Splatoon 2 - Jellyfish Ascension スプラトゥーン

Aug 10, 2017
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This is what happened after our good Jelly boy floated away. usworlds.info/slow/video/d5-MeaWrfmmZjKk

I had fun putting this together. It's just a dumb lil goof (:
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DuckTales Remastered - Moon Theme Remix (Orchestra Fan Remix by Plasma3Music)
Space Footage Courtesy of:
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and
A Space Journey (HD) by Impermanence
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  • It fills my heart with joy to know that his sprite is somewhere in your folders, waiting to be used in a new animation for just a split second

    GeorgesDragonGeorgesDragon3 months ago
    • *terminal sees all c o m m e n t s*

      OrangeCrusaderOrangeCrusaderMonth ago
    • Ditto's daycare dance has granted your wish

      Bleon BlissBleon Bliss2 months ago
    • Terminal montage is the dominant animator tbh

      Chessy CopterChessy Copter3 months ago
    • damn, terminalmontage really does read every comment. i applaud you.

      Yustin J.Yustin J.3 months ago
  • If you look into the sky on a clear night when the stars are at their brightest....sometimes the Jelly Boy looks back

    SmexyHinata13SmexyHinata1323 hours ago
  • Both kinds of high!

    Maris Staff70Maris Staff70Day ago
  • Is this the god that created Kirbo?

    Everything is not Junbi okEverything is not Junbi ok3 days ago
  • I love the orchestrated moon theme that plays through the video

    Bonelop's Fish MarketBonelop's Fish Market4 days ago
  • *Jelly Boi has gone where no Jelly Boi has gone before*

    Ribbon DeeRibbon Dee4 days ago
  • The new jellyfish jam.

    KinkyKarnage 69KinkyKarnage 6913 days ago
  • WHAT UNIVERSE IS HE IN RIGHT NOW? A: with mario in space

    Mango The BudgieMango The Budgie15 days ago
  • when you beat the inner agent three in the octo expansion

    Powerful ToastPowerful Toast15 days ago
  • If you ever make merch, you should just have a bunch of flying things with good ol' jellyboi on there.

    dani9462 dani9462dani9462 dani946216 days ago
  • He be zoomin’ ngl

    Kitten_SpiritKitten_Spirit21 day ago
  • Ching Cheng Hanji

    Fish Po0kinsFish Po0kins24 days ago
  • He then went on to be reborn as Galeem, craving light to engulf everything.

    Doc FuzzyDoc Fuzzy24 days ago
  • It took me around the entirety of this video to beat Rainbow Road. Specifically, the one made for Mario Kart 7 at the end of the Special Cup.

    KirboKirbo25 days ago
  • He's off on a quest to find the portal to the legendary vaporwave dimension, a tale told firsthand by the one and only Star Fox.

    Reese AlexanderReese Alexander25 days ago
  • When your controller runs out of battery when you were running and now you’re just running into the abyss

    TheFutureSoupYTTheFutureSoupYT26 days ago
  • Legend Says that he still floating trough the universe untill this 3 years

    Arya naufal Lazuardi KurnaediArya naufal Lazuardi Kurnaedi27 days ago
  • I was waiting for this to reach 666k views They called me a madman

    AhegaoLoverAhegaoLover27 days ago
  • Wait why is the credit for the splatoon music to Sr Pelo, did he record the song in game?

    Liam BeasleyLiam Beasley27 days ago
  • HE DID IT! Im so proud of him! i knew he could do it.

    Lemon DSLemon DSMonth ago
  • A S C E N D W I T H G O R B

    Super KirbySuper KirbyMonth ago
  • Something about Splatoon 2? It'll be great! A quest to find Callie

    Bayu Tri HanggoroBayu Tri HanggoroMonth ago
  • "see you space jelly-boy"

    Anson ChanAnson ChanMonth ago
  • When you turn the meme into a full feature.

    MrRedstoneMrRedstoneMonth ago
  • I'm not crying You're crying

    Jairo ThornwoodJairo ThornwoodMonth ago
  • My 4 yr old sister: let's play 'the floor is lava!' Me: ok! Also me:

    Patricia NashPatricia NashMonth ago
  • Hey put the download of the music pls I got inspired by this music ;-;

    BragaPlayer FBragaPlayer FMonth ago
  • Teacher: why are you crying? Me: just.....no....nothing

    F.B.IF.B.IMonth ago
  • ah, so that's were the jellyfish went.

    OctoMeggoOctoMeggoMonth ago
  • When you crush says she or he likes you too

    DHZGamesDHZGamesMonth ago
  • He is going to heaven to meet the cement corpses (watch the first video)

    Joseph DavisonJoseph DavisonMonth ago
  • Ascend, ascend with jelly gorb

    MS paint type beatMS paint type beatMonth ago
  • Jellyfish was ejected

    PlasmaNeon UTTP THDTCPlasmaNeon UTTP THDTCMonth ago
  • ._.

    Karla JulioKarla JulioMonth ago
  • tro lol lol

    OctowoodOctowoodMonth ago
  • Well jelyfish use alcoll in to space

    Enzo pkmzEnzo pkmzMonth ago
  • This is really expired love it thank you for making all of these animations keep up the good work

    Creepersteve518Creepersteve5182 months ago
  • Legend says that he is still floating

    AyTJAYAyTJAY2 months ago
  • My last brain cell in school:

    Soft_BoxSoft_Box2 months ago
  • And there he goes

    Lucky WayLucky Way2 months ago
  • My friends: hey you guys wanna watch interstellar tonight? It’s such a good movie! Me: nah dude we can just watch this (Shows them this video) My friends: yeah this is better

    Chessy CopterChessy Copter2 months ago
  • This is beautiful

    PikaSans 206PikaSans 2062 months ago
  • This would have been a good shooting stars meme video but then I wouldn't have heard this amazing version of the Ducktales Moon theme

    VepmscceitVepmscceit3 months ago
  • Its been 3 years and still, somewhere out there... He's still floating, floating till the end of time to eventually *Smash* the barrier of reality.

    ilBl pCeirhilBl pCeirh3 months ago
  • there seems to be less explosions lately WE NEED MORE EXPLOSIONS

    BXflameburstBXflameburst3 months ago
  • One small step for jellyfish kind one giant leap for inklings

    Oofio ManfunOofio Manfun3 months ago
  • This is truly a work of art

    Amber AguilarAmber Aguilar3 months ago
  • He is ascending

    The man finding thumbnailsThe man finding thumbnails3 months ago
  • Jelly *boi*

    CCCP CountryballCCCP Countryball3 months ago
  • This jelly perfectly represents my mind during math class.

    Nathan DabbNathan Dabb3 months ago
  • Legends say that one day jellyboy will come back with knowledge of the universe

    Stabby The LizardStabby The Lizard3 months ago
  • Wait you still heart comments? 😳

    VelcroIsARipOffVelcroIsARipOff3 months ago
  • This comment section has so many stories to tell about jelly boi.

  • 1:51 why does the thing on the right look like a face

    YnnatheguardianChannelYnnatheguardianChannel3 months ago
  • The prophacy is true

    Wolf_ ThingWolf_ Thing3 months ago
  • Fly little one. We know you'll be important some day.

    Crystal ParadiseCrystal Paradise3 months ago
  • I have no words...

  • Jelly fish: ok ima head out

    Isaac CadieuxIsaac Cadieux3 months ago
  • He's rising from his mortal body and ascending from the mortal plane

    Tinywolf77Tinywolf773 months ago
  • can youtube stop recommended me this it has been the 20th time

    Deva DragonDeva Dragon3 months ago
  • Why was this in my recommended More accurately, why wasn’t this in my recommended earlier?

    Malcolm SparksMalcolm Sparks3 months ago
  • He is one with the stars now

    djmini tydjmini ty3 months ago
  • wow i am inspired for mor art now **makes more art

    Kitty SparklesKitty Sparkles3 months ago
  • 3:17 and he was wiped from the universe by galeem

    DUMPY LUMPDUMPY LUMP3 months ago
  • hmm but if this is the moon theme, then where is the moon? JELLYBOI IS THE MOON

    DUMPY LUMPDUMPY LUMP3 months ago
  • Legends say he is still up there to this day.

    Mr. SoapMr. Soap3 months ago
  • Me after eating dad's special sugar

    pocket the wolfpocket the wolf3 months ago
  • Kids: daddy how do you get through every day? Dad: well kids.........(shows them this video) Kids: I see everything so clearly now!

    Chessy CopterChessy Copter3 months ago
  • 3:57 *Titants amoung us*

    levaion. The lionlevaion. The lion3 months ago
  • When you take 2 Gummy vitamins instead of 1- 0:07

    Hi Im GibHi Im Gib3 months ago
  • I love how he doesn't blink or move he just *ASCENDS*

    cdqfcdqf3 months ago
  • he is going where no man has gone before

    KronikzKronikz3 months ago
  • Jellyfish has nerves of steel I'd be absolutely terrified to drift aimlessly through the Cosmos. Space is cool but I also respect that it dose not respect me. O.o

    OnlySasori98OnlySasori983 months ago
  • Wait the Jelly fish ascended? Always has been

    Tea PatchTea Patch3 months ago
  • Beating ark be like

    InvurretInvurret3 months ago
  • be free my child

    Ryah MedellRyah Medell3 months ago
  • Joycon drift.

    I_breathe_air 215I_breathe_air 2153 months ago
  • Me: is this new Also me: **looks at the date** Also me for the last time: o h

    Yvonne RodriguezYvonne Rodriguez3 months ago
  • Legend says he is still out there

    lego gandalf the greylego gandalf the grey3 months ago
  • What

    Boris MelenboerBoris Melenboer3 months ago
  • thme getting the heck out of here after my little brother sniches on me

    OriginalName OriginalLastNameOriginalName OriginalLastName3 months ago
  • Godspeed, you magnificent piece of jelly.

    Alex CaoAlex Cao3 months ago
  • A S C E N E D

    Redhead BoiRedhead Boi3 months ago
  • Me: studying so I dont fail the test. My brain 0.5 seconds before the test:

    K y i r i uツK y i r i uツ3 months ago
  • Somehow this song fills me with nostalgia, though I never played Ducktales

    Knilolas lynnKnilolas lynn3 months ago
  • bro how much joy-con drift does this jelly have

    vqlkxrvqlkxr3 months ago
  • he go fly insperational text from terminal montage more like inspirational video

    Jax GachaJax Gacha3 months ago
  • Slugcat after backflipping and throwing a pearl bomb directly under him

    RandomMinkRandomMink3 months ago
  • Someone used this as an intro? I think? Or an outro, I dont remember exactly but the part of the song they used is 0:34 to like 0:40

    Storm 3645Storm 36453 months ago

    Frank LinFrank Lin3 months ago
  • \/ V VV V VV V VV V VV V VV , In the back round there is a Shell that looks werid to the others witch is the \/

    Joseph DazaKensleyJoseph DazaKensley3 months ago
  • Jolly good show.

    Kai SwiftKai Swift3 months ago
  • The jelly has now ascended into a new level, he is above and beyond us.

    SiberiaCraftYTSiberiaCraftYT3 months ago
  • Going up

    AnotherCattailAnotherCattail3 months ago
  • The astronauts evacuating earth in 2020 be like

    Spooky boi VillaSpooky boi Villa3 months ago
  • 0:57 i think i whould be alien food near that

    Kurt SchneiderKurt Schneider3 months ago
  • Hehe, Nobody: Me just starting no mans sky be like:

    Alansar TrignotAlansar Trignot3 months ago
  • this is so powerful

    DerpychickenDerpychicken3 months ago
  • I want this video to play at my funeral

    Chuckle SandwichChuckle Sandwich3 months ago
  • And I thought Kirby jumped high...

    Juaniux_19365Juaniux_193653 months ago