Vaporwave Dimension (Something About Star Fox 64 Extended Scene) 🎼🧠

Apr 15, 2019
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Update: Despite previously having permission from the original artist to use their song, the video has been copyright claimed and the music removed.

Here's a glimpse of what Star Fox beheld while traveling through the Vaporwave Dimension; where time is no longer linear and space is nothing. Where you can find old friends you haven't met yet.
I had a lot of fun making the original scene, I wanted to do more with it and try something different! I hope you guys liked it. I used a lot of amazing .gifs from various artists!
Most of the .gifs are by Erica Anderson
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I also used .gifs from XponentialDesign, please consider supporting their Patreon too!
And other gifs from Giphy by
Teun van der Zalm
As well as this royalty free space footage!
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  • My boy, look at how they massacred my boy

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ2 months ago
    • I miss the original

      Jamie HuberJamie Huber22 days ago
    • Ya

      MrNoNameYTMrNoNameYT25 days ago
    • @Demnark 64 likes, nice

      Jesus ChristJesus ChristMonth ago
    • Vimeo is a possible alternate for the video having the original music.

      RemLasher77RemLasher77Month ago
    • take my 900th upvote God.

      loafiloafiMonth ago
  • What's the name of this song?

    navieonnavieonDay ago
  • This video+music was an amazing piece of art, and I have no idea if the copyright claim was automatic or not, but maybe you could try to claim it back if you still have permission from the artist to use the song. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be easy, so it's understandable if you don't want to, but I hope you consider it, many of us would really apreciate it. I know I could just watch the video and hear the song separately, but it's not the same. Also, there are some reuploads, but none of them it's perfect (and you deserve the credits for this) I hope TerminalMontage reads this...

    ShellheadShellhead2 days ago
  • TerminalMontage, why are you not taking action against the copyright claims. Two videos of your have been dealt this terror.

    RemLasher77RemLasher772 days ago
  • I miss the original track

    Austin Tyler Ewalker JamesAustin Tyler Ewalker James3 days ago
  • Wait something is not right

    Atari MiiAtari Mii3 days ago
  • He edited it

    dontaysworld offical channeldontaysworld offical channel3 days ago
  • Any idea why they changed their mind about you using the song?

    Skibot99Skibot994 days ago
  • I know everyones disappointed by how the music got copyrighted. First time seeing this video and personally I think its great. I listened to the original song (Reve Lucide, by Lune) but I was wondering what the song was used in this video?

    Candi Queen15Candi Queen154 days ago
  • Bruh

    Animadumb or AnimatroxaAnimadumb or Animatroxa6 days ago
  • This video really relaxes me with all the lights and music

    MARTATACK2030MARTATACK20307 days ago
  • oy let me talk to the people who copyright claimed it just want them to talk with my shotgun :)

    headless Artistheadless Artist8 days ago
  • old one better

    Soviet LiL PPSoviet LiL PP8 days ago
  • Me after smoking a blunt for the first time

    TinCanEddieTinCanEddie9 days ago
  • Speed.

    Apple Juic3Apple Juic39 days ago
  • Coming back to this now and sadness..

    PaintballShyguyPaintballShyguy9 days ago
  • these captions are great

    Festive CakeFestive Cake10 days ago
  • One of my favorite videos on the internet which I used to comeback to everytime I felt bad or sad just so it can cheer me up, now completely destroyed :/

    BunneerBunneer11 days ago
  • Wow. Only USworlds could be so mentally deficient that despite having permission from the OWNER OF SAID MUSIC, the music is still copyrighted. Can hardly even say I'm surprised at this point.

    The Lightning RodThe Lightning Rod11 days ago
  • Este video ya no tiene sentido sin la enterito canción

    Matías RodriguezMatías Rodriguez13 days ago
  • NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Lune reve lucide was the best song for your video for vaporwave dimension.

    Darker FalconDarker Falcon13 days ago

    Gammers[GD]201 FadeauGammers[GD]201 Fadeau13 days ago
  • Tap tap tap tap tap tal tap haaaaayyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa

    Toma nada 220voltsToma nada 220volts14 days ago
  • cambiaron el tema :c

    hector moyahector moya14 days ago
  • Oh my God -Carl

    Zaid HernandezZaid Hernandez14 days ago
  • Þis is so sad to watch... Þis feels like you're watching back in time, but þere's noþing more left...

    just Everybodyjust Everybody16 days ago
  • not sure how this wound up on my playlist, but i don't care for it. *removes*

    bravelittleroombabravelittleroomba17 days ago
  • Is there somewhere we can download the original with all the SFX and music?

    mi12nomi12no18 days ago
  • While I am saddened by the unjust copyright strike on your channel, this video is still a lovely daydream.

    Andy JohnsonAndy Johnson19 days ago
    • Yep

      Ashlin CobbAshlin Cobb18 days ago
  • What the heck the music got copyrighted

    Ashlin CobbAshlin Cobb19 days ago
  • anybody who claims copyright on parody are fucking slugs

    Naked RaptorNaked Raptor19 days ago
  • This shows how bullshit youtube's copyright system is.

    PyroNapalmPyroNapalm20 days ago
  • Copyright why did you do this, the new music Dosent even line up in his star fox video now, This is just depressing, And i know Jeremy isn’t gonna be a jerk cause he is 100% e p i k so he isn’t going to try and get the music back, F for Jeremy, You didn’t deserve this to happen to you D: Plus Terminal montage probably made the music more popular and they betrayed him.

    R.I.P DDD He DiedR.I.P DDD He Died20 days ago
  • Wtf happened to this video

    Kas HerrioKas Herrio21 day ago
  • Just when a parody video looks like an actual official music video and bam copyright strike. Not fair youtube.

    Gerardo Cruz ZumaranGerardo Cruz Zumaran21 day ago
  • Eles entraram num vídeo do Maicon kuster

    Beyond BBeyond B21 day ago
  • Que mierda es esto y que paso con la musica anterior?

    CarmeloCirillolino CirilloCarmeloCirillolino Cirillo22 days ago
    • USworlds con su porqueria de copyright

  • I hate how they think they are losting money when people put their songs in this epic videos, if you wouldn't put this song, nobody wouldn´t know it. So ungrateful

    Pedro Luis ContrerasPedro Luis Contreras22 days ago
  • This is bullshit.

    Random Stuff.Random Stuff.22 days ago
  • there is nothing that is related to vapourwave and i can't find in this video

    T3zlaGMT3zlaGM22 days ago
  • aww this was in one of my pleylists =( really loved the original

    bfoxkbfoxk23 days ago
  • This produces me phisicsl pain and sadness.

    Grim SkyegraveGrim Skyegrave24 days ago
  • I seriously thought my audio was broken i tried reloading... twice... *sigh*

    The InvaderThe Invader24 days ago
  • May the 10 hour extended cut rest in peace

    SuperRetrogamer1246SuperRetrogamer124625 days ago
  • its a real shame this got copyright claimed. somehow I managed to time the videos correctly and had the original song play in the background while I watched this. it was really nice.

    gameo7gameo725 days ago
  • 98% of my brain: This is really cool~ The last two brain cells: HIYAAAAH!

    Brad CookBrad Cook25 days ago
  • No es lo mismo 😓😓

    George ParkGeorge Park25 days ago
  • Damn, copyright strikes can be a pain in the 64th dimension

    Tim HilTim Hil25 days ago
  • ... NO...

    Larry ProductionsLarry Productions25 days ago
  • Hope I run into the original maker of the song and get to back hand him/her. Like wtf.

    C TC T26 days ago
  • Aaaaaa man USworlds changed the music

    Sosy A&GSosy A&G26 days ago
  • If this is heaven, *Let Me In*

    Soft PlayerSoft Player26 days ago
  • Is there a difference with the song?

    I Need HelpI Need Help26 days ago
    • yes.

      Larry ProductionsLarry Productions25 days ago
  • I wish the old song was back

    Leon VillafrancoLeon Villafranco27 days ago

    bryan pillizabryan pilliza28 days ago
  • This isn't the video it used to be... The ten hour is gone too... Petition to have a mirror up on Vimeo?

    JJ BarajasJJ Barajas28 days ago
  • :D

    Darwin110Darwin11028 days ago
  • 3:05 well the rom for the beta of starfox adventures just Got released, with plenty of bugs and exploits. Maybe the time has come for fox and krystal to finally reunite in "Something About starfox adventures/ dinosaur planet".

    The spokesmanThe spokesman28 days ago
  • What song is this one though?

    Christian TseChristian Tse28 days ago
  • My solution to fixing it, mute the video, hit play on the song in a new tab or on Spotify and the video at the same time :)

    EnvarEnvar28 days ago
  • que te fumaste

    Deku CelDeku Cel28 days ago
  • Peppy: This brings back memories of your dad

    galluprichardgalluprichard28 days ago
  • This loses soo much with out the original song it was made for. but the animation is so good and thankfully syncs up well to the normal audio of the song anyways.

    Flux UmiaFlux Umia28 days ago
  • What was the original song? The one from the original Firefox video?

    Tyrant1419Tyrant141929 days ago
  • Goodbye, Krystal...

    Jove SunJove Sun29 days ago
  • what's the music called?

    Space sucks OfficialSpace sucks OfficialMonth ago
  • I like this version more

    Aitor HidalgoAitor HidalgoMonth ago
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Why previouus vaporwave was the best ... :((((

    Tomas Esteban Gomez MojicaTomas Esteban Gomez MojicaMonth ago
  • Fox warped reality then woah

    Dragon’s Gaming AdventuresDragon’s Gaming AdventuresMonth ago

    your mom gayyour mom gayMonth ago
  • I had captions on... BIRD UP!!!

    Z SnowZ SnowMonth ago

    name unavailablename unavailableMonth ago
  • "Update: Despite previously having permission from the original artist to use their song, the video has been copyright claimed and the music removed." so that's why this was not familiar even after rewatching...

    Chanler PaulakosChanler PaulakosMonth ago
  • I still come back to this..

    TKGotRanOverByATruckTKGotRanOverByATruckMonth ago
  • this video just isn't the same without reve lucide. I am severely depressed by this.

    Cayden PowellCayden PowellMonth ago
  • Ok 3 things 1) Drugs must be nice 2) 2:06 no vacuum of space?? 3) 3:18 magically back in the ship?!!??

    Tristan DanielTristan DanielMonth ago
  • welp, means another good song is gone form my life because i wont support that copyright bullshit going on atm. The song doesnt feel the same without this edit. It might be trippy and weird but all those nights i spent listening to this song while watching this video. Hell nah, the original songs dead to me now. Yikes

    KazzuyaKazzuyaMonth ago
  • The original song is: LÜNE - Rêve Lucide

    Wendel WilliamsWendel WilliamsMonth ago
  • Wait hold up, why is the song different?

    Julian RessyJulian RessyMonth ago
  • Ah dang, came here to hear one of my favorite videos and then its changed RIP.

    JayCee SquaredJayCee SquaredMonth ago
  • what was the og song called ?

    WubsyWubsyMonth ago
  • ok

    JV510_JV510_Month ago
  • cringe i don't remember

    JV510_JV510_Month ago
  • its not the same. Come to check on this vid every now and then and now there isnt any reason to.

    Makise KurisuMakise KurisuMonth ago
  • 2:10 OH no... now it does not make sense...

    MARMAJE69MARMAJE69Month ago
  • The other song was so perfect. This new song doesn't live up to the amazingness of the original. This kind of bums me out.

    Michael LesterMichael LesterMonth ago
  • I miss the old song but copyright dosen't like songs rip 2019 or 2018 song

    sm6r4m blobsm6r4m blobMonth ago
  • This music removal situation is funny as hell.

    IdiosyncratiCm7IdiosyncratiCm7Month ago
    • I ran the song and the video at the same time in two different tabs. problem solutioned.

      IdiosyncratiCm7IdiosyncratiCm7Month ago
  • Welp, I couldn't think a system could make me depressed. Copyright is messed up on youtube.

    Smashking 00Smashking 00Month ago
  • i still have the orginal downloaded for personal use i have the mp3 and video and ill always cherish them

    TheGamingLucarioTheGamingLucarioMonth ago
    • @Nasty Sushi like I said it's for personal use not tryna get a copyright strike lol

      TheGamingLucarioTheGamingLucarioMonth ago
    • Can u put it on ur yt pls

      Nasty SushiNasty SushiMonth ago
  • i need drugs now

    GorNoroxGorNoroxMonth ago
  • its a good thing i downloaded the song, so i can just play the video, mute it and were back to perfection

    Emanuel PaniaguaEmanuel PaniaguaMonth ago
  • Captions in this video are great lol

    Spencer JenkinsSpencer JenkinsMonth ago
  • The world needed this even though it's like the credit scene 15 minutes even though it's three it still feels like 3 hours

    Spencer JenkinsSpencer JenkinsMonth ago
    • Jesus I was trying to find this comment for so long I was looking through all your good videos finally found this one

      Spencer JenkinsSpencer JenkinsMonth ago
  • Fuckers copyrighted the music cant have good things here

    ZombieSlayer YtZombieSlayer YtMonth ago
  • Is it just me or is this another song? Had this on my play list and now it’s different

    El.Es. JuanEl.Es. JuanMonth ago
  • The dimension aesthetic Everyone wanted this paradise Thank mah boi

    Cosfloud LallemandCosfloud LallemandMonth ago
  • B I R D U P ! ! ! ! ! !

    bruhmomentbruhmomentMonth ago
  • I hope you get things sorted out, J. This was and still is one of my favorite videos. Like, at all, on USworlds.

    OtakuUnitedStudioOtakuUnitedStudioMonth ago
  • The music is at least back in the original

    Creeper560 PLCreeper560 PLMonth ago