Something About Super Mario World SPEEDRUN ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🍄

Jul 13, 2019
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WAHOO is back and he's faster than ever! He'll get another speedrunning world record for sure, but at what cost?

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Animatic, Animation and Backgrounds by Jeremey Chinshue
Coloring by Vanessa Chinshue
Bowser voiced by
Luigi voiced by
Music used:
SMW Castle Theme Sega Genesis Remix by Yuzoboy
Boss Remix from the 9th annual Super Mario World Central's Vanilla Level Design Contest
SMW Overworld Theme Map Two REMIX by TCminneapolis
SMW Ghost House Remix by ShabobaX
SM64 Wing Cap (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Underground Theme (Beta Version) by SilvaGunner
SMW Forest of Illusion Remix by VesparDubstep
SMW Keyhole by SilvaGunner
SMW Valley of Bowser (Sega Genesis Extended Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
SMB1 Final Bowser (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello
Really Bad Piano Playing by Pachyderm Pictures
The musical CC bit is quoted from this article on the best piano pieces of all time
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  • Mario is the parallel universe.

    Margaret ProminskiMargaret ProminskiMonth ago
    • O pim

      Carla VianaCarla Viana6 days ago
    • @sihamwo4325 great ´nj’ Coucou ma

    • To answer that we need to talk about Mario

      The Gamers lego,slime rancher,and many more game!The Gamers lego,slime rancher,and many more game!10 days ago
    • @Evan Wibbenmeyer No, Luigi is... *our universe*

      Furret ShinyFurret Shiny13 days ago
    • @Katie D'Ambrozio i know right

      Christine RoacheChristine Roache16 days ago
  • Peach looks scared of Mario

    JLPerryTVJLPerryTV26 minutes ago
  • yee

    hhHour ago
  • 3:11

    Scp StudierScp Studier4 hours ago
  • Bruh

    Argelis AcevedoArgelis Acevedo4 hours ago
  • *giant keyhold appears* what is the "song", tune whatever? I KNOW it. what IS ITTTTTT??

    DragonQueenDragonQueen7 hours ago
  • 2:11 Koopa: GUESS I'LL DIE

    Logan PajaroLogan Pajaro8 hours ago
  • Add Somthing About PJ masks

    Lilliana PabonLilliana Pabon8 hours ago
  • Why do the boo's look so cute

    Jess Andre Chiong2Jess Andre Chiong28 hours ago
  • 0:06 On the back ground, a Volley boom match 🤣

    Abra kadabraaaAbra kadabraaa10 hours ago
  • The screaming at 1:43 always makes my day. The more times I watch the more I see the little details. I love this channel lol

    Mando_SenseiMando_Sensei10 hours ago

    Valeria Soto ChavezValeria Soto Chavez10 hours ago

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  • A Quien Le Esta Disiendo Carago A QUIEN LE ESTA DISIENDO CARA-

    Valeria Soto ChavezValeria Soto Chavez11 hours ago
  • Genius

    BlakeyBlakey11 hours ago
  • after Mario eat the first yoshi egg i never eated egg in my big life until now

    Irma Sofia Guizar SalazarIrma Sofia Guizar Salazar17 hours ago
  • 2:11 _"I guess I'll die."_

    Adrielys LunaAdrielys Luna17 hours ago
  • Super Mario speed runners be like: the video

    legend linklegend link18 hours ago
  • I love mario

    A LuckyStarA LuckyStar18 hours ago
  • Mario it so hero

    A LuckyStarA LuckyStar18 hours ago

    Ryan DayRyan Day18 hours ago
  • 1:42, How I want my enemies to die

    ZipzacZipzac23 hours ago
  • 3:07

    juskuporudehjuskuporudehDay ago
  • These are the funniest animations I ever seen, also act like Speed runner Mario. Mario: SO LONG THERE BOWSER. THANK YOU SO FOR PLAYING MY GAME.

    Cebastian AlvaCebastian AlvaDay ago
  • 2:05 Man, Ludwig sure is a noob of piano.

    Pikachu The detective pokemon 2007Pikachu The detective pokemon 2007Day ago

    el said 890el said 890Day ago
  • 1:22 aaaaaaaa

    el said 890el said 890Day ago
  • I Like Mario s voice

    floppy ferrerofloppy ferreroDay ago
  • Mario is italian With spanish angry Magnífico My friend

    Cosfloud LallemandCosfloud LallemandDay ago
  • 0:21 [Angry In Spanish] The question is: What is the thing Mario said? Please someone translate it.

    Glitched DuckGlitched DuckDay ago
  • *mario*WHERE ARE THE TRUTLES!?*me*idk*mario now* HERE WE GOOOOOOO!

    Mommys isisMommys isisDay ago
  • Am I cursed

    Colton JamesColton JamesDay ago
  • Am I c

    Colton JamesColton JamesDay ago

    Wilcat - 614Wilcat - 614Day ago
  • Nopuntendo Boo 0:47

    Yosthin's WorldYosthin's WorldDay ago
  • 1:51 "Babies"

    Hello Im A CommenterHello Im A CommenterDay ago
  • 3:07 bro I DIED

    James NewellJames NewellDay ago

    James NewellJames NewellDay ago
  • Bye bi

    Justin GibbonsJustin GibbonsDay ago
  • 3:08 - 3:13 The best scene in all o' these videos.

  • 1:23 is the time *M A R I O* clips through fabric reality.

    Glitched DuckGlitched DuckDay ago
  • Lemmy mortin iggy Ludwig why they didn’t deserve that

    Melissa TharpMelissa TharpDay ago
  • BæBíĒš!

    WickyWickyDay ago
  • 2:08 If u turn on captions at this time... Let me just say captions have never been that sarcastic in a while...

    Javier Catalan MerinoJavier Catalan MerinoDay ago
    • Btw when Mario busts open in the door in piano castle koopa says: "I guess I'll die."

      Javier Catalan MerinoJavier Catalan MerinoDay ago
  • Now The thing with parallel universes make sense....

    Lucas HDLucas HD2 days ago
  • I I just got the parallel universes line. Its set up. ITS SET UP. Like for future content. You were thinking about the super mario multiverse plot before this video even happened. I know its the name of a speedrun strat from super mario 64 but i think you already had the multiversal mario plot in mind when you wrote that line.

    zach gaineszach gaines2 days ago
  • So long gay bowser

    ur boy liam 2ur boy liam 22 days ago
  • 2:22 what could be in there that this demon would be so afraid?

    Nathaniel AndreNathaniel Andre2 days ago
  • Mario: F I N E 1:25

    William BehrWilliam Behr2 days ago
  • Mario, but you BLJ literally anywhere

    Adriel CrafterAdriel Crafter2 days ago
  • 1:15 two easter eggs

    Dark Prince SMWCDark Prince SMWC2 days ago
  • Bowser sounds like Cookie Monster

    The MN railfan 1003The MN railfan 10033 days ago
  • nani

    Bernie GarzonBernie Garzon3 days ago

    Piggypiggerson24Piggypiggerson243 days ago
  • 1:42 rip morton

    GrimWrld 6600GrimWrld 66003 days ago
  • In here get speed 0.25 im scared D:

    SofiSofi3 days ago
  • 2:53 3:06

    NEON the greatNEON the great3 days ago
  • this is not a good first impression... mario

    YoshiYoshi3 days ago
  • to answer That we need to talk about peril universes 0:13

    Dope 2 DopeDope 2 Dope3 days ago
  • Fandom: Mario and Green Mario Yoshi: "Marios"

    MMD JeKawaiiMMD JeKawaii3 days ago
  • Lmao the key thing is so true

    BluesFan816BluesFan8163 days ago
  • Beautiful.

    Ariana S.Ariana S.3 days ago
  • *Humans:* I cant wait for 2020! Its gonna be great. *2020:* 1:42 *Humans:* 2021 cant be any worse. (Spoilers) *2021:* 2:24

    Noir AngelNoir Angel3 days ago
  • 2:43 Mario had way to much sugar

    Vegan God WillVegan God Will3 days ago

    Malena Galindo AmaroMalena Galindo Amaro3 days ago
  • I love the randomness of these videos

    silent-gamer 1320silent-gamer 13203 days ago
  • 3:07 SLAP

    Türkan UğurluTürkan Uğurlu3 days ago
  • so long gay bowser T H AN K S S O M U C H P L AY I N G G A M E

    Türkan UğurluTürkan Uğurlu3 days ago
  • 0:22

    Türkan UğurluTürkan Uğurlu3 days ago
  • 0:21 :v

    Türkan UğurluTürkan Uğurlu3 days ago
  • 0:44 I think those are ghosts

    Shlap 679Shlap 6793 days ago

    Leon BsLeon Bs3 days ago
  • Here we goooooOOOAAAAAH!!!

    James CainJames Cain4 days ago
  • Subtitles always have secrets

    Andrew ArifinAndrew Arifin4 days ago
  • The subtitles killed me lol

    Rose CharlesRose Charles4 days ago
  • Mamamamama

    isaiah manis chuisaiah manis chu4 days ago
  • Mario is up to no good again

    isaiah manis chuisaiah manis chu4 days ago
  • her we goooooooooo

    amfarfor 3000amfarfor 30004 days ago

    Legendary AyhanLegendary Ayhan4 days ago
  • Wtf is this (I love this)

    Cyber WeebCyber Weeb4 days ago
  • sonic: im the best speedruner! mario: 2:42 edit: nothing

    five nights at freddy`s_YTfive nights at freddy`s_YT4 days ago
  • MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀😀😂😂😂😂😂

    Saleh MerabiSaleh Merabi4 days ago
  • Mario is jumping all the time

    Saleh MerabiSaleh Merabi4 days ago
  • Mom: Why don't you go play outside with the other kids? The other kids: 2:43

    SonicBoss 1991SonicBoss 19914 days ago
  • That moment when 2:28

    niel nitroniel nitro5 days ago
  • I'm so glad to have found this golden channel. So many masterpieces. 2:07 (The screams of a genius)

    Aurelio GonzálezAurelio González5 days ago
  • my favorite part: WHERE ARE THE TURTLES?!

    Ainslie ArnellAinslie Arnell5 days ago
  • “So how did you come back after defeating Donkey king?” “To AnWsEr ThAt We NeEd To TaLk AbOuT pArReLl UnIvErSeS.”

    Six Bones GamingSix Bones Gaming5 days ago
  • "I don't know why they never made the cape a permanent power-up in the series. It's so fair and balanced!" Said no one ever.

    AnaeaHybrid_RAnaeaHybrid_R5 days ago
  • 2:53 he loses his cape 2:57 HOW DID HE GET ANOTHER

    dimension phusiondimension phusion5 days ago
  • I freakin' LOVE the closed captions they're HILARIOUS!

    Antonio PatruAntonio Patru5 days ago
  • Subtitles at 1:59...

    WgoodT - with good tasteWgoodT - with good taste5 days ago
  • Pause at 1:15 - Vega from Street Fighter.

    WgoodT - with good tasteWgoodT - with good taste5 days ago
  • 2:42 I need this as a sepret clip

    Revenger boiRevenger boi5 days ago
  • 2:28 : "MAMA!!!!!!"

    RAIRAI5 days ago
  • And thus, the story arc began

    Lone Wolf StudioLone Wolf Studio6 days ago
  • Mario is my favorite in that animation

    Blake Ivan BorjaBlake Ivan Borja6 days ago
  • He destroys the door for no reason

    Hernán TorresHernán Torres6 days ago
  • Nobody: Mario:where are the turtles

    Hernán TorresHernán Torres6 days ago
  • Bowser stole Yoshi,s eggs

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