Something About Super Metroid ANIMATED SPEEDRUN (Loud Sound & Flashing Light Warning) 👩‍🚀🤜🐉

Mar 29, 2020
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Here is the long awaited tale of an astronaut that slays dragons. Can she bring peace back to the

And.. Another ending?
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Art, Animation, Backgrounds, Sound Design by Jeremey Chinshue
Production Assistant - Vanessa Chinshue
Chelsea Livingstone as Samus/Mother Brain
Marc Rafanan as the Zebesians:
SSBM - Brinstar Depths (Sega Genesis Remix) [2] by TheLegendOfRenegade
Item Acquisition (Beta Mix) SilvaGunner Rip
Super Metroid - Upper Brinstar [Eurobeat Remix] by Dominic Ninmark (this was used during the Ridley boss fight)
Mother Brain SilvaGunner Rip
Battle Trooper by Makai Symphony
Hush by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Danger Lures by Trailer Worx
Star Fox 64 - Boss B (Star Fox SNES arrangement) by ZeroJanitor
Super Double Dragon - Mission 4 (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Item Acquisition SilvaGunner Rip
Midi Remixes:
Ridley Theme (Sega Soundfont Remix)
Entrance to Tourian (Castlevania IV Soundfont Remix)
Crateria Underground (Sega Soundfont Remix)
Pre-Boss (Sega Soundfont Remix)
Boss Confrontation 2 (Sega Soundfont Remix)
Upper Norfair (Sega Soundfont Remix)
Fortnite Default Dance (Toejam & Earl, Contra, Metroid Soundfont Remix)
F-Zero Records (Toejam & Earl Soundfont Remix)
Mute City (Sonic & Knuckles Soundfont Remix)
X-Fused Ridley (Castlevania IV & Sega Soundfont Remix)
Midis from
Edited by Jeremey Chinshue
Sci-fi Laboratory Ambience by Iwan ‘qubodup’ Gabovitch under CC-BY 3.0 License with sounds by wolick, swiftoid, Diboz
Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello
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  • I just realized the remote that the aliens are using to change the screens kind of looks like a Wii remote

    Kilian O'HareKilian O'Hare29 days ago
    • yup

      Breath of the wild Funny momentsBreath of the wild Funny moments2 days ago
    • Omg ur right

      Breath of the wild Funny momentsBreath of the wild Funny moments2 days ago
    • @Vipul gamer f

      KaitriKaitri25 days ago
    • @Kaitri e

      Vipul gamerVipul gamer25 days ago
    • true, true.

      Plucky CheeksPlucky Cheeks26 days ago
  • meta knight blending in

    SuperHiroBSuperHiroB6 hours ago
  • 4:26 wart

    Liam DudicsLiam Dudics7 hours ago
  • I'm gonna need that speed running theme when she is heading to the core

    Kenny KenkenKenny Kenken11 hours ago
  • 0:45 Lesssgooo

    AhjinAhjin21 hour ago
  • I literally just watched a speed run of this on impossible and know I know how accurate this is

    Lux PLux PDay ago
  • j-jinjo?

    16 BITS16 BITSDay ago
  • lmao what were cackletta ghost form doing inside ridley 4:50

    Z0k TwfZ0k TwfDay ago
  • I love that game!

    maxbeesmaxbeesDay ago

    Gino MendozaGino MendozaDay ago
  • А baby

    олень из будущегоолень из будущегоDay ago
  • T H E B A B Y.

    AnnihilatorAnnihilatorDay ago
  • I lice the skene when her legs are mixin' together

    AnnihilatorAnnihilatorDay ago
  • y this feels like 5 nights at freddy that samus is freddy

    Somebody insaneSomebody insaneDay ago
  • Me: Who's you're favorite rapper, Samus? Samus: 0:45

    Stylin' SebastianStylin' SebastianDay ago
  • I still think Samus vs Ridley in this video is the coolest fight from TerminalMonatage. Probably because 1: they're pretty evenly matched, even in a speedrun and 2: it actually lasts fairly long.

    Alexander MartensAlexander Martens2 days ago
  • space : planet zebebebebebebebebeb sr-69420

    CesminorYTCesminorYT2 days ago
  • *the galaxy is free of homework* Teacher: (assigns more homework) *the galaxy is no longer free of homework* Me: 0:28

    Chessy CopterChessy Copter2 days ago
  • 𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝙱𝙰𝙱𝚈...

    Noah QuillinNoah Quillin2 days ago
  • XD XD XD what the pen is happening?

    1st_kitty king1st_kitty king2 days ago
  • The wingdings at 3:25 translate to "All endings are canon"! :)

    Meteoryte KrenaryteMeteoryte Krenaryte2 days ago
  • I never played metroid

    Breath of the wild Funny momentsBreath of the wild Funny moments2 days ago
  • 4:28 Angurirus roar

    T-posing Showa GodzillaT-posing Showa Godzilla2 days ago
  • 4:23 M E T A K N I G H T

    JolimationsJolimations2 days ago
  • 0:45 lesss goo

    Electric RelaxationElectric Relaxation2 days ago
  • Something about Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Tom and Jerry.

    Sailor SonicSailor Sonic2 days ago
  • I SEE ENDO 02 ON 6:12

    Golden SonicGolden Sonic3 days ago
  • 0:44 "DaBaby."

    •3 days ago
  • Hey a reference to Pitch Black

    melelconquistadormelelconquistador3 days ago
  • 4:01 (8 year old kids) wait did she just do the FORTNITE DNCE

    WOWindeed GamesWOWindeed Games3 days ago
  • Speedrunning Super Metroid be like...

    ArmaBiologica35ArmaBiologica354 days ago
  • Hey Sampsons doing my favorite fortnite dance

    Zakkhi BarnettZakkhi Barnett4 days ago
  • 日本語字幕が欲しいです…

    アゴアザラシアゴアザラシ4 days ago
  • boom

    Justin R.Justin R.4 days ago
  • T H E B A B Y

    madeinbetawimadeinbetawi4 days ago
  • I have played Metroid (NES).

    Barrett AndrewsBarrett Andrews4 days ago
  • What was the speedrun theme

    The Danger Show Dangerous N DaddyThe Danger Show Dangerous N Daddy4 days ago

    I'm David HasselhoffI'm David Hasselhoff4 days ago
  • 2:32oh hey its KNUCKELS

    kristoff wei castrokristoff wei castro4 days ago
  • Human punch dragon 👌🏻noice

    DomiDaGamerDomiDaGamer4 days ago
  • what the song here? 5:01

    Libra's FlameLibra's Flame4 days ago
  • everyone: smash is finally safe! *ridley mains in Ultimate intensifies*

    Daniel PoggersDaniel Poggers5 days ago
  • I just finished playing the game, and while watching the video I was constantly saying "oh I remember that part!" this video is so accurate to the game its amazing.

    the yes is yesthe yes is yes5 days ago
  • I just now realize this version of Mother Brain is from Captain N: Game Master.

    Hatsune MikuHatsune Miku5 days ago
  • 2:34 epic

    ced2k caritasced2k caritas5 days ago
  • press the 1 key on your keyboard for property damage and press 4 on your keyboard for magic pancakes

    Benjamin GrayBenjamin Gray5 days ago
  • Dababy

    Ismail GIsmail G5 days ago
  • 4:23 Wait is that Meta Knight?

    The Blue GamerThe Blue Gamer5 days ago
  • 2:51 fnaf Super Metroid ediction

    Daniel MesquitaDaniel Mesquita5 days ago
  • 0:45 samus: da baby Me: less go

    Diego the roblox boyDiego the roblox boy5 days ago
  • 3:29 *SPEED BOOSTER* Press and hold B to yeet

    Zadowgamer 64Zadowgamer 645 days ago
  • I looked up super metroid, and this is the second video that popped up. Glad to see that youtube is a man of culture

    Zadowgamer 64Zadowgamer 645 days ago
  • I skipped phantoon lol

    Mario kart Drifter wonderMario kart Drifter wonder5 days ago
    • One of the rooms are from star fox 64 a video u made

      Mario kart Drifter wonderMario kart Drifter wonder5 days ago
    • on the mini snes

      Mario kart Drifter wonderMario kart Drifter wonder5 days ago
    • makes me wanna play

      Mario kart Drifter wonderMario kart Drifter wonder5 days ago
    • this vid is greatly appreciated by me

      Mario kart Drifter wonderMario kart Drifter wonder5 days ago
    • by getting the I c e b e a m and s p e e d b o o s t e r

      Mario kart Drifter wonderMario kart Drifter wonder5 days ago
  • Samus is a mandalorian confirmed.

    Gabriel MoraisGabriel Morais5 days ago
  • I went through the list of music in the credits but i still can't figure out what 4:05 is, anyone willing to help?

    jester 12308jester 123086 days ago
  • I love the arm-pumping detail, so funny to see it so sped up

    Jonas ParksJonas Parks6 days ago
  • Dababy

    Animadumb or AnimatroxaAnimadumb or Animatroxa6 days ago
  • 0:36 SPACE COLON........................Y?

    Augusto RodriguesAugusto Rodrigues6 days ago
  • これ好き♥️

    ソロくんソロくん6 days ago
  • 1:48 This perfectly sums up every shooting game ever.

    Thookah VillegasThookah Villegas7 days ago
  • 1:41 Me me me me me meh meh meh me me me me mah

    Gavin BeechGavin Beech7 days ago
  • 0:44 less go

    Miguel BujanMiguel Bujan7 days ago
  • There was meta knight hahaha maybe he is everywhere love this video.

    Emerald90Emerald908 days ago
  • those animals have a virus kill them!

    ss aass aa8 days ago
  • I still dont know why you used this shitty midi version instead of the game's actual soundtrack

    Prime SuspectPrime Suspect8 days ago
  • Wehwehwehwehwehwehwehwehwehwehwehwehweh

    SlayerSlayer8 days ago
  • The mother brain terfing

    Snowball GuySnowball Guy8 days ago
  • *S P E E D*

    Cold SoupCold Soup8 days ago
  • borp?

    Simp for monoSimp for mono9 days ago
  • she is one bad driver

    Simp for monoSimp for mono9 days ago
  • S L A M

    Simp for monoSimp for mono9 days ago
  • Is the main character female?

    Shawn SongShawn Song9 days ago

    O universo SO universo S9 days ago
  • T h e b a b y

    IcEy IceIcEy Ice9 days ago
  • Speed

    Apple Juic3Apple Juic39 days ago
  • Who else chose kill? or am I the only one 🧐

    Mr.Mayhem 246Mr.Mayhem 2469 days ago

    MC FawfulMC Fawful9 days ago

      CocoMateCocoMate5 days ago
  • I was thinking about how to cut the world record for Super Metroid and it came to me get the gravity suit and sequence break to pass the statue and fight mother brain but that’s just a thought. :)

    Carbboonie LetsplaysCarbboonie Letsplays10 days ago
  • Ending: Kill or Save Me: Best I can do is kill

    ChaosSaberChaosSaber10 days ago
  • 0:45 LESS GOOOOO

    Jack SparksJack Sparks10 days ago
  • *The last Da Baby is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace...*

    davidamiagodavidamiago10 days ago
  • Chicken strips

    Squallycellar 25Squallycellar 2511 days ago
  • 5:42 when the lunch lady says that chicken strips is for lunch

    Russell OseiRussell Osei11 days ago
  • This is perfect

    jared curtisjared curtis11 days ago
  • *dababy*

    modelo_señormodelo_señor11 days ago
    • *d a b a b y*

      davidamiagodavidamiago10 days ago
  • 2:55 geno

    cooneQtcooneQt11 days ago
  • 1:41

    BIG ChungyBIG Chungy11 days ago
  • today is the 1st anniversary

    サンズへフリーサンズへフリー11 days ago
  • *gasp* What about metal gear solid?????

    Ghost JasonGhost Jason12 days ago
  • 2:21 Peach's castle 2:54 Wiimote 4:55 Fortnite Default Dance

    Márton SoósMárton Soós12 days ago
  • Kill the animals

    Abdillah XAbdillah X12 days ago
  • 3:13 no one: also no one: samus:"ice 2 meet you"

    Fizi SalorFizi Salor12 days ago

    The CommenterThe Commenter12 days ago
    • He predicted it

      davidamiagodavidamiago10 days ago
  • A no pues xe

    Raúl Abrajan SánchezRaúl Abrajan Sánchez12 days ago
  • kill Da ANImaLS

    droogan_ytdroogan_yt12 days ago
  • LET'S GO Keep It Going Kids

    AMONG USAMONG US12 days ago
  • I hope we get a “Something About Metroid Prime” for the 1 year anniversary of my favorite TerminalMontage video.

    RoastyRoasty12 days ago
  • 1:48, sounds like DOOM sounds

    • orginal DOOM

  • 4:54 xd

    angelo chuyaangelo chuya13 days ago
  • 0:45 : DA BABY

    AxolotlAjoiaAxolotlAjoia13 days ago