Why aren't you playing Guild Wars 2??

Nov 19, 2017
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This is an ad I whipped up real quick for a GW2 contest hosted by WoodenPotatoes! GW2 is a pretty good game, been playing for 5 years!
Download GW2: account.arena.net/welcome
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  • Some things about episode pilot

    Shadow Ridley 64Shadow Ridley 6412 days ago
  • screw gw2, guild wars 1 gang represent

    ClockdriveClockdrive15 days ago
  • The animation is based on somenthing about series

    SAD CAT :cSAD CAT :cMonth ago
  • I do play it, and I love it.

    Benjamin FischerBenjamin FischerMonth ago
    • I really mark you a heart My respects

      SAD CAT :cSAD CAT :cMonth ago
  • Oh my god. I thought no youtubers played Guildwars 2.

    Corrupted PinkCorrupted PinkMonth ago
  • Selling an MMO is hard, articulating why you didn't like an MMO is even harder.

    Pandaren Death KnightPandaren Death Knight2 months ago
  • I always love finding out people that I don't expect play my favorite game.

    Oliver JoynerOliver Joyner2 months ago
  • Because I paid for my World of Warcraft subscription again

    GrenlingGrenling3 months ago
    • No joke that’s the actual reason

      GrenlingGrenling3 months ago
  • Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrree

    Edneide SilvaEdneide Silva3 months ago
  • This exactly how my brother talks about Final Fantasy 14 mmo.

    Silverdale AshesSilverdale Ashes3 months ago
  • The fact that the animation itself is so smooth really shows how much he likes this.

    Katie DizonKatie Dizon3 months ago
  • It’s halloween time in guildwars 2. The mad king beckons...

    Joe SchmoeJoe Schmoe3 months ago
  • Little did he know this art style would change his life forever.

    SmarginSmargin3 months ago
  • I been playing since the Scarlet Wars, It's a good game

    The Flaming GroundonThe Flaming Groundon3 months ago
  • Started playing yesterday, before I saw this

    BeanLordTheFirstBeanLordTheFirst4 months ago
  • I wonder, do you play Guild wars 2?

    T GT G4 months ago
  • Is this a Something About video?

    Caleb G.Caleb G.4 months ago
  • "stay away from the PvP crowd" xd LOL

    Z the Wolf DogZ the Wolf Dog4 months ago
  • the cough makes the vid.

    Spencer TrumboreSpencer Trumbore4 months ago
  • No, jumping puzzles are not fun and should not be mandatory to complete exploration. imh(umble)o. I also would be roasted if i commented 2 years ago so I think I'm safe now.

    MissOakyMissOaky5 months ago
  • The start of a new era In his life

    GS - 09WS 707458 Louise Arbour SSGS - 09WS 707458 Louise Arbour SS5 months ago
  • “Why aren’t you playing guild wars 2?” Mostly because I know that if I even thought about downloading it my computer would melt into my- *HOLY JESUS IT BURNS*

    LeavesFromTheVineLeavesFromTheVine5 months ago
  • i know this is super late but if you want to buy the expansions, you should wait for their winter discount where you get 2 (path of fire and heart of thorns) for the price of one.

    Your Neighborly Trash BirbYour Neighborly Trash Birb5 months ago
  • I have been around since pre alpha guild wars 1 and alpha for gw2...im burned out and they still dont fix what they say they do. roaming on thief is always detected so no way you can stealth and roam in wvw, killed the fun despite having multiple accesses to de-stealthing - nerfing conditions, raids arent accessable to all and neither are strikes. its all cosmetics now. im not playing, but i do login to get story unlocked.

    B DuellB Duell5 months ago
  • Never expected such low effort shilling from you of all people.

    NightSniperNightSniper5 months ago
  • PSO 2 and New Genesis

    ArumarkerArumarker5 months ago
  • I've been playing for years but you sold me again

    NanartNanart5 months ago
  • *went to pvp*... hem... kinda like... cancer community... Oh wait... is there any good players ?

    HivéHivé6 months ago
  • I like the part to stay away from pvp crowd, until they trick you hiding legendary gear behind it.

    Murkalael ArbingerMurkalael Arbinger6 months ago
  • Lack or gear progression, no endgame, wvw has unplayable lag, pvp has the most toxic players ever, lack of rewards in raids and fractals...

    El AxelEl Axel6 months ago
  • WHOA WHAT. I didn't know you made this! (Despite you name literally being below the video!) By this, I mean I've seen it on my recommended and didn't know it was your work until I took a closer look. It's so cool that you enjoy gw2!

    Rosie AuseerRosie Auseer6 months ago
  • The game's felt pretty dead recently, or at least that's all people keep spamming...if only GW2 was good at advertising so the game would be OP. Still my favorite MMO but man... :p

    Andrew WallaceAndrew Wallace6 months ago
    • every endgame content has it's own playerbase. WVW, PVP and PVE. depending on the server you are on, there's times of the day that doesn't have too many ppl. so the best way to see if there's ppl online is to log in on saturday evening and go to the content of your preference. mine is wvw and frequently there's a queue to join on the maps because there's too many ppl

      Leonardo Dias LeffaLeonardo Dias Leffa6 months ago
  • Free? I paid like $60 just for the base game.

    1un4cy1un4cy6 months ago
    • you got scammed my dude

      simo häyhäsimo häyhä5 months ago
  • This reminds me of something series

    michael reyesmichael reyes6 months ago
  • eff gw2...they've ruined everything that made GW1 fun

    Rhio NahRhio Nah6 months ago
  • This is free advertisement.

    Gabriel SandyawanGabriel Sandyawan6 months ago
  • because im too busy watching your videoeosbe\

    Handyclock536Handyclock5367 months ago
  • bc gw1 better

    XivinuxXivinux7 months ago
  • I started playing this, it's so fucking GOOOOOODDDDDD

    bee boybee boy7 months ago
  • Far

    Legend-_-LuisLegend-_-Luis7 months ago
  • I love gw2 how did i not know of this video but mages are not a seperate class but a mesmer

    theo Molintheo Molin8 months ago
  • I started playing Guild Wars 2 after seeing this video last year, totally worth it.

    José Fernandes Dos SantosJosé Fernandes Dos Santos8 months ago
  • PvP crowd hates him! How? Just watch the free video! :)

    Jr.Jr.8 months ago
  • Nevercake "never" stood a chance. get it? i'll just see myself out

    ToppatCatToppatCat8 months ago
  • 0/10 no explosions

    Joseph CarmonaJoseph Carmona9 months ago
  • Damn this is jeremy’s first video with his new style

    BarnacleBotBarnacleBot9 months ago
    • TerminalMontage Dude! Your channel gets hundreds if comments daily! How do you reply to almost all of them! Like half of my comments on your videos I’ve commented on in the past, you hearted then almost instantly! Now this I really respect though! It’s really nice that even with how big you are you still try to reply and read all your comments which again is very nice! But I’m guessing the answer to this is just free time and that you still have notifications on for comments. Anyways thanks for all your content that you’ve made you’ve always been an inspiration for me! Matter of fact I took a break from animating and decided just to rewatch your content! Yet again thanks and stay awesome!

      BarnacleBotBarnacleBot9 months ago
  • Idk why yall are joking about the pvp crowd but i love your work that you put so much time into it my favorite is all of the monster Hunter series but i also love them all

    Shaqwalle o nalleShaqwalle o nalle10 months ago
    • Thx terminalmontage

      Shaqwalle o nalleShaqwalle o nalle10 months ago
  • I put spanish subtitles in this video 3 years ago and there still not available GGGHHHHNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

    Marcos Lopez MartinezMarcos Lopez Martinez11 months ago
  • im already playing it half of my 18 characters are max level. HEH can I friend u on gw2

    SA2 AstralSA2 Astral11 months ago
  • Sword magic 64 2

    MemeElfmanMemeElfmanYear ago
  • I used to play....I don't really remember much, but I remember that I really liked using thief builds.

    Sa LeSa LeYear ago
  • because im broke and dont know what system its on and whatever it is i dont have enough

    Jordan TillmanJordan TillmanYear ago
  • And now Guild Wars 3 is on the horizon.

    DubbyDubbyYear ago
  • 0:56 i was waiting to hear the down side to this so i was expecting like 50 or 40 bucks Then you know i heard the truth then i was like "shut up you beatiful god damn wizard i am installign this game

    Hyped ThiefHyped ThiefYear ago
  • I am NOT a sack of lazy exrovet

    JelloFruitIsADeadMemeJelloFruitIsADeadMemeYear ago
  • Hey terminal do you still play? Would be down to join you in fractals or something

    Don JuanDon JuanYear ago
  • , c'est super cool pour un placement de produit

    PicAhmadPicAhmadYear ago
  • Bc Jessica Price is a bitch lol

    NinjaSox7NinjaSox7Year ago
  • I have several reasons.... 1. Fashion wars... that’s considered end game.... 2. Horrid loot drop rates 3. No actual community, no one needs you and you don’t need them. 4. The Gem Store... think drug pushers for reason 1. 5. Simplistic combat. Trust me, there’s very little skill involved when you can zerg everything with the other zergs. 6. No gear grinding... just grinding for EVERYTHING ELSE, includes currency and fashion. 7. Dailies, dailies, DAILIES! ...I mean psychological warfare for the gemstore.

    Joe SchmoeJoe SchmoeYear ago
  • I wish I could stay with it, if it wasn't for the jungle area being dead as a doornail. Have to grind out prgoression in that area solo since no one wants to come. And Guilds only really care about PvP to be honest. I was fine with the crafting, but I'd love it if the gathering system was instanced like FFXIV's, where a person can gather the same node as you without you stealing the gather node. I always hated the Agony system in the Fractals, as well as the fractals themselves. The combat is literally tab target like WoW/etc. if you turn off target promotion in the settings.

    Ian CarlsonIan CarlsonYear ago
  • Is this foreshadowing for something about guild wars 2

    F0xNF0xNYear ago
  • What's wrong with the PvP crowd?

    G_N_PartyG_N_PartyYear ago
  • i believe this is the start of the animation change

    FateStayDemonFateStayDemonYear ago
  • I..... Haven't played in a while.... It's a nice game though.

    Neko_Mew KawaiiNeko_Mew KawaiiYear ago
  • And after you collect the basic mounts, you can undergo an arduous process of completing several meta achievements to complete an overall meta achievement to unlock a snazzier mount, three times over! Do you like banging your head against a keyboard as you painstakingly grind for hours through crap you don't want to do and spend hard-earned in-game currencies to acquire items for an achievement for a meta achievement for a meta meta achievement, to get a mount that doesn't actually improve your overall gameplay experience but you're convinced you should get them anyway? Then Path of Fire gives you all of that, as well as 20 annoying enemies per square foot across every region of Elona! It's free! If you don't mind lacking gliders and mounts, because all your years of playing MMOs with any mount at all has prepped you for playing one with none. And if you pay for the expansions, you get to do more arduous nonsense to acquire and upgrade the glider and mounts to their full potential until they're partially competent gameplay elements. This game rewards hours and hours of hard work with mediocre things that you'll need to spend more money on to make look snazzier, because there's no valid in-game way to acquire new cosmetics for these things! Don't get too attached to that rabbit, because it doesn't do much except bypass a couple of high jumping obstacles in the expansion-exclusive area. Or that manta ray, because oddly, it can't actually go underwater, which is annoying when leveling up in vanilla regions with extensive water areas, as the manta ray can only glide over the surface; but that's okay, since ArenaNet totally stopped investing in underwater content after vanilla anyway. When choosing a standard default mount for getting around faster than your own two feet, do you like raptors or elemental dogs? Well if it's one or the other, then lucky for you, they're both the same thing mechanically, so you aren't saddled with just one option; you're saddled with just two! Were you hoping they'd just give the griffon mount some dragon skins? Well ask no more, they've added a less effective gliding mount, a not-dragon! It's like a helicopter, if helicopters burned out on energy after ascending for two seconds. But look at that fire breath animation, or your character feeding it animation! Now your enemies will treat you with the same absence of self-preservation despite riding around on a fearsome creature, because it can only attack once before ejecting you and vanishing into the ether, because only LotRO and Black Desert Online have invested in half-decent mounted combat mechanics for MMOs. If you like inaccurate raptors that look like Blizzard designed for Draenor: Jurassic Park, giant rabbits that seem more like pouchless kangaroos from some obscure anime, hydrophobic manta rays that hover indefinitely but can't remain at a higher elevation for long, runestones and sand that look like jackals, a hidden chicken cat, a rollie pollie with vestigial super antennae and cyberpunk magitek hover saddle, a PVP-only vaguely Asian cat thing, or a not-dragon because of convoluted lore dictating a mess of what is and is not a proper dragon? Then boy is this game's mounts are your extremely specific niche! The combat is really effective, too, if you like not having options! Choose from an array of weapons, whose abilities are rigidly determined by your class, and are often bizarre ways to use a weapon. Play a Revenant with a 2h hammer, if you like throwing magical hammers from afar instead of ever hitting people with the actual weapon! Play an Engineer with guns, but do everything short of actually using them as real guns! The randomized nature of these limited options are limitless!

    MotsognirMotsognirYear ago
  • yessss I've been playing GW2 for 4 years it's my favorite game

    Ember CapelEmber CapelYear ago
  • *hissing from the corner* guild wars 1 is better

    PsychePsycheYear ago
  • Not playing guild wars cause it’s gameplay and graphics are outdated and it’s combat is not crisp especially in pvp. Classes are op and deadshot ruins pvp.

    Joseph CossJoseph CossYear ago
  • I love guild wars 2

    ScharpbeastScharpbeastYear ago
  • omg this adorable bark from the raptor... im gonna get the game just because of this

    Professional RetardProfessional RetardYear ago
  • Warframe beter

    Cute Snow ballCute Snow ballYear ago
  • Simple, because GW1 ist still bae

    Frederik BergerFrederik BergerYear ago
  • Cuz I’m playing warframe

    WTF HappeningWTF HappeningYear ago
  • Guild wars one is the only one worth playing

    XploytXploytYear ago
  • An ad for my favourite game by my favourite animator? Havent even prayed for it yet but guess God is really all-knowing. :D Thanks for all your videos again.

    Vanlalhmangaihsanga RalteVanlalhmangaihsanga RalteYear ago
  • Shame on you for using Sunrise. Twilight gang bird up

    Omni GamingIncOmni GamingIncYear ago
  • You should make a follow up this vid :o I love playing gw2

    TwinkleTwinkleYear ago
  • *stay away from the pvp crownd* ..... Yep this game sucks for pvp, actualy any class is any class there so wharever you pick is the same shit with different styles.

    DaiamontoDaiamontoYear ago
  • Because the DLCs are shit. I fucking loved guildwars when i was younger and still love the base game, but jfc these dlc are trash

    A GuyA GuyYear ago
  • B0rf

    Spongi 124Spongi 124Year ago
  • I play this alot

    Teh OwenTeh OwenYear ago
  • Because my laptop lags too much from it

    Random ArtistRandom ArtistYear ago
  • i'll take this video and show it to my friends. cus they never understand how good gw2 is

    Wiguna RWiguna RYear ago
  • I got into it. The one thing I dont like is that like starting character automatically have gliders

    Liam HotzeLiam HotzeYear ago
  • Because I got tired of brainlessly following zergs on every map possible.

    SpadeSpadeYear ago
  • This is when he changed the art style to current terminal

    Dego-MonDego-MonYear ago
  • why im not playing gw 2? because i like gw 1 more

    TheBronfTheBronfYear ago
  • The 1st mmorpg I ever wanted to stay.

    LéShíeLéShíeYear ago
  • Repetitive as fuck

    Rafael FrançaRafael FrançaYear ago
  • Por qué estoy jugando al poe

    davilesdavilesYear ago
  • Because the game is too confusing and I feel overwhelmed q.q

    ExotixzExotixzYear ago
  • Jump puzzles...they're really fun....no they're not.

    Joe DerrickJoe DerrickYear ago
  • lol I bought GW2 for $80 and couldn’t play it because of the black screen of death bug. Play ffxiv instead xD

    KaizaKaizaYear ago
  • The mounts are basically the reason why i buyed pof

    KvoartrKvoartrYear ago
    • same

      Eog ColtonEog ColtonYear ago
  • Cock

    Bonifacia Goul • 15 years agoBonifacia Goul • 15 years agoYear ago
  • I couldnt find Link in the description.....I found Zelda though..... :>

    PuppyLuvU2PuppyLuvU2Year ago
  • Picked it up about 6 weeks ago, explored 85% of the world, had a lot of fun with the cooking profession, actually got to play an Engineer as a class (not a profession) in a currently functioning MMO (RIP Warhammer Online), actually enjoyed PvP once i found my groove and over all its been a much needed distraction from the fact that outside of raiding, WoW BFA has been a complete let down, the only downside with GW2 is you'll probably want a 2nd monitor with the Wiki handy, there is A LOT of content and it can be a little overwhelming. Give the base game a try for sure, its free.

    ArmouredLemmingArmouredLemmingYear ago
  • *guy walks up to me* WHY AREN'T YOU PLAYING GUILD WARS 2?! me: because it sucks balls and there is no player advancement, you just get a weapon and keep using the same 5 moves from level 1 to cap, there are some passive talents but you only get to use them at end game because every time you go new zone chances are they bump your level down, this did this because they were un creative as hell and couldn't map out proper leveling routes, or even implement a xp scaling system like in FF14.

    James KingJames KingYear ago
    • Also if you don't like that you "only have 5 skills", you could try engineer, they have kits which basicaly gives them another set of weapon skills. And holosmith's dps rotation is actually insane.

      LuxroyLuxroyYear ago
    • Even if your level is scaled down, you still get your specialisation traits. Also its not just the same 5 skills, I don't know which class you were playing but every class is fun, interactive gameplay, you get to try different builds and things, and leveling to 80 in gw2 is the less important part of the game. At lvl 80, you can do fractals, raids, meta events from HoT or PoF, achievement hunt, fashion wars.. getting to 80 is a small portion of the game. If you find yourself getting leveled down, which is normal, you can go to a higher level map. Each race starts in a 1 to 15 lvl area map, where you could simply go to where the map is higher level, or straight up go to a higher level map.

      LuxroyLuxroyYear ago
  • I play guild wars 2 on a 2010 computer, surprisingly its fine probably one of the best games I've played.

    Not DekuNot DekuYear ago
  • Minecraft??!!

    Sanicsweg21 Got succedSanicsweg21 Got succedYear ago