Splatoon 2 - Why do the Jellyfish touch the floor? ANIMATED スプラトゥーン

Aug 1, 2017
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Finally, an answer to the age old question; "Why do the Jellyfish touch the floor so much??"

This is a lil toon I whipped up real quick so I could warm up with Adobe Animate CC. I experimented a lil so that's why it looks different than my other toons. It was fun (:
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Inkling Girl was voiced by Chelsea "Cheru" Livingstone
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  • Credits: “Oyster - Jeremy Chinshue” Wonder how it must feel to stack audio clips of yourself screaming to voice oysters. That’s got to be like a once in a lifetime experience. Also now every time I hear someone ask about a Jeremey voice reveal I will now refer back to this from now on.

    VerdanceVerdance9 months ago
    • Or, you could credit his first video which also shows his face.

      EterrixEterrixMonth ago
    • You do know that Jeremy voiced Mega Man x in "Something about Mega Man X ANIMATED", right?

      Ayesha FennerAyesha FennerMonth ago
    • Well some of that screaming is partly sound affects

      AlirezaqaꕥAlirezaqaꕥMonth ago
    • IWasLego do you know where I can find it so I can watch it again? It was really well pit together.

      Maximus_1234Maximus_12343 months ago
    • Voister

      Stained moon623Stained moon6233 months ago
  • haha nice

    jack andersonjack andersonDay ago
  • 1:12 Goddamn inkling pogg

    Aryn ZAryn Z3 days ago
  • You should make a something about splatoon 2

    Twisted PearlTwisted Pearl8 days ago
  • Epic

    Hoshi no PandaHoshi no Panda9 days ago
  • That makes me sad I can no longer watch your content now that I know you give work to Chelsea Livingstone.

    Willard FastoWillard Fasto9 days ago
  • Ah yes

    Sonicgamer HollowmanSonicgamer Hollowman10 days ago

    Ryan ChiltonRyan Chilton11 days ago
  • 1:09 floor pog

    P1RIG0P1RIG019 days ago
  • Ummm that's kinda pog tbh

    Narcissist MargarineNarcissist Margarine20 days ago
  • I got splatoon 2 for Christmas. And it wasn’t long before I found a jellyfish touching the ground. I could almost hear the screams of the corpses of my brothers and sisters.

    Chessy CopterChessy Copter22 days ago
  • Inkling: what are you doing? Jellyfish: STARES.

    Griffen Gamer12Griffen Gamer1223 days ago
  • the real soul sand

    Savion scottSavion scott23 days ago
  • Who else stays to the end of each video? Its always funny XD

    AdrianAdrian25 days ago
  • This can be a new idea for splatoon expansion SPLATOON 3 *THE WISH OF THE TARTAR'S CREATION*

    Joshua Velez CastellanosJoshua Velez Castellanos25 days ago
  • Meeting your family after they go missing

    Emmz34 ChillsEmmz34 Chills25 days ago
  • He is one with the sidewalk

    Epic_Orange GamingEpic_Orange Gaming25 days ago
  • 1:11 squid pog

    Jigx SawJigx Saw25 days ago
  • Is that music in the game? Does it have a name?

    maxmouse713maxmouse71325 days ago
  • Whe 0:38

    Dee DeeDee Dee26 days ago
    • 0:37

      Dee DeeDee Dee26 days ago
  • touchin the floor

    SiwakornProArmSiwakornProArm26 days ago
  • Lol

    Jaden Playz/Roblox MinecraftJaden Playz/Roblox Minecraft27 days ago
  • The more you know. 🌟

    Just Kidding Don't Judge Me [jk don't judge]Just Kidding Don't Judge Me [jk don't judge]27 days ago
  • At very end just a minute of silence jellyfish floats and octoling goes huh

    MacDawnlds UwUMacDawnlds UwU29 days ago
  • thats terrifing

    Isa CollinsIsa CollinsMonth ago

    Toia-n-diel 80 years agoToia-n-diel 80 years agoMonth ago
  • S q u i d w a r d

    roblox noobroblox noobMonth ago
  • People: oof that's there fam they standing on Me: *can he make his legs long to*

    gacha noobgacha noobMonth ago
  • And then after he flew away at the end he would become another recurring Easter egg character like geno

    Super KirbySuper KirbyMonth ago
  • 9

    Unoriginal X7Unoriginal X7Month ago
  • Does the song have an name or...?

    ꧁Jayboi꧂꧁Jayboi꧂Month ago
  • Pog

    PlasmaNeonPlasmaNeonMonth ago
  • Splatti what is cement made out of?

    GMD JuniRGMD JuniRMonth ago
  • Jesus the music

    Jaakko HaapasaloJaakko HaapasaloMonth ago
  • 3 months ago I thought it was an eternity, NJ owned I understand

    spicyhotsocksspicyhotsocksMonth ago
  • Because they like ground or waiting for money to be dropped

    Rory JonesRory JonesMonth ago
  • God damn splatoon 2 came out over 3 years ago?

    FunnySkeletonFunnySkeletonMonth ago
  • The gasp at the end XD

    Joran MuellerJoran MuellerMonth ago
  • Wow THATS RELATABLE!!!1111

    TritePenTritePenMonth ago
  • She pogged

    The One And OnlyThe One And OnlyMonth ago
  • 0:40 amazing scream imma keep this timestamp here for it

    Michael AguileraMichael AguileraMonth ago
  • Gasp 1:11

    Bus BrickBus BrickMonth ago
  • Oh

    Dawn StclareDawn StclareMonth ago
  • you are standing on the corpses of your prothers. and your sisters... me:SO FORMALL my brain:r/tihi

    07-Hassan Kassab07-Hassan KassabMonth ago
  • The weird thing is that when you touch their tentackles you dont Get burned.

    Da meme SquadDa meme SquadMonth ago
  • Nah the jelly fish wanted to eat them but did not know how to

    Thomas van GansewinkelThomas van GansewinkelMonth ago
  • Lol so good

    Dad ElfassiDad ElfassiMonth ago
  • Jelly fish at the end be like ‘ok time go c ya’

    Jiang Yun fuJiang Yun fuMonth ago
  • Huh neat

    sebastian truelovesebastian trueloveMonth ago
  • Do not question the jelly one.

    Astro's VibesAstro's VibesMonth ago
  • As a former shell, I can confirm

    subnautica guysubnautica guyMonth ago
  • Logicc

    Skyfox dartnerSkyfox dartnerMonth ago
  • Wow that went from 0 to one hundred in 0.1 miliseconds

    superhuman2006superhuman2006Month ago
  • She do a POG.

    agergo100agergo100Month ago
  • * eats floor *

    Jake the destroyerJake the destroyerMonth ago
  • The lore they did not want you to know

    Nancy AndersonNancy AndersonMonth ago

  • 1:11 late realization

    Dolam SkudoiskiDolam SkudoiskiMonth ago
  • Partially true, and only if you use limestone replacement

    624static624staticMonth ago
  • Jellyfish was presing f for pay respect

    Adurrahim CalasınAdurrahim CalasınMonth ago
  • Maybe he senses the spirit of humans

    Braian Que Me Vez? XDBraian Que Me Vez? XDMonth ago
  • Well well well shishkebab

    szompono mcgeeszompono mcgeeMonth ago

    Crazy FrogCrazy FrogMonth ago
  • Oof thats all i can say "OOOOOOOOOF"

    LucianLucianMonth ago
  • I am not okay...

    NotAGreatYoutuber !NotAGreatYoutuber !Month ago
  • Oh wow

    BREDBREDMonth ago
  • 1:11 pog

    denki kaminaridenki kaminariMonth ago
  • you are standing on the corpses of your brothers and sisters

    bulb of knowledgebulb of knowledgeMonth ago
  • Lol

    Samucios08 pvSamucios08 pvMonth ago
  • I thought it was cuz they lost their glasses and was looking for them but could not see, my childhood is ruined ;-;

    Todoroki ShotoTodoroki ShotoMonth ago
  • The end: POG

    Javier OlmedoJavier OlmedoMonth ago
  • I never got to play this game. Sadness... (Along with so many other games.)

    Winter HeartWinter HeartMonth ago
  • Jelly fish touch the floor made out of the floor

    Carl JohnsonCarl JohnsonMonth ago
  • That...Uncomfortable

    LORD VLORD VMonth ago
  • It’s really because they are sucking up the water on the ground so the inklings don’t die

    Mushy AnimationsMushy AnimationsMonth ago
  • I remember watching this video a super long time ago

    《• Magic UnicørnYT •》《• Magic UnicørnYT •》Month ago
  • I actually took my time to watch a jellyfish that was doing this. After about 10 seconds it picks it’s tentacle off of the ground AND STICKS IT IN ITS MOUTH. I T S. E A T I N G. T H R M

    Maria The DemonMaria The DemonMonth ago
  • I-I just... Whaat?

  • Because he is high on Cocaine and he sees more on the floor! Ta daa!! Ok I can go now Yeah I know. I sorry I just like drama Ok you can leave now -_- -_- Uhm- ok bye- BRO STOP SCROLLING- YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME!!! YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! G E T N O O B E D :)

    Shiny ArceusShiny ArceusMonth ago
  • Will this is dark

    Dimary CorderoDimary CorderoMonth ago
  • *T* *O* *U* *C* *H* *T* *H* *E* *F* *L* *O* *O* *R*

    Mr. Name NoMr. Name NoMonth ago
  • 1:11 *Pog*

    Yair The Nut ManYair The Nut ManMonth ago
  • squid pog

    LunalieLunalieMonth ago
  • I didn’t get it till I remember that Squids (and octopus) live in the group Mollusk

    Fredy RodriguezFredy RodriguezMonth ago
  • 1:11 huu!

    TheCoolLEGO64 2.0TheCoolLEGO64 2.0Month ago
  • *"you hear them too, dont you?"*

    CodeKirbyCodeKirbyMonth ago
  • Poggers.

    Daring PotatoDaring PotatoMonth ago
  • The real question is why arent you touching the floor

    voidvoidMonth ago
  • *OOF*


    Infinity DonutsInfinity DonutsMonth ago
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    Daila_XPPDaila_XPPMonth ago
  • Looks like someone is a fan of sir pelo

    Othniel ManurungOthniel ManurungMonth ago
  • Huh, I learned something todat

    TuckernutzTuckernutzMonth ago
  • Underneath the floor are the bodies they have buried since the beginning of their life.

    SnipinJPSnipinJPMonth ago
    • And void

      Donte PriceDonte PriceMonth ago
  • All this time... How did I not see that you made a Splatoon animation? Thank you for this, Splatoon is my favorite game.

    Liam BeasleyLiam BeasleyMonth ago
  • At the end there just both like “welp what next?”

    Jackmine5yo IdleJackmine5yo IdleMonth ago
  • “Hey man, what are you doing” **heavy breathing**

    WisKWisKMonth ago
  • I finally know how Jeremy's scream sounds.

    Ryder SimpsonRyder SimpsonMonth ago
  • ....welp, that's terrifying

    Leah LeahLeah LeahMonth ago
  • Noticed alot of time when they do it they look like they are absorbing water cause its normally on a puddle

    finn the borgiceratopsfinn the borgiceratopsMonth ago