Speedrunner Mario VS Super Sonic (Fight scene from the 2.76M Sub Special) - SOMETHING VERSUS 🤼‍♂️

Feb 25, 2021
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Animation, Sound Design & Writing - Jeremey Chinshue
Production Assistant & Writing - Vanessa Chinshue
Background Art & Coloring - Edgar Nielsen
Chelsea Livingstone (Colonel Cheru) - Kirbo, Peach, Daisy, Samus and Rosalina
Grant Patrizio - Luigi
Kojiasano - Anime Mario
Announcer - Sandy White
Final Destination (SSBB) Remix - Drum & Bass By Acid-Notation usworlds.info/slow/video/opSIrWjce6NriXs
Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello usworlds.info/slow/video/jIh4ini7hZuVjHc
Anime Fight References & Inspiration:

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  • Remember when we made our stuffed animals fight? This is what it felt like.

    thebloxmanthebloxman24 days ago
    • Yes indeed

      Ausar AlexanderAusar Alexander4 hours ago

      maxbeesmaxbees13 hours ago
    • So true

      SerGaming213SerGaming2132 days ago
    • @alpha kytendo they speak every language including the ones of gods

      thebloxmanthebloxman5 days ago
    • Didn't knew my stuffed animals could speak japanese xD

      alpha kytendoalpha kytendo5 days ago
  • Is Luigi a priest in these? Always carrying around a bible xD

    Niborino9409Niborino940928 minutes ago
  • 2:19 the "M" is from Movistar.

    Shadow K ShooterShadow K Shooter3 hours ago
  • Why not pit every single speed runner in this whole something about series against each other?

    Lucas GibbsLucas Gibbs4 hours ago
  • The faster person is actually the camera man

    VeggieTablz TablzVeggieTablz Tablz6 hours ago
  • Please do an animation tutorial on fight scenes like this. I NEED YOUR SECRETS

    MarMarVibesMarMarVibes12 hours ago
  • The M on Mario’s hat almost looks like the majin symbol from dragon ball, wonder if that’s intentional

    Mark EberhardMark EberhardDay ago
  • Try watching the fight (including the beginning) at 2x speed.

    Lucas GibbsLucas GibbsDay ago
  • Unnironically one of the best 3 minutes of my life.

    Enzo ZambrottiEnzo ZambrottiDay ago
  • That Tabuu neck snap is gonna be important later. It was done twice and emphasized the second time.

    That One DudeThat One DudeDay ago
  • Lol

    G38G38Day ago
  • Lets go sanic next

    Japan JapanJapan JapanDay ago
  • I think Sonic just started the Console war with Nintendo again.

    Wizard.CasperWizard.CasperDay ago
  • 1:33 Saitama vs Boros (meteoric mode)

    Izaak AZIzaak AZDay ago
  • u deserve 10mil

    It's FroggyIt's Froggy2 days ago
  • Dragonball?

    Manuel CepollaroManuel Cepollaro2 days ago

    SerGaming213SerGaming2132 days ago
  • I really love these battle

    Muhammad FaizMuhammad Faiz2 days ago
  • ジャンプ一回のために案のことしたのか? 無様だな!

    The Real PhoenixThe Real Phoenix2 days ago
  • Algún español ?

    Yorlando Hurtado TabaresYorlando Hurtado Tabares2 days ago
  • nooooooo golden sAnic is stronger

    vive les poissonsvive les poissons2 days ago
  • Tal vez mi transformación Super no te haga mucho daño pero que tal *Hyper Sonic* Mario: Oh oh...

    The King and HeroThe King and Hero2 days ago
  • Wait for Sonic Vs Link

    InkInk2 days ago
  • That'sa spicey meataball!

    Yago CuraYago Cura2 days ago
  • Y pensar que tomiii lo superó en una noche en suscriptores

    Damian YepezDamian Yepez2 days ago
  • what is the song used for the fight scene i NEED it

    skye wadzskye wadz2 days ago

    Jeremy LaurainJeremy Laurain2 days ago
  • release this song NOW!!!

    Daniel PoggersDaniel Poggers3 days ago
  • It’s too hard to tell whether TerminalMontage is hearting the theory comments to give us hints or he’s hearting them just to get us excited and we’re actually wrong

    Gabe FarleyGabe Farley3 days ago
  • I was so freaking hyped

    Dark ShadowDark Shadow3 days ago
  • 2:35. "Your beginning to bore me" "I've already speed ran through countless worlds during this fight alone!" *Smashes the ever living Speed out of sonic*

    Battleboxer555Battleboxer5553 days ago
  • 2:11 nh nh nh nh he he he Haha haha AH HA HAHAHA HA....... HA........ All of that work for one time jump? *P A T H E T I C*

    Battleboxer555Battleboxer5553 days ago
  • Imagine if Sonic got the Speed Demon Powerup

    Tropical BreezeTropical Breeze3 days ago
    • Things would go way out of hand

      RaymondRaymond14 hours ago

    Skating with DAVID JAYSkating with DAVID JAY3 days ago
  • this is actually hype ngl

    Labib KhanLabib Khan3 days ago
  • chillidogs.

    JackAttackJackAttack4 days ago
  • It's the bass boosted green hill zone that does it for me

    GeoGeo4 days ago
  • Creo el mejor capitulo

    alonso arriagada arroyoalonso arriagada arroyo4 days ago
  • Sega vs Nintendo the ultimate show down

    0 80 84 days ago
  • Mario peleando con furros????????? :0000

    oscar lopezoscar lopez4 days ago
  • This is basically just a Dragon Ball Z Fight but with the two speediest characters in the multiverse.

    The Glitchy XThe Glitchy X4 days ago
  • The poor Blue Giant he dies twice

    The unlucky NightgaurdThe unlucky Nightgaurd4 days ago
    • His name is "Tabuu".

      Aurelio GonzálezAurelio González4 days ago
  • I’m currently watching this for the first time and cannot get through the video because I keep rewinding Mario’s maniacal laugh 😂😂

    Christopher CarterChristopher Carter4 days ago
    • Hehe

      RaymondRaymond14 hours ago
  • Hi TerminalMontage! Just saying hi and good work!

    Kyle WongKyle Wong4 days ago
  • Through all of super chili dog’s attacks Mario is just like •_•

    Just a kid who makes contentJust a kid who makes content4 days ago
  • Can we talk about how unironically *chilling* it was when the battle reversed, the attack that previously caught Mario off guard was coming-that we KNEW was a solid hit before, and then the fucker turns his head and *SMILES* like a (speed)demon! Seriously, this is some high-quality anime choreography right here.

    SeiromemSeiromem4 days ago
  • You should do another Pokémon battle thingy, but mega evolved

    G GG G5 days ago
  • dude your almost at 3m subs! good job!

    Daijon NorrisDaijon Norris5 days ago
  • Jõ jº jō jØ

    José David Villalva SamanoJosé David Villalva Samano5 days ago
  • I like Sonic 🔵

    k morrisk morris5 days ago
    • Cool.🔥

      RaymondRaymond14 hours ago
  • then make a video of sonic vs shadow, or something about sonic 2

    Marcelo VieiraMarcelo Vieira5 days ago
  • Ah yes Nintendo vs Sega, i remember when this was life or death

    DiavoloDiavolo5 days ago
  • I like how Mario had like 20 different voice clips and all we get of sonic is "chilli dogs"

    Thomas PerkinsThomas Perkins5 days ago
  • wait isn't super sonic like immune to hits when he transforms in the game??? or im just stupid

    marcos andres fernandez rojasmarcos andres fernandez rojas6 days ago
  • Anyone notice how the theme changed when sonic was reversing time? Was the song reversed too?!?! Cuz that’s lit 🔥

    S AS A6 days ago
  • What's the name of the background song in the fight?

    NiPutaidea ._.NiPutaidea ._.6 days ago
  • This fight looks so good better than some animes (The One vs Assault Mode Meliodas)

    Crimzon PigCrimzon Pig6 days ago
  • Very wahoo of you to do that

    Animadumb or AnimatroxaAnimadumb or Animatroxa6 days ago
  • Ay yo why this kinda epic tho

    Landan LiliedahlLandan Liliedahl6 days ago
  • What we all came for: 1:18

    TuvnightTuvnight6 days ago
  • Sonic is on Super saiyan lol!

    Pokéchef 2.0Pokéchef 2.06 days ago
  • 1:34 Ah i see, One Punch Man reference

    JuniarsoJuniarso6 days ago
  • A perfect 90's Console War representation

    Metatronix012Metatronix0127 days ago
  • He had a lot of fun doing this

    OPokerface34OPokerface347 days ago
  • Is a fight we've always wanted to see: A speedrun hacker vs a level 999 pro gamer

    naruto minecraft dognaruto minecraft dog7 days ago
  • Epic

    Zach SmithZach Smith7 days ago
    • Nice Saya Profile

      Nakajima RegulusNakajima Regulus6 days ago
  • Legendary. Indeed it is!

    Ferdinand KuhnFerdinand Kuhn7 days ago
  • That's a spicya meatabattle

    Applejack_juniorApplejack_junior7 days ago
  • It is not fair to Mario they did not give me power up and Sonic beats sea without problems

    Miau el gato Gamer 08Miau el gato Gamer 087 days ago
  • Bruh what is the song?! Lol

    VAGAS INT.VAGAS INT.7 days ago
  • Everything about this video was epic idk how many times I watched this lol

    kristopher willinghamkristopher willingham7 days ago
  • Nice one on that parallel universe thing lol, that was a good one. :D

    Dr _ NomzDr _ Nomz7 days ago
  • Mario and Luigi bowser inside story speedrun

    عرب سوالمهعرب سوالمه7 days ago
  • Chillidogs

    Duck DuckersonDuck Duckerson7 days ago
  • What about super sayin mario from the new game?

    Lord and Saviour ShrekLord and Saviour Shrek7 days ago
  • Mario and Sonic, The Final Fight march 31st,2021,colorized

    Eric Alexandru DragomirEric Alexandru Dragomir8 days ago
  • So when is hyper sonic v speed runner mario

    lukez 23 beastlukez 23 beast8 days ago
  • I so very enjoy being a long-running watcher of your stuff

    Samothy HughesSamothy Hughes8 days ago
  • what is the music used for this

    Jordan RuizJordan Ruiz8 days ago
  • 1:40 is my life motto

    materiasummoner jmateriasummoner j8 days ago
  • ChilleDogs Edit:what kind of anime fighting scene bull crap is this

    Vega RamirezVega Ramirez8 days ago
  • Me after getting an account going back to some videos I’ve seen: 1:46

    Jaxon DavisJaxon Davis8 days ago
  • 0:40

    Nick TylerNick Tyler8 days ago
  • Super Sonic is immune to all damage, but Speedrunner Mario transcends invulnerability.

    AMHarbingerAMHarbinger8 days ago
  • Someone ask matpat how fast they are moving.

    Sol SaquilabonSol Saquilabon8 days ago
  • Nothing can beat the mighty poyo and his bible

    Anonymous Human beingAnonymous Human being8 days ago
  • My boi sanic just lost. HOW

    Johnny FigueroaJohnny Figueroa9 days ago
  • Im using my brothers account and really likes anime so this is not my prophile

    Kenmma KozumeKenmma Kozume9 days ago
  • 0:10

  • 2:08 this is the most dramatic turn of events of all time and no one can convince me otherwise

    LimyMage918LimyMage9189 days ago
  • This video goes perfectly with Don't Stop Me Now by Queen

    Lex AramothLex Aramoth9 days ago
  • I don’t know what’s better Godzilla vs Kong or this

    Foodle 85Foodle 859 days ago
  • That was a beautiful advertisement.

    Wild DogWild Dog9 days ago
  • Chilli dogs vs yahoo!

    Sprite sick Mario the gamerSprite sick Mario the gamer9 days ago
  • You know? I think I´m glad that Mario died

    Hasan Da TopHasan Da Top9 days ago
  • This is my fever dream

    some Australian with memessome Australian with memes9 days ago
  • Why so much people analyzing this like damn enjoy this masterpiece 😂😂😂

    Yukine SekkiYukine Sekki9 days ago
  • prrprprpprprprprprprp yaaaahoooo

    Hansel FinnHansel Finn9 days ago
  • Chilidogs NOW

    Sergio El erizo azulSergio El erizo azul9 days ago
  • 1:40 when the xannys ain’t kicking in until now

    Kevin GuzmanKevin Guzman9 days ago