxChibbyTonx7 years ago

    zelong dragonzelong dragon7 years ago
  • Actually, if you check TerminalMontage's Tumblr or deviantArt you'll see he's come up with the concept for Cubane.

    Keith LeitnerKeith Leitner7 years ago
  • More

    TheDickt8rTheDickt8r7 years ago
  • Can't wait to see Zubatman vs Bane-tte

    Jaye Dehd'ahzfokJaye Dehd'ahzfok7 years ago
  • I'd think it'd be a gadget.

    We Remotely LowWe Remotely Low7 years ago

    reatreifyreatreify7 years ago
  • And somebody else make a kick starter for this to be a GAME!

    GodOfTheeGamesGodOfTheeGames7 years ago
  • LMAO Please make a series PLEASEEEEEEE

    OuterThoughtOuterThought7 years ago
  • Make mister mime than joker character lol

    Andrew FryeAndrew Frye7 years ago
  • And the Mimer. Nice to see someone else thought of Poison Ivysaur besides me! Good job! But by Woobatman, were you referring to Batzarro? The Bizarro version of Batman?

    Abominatrix650Abominatrix6507 years ago
  • Please be my friend. That comment alone proves you to be high in awesomeness

    Abominatrix650Abominatrix6507 years ago
  • Wow...Haunter combined with Scarecrow? You've got some balls there, sir!

    Abominatrix650Abominatrix6507 years ago
  • Should we... Kick-start a Kick-Starter?

    LaurieLaurie7 years ago
  • Will Zubatman ever get to fight/shag delcatwoman? Only time will tell.

    MultiMelodiaMultiMelodia7 years ago
  • Fantastic. Loved how you made Haunter look like the TAS Scarecrow.

    AquamanHoodieAquamanHoodie7 years ago
  • that cracked me up

    earthlingearthling7 years ago
  • I demand a cameo of squirtle as 007! please?

    Warrior LinkWarrior Link7 years ago
  • *six month ago* Aaaany moment now.

    CmereSweetHeartCmereSweetHeart7 years ago
  • You gotta make more with more villains! This idea is so good, well done!

    TheEbumanTheEbuman7 years ago
  • am i the only one who was ear raped by that?

    crona ragnarokcrona ragnarok7 years ago
  • Supersonic works on ghost pokemon?

    EnierenEnieren7 years ago
  • Somebody start a kick starter for this animated series please

    Hey It's Jay!Hey It's Jay!7 years ago
  • Don't forget Clay-dol Face

    testpostertestposter7 years ago