The Noog Network! (Commercial for Butch Hartman's App)

Jul 19, 2015
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The Noog Network

  • Damn he COMPLETELY butchered this for the intro

    Hubster HeckinsHubster Heckins5 days ago
  • I kinda had to see what abominations were in the app so I was going to download it........... it’s blocked In America. Thank god

    Gundham TanakaGundham Tanaka15 days ago
  • The amount of puns containing the word Noog is unlimited And for once I am scared of how many puns they’ll make

    Hover -Tube2Hover -Tube216 days ago
  • why does the red monster face need a fucking actual face

  • Who let the puffle get out the cage

    Yoda GaimingYoda GaimingMonth ago
  • To those saying this didn't age well, I disagree! It's transformed into a rather nice subtle parody of itself.

    Cookie SkoonCookie SkoonMonth ago
  • This commercial is better than the entirety of noog network

    Korb Borb The Dream DeityKorb Borb The Dream Deity2 months ago
  • This has aged like cheese after a million years

    CapsirusCapsirus2 months ago
  • This version seems way better than the one Butch Hartman actually used for the site.

    jeecojeeco3 months ago
    • They only used the beginning of this animation and then switched to cheap flash animation for the rest. And it really shows.

      劉木劉木2 months ago
  • Why wasnt this in the appppp

    pyramid titan gamingpyramid titan gaming3 months ago
  • This is I bet better than all the actual cartoons on noog

    OrangeyRiverboatOrangeyRiverboat3 months ago
  • I noog you were going to make this.

    HypaHHypaH4 months ago
  • please tell me terminalmontage got liberated from the controversies

    Yoboi rr888Yoboi rr8884 months ago
    • What's liberated?

      Freddy Bear UniverseFreddy Bear UniverseMonth ago
  • Is this even a app

    DeaconDeacon4 months ago
    • They nooged the app to death

      LemonsQHDLemonsQHDMonth ago
    • The app was sooo nuugfun they delete It from AppStore , nah It just disappear and no one know that It existed

      Oscar CarbajalOscar Carbajal3 months ago
  • I used to like you, but now that I know you are friends with such a terrible person...

    Ole HartOle Hart4 months ago
    • @Ole Hart Maybe he gets paid unlike a certain other person...

      劉木劉木2 months ago
    • @cheesypess I mean he worked on another video for the same app (which still is working with butch) 9 months ago.

      Ole HartOle Hart4 months ago
    • @Glas yo I just gave a dog some ham

      LoggLogg4 months ago
    • whoa wait, this stuff was made like 5 years ago! maybe his opinion on butch has changed, especially now. But of course, it is your opinion to enjoy terminal's content or not. :0

      cheesypesscheesypess4 months ago
    • @Logg do you not think people are allowed to have opinions on others' opinions?

      GlasGlas4 months ago
  • Butch geh

    Thot Patrol USAThot Patrol USA4 months ago
  • This aged like milk. Wrong choice.

    Maddest of LadsMaddest of Lads4 months ago
  • So yeah I guess this is cursed

    Ram- NetRam- Net4 months ago
  • He lost his way... but he found it again!

    Big brain ProductionsBig brain Productions5 months ago
  • N obody's Alive O rgazm O kay Nope G reatly Depressed

    RAGE INTERNET!!!RAGE INTERNET!!!5 months ago
  • In the thumbnail, he looks like he has just committed several war crimes against the state of Abkhazia.

    BlueyBluey5 months ago
    • woah, he likes this one! hey, between us and this commentor with 3 likes, what do you think of Butch Hartman and his... uh, well, downfall?

      Ryan HernandezRyan Hernandez4 months ago
  • 0:14 that arm...

    Mushroom HeadMushroom Head5 months ago
  • Are you guys still pals?

    Thatbluedemon 186Thatbluedemon 1865 months ago
    • DragonBoy RW I think they are still to

      kenny Mcormickkenny Mcormick4 months ago
    • Probably. If I’m correct terminal worked on that garden thing that was made like a month ago.

      DragonBoyRWDragonBoyRW4 months ago
    • I honestly don’t know

      kenny Mcormickkenny Mcormick5 months ago
  • Oh no...

    Spongi 124Spongi 1245 months ago
  • Damn this has not aged well has it

    Mim GamingMim Gaming6 months ago
    • I know

      kenny Mcormickkenny Mcormick5 months ago
  • I'm so sorry

    vro gorlvro gorl6 months ago
  • It's kind of a surprise how you got roped into this. I can see the shitpost-style humor from your videos in the commercial in particular. But hey, a man's gotta put food on the table, right?

    TackeyTackey6 months ago
  • Too bad that Butch edited it to a ugly flash animation on their noogcomercials

    Oscar CarbajalOscar Carbajal6 months ago

      Pål Arne PedersenPål Arne Pedersen5 months ago
  • Oh uh.... this doesn’t age well. :(

    Lavon MediaLavon Media7 months ago
    • @Carlos Guerra butch

      DjungboDjungbo2 months ago
    • @kenny Mcormick butch or terminal montage?

      Carlos GuerraCarlos Guerra2 months ago
    • Skulletta Bones he scammed his fans out of a 200,000$$$

      kenny Mcormickkenny Mcormick3 months ago
    • Lavon Media what? What happened?

      Skulletta BonesSkulletta Bones3 months ago
    • "Who NOOG getting money was this much FUN?!"

      Pinguino del RioPinguino del Rio4 months ago
  • I think I've watched this video like 50 times over the course of 4 years. Idk it's so satisfying for some reason

    Brett PotterBrett Potter7 months ago
  • Its supposed to he a commericial parody

    MagicZeineb2011. Media Group.MagicZeineb2011. Media Group.9 months ago
  • omg yes

    FireyFirey11 months ago
  • The way the live action face transitions back to cartoon is just 👌 perfect.

    Alex DelargeAlex DelargeYear ago
  • Is it a pay to win game ?

    StefyStefyYear ago
  • Nooger Sorry couldn’t hold it in

    The dragons den 2004The dragons den 2004Year ago
  • noogtastic!

    Guy personguy is so epic yas queenGuy personguy is so epic yas queenYear ago
  • **NOOGET**

    Kadence does random Stuff!Kadence does random Stuff!Year ago
  • bless Butch

    Kayla AbuyuanKayla AbuyuanYear ago
  • 0:18 *_"By the powers of naughtiness, I command this particular drop of hot sauce to be really really HOT!"_*

    Waffle Man 117 | El canal del Waffle :DWaffle Man 117 | El canal del Waffle :DYear ago
    • no he says live action noogs and chect out our brand noog games

      ビブワークスVibworkzビブワークスVibworkz4 months ago
  • Send me noogs

    Weird JaidenWeird JaidenYear ago
  • send noogs

    BigTonyBruiserBigTonyBruiserYear ago
  • the nude network?!!

    onix monix mYear ago
  • When someone mentions butch Hartman i INSTANTLY think "Danny phantom"

    peter porkerpeter porkerYear ago
  • My noogin hurts

    MojoNoahGamerMojoNoahGamerYear ago
  • b,m

  • I never Noog watching this was so entertaining.

    zombies1xzombies1xYear ago
  • Use your noogin and get the noog app

    ChaosChaos2 years ago
  • Will it ever come to android

    Girl InTheDarkGirl InTheDark2 years ago
  • I want chicken nooggets

    Saul CarlinSaul Carlin2 years ago
  • 0:18 - 0:28 gave me noogmares

    LinkmasterLinkmaster2 years ago
  • :v

    Irene CraviottoIrene Craviotto2 years ago
  • At 0:18 and 0:28, all I can hear is: "By the powers of naughtiness, I command this particular drop of hot sauce, to be really, REALLY hot!"

    Yeet ApprenticeYeet Apprentice2 years ago
  • Noog has become a meme 😂😆😂

    Kristina SMTKristina SMT2 years ago
  • I appreciate the use of ragtime as the background!

    Marc MooreMarc Moore2 years ago
  • Thank you terminal now I have nightmares of live noogtion secment

    justagamingfanjustagamingfan2 years ago
  • Noog all over me!

    SomebodyStoopidSomebodyStoopid2 years ago
    • @Appul I'm just glad someone found this comment after 2 years.

      SomebodyStoopidSomebodyStoopid3 months ago
    • _I’M NOOGING-_ (sorry for the bad/inappropriate pun lol)

      AppulAppul3 months ago
  • hey buddy can you tell Burch hartman to put the no of network on Google play

    Nathan HowardNathan Howard2 years ago
  • Noogle me this!

    ToadboydudeToadboydude2 years ago
  • Love this origiNOOG content

    DombDomb2 years ago
  • Selling out, jeremy?

    bruh momentbruh moment2 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] the effort payed off. I broke the replay button.

      bruh momentbruh moment2 years ago
  • Hey did you really voice newt fusion

    Gacha WolfPawGacha WolfPaw2 years ago
  • I never asked to see Live Action Noog

    Austin PearsallAustin Pearsall2 years ago

    Reacting ManiacReacting Maniac2 years ago
  • We have a dog called noog it was called noog before your channel even existed

    Shana GilbertShana Gilbert2 years ago
  • What the fuck?

    Kind of PastryKind of Pastry2 years ago
  • I’ve got 200 Noog Nuggets. Do ya want em?

    SamanimationsSamanimations2 years ago
    • Terminal, you just got 200 of my Noog Nuggets!

      SamanimationsSamanimations2 years ago

    CyberusTheRobotCyberusTheRobot2 years ago
  • Noog is fun to say.

    PK Radical!PK Radical!2 years ago
  • Kero Kero Bonito

    Just Vr StuffJust Vr Stuff2 years ago
  • I counted 5 noog jokes

    karimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORDkarimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORD2 years ago
  • So is like noog a plural or something

    Vidal RodriguezVidal Rodriguez3 years ago
  • It sounds like nudes

    GEOGEO3 years ago
  • why no android love

    Cole TinsmanCole Tinsman3 years ago
  • Lol, I love your animation style, it's goofy but cute. 😍

    Ancientmage96Ancientmage963 years ago
  • I Died When Anything & Everything Happened

    FalconFalcon3 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] Good Job. 👏

      FalconFalcon3 years ago
  • I found this while searching through my old favorites. Old me does not disappoint

    FurryEskimoFurryEskimo3 years ago
    • I wish I could sya the same about old me.

      Benju LCBenju LC2 months ago
  • what is this purble place ass lookin bullshit

    GnurtGnurt3 years ago
  • That's amazing how you know Butch Hartman.

    Jay MJay M3 years ago
  • Android pl0x

    saidsaid3 years ago
  • Butch is my Nooger.

    CorbelleCorbelle3 years ago
  • Yet I've still never seen anything about this app. I've tried to look it up once or twice, pulled up nothing.

    WeirdConWeirdCon3 years ago
  • Probably the best advertisement following the Grumps

    dasani water bottledasani water bottle3 years ago
  • This really reminds me of Joe Gran's animations, it's very disturbing yet hilarious, I love it :-)

    rice cakesrice cakes3 years ago
  • He looks familiar...

    217 Adaptive Perspective217 Adaptive Perspective4 years ago
  • 0:19 "By the powers of naughtiness, I command this particular drop of hot sauce to be really, really HOT!"

    Steven InsertlastnamehereSteven Insertlastnamehere4 years ago
  • Wtf is a noog

    Jam DeluxeJam Deluxe4 years ago
    • A noog

      Shoco462Shoco4624 years ago
  • reminded me of the hot sauce from spongebob

    DemonRiderDemonRider4 years ago
  • 'live action nudes' sweet

    FuckFuck4 years ago
    • Your name says it all

      Super KirbySuper KirbyMonth ago
    • @ビブワークスVibworkz no

      SN64SN643 months ago
    • ew

      ビブワークスVibworkzビブワークスVibworkz4 months ago
    • @Izaiah Florés r/ihavereddit

      Oshabot 16Oshabot 16Year ago
    • Izaiah Florés r/ihavereddit

      Real Pervy Len / LenInTheYoutubeReal Pervy Len / LenInTheYoutubeYear ago
  • I got a noogie after showing this to my brother

    Sonic13202Sonic132024 years ago
  • No love for Android? I nooged this would happen...

    Taylor RingoTaylor Ringo4 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] I was hoping you'd comment on my bad pun!

      Taylor RingoTaylor Ringo4 years ago
  • This is a NOOG experience for me!

    Doggo DomDoggo Dom4 years ago
  • When are we getting this on the Noogle Play store?

    Roger HortonRoger Horton4 years ago
    • +TerminalMontage [Jeremey] I look forward to it -EDIT Forgot to make a Noog pun, DANGIT! I have many noogrets

      Roger HortonRoger Horton4 years ago
  • calm it down there satan

    Door HandleDoor Handle4 years ago
  • No not the puns NOT THE PUNS NOT THE NOOGING PUNS!!!!!! OH NO ITS CONTAGIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

    The animation stationThe animation station4 years ago
  • Fred: hey john what do u want for noogfast? john: I'll have some noogles! Fred: I NOOG IT!!

    LeeLee5 years ago
  • mm...a NOOG app for kids huh....I NOOG IT!!

    LeeLee5 years ago
  • New drinking game. Take a drink everytime he says noog.

    Nerdy GamerNerdy Gamer5 years ago
    • Noog count: 9

      Anastasia ChebotarevaAnastasia Chebotareva10 months ago
    • a raging blue angry bird oh

      Mara ScuderiMara ScuderiYear ago
    • Used water and peed my pants (ON MY BED)

      that blue angry bird that travels dimensionsthat blue angry bird that travels dimensions2 years ago
    • noog drinking game*

      heydontparksoclosetomymotorcycleBOZOheydontparksoclosetomymotorcycleBOZO4 years ago
  • well i hate the real face when it has it

    Kawaii twinsKawaii twins5 years ago

  • For a second I thought this was a parody of Butch

    OnemanshowoffOnemanshowoff5 years ago