Zubatman eats a Rarecandy

Dec 30, 2012
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My first little animation with my new Cintiq 12! Based off of ElCid's legendary, Batman eats a Hotdog usworlds.info/slow/video/pX57nny6cKWriWY This was more of a practice animation than anything.. But The Haunter seems to be up to something... MAYBE ONE DAY YOU'LL FIND OUT. AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA-
Voice of Zubatman: shock-dingo.newgrounds.com/

  • "He hurt himself in his confusion."

    MAstaCheezMAstaCheez9 days ago
  • Wtf man

    Dante123 gamerDante123 gamer20 days ago
  • Wait I found your channel when I was a kid?! I though I found your channel 2 years ago wtf

    [GD] Vex[GD] Vex25 days ago
  • The ending reminds me of that one batman and the animated series episode.

    cheese mancheese man28 days ago
  • I just hope for him he won't have to meet Meowthwoman, sounding the same as in the anime.

    Huigberts GamedHuigberts GamedMonth ago
  • 0:08 What? Zubatman is evolving¡

    Gerardo Ulises Serralta MutulGerardo Ulises Serralta MutulMonth ago
  • cant wait for crobatman

    Sinking RaftSinking Raft2 months ago
  • 😂

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY2 months ago
  • Nobody: Old terminal montage:

    Connor AlmeydaConnor Almeyda3 months ago
  • Got cursed real fast.

    NocturnalDragoonNocturnalDragoon4 months ago
  • His everstone pillow saved him from evolving

    βГДИδΩИ ΩГ†ΣĢДβГДИδΩИ ΩГ†ΣĢД5 months ago
  • Where is more Zubatman

    Ileri SilvaIleri Silva5 months ago
  • Timeless classic

    matias catrileomatias catrileo5 months ago
  • That was actually horrifying...

    Gage Smith - InGodWeRockGage Smith - InGodWeRock6 months ago
  • Wait a minute

    A DismalA Dismal6 months ago
  • For some reason I thought he was going to become a crobat

    Sparta34 / / The GamerSparta34 / / The Gamer7 months ago
  • Zubat golba

    El origami de ferEl origami de fer7 months ago
  • press b .... PRESS B!

    Much TubeMuch Tube7 months ago
  • His nipples tho LMAO

    Torments USTorments US8 months ago
  • oh this is where the video was

    Dr ThunderDr Thunder8 months ago
  • Thanks for the nightmare fuel... Just before I go to bed.

    zimtak64zimtak648 months ago
  • Is a BAT nigthmare

    Marcos ViníciusMarcos Vinícius9 months ago
  • When you realize you need friends to evolve

    DeadmemezDeadmemez11 months ago
  • His nipples :P

    agr0nianTVagr0nianTV11 months ago
  • If he has max affection his legs dissapear and he gets two more wings that's right he becomes Crobatman

    GlasGlasYear ago
  • Zubatnipps

    tplinktplinkYear ago
  • Lol there’s 666k views on this I can tell why

    TeaKimpsTeaKimpsYear ago
  • Least he'd look better once he eventually became happy with his hideous appearance.

    TheGoldenDunsparceTheGoldenDunsparceYear ago
  • Press b zubatman press b!

    Z001332536893Z001332536893Year ago
  • Rare candy eats a zubatman?

    Richard BuechelRichard BuechelYear ago
  • Why is my peepee hard?

    pakiyeetuspakiyeetusYear ago
  • *sprays the everliving shit out of him with max repels*

    Gustavo OrtegaGustavo OrtegaYear ago
  • Zubatman: "Janey Mack! What an awful nightmare! Right that's it, no more having chocolate or cheese before bedtime!"

    Alpen IrelandAlpen IrelandYear ago
  • This was some funny shit

    Badplus 017Badplus 017Year ago
  • jeez, Bat-Nipples that put George Clooney to shame...

    rtyuik7rtyuik7Year ago
  • *WTF*

    Slav decepticonSlav decepticonYear ago
  • Thats some pointy nipples you got there!

    VG entertainmentVG entertainmentYear ago
  • Wow this is dark😂😁 See what I did there👍👍

  • This reminds me of Ernest The Vampire, a cartoon about a vampire having nightmares. Each episode start with him doing something mundane before it becomes disturbing, and ends with him waking up and going back to sleep in the exact same way Zubatman did. I loved it as a kid over 20 years ago, so thanks for the nostalgia trip.

    AccrovideogamesAccrovideogamesYear ago
  • I forgot this animation meme existed back then.

    Chilling VillainChilling VillainYear ago
  • I thought Zubatman couldn't get any better.

    Luke MarcumLuke MarcumYear ago
  • I mean you ate the wrapper of course that would happen

    Silhouette Noire '-'Silhouette Noire '-'Year ago
  • Nah, then is crobat and that is D A M M good

    BenjaBrawl64 SSBUBenjaBrawl64 SSBUYear ago
    • Thanks for the hearth, good luck

      BenjaBrawl64 SSBUBenjaBrawl64 SSBUYear ago
  • Ok

    Bling bling BoyBling bling BoyYear ago
  • *eats it with the wrapper*

    Yoshidex 64Yoshidex 64Year ago
  • Golbatman! So...good...!

    DeathToJihadDeathToJihad2 years ago
  • Quick zubatman press the B button

    Accord 00Accord 002 years ago
  • Hey can we get the legendary sequel? "Golbatmam achieves max friendship"

    Walker PierceWalker Pierce2 years ago
    • Or marrying skittywoman or something

      cheese mancheese man28 days ago
    • Maybe by getting a pidgy

      cheese mancheese man28 days ago
    • Wouldn't that be Crobatman Beyond?

      ThanatosZeroThanatosZeroYear ago
  • Any body els got nightmares.

    Deku scrub 94Deku scrub 942 years ago
  • Zubatman has evolved into Golbatman

    JackaboyJackaboy2 years ago
  • I watched this at night... _A MISTAKE_

    Memeious Dogeius- YTMemeious Dogeius- YT2 years ago

    Short-stakShort-stak2 years ago
  • I can't believe this is how I found this channel

    CupleyCupley2 years ago
  • #Hiatus

    u need calciumu need calcium2 years ago
  • He’s not very sneaky if he becomes a globat, man Okay I’ll leave

    DununerpDununerp2 years ago
  • When I saw it I was like what a jaw dropper

    Omega animations and gamingOmega animations and gaming2 years ago
  • Wtf

    Peter in supreme is a snaccPeter in supreme is a snacc2 years ago
  • Holy shit, Jeremey!

    ToadboydudeToadboydude2 years ago
  • He didn't even take the wrapper off

    SockamineSockamine2 years ago
  • If he finds happiness does that mean he will become stronger well that will be tough since he blocks out other people.

    Vlad TepesVlad Tepes2 years ago

    Jesse NguyenJesse Nguyen2 years ago
  • That’s truly horrifying

    BeardNoiseDubzBeardNoiseDubz2 years ago
  • Well, if he found a friend after evolving, he'd probably become Crobatman and be superior to his old forms in every way.

    CJCroen1393CJCroen13932 years ago
  • 0:15 what music is this

    DKINGDKING2 years ago
  • Rare candy's are Pokemon drugs

    angle the nuggetangle the nugget2 years ago
  • When you realise he eats it with it's wraper still on.

    PkfierPkfier2 years ago
  • What music is this

    DKINGDKING2 years ago
  • Golbatman

    Kyle LangstonKyle Langston2 years ago
  • What's this zubatman is evol...oh god oh go-lah lah! Laaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhhhhhhahaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh- ah... It was just a dream... Few.... Zzzzzzzz........................engineer:... Zubatman:zzzzzzz engineer:nope!. Zubatman:AAAAAAAHHHHHHH

    Aidan BurkettAidan Burkett2 years ago
  • Haha

    Antasma1Antasma12 years ago
  • From that day forward, zubatman avoided any rare candy

    Just JaredJust Jared2 years ago
  • I was just expecting thr eye's.

    zinogrezinogre3 years ago
  • This is perfection😂

    Strawberry fields97Strawberry fields973 years ago
  • Friggin hilarious. Sad It missed this when it came out, happy I saw it all these years later.

    Vincent GayderVincent Gayder3 years ago
  • Lmfso

    Matthew O'KeeffeMatthew O'Keeffe3 years ago
  • 0:16 sounds like Illuminati music

    The0riessThe0riess3 years ago
  • So basically Batman Eats a Hotdog // Bad Acid Trip

    Bree TaylorBree Taylor3 years ago
  • someone pressed b

    PattonPatton3 years ago
  • He ate the wrapper

    Tanklesspath 41Tanklesspath 413 years ago
  • Shoulda hit the B button harder.

    FoxPhantom21FoxPhantom213 years ago
  • It went from funny parody to creepy transformation fetish

    Old CouchesOld Couches3 years ago
  • I get the reference

    dimondsouldimondsoul3 years ago

    Beeb BloopBeeb Bloop3 years ago
  • Bat nipples. You just couldn't resist that reference, could you?

    LaLa3 years ago
  • Id hate to see him evolve into Crobatman, extra arms ripping out of his sides and crap. It would be like Dark Gaia from Sonic Unleashed all over again.

    Superior SerperiorSuperior Serperior3 years ago

    bryceowenbryceowen3 years ago

    Fresh ProduceFresh Produce3 years ago
  • Don't eat do many candy

    LPS MirrorLPS Mirror3 years ago
  • Ok why the fokin heck was that so creepy to me..

    Green BeansGreen Beans3 years ago
  • This gets me every time.

    wiegraf37wiegraf373 years ago
  • hahahahahahaahhah evolve into Golbatman hahhahahahah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Benjamin WeverBenjamin Wever3 years ago
  • Its funny how he will never become crobatman because that requires max happiness

    BlueBlue3 years ago
  • que pedo ni le quitó la envoltura

    Molo-MoloMolo-Molo3 years ago
  • Lol I was just watching the original videos too. This is great

    Mega FudgeMega Fudge3 years ago
  • Good, now he can efficiently take a *bite* out of crime.

    CorbelleCorbelle3 years ago
  • That was horrifying. I LOVE IT.

    Sarah BarkerSarah Barker3 years ago
  • *Spolier Alert* during the video: Scarehaunter use Yawn. Zubatman fell asleep. Scarehaunter use Dream Eater (at least 3 times while Zubatman's alseep). Zubatman woke up. Scarehaunter fleed.

    RUSTY GX 4RUSTY GX 44 years ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Jet-vac The EagleJet-vac The Eagle4 years ago
  • what about when he becomes a crobat and his legs become wings

    awfulawful4 years ago
  • Joker will be mr mime

    Green TeaGreen Tea4 years ago