Vaporwave Dimension (Something About Star Fox 64 Extended Scene)

Apr 15, 2019
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Update: Despite previously having permission from the original artist to use their song, the video has been copyright claimed and the music removed.
The new songs are:
Stairway by Patrick Patrikios
Beyond by Patrick Patrikios
From the USworlds Audio Library

Here's a glimpse of what Star Fox beheld while travelling through the Vaporwave Dimension; Where time is nonlinear and space is nothing. Where your senses meld together. Where you can find old friends you haven't met yet.
I had a lot of fun making the original scene, I wanted to do more with it and try something different! I hope you guys liked it. I used a lot of amazing .gifs from various artists!

Most of the .gifs are by Erica Anderson
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I also used .gifs from XponentialDesign, please consider supporting their Patreon too!
And other gifs from Giphy by
Teun van der Zalm
As well as this royalty free space footage!
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  • My boy, look at how they massacred my boy

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ2 days ago
    • This is so sad but whatever, as a fan or vaporwave, synthwave and most electric music I find happiness for others to discover more music from a wonderful genre

      The MessengerThe Messenger6 hours ago
    • @TechnoKnight Reve Lucide, by Lune

      CrusaderDeletersCrusaderDeletersDay ago
    • out of curiosity, what was the original song?

      TechnoKnightTechnoKnightDay ago
    • Yeah what the heck happened to the original? I can't find it anywhere online now!

      KathryneriusKathrynerius2 days ago
    • I'm gonna miss the original song, I won't lie. But what we've been given now? It's just as beautiful.

      DemnarkDemnark2 days ago
  • It is sad that I will never be able to revisit this gem in it's original state.

    Kushagra YadavKushagra Yadav16 minutes ago
  • AWWW NOOOO How could they.

    VELIVELI5 hours ago
  • Link to the original song? :( They did this specifically to be a dick to my homie G here

    Alpha TangoAlpha Tango8 hours ago
  • This isn't the song i ear un the past :(

    Fox Ranger 743Fox Ranger 74315 hours ago
  • After-credits special. C:

    FoxxorzFoxxorz23 hours ago
  • Before the music was changed, near the end when fox and Krystal meet he said something, along the lines of "Hey, wanna dance? We should-uh you know, get out there. " I believe the line was from Stranger Things Season 2 EP9. Before the dance, Lucas says the same line, but I am unsure.

    QuintonQuintonDay ago
  • no . i liked the og . why did they do this . WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pika pi 692pika pi 692Day ago
  • I had to play two different videos simultaneously just to get it to sound right. Even then it just wasn't the same... RIP Vaporwave Dimension! Why must the good die young?

    Edgy RedgyEdgy RedgyDay ago
  • now what am i going to listen to for 10 hours... this?!? :^(

    Max van PolanenMax van PolanenDay ago
  • I was so confused when I heard different music. That sucks, but the new songs are a bop

    LordInhuman98LordInhuman98Day ago
  • Honestly expected bird up to be here.

    Jonathan VogelJonathan VogelDay ago
  • Noooooo!

    InsantyInsanty2 days ago
  • Is there any way you can bring back the original one?

    McZoidles99McZoidles992 days ago
  • what was the original again? i loved this song

    BeesoldierBeesoldier2 days ago
    • i mean lüne reve lucide

      bon bonbon bon2 days ago
    • rüne lucide

      bon bonbon bon2 days ago
  • oh wow, its not the same (sad kyrbo :( )

    aaron ramirezaaron ramirez2 days ago
  • Oh my god, it hurts so much. USworlds screwed over the audio to a masterpiece.

    DarthRaider23DarthRaider232 days ago
  • What happened to reve lucide?

    Brayden HouleBrayden Houle2 days ago
    • The person who gave them permission to use it copyright claimed them for some reason.

      EpicZombieSlayer4EpicZombieSlayer42 days ago
  • Tell me you have this masterpiece somewhere else with the japanese dialog. I don't know why, but it sounded even better than the original.

    Magical Midget HorseMagical Midget Horse2 days ago
  • Ironically this change in the song due to an updated copyright restriction demonstrates why video games from the past are so hard to update and why emulation really is the best and only way to truly preserve what you love.

    ThatBugBehindYouThatBugBehindYou3 days ago
  • WTF this was different alv they changed the song. or is it the mandela effect: 0

    Tyler Dwayne OwOTyler Dwayne OwO3 days ago
  • So sad that the music was changed - the previous song fit the video so perfectly. Anyway, this animation is amazing! Crazy (in a good way), touching and emotional. Like other people mentioned before - original games lack character depth like that. And I can't help thinking that it is also very beautiful requiem/last farewell for Krystal. (it is most likely that she has been erased from the series for good, though I still assume I can be mistaken about it) Wonderful work! Hope to see more Star Fox vids in the future! And hope there will be no more copyrigt problems like this. Best luck!

    Сергей ЧаплинСергей Чаплин4 days ago
  • I had this in my music playlist and when it came to this I was confused. I had to check the description to see why the music changed I like this new music though.

    SlimReaperSlimReaper4 days ago
  • NOOOO la musica????

    oggie doggieoggie doggie4 days ago
  • Is the song different now or is it just me

    Cu JuCu Ju4 days ago
  • NO

    Dio Amarth ToddDio Amarth Todd4 days ago
  • And here lies the song... We had permission from the original artist yet still got copyrighted. At least the new song is good but it's just not the same.

    Michael AguileraMichael Aguilera4 days ago
  • no more slappy...that was my favorite part 🐸

    Dead_PhoenixDead_Phoenix5 days ago
  • What was the original song

    Wulframite ForgedWulframite Forged5 days ago

    Plin _Plin _5 days ago
  • why does it sound so bad now? i remember this sounding 10 times better hahaha i bought new headphones because i thought my headphones had an issue...

    Avanced_GamingAvanced_Gaming5 days ago
    • they changed the song, he got copyright claimed

      Account Name 83Account Name 835 days ago
  • Ammm wtf chaning song?

    Nicolax DicarloNicolax Dicarlo5 days ago
  • The song... It's gone?

    Leet BoafLeet Boaf5 days ago
  • Did it get changed?

    Grayson2905Grayson29055 days ago
    • Yeah, check the description

      MDDBSFMDDBSF5 days ago
  • Copyright "holders" can be braindead sometimes. The new music is really good tho.

    Ex-CasualEx-Casual6 days ago
  • i came to listen to the amazing vaporwave music and when i opened the video thought i was on some cover, went to search the original until a i read the description idk what's sadder, the video or the copyright claim, god dammit

    Ekank _DURKHEkank _DURKH6 days ago
  • Vaya!... que historia de amor intergaláctico más conmovedora

    Alicia AndradeAlicia Andrade6 days ago
  • Screw the original artist for copyright claiming the original music to this video. Terminal, I feel for you man.

    Ethan DinkleEthan Dinkle6 days ago
  • Darn copyright claims! The original version was perfection...

    CommonCommentatingCommentorCommonCommentatingCommentor6 days ago
  • Why, did it change? .... The song was LUNE - Reve Lucide.... That song was memory. 😢

    Call Meh BeckCall Meh Beck6 days ago
    • @CommonCommentatingCommentor thanks so much, what a relief to know I thought this youtuber changed from purpose. 😔

      Call Meh BeckCall Meh Beck6 days ago
    • Copy right claim, it’s in the description

      CommonCommentatingCommentorCommonCommentatingCommentor6 days ago
  • Why is the 10 hours version in private D: and why does it sound different D:

    Pokecatch031Pokecatch0316 days ago
    • Original music got copyright (Even Though they had consent) so he had to replace it and out the 10 hour one private

      JayStarGaming 1JayStarGaming 15 days ago
  • 🥺But..... the old one helped me sleep 😔

    JayStarGaming 1JayStarGaming 16 days ago
  • Now I normally don’t make more than one comment on a video but did the song change????

    Maco21chezMaco21chez7 days ago
    • It’s in the description

      CommonCommentatingCommentorCommonCommentatingCommentor6 days ago
  • Why is different? I mean, I lke this version, but the other was so cool too :(

    Efrain OlveraEfrain Olvera7 days ago
  • Anyone have the original downloaded that they wouldn't mind sending to me :'( miss the vibes so much

    ConnorConnor7 days ago
    • I mean the original song name is still in the bottom left corner in the first 5 seconds. I miss those vibes too

      CommonCommentatingCommentorCommonCommentatingCommentor6 days ago
  • aw i was wondering where the original was, that sucks but still pretty to study to

    zynzyn7 days ago
  • Song changed? Why?

    Robert ThorburnRobert Thorburn7 days ago
  • Does anyone remember the song that that used to be in the end of the video, I loved that song,

    M.rivera 2002M.rivera 20027 days ago
  • Did the music in this video change or am I going Crazy? I remember it differently..

    Erick SandovalErick Sandoval8 days ago
    • Got copyrighted:((

      Venomous Shy GuyVenomous Shy Guy7 days ago
  • Noooooooo song changed :(

    gaboguason1gaboguason18 days ago
  • Someone please tell me I'm not tripping, but did they change the song 😭

    CrimsonSlayer7CrimsonSlayer78 days ago
  • Bro wtf the song changed

    Gammers[GD]201 FadeauGammers[GD]201 Fadeau8 days ago
  • what happening whit the original soundtrack?

    Christian TurciosChristian Turcios8 days ago
  • I'm gonna miss Slippys gibberish......

    JoJoCheckJoJoCheck8 days ago
  • I'm going to go tell the creator something for a minute stay here and vibe or something

    Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario8 days ago
  • hey you changed the music . why ?

    DrachenschnitzelDrachenschnitzel8 days ago
  • What the hell happenned to the song?!

    Dörje ChanDörje Chan8 days ago
  • the song is different and I don't like that please tell me what happened TerminalMontage

    KirbyKirby8 days ago
    • @Kirby I'm not sure. It's really sad that it happened though.

      Super_Smash _DudeSuper_Smash _Dude8 days ago
    • @Super_Smash _Dude why tho?

      KirbyKirby8 days ago
    • It got copyright claimed.

      Super_Smash _DudeSuper_Smash _Dude8 days ago
  • Wait what happened to the old one?

    CainGamerTV 2.0CainGamerTV 2.08 days ago
    • It died. Copyrighted

      Disagreeable PineappleDisagreeable Pineapple5 days ago
  • it really sucks that the original music was removed.😔

    SF_Hawk1SF_Hawk19 days ago
    • @Maco21chez same I was so confused until I read the description

      SF_Hawk1SF_Hawk17 days ago
    • I thought my phone was glitching for a second

      Maco21chezMaco21chez7 days ago
    • Why???

      Maco21chezMaco21chez7 days ago
  • Can i have the hour long version back again please. I used it for a great deal of things.

    Dorkchester1Dorkchester19 days ago
  • What happened to the music

    Isabelle Animal CrossingIsabelle Animal Crossing9 days ago
    • It got copyrighted :(

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario9 days ago
  • poyo

    Christian KirboChristian Kirbo9 days ago
    • @Christian Kirbo ok Kirbo

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario8 days ago
    • Poyo poyo Poyo

      Christian KirboChristian Kirbo8 days ago
    • @Christian Kirbo that's Right Kirbo we need to get Mario

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario8 days ago
    • Poyo poyo poyo poyo Poyo

      Christian KirboChristian Kirbo8 days ago
    • @Christian Kirbo indeed Kirbo

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario8 days ago
  • What was the old song?

    Alice WarrenAlice Warren9 days ago
  • It really sucks that the video got claimed, I was just rewatching this last week, and the audio is different. Feels bad, hopefully it gets fixed and you can use the original audio again.

    Literal PaperLiteral Paper9 days ago
  • 11/1/21, what happened

    Banana RamaBanana Rama9 days ago
  • What happen to the other song I love that other song what is this?

    Hagus BristolHagus Bristol10 days ago
  • Thought I was tripping when the music was different. But alas... it was truly changed...

    ErrorError10 days ago
  • Was the song changed cause it doesnt play the song its says it is

    Synn WolfenSynn Wolfen10 days ago
    • Yes, it was changed

      Disagreeable PineappleDisagreeable Pineapple5 days ago
  • NOOO, I can't lissen to the 10h version. It was so good to lissen and maken homework. How dear thay take this amazing song :(

    DolleFinnDolleFinn10 days ago
  • what happen to the song it sounds like crap

    Bill PiesterBill Piester10 days ago
    • Whoohoo I got a heart from Terminal

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario9 days ago
    • It got copyrighted :(

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario10 days ago
  • You did an amazing animation job, they are all so expressive and Krystal was so super adorable! Gaddam was this meaningful! Amazing, just plain amazing work here.

    belmontzarbelmontzar10 days ago
  • Am... Am i the only one that feels like the music is completely different than what it originally was? I feel like I've been seeing this in alot of videos recently and i feel like im behind on something im supposed to know about youtube changing the rights of music or something? Hope all is well on your end terminal! Your videos are heavenly 💜

    Moises GarciaMoises Garcia10 days ago
  • This song is not synchronized with the animation, unfortunately, I prefer Reve - Lucide by Lune

    Fur PedroFur Pedro10 days ago
    • thanks for reminding the name of the original song, it was way better

      Ekank _DURKHEkank _DURKH6 days ago
    • @Efrain Olvera it says in the description, youtube copyrighted

      Ekank _DURKHEkank _DURKH6 days ago
    • Por qué cambiaron la canción? :(

      Efrain OlveraEfrain Olvera7 days ago
  • Sucks that the video got copyrightclaimed for literally no reason, the music fit the video so perfectly. Honestly, I would have never even heard of the original musics artist if this video wouldn't exist. Literally just a waste of possibilities to promote his songs. Welp, can't help it I guess...

    GeorgesDragonGeorgesDragon10 days ago
    • @My Favorite Favorite Thing yeah, I know...

      CaseCase7 days ago
    • @Case We got permission to use the song when we originally made it...then it got claimed a few weeks ago.

      My Favorite Favorite ThingMy Favorite Favorite Thing7 days ago
    • Imagine not being allowed to upload a very well-crafted and talented video due to the choice of (great) music that happens to be made by someone else :/

      CaseCase8 days ago
    • It's pretty depressing. The music perfectly suited the animation. It was so good that I would watch it when I want to reflect on my life and to calm down. 2021:(

      Super_Smash _DudeSuper_Smash _Dude8 days ago

    Edmund LaiEdmund Lai10 days ago
    • Copyrighted

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario10 days ago
  • i love this modern music

    Papa RonnyPapa Ronny10 days ago
  • this is how ultimate players see luigis brawl final smash

    DecidueyeDecidueye10 days ago
  • ʷʰʸ ᵈᶦᵈ ʸᵒᵘ ᶜʰᵃⁿᵍᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ᵐᵘˢᶦᶜ ...

    Frende LavikFrende Lavik10 days ago
    • Copyrighted

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario10 days ago
  • goddamnit... and here i was thinking why is the music so different from before

    Shaun SimShaun Sim10 days ago
  • I'm sorry Terminal I know you worked really hard on this and I feel your pain but don't give up!

    Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario11 days ago
  • No the music was changed it ruined the vibe :(

    Panda TymePanda Tyme11 days ago
    • @Moises Garcia yeah

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario10 days ago
    • Ok.. I thought i was the only one that has been noticing this in alot of videos.. This year is coming out weird with music in a way lol

      Moises GarciaMoises Garcia10 days ago
    • It was copyrighted

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario11 days ago
  • ive never been more upset by a copyright claim in my entire life! this was my favorite video of all time and now it just dont hit the same. Profound sadness

    Tron CykharthysTron Cykharthys11 days ago
  • Wait.... this isn't the song I remember

    Marcos GalvisMarcos Galvis11 days ago
    • @Marcos Galvis Amen

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario11 days ago
    • @Luigi_ Mario lord forgive us for the sinners that stain your land.

      Marcos GalvisMarcos Galvis11 days ago
    • It was copyrighted :(

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario11 days ago
  • why is the song not the same as the original video?

    Gabriel MarquesGabriel Marques11 days ago
    • Ok. I am Brazilian

      Gabriel MarquesGabriel Marques10 days ago
    • @Gabriel Marques I'm sorry :(

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario10 days ago
    • @Luigi_ Mario OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Gabriel MarquesGabriel Marques10 days ago
    • It got copyrighted :(

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario11 days ago
  • It's not the same ;c

    Electric PikachuElectric Pikachu11 days ago
    • Yeah :(

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario9 days ago
  • oh that is a shame I loved the og one... What was the name of the song again?

    re tardre tard11 days ago
    • Rêve Lucide, by LÜNE

      LordCarnafexLordCarnafex11 days ago
  • This song also fits very well, it gives the same relaxing vibes as the previous one.

    MaxiMaxi11 days ago
  • This is not original what happen :/

    Jasper StevensonJasper Stevenson11 days ago
  • Oh I'm sorry TerminalMontage I think someone copyrighted it for no reason but you got permission to post it

    Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario11 days ago
  • Why is the music different what have you done to my favorite video

    HammersHammers11 days ago
    • It got copyrighted

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario11 days ago
  • nooooo the musicccc ;-;

    The Unfortunate CatThe Unfortunate Cat12 days ago
  • Did the music change?

    Chris ThompsonChris Thompson12 days ago
    • @Chris Thompson yeah and Terminal got permission to use it so I'm going to talk to the creator for a minute

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario11 days ago
    • @Luigi_ Mario copyright sucks

      Chris ThompsonChris Thompson11 days ago
    • Yes it got copyrighted

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario11 days ago
  • I was sad when the music was different but I still love it

    WarHogWarHog12 days ago
  • Only OG's will renember the old song

    tio sektortio sektor12 days ago
  • Has the music been changed?

    Kenny JaroschKenny Jarosch12 days ago
    • Yeah it was copyrighted :(

      Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario11 days ago
  • Rip original music

    MARX 85MARX 8512 days ago
  • Me: what the hell happened here

    omgomg12 days ago
  • BUST

    Logan MathesLogan Mathes12 days ago

    XenonMaziXenonMazi12 days ago