Zelda Breath of the Wild - How To Get To Goron City ANIMATED ゼルダの伝説 ブレス オブ ザ ワイルド

May 20, 2017
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Well.. this is how I got to the city at least.
Zelda Breath Of The Wild is fun.
This animation took about a week to do! Neat! I streamed a little bit of the process the other day, you can see them here:
PART 1 usworlds.info/slow/video/fquGhKSxbWSVl2I
PART 2 usworlds.info/slow/video/qX-LqGbDsnqKoaU

Voice acting was done by the great Hans Van Harken
Everything else was BY MEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
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Songs in order:
"Goron City Day" from Zelda BotW
"Final Stand" from Epidemic Sounds
"Shop Theme" from Zelda OoT
"Goron City Night" from Zelda BotW
"Learn the Rules" from Kirby's Dream Course
Production music by www.epidemicsound.com
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  • How do you sweat when you're on fire? *Vsauce music intensifies*

    ItzKoolItzKool5 months ago
    • Lol

      Matthew TaylorMatthew Taylor7 days ago
    • How does food make you heal when you on fire? nothin makes sense.

      Stuckquestioning70Stuckquestioning709 days ago
    • Oh, you want Vsauce in here??? I’m on it...

      Liam BeasleyLiam Beasley12 days ago
    • i dont get it

      Jude ColeJude Cole17 days ago
    • You don't.

      Cynthia BurkeCynthia Burke18 days ago
  • Imagine you are dying then you get to a place where you can heal but the person there says you don’t have enough money

    Ferdie FigueroaFerdie Figueroa55 minutes ago
  • still so funny lmao

    Retro KidRetro Kid6 hours ago
  • Ты американец который знает русский язык я прав? Просто половину названия ролика на русском.

    Артем НазаровАртем Назаров6 hours ago
  • This is nothing like how I did it I just used elixirs ;)

    Dylan PDylan P13 hours ago
  • Lol I got fire elixirs from a merchant

    MokasWorldMokasWorld16 hours ago
  • I watched this before I went to goron city and I definetely regret treating it like a toturial


    RiverClan CampRiverClan Camp18 hours ago
  • 0:39

    Han SoloHan Solo19 hours ago
  • Just eat lizard

    Kei MatsuoKei Matsuo20 hours ago
  • When some people don't realise that you can get 3 free elixirs to stop you from setting on fire by just talking to one of the npcs at the stable before the road to goron City.

    Kayleigh MunroKayleigh MunroDay ago

    ElitachiElitachiDay ago
  • Wow! I finally found the gameplay footage I've lost... Thank you a lot TerminalMontage!

    Gabriel632Gabriel632Day ago
  • 0:48 is that edwards voice from FMA?

    john larssonjohn larssonDay ago
  • This is too accurate.

    DIODIODay ago
  • In this world there is no such thing as fireproof lizards you are now entering the twilight zone

    michael angleymichael angleyDay ago
  • This is true

    Kotoho UtsunomiyaKotoho UtsunomiyaDay ago
  • Just use flame potions

    masami dickhutmasami dickhut2 days ago
  • This is what I actually did to get to goron city on my first playthrough

    Pablo Sandoval-TapuercaPablo Sandoval-Tapuerca2 days ago
  • Never thought that this would help me, but here we are

    Toroko GAMES!Toroko GAMES!2 days ago
  • I got to the goron city using elixers

    Cody _CodexCody _Codex2 days ago
  • Not only it showed us how to get to Goron City... It also shows how to get Link to talk

    NicoMandyAbby ENicoMandyAbby E3 days ago
  • 0:50 his face backed up

    I floop The PigI floop The Pig3 days ago
  • I am curios, who actually used a potion to get there

    Tristan ClarkeTristan Clarke3 days ago
  • This guys animations are rlly clean Inspiring

    EmanXPEmanXP3 days ago
  • 34 rupees?

    BandeaterBandeater3 days ago
  • My way to get to Goron City in Expert Mode:

    Dragooon1603Dragooon16033 days ago
  • I actually tried this after seeing it it actually worked

    YEETBOI420YEETBOI4203 days ago
  • Zelda breath of the wild in a nutshell be like:

    Glow Kitty Ch. [GMD]Glow Kitty Ch. [GMD]4 days ago
  • Replace fire with getting attacked and that’s my Lynle fight.

    • yeah lynels are scary. my brother upon his first time playing saw one, hes wondering "whats that" so hes sneaking closer, and you know how it does that roar every now and then while its minding its own buisness? he hears that roar and hes like nope Nope NOPE N O P E and runs away like a lynel is on his tail. and then you have the one in the coliseum that can see you through rock, can shoot arrows perfectly at you that also fly through several floors of rock..... yeah it took some practice to fight them effectively.

      Avery ReuberAvery Reuber3 days ago
  • I got to goron city without armour or potion but it cost me all of my food and I didn't last long after my food was goon

    Mélanie LaflammeMélanie Laflamme4 days ago
  • This is how I actually got to the village

    Hydronix StrifeHydronix Strife4 days ago
  • The Goron sounds like Kermit and I can’t stop smiling 😭 he sounds so gentle and sweet just 👏🏻👏🏻💗 excellent, friend shaped

    Caroline EllisCaroline Ellis4 days ago
  • Lol recently got this game keep looking at the volcano and it scares me honestly

    *Amelie**Amelie*4 days ago
  • I was lucky to decide to talk to a lady I had just stumbled upon that just so happened to sell fire potions. I bought way too many

    I floop The PigI floop The Pig4 days ago
  • This is how my 6 year old sibling made it to goron city

    Nemanja Simonovic VII4 BNemanja Simonovic VII4 B5 days ago
  • Cute how the goron drums along to the music.

    WojakWojak5 days ago
  • I love that game, I have to play it again

    Mr Diamond MMr Diamond M5 days ago
  • Why do peopoe forget that heat resistant potions exist?

    Pablo 22Pablo 225 days ago
    • @Kaihedgie Well...I guess that one guide I read to get to goron city was right

      Pablo 22Pablo 224 days ago
    • Because most didn't know about those on their first playthrough and this video was released when the game was new

      KaihedgieKaihedgie4 days ago
  • I just went their with some elixirs

    FortyTwentyFortyTwenty5 days ago
  • damn link

    ClutchYTClutchYT5 days ago
  • I packe d one fire resistance thing a bunch of food and used the spinning axe trick to stop the fire so I could get to the tower on death mountain the tower

    Christopher SloanChristopher Sloan5 days ago
  • こんなリンクは嫌だw

    スパークルスパークル5 days ago
  • Stress eating

    ZlangeGamerZlangeGamer5 days ago
  • C’est exactement la technique que j’ai utilisé.

    jerome bourbiauxjerome bourbiaux6 days ago
  • That Goron shopkeeper is too precious

    TheSixthTigerTheSixthTiger6 days ago
  • Or just get fire proof potions

    TimszzeeTimszzee6 days ago
  • That’s exactly how I got there before I found fireproof elixir

    King NinjaKing Ninja6 days ago
  • It’s so true

    Kingston MontgomeryKingston Montgomery6 days ago
  • why not make a dish with heat resistance? i got like 3 or 4 different things to make one with.

    Jim BimBumJim BimBum6 days ago
  • Si me sirvio

    1V4N RT1V4N RT6 days ago
  • I actually save when I have half heart....

    Nikita MilakovicNikita Milakovic7 days ago
  • My first reaction was "Haha funny, but why doesn't he just use this medicine?" Yesterday I was on my way to Goron City. But made the wrong medicine twice. Had to do the same thing after that. Now I can more than relate to the video

    Bat GuysBat Guys7 days ago
  • HOW

    ejjong32ejjong327 days ago
  • Wait, ya'll didn't the fire resistance elixirs at the stable BEFORE you went to goron city? It was really easy...

    Life is a highway I guess that makes me a car crashLife is a highway I guess that makes me a car crash7 days ago
  • LOL

    cwb's Brotherscwb's Brothers7 days ago
  • goron shopkeep gif when

    why howwhy how7 days ago
  • I just realised that link shouldn’t be there yet with a old shirt and pants he should still be in the great Plato ( and with the the 3 hearts)

    Gamer OksanaGamer Oksana7 days ago
    • You can change Link’s outfit to whatever you want at any point in the game. If you wanted to you could play the entire game with Link only wearing his boxer shorts. It would be difficult, but not impossible.

      Ford AutomotiveFord Automotive6 days ago
  • Me who had eaten a fire resistance*

    •Night z Føx••Night z Føx•7 days ago
  • I just kept burning alive then figured out there’s a women that sells fire resistance potions

    I don't know Will_hubbygangI don't know Will_hubbygang7 days ago
  • Same... I used fire resistance foods

    Cube DimendCube Dimend7 days ago
  • Me who used a fire resistance potion. 👁👄👁

    Sora 360Sora 3607 days ago
  • Literalmente yo

    Elvis EnteElvis Ente8 days ago
  • This is very accurate

    Da JimmyDa Jimmy8 days ago
  • Did no one else just buy fireproof elixir from the stable?

    Nathan FirlikNathan Firlik8 days ago
  • That is literally how I got there when I played

    benrod 1321benrod 13218 days ago
  • Lmao this is how I actually got to goron city when I didn't know what was an elixir

    Kenneth MaxKenneth Max8 days ago
  • Imagine not getting the fireproof elixirs form the lady next to the cooking pot at the stable nearby

    Redd867Redd8678 days ago
  • Like it

    Mr gamer’s error timeMr gamer’s error time8 days ago
  • LMAO I was looking on youtube to find how to get into this city and i found this video and i can't stop laughing

    alexalex8 days ago
  • When i did it, i found a person selling fira resistance poisons and i also saved someone who gave me it for free.

    Aperture EmplojeeAperture Emplojee8 days ago
  • He could of just swung a double handed weapon

    Bill ClintonBill Clinton9 days ago
  • When you realize your late at school: You eat your food on the way of school.

    TC éméraTC éméra9 days ago
  • jajasn´t

    Christian MartinezChristian Martinez9 days ago

    UniconUnicon9 days ago
  • 0:54 *A-EE-OOOO-AHHH!*

    BonkBoiBonkBoi9 days ago
  • this is exactly how it happened

    Loris KayikiLoris Kayiki10 days ago
  • Lol

    Booga GamingBooga Gaming10 days ago
  • Frozen fish be like:am I a joke to you?

    Даурен ЕрмекбаевДаурен Ермекбаев10 days ago
  • I used this video as a guide when I went to Goron City.

    Chris MaystarChris Maystar10 days ago
  • So all of us didn’t think to make a fire elixir either huh? Hahah

    Wetpicklezz420Wetpicklezz42010 days ago
  • Or you can just make or buy fire elixir

    GamaPlays 360GamaPlays 36010 days ago
  • Pathetic my showers are way hotter

    Persony PersonPersony Person10 days ago
  • Thx I'll remember this for when I get there

    Andre LeiAndre Lei11 days ago
  • Or the less deadly and boring way just go to the woman at the stable and buy fire resistance potions

    Ethan WoodEthan Wood11 days ago
  • Wow, this animation is amazing. You’re on fire! 👀 🚪🚶‍♀️ I’ll leave

    ᗩᑎI-ᗰIᒪ •ᗩᑎI-ᗰIᒪ •11 days ago
  • It's funny because it's true!

    Nestor Eduardo Gomez MeraNestor Eduardo Gomez Mera11 days ago
  • Everyone is going to ingnore the gorons face when link screamed in his face

    Hammer ManHammer Man11 days ago
  • youtube recommendation sent me this (3 years ago)

    HermitFan _HermitFan _11 days ago
  • 0:39 what is the song

    Murless ALLENMurless ALLEN11 days ago
  • Did I just see...a grown man on fire... make food... into ancient stones...

    Crystal ParadiseCrystal Paradise11 days ago
  • This unironically helped me get there, thanks lol

    2MuchVariety2MuchVariety11 days ago
  • Me finding out about elixirs and the divine beast helmet in my second play through: IMORTAL

    Bow-Master684 YTBow-Master684 YT11 days ago
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxdxcx{xsxrxxwwxw

    victoria videla roldanvictoria videla roldan11 days ago
  • i just use the fireproof elixir from foothill stable

    Penngaroo -Penngaroo -11 days ago
  • This is literally my first run lol

    Sidney MilliganSidney Milligan12 days ago
  • Best explanation. Go on

    GraveyardofghostGraveyardofghost12 days ago
  • Literally every time

    SphilxxSphilxx12 days ago
  • This is me rn surviving by eating

    Sponfly EhSponfly Eh12 days ago
  • I was trying to head over to it, saw the volcano, saw Vah Rudania, saw Dinraal, got set on fire, and never went back

    Spencer GreerSpencer Greer12 days ago