Something About Super Smash Bros ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🔫🦊

Apr 19, 2018
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This is the story of Super Smash Brothers.
Sakurai pls.
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  • This man predicted sans and the goku alt for hero. Now only one more remains.

    Salutations YT!Salutations YT!7 months ago

      Robert PriceRobert Price2 days ago
    • @SloshyLamp 8872 Too Bad :)| |)

      teamdigiteamdigi4 days ago
    • Geno mii

      SloshyLamp 8872SloshyLamp 887210 days ago
    • Not anymore lol

      Ethan McMahonEthan McMahon10 days ago

      Frog101Frog10111 days ago
  • Geno For Smash?...

    RaymanRaymanHour ago
  • El único que falta es Goku

    Julio Cesar García PérezJulio Cesar García Pérez6 hours ago

    mario secretsmario secrets10 hours ago
  • How did he guess 3 of the 4 characters that would be in smash!?(geno and sans are mii fighters but I'm still shocked) If goku gets into smash, this guy is picking my lottery numbers

    kirby fankirby fanDay ago
  • btw subspace emissary was introduced in brawl not melee

    DsProGamerDsProGamerDay ago

    mario secretsmario secrets2 days ago

    Émile FleuryÉmile Fleury2 days ago
  • Wait da rawr to the pink ice climber or wat ever it called is the rawr to the g man or Godzilla

    Kiaju KidKiaju Kid2 days ago
  • Long live the ICE CLIMBERS

    Boing doi . — .Boing doi . — .2 days ago
  • 0:06 LOLXD

    Willy BrionesWilly Briones2 days ago
  • Long live the ICE CLIMBERS!!!!!

    Shnobbs StudiosShnobbs Studios3 days ago
  • Long live the ICE CLIMBERS.

    Abby DonilonAbby Donilon3 days ago
  • I guess I haven't played enough SSB... BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT IS HAPPENING!

    WgoodT - with good tasteWgoodT - with good taste3 days ago
  • 1:37 “This is the ice climber we don’t talk about. There’s Nina, there’s Popo, and then there’s Uh-Oh.” -Failboat

    The VoidThe Void3 days ago
  • Sans for smash

    KirboKirbo3 days ago
  • No one like’s link any more except for me I will never give up on your link you’ll always be my favorite

    kurikara99kurikara993 days ago
    • Link and greninja are the best link has high damage mid-air down attack and use long range or short range with the sword and bow you can block some attacks with the shield. greninja has a high jump and if thrown off it can easily get back on and its mid-air down attack is also good.

      Hank TannerHank TannerDay ago
  • Did anyone not notice the Ed,Edd, and Eddy sound effects

    Elias ValdiviaElias Valdivia4 days ago
  • Only Goku isn't in Smash

    TAYOKENTAYOKEN4 days ago
  • I'm trying to identify the song that plays while Wolf is talking at 1:54 it sounds familiar

    MegasaurMegasaur4 days ago
  • 1:26 man this scene hurt me as a ice climbers main but now their back

    Unknown IdentityUnknown Identity4 days ago
  • Luigi

    Marcelo BarrozoMarcelo Barrozo4 days ago
  • Corey Baxter for smash?!?!?! Lmaoooo

    Jose FariasJose Farias4 days ago
  • poor bandana dee

    SrFatTabby The GamrSrFatTabby The Gamr4 days ago
  • 1:36 2:42 you had to put geno up there bro

    Emmaunel HernandezEmmaunel Hernandez4 days ago
  • 1:25 we’ll be right back emissary

    Emmaunel HernandezEmmaunel Hernandez4 days ago
  • melee fox running around to distract link.

    TylerPlays - GamingTylerPlays - Gaming5 days ago
  • I wonder if sakurai is the creator of smash?!?!?

    imTrevon64imTrevon645 days ago
  • 1:11 Me seeing what my friend shows me

    ConCon5 days ago
  • Why does nana look like a terrorized monster?? 1:37

    Stephan ComperatoreStephan Comperatore5 days ago
  • F for ice climbers

    RedRed5 days ago
  • つまらない

    MapleチャンネルMapleチャンネル5 days ago
  • You stupid

    Sebastian PiminchumoSebastian Piminchumo6 days ago
  • I just noticed, fox is a doge

    Dr CheeriosDr Cheerios6 days ago
  • Lonk

    Frank RiceFrank Rice6 days ago
  • MEGA MAN 😂😂😂😅😅😅😆😆😆

    selene de la torreselene de la torre6 days ago
  • Fox's behavior remind me of Bugs Bunny.

    Seymoore PooneSeymoore Poone6 days ago
  • 2:12 when you say wahoo man sucks

    Zachary HarrisZachary Harris6 days ago
  • The we’ll emissary

    B r e a d y P l a y e rB r e a d y P l a y e r6 days ago

    Dev CoolguyDev Coolguy7 days ago
  • Well, we got sans, and geno, and ridley but what about goku D:

    Jack GilmoreJack Gilmore7 days ago
  • En este video se muestra tu cara

    Jorge FariasJorge Farias7 days ago
  • Ha Goku un smash

  • 3

    Cult StdCult Std8 days ago
  • my favriot was that nani part which is a dead me

    gacha life fan glicher officalgacha life fan glicher offical8 days ago
  • Just do what you always do, projectile spam, OH WAI....

    Help meHelp me8 days ago
  • People: melee is competitively viable Competitively viable: 0:40

    DecidueyeDecidueye8 days ago

    The Windows7 GamerThe Windows7 Gamer8 days ago
  • Don’t you just hate when a floating hand breaks through your window and takes your Nintendo characters

    NS 8098 ProductionsNS 8098 Productions8 days ago
  • Kirby looks beter than kirbo the wierd kirby i hate that one👎

    wendy maldonadowendy maldonado9 days ago
  • 0:13 OOF

    Diego Bello FiqueroaDiego Bello Fiqueroa9 days ago
  • these are gold all the way back to the old ones. period accurate Game Boy music, Super Mario Land 2 Athletic theme.

    sheik124sheik1249 days ago
  • Poyo

    Christian KirboChristian Kirbo9 days ago
  • Fox=Broken keyboard

    Guillermo Caro PalaciosGuillermo Caro Palacios9 days ago
  • The fact that we have ridley in smash, a Goku skin for Hero, and both sans and geno mii costumes is proof this man can predict the future

    Jace W.C.Jace W.C.9 days ago
  • 0:52

    Luis Humberto Diaz MayorgaLuis Humberto Diaz Mayorga10 days ago
  • 0:44

    Luis Humberto Diaz MayorgaLuis Humberto Diaz Mayorga10 days ago
  • 0:35

    Luis Humberto Diaz MayorgaLuis Humberto Diaz Mayorga10 days ago
  • Star fox

    Ouch!Ouch!10 days ago
  • Spam button star fox is op

    Danielle DanielleDanielle Danielle10 days ago
  • 0:39

    Ozwrth AnimationsOzwrth Animations11 days ago
  • How did Pichu die?!

    Olivia NormanOlivia Norman11 days ago
  • Long live the ICE CLIMBERS 1:41

    Ozwrth AnimationsOzwrth Animations11 days ago

    Ozwrth AnimationsOzwrth Animations11 days ago
  • I don't know who or what that is at 0:46 but it's terrifying

    Golden KirbyGolden Kirby12 days ago
  • people even......WANT GOKU IN THIS GAME. I love Goku. Goku's fukkin RAD. But the fact folks want him in Smash does not make a lick of sense.

    KeagenForceKeagenForce12 days ago
  • melee fox in smash bros okay melee fox in this video ugly cuz he repeats hyahyah

    Peter JosephPeter Joseph12 days ago
  • How to be mad lad: Go to library Play this Realize it’s a funeral home *hear one of the body’s laughing*

    Sircheesylot HDSircheesylot HD12 days ago
  • 3 down one more to go

    John LopezJohn Lopez12 days ago

    Penguin ReaderPenguin Reader12 days ago
  • Rip Ice climbers in Smash 4

    Laser Ham explosionLaser Ham explosion12 days ago
  • The only way to see Kirby

    Gael Zabdiel Cota GeraldoGael Zabdiel Cota Geraldo12 days ago
  • Just want you to know i recognize Mario & the 6 golden coins

    joshua kellyjoshua kelly13 days ago

    SirDobinSirDobin13 days ago
  • puke isnt white XD... i-is it?

    stephen laday jrstephen laday jr13 days ago
  • Oi

    Simone GonçalvesSimone Gonçalves13 days ago
  • add more kirbo and sans

    Jayden WilsonJayden Wilson13 days ago
  • 1:06

    Lewis corbinLewis corbin13 days ago

    Karen BeltranKaren Beltran13 days ago
  • Does Zach hadel know..

    cody bridgescody bridges14 days ago
  • ケンシロウが日本語で話してる… なんだろう、すげえ嬉しい

    てらこてらこ14 days ago
  • Terminal: plz add geno Sakura: what about this blocky man

    Hugo BazinHugo Bazin14 days ago
  • 1:37 Godzilla 2014 roar

    Knux 123Knux 12314 days ago
  • 0:17 yo I think I left my social studies homework there

    Fezz AliFezz Ali15 days ago
  • 日本語字幕が可愛い

    M.C.WofD「まがも」M.C.WofD「まがも」15 days ago
  • Subspace Emissary I mean I can’t blame him tho

    Kyree Chambers-MuhammadKyree Chambers-Muhammad15 days ago
  • Brawls story mode was amazing what are you talking about it’s better than fkn world of lighy

    Craig *insert last name*Craig *insert last name*15 days ago
  • I’m not sure if terminal montage’s Mario or Fox is faster.

    SuperLuigiSuperLuigi15 days ago
  • なんか、海外で日本語を動画で使ってくれるとなんか嬉しい

    霊長類最強スラリん霊長類最強スラリん16 days ago
  • Super smaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    issa johnsonissa johnson16 days ago

    Eli JinnEli Jinn16 days ago
  • Sub space was a lit story that would be an amazing video idea

    Super SploopersSuper Sploopers16 days ago
  • How do we stop the Illuminati? Write at least 5 paragraphs in the comments.

    Random Stuff.Random Stuff.16 days ago
  • 3:15 sans and goku by terminal montage

    Fox MccloudFox Mccloud16 days ago
  • Will you be doing the subspace one?

    EscapedApeEscapedApe16 days ago
  • Why is this so funny to me? 2:48

    Mustard ManMustard Man17 days ago
  • What song/theme is playing during the credits?

    S PS P17 days ago
  • Special Smash XD

    Micah BuzanMicah Buzan17 days ago
  • “How do we stop the Illuminati? Write in 5 paragraphs”

    Dante DunbarDante Dunbar17 days ago
  • 日本語字幕本当毎回助かる Thank you for translating this.

    カワウソちゃんカワウソちゃん17 days ago