Something About Star Fox 64 ANIMATED (Flashing Lights & Loud Sound Warning) 🦊🐦🐸🐰

Mar 23, 2019
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After years in exile Andross has returned and is invading the Lylat System! There is only 1 team that can stop him.. STAR FOX!
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Additional Voice Lines!
Falco by Me

Slippy by Chelsea Livingstone

Andross by SrPelo
Music in order, check these guys out they did some awesome remixes!:
Star Fox 64 Main Theme 8-bit
Star Fox 64 - Corneria (SNES Remix)
Star Fox 64 - Boss A Speed Mix
Star Fox 64 Map Screen SNES Remix by Parabeetle X
LÜNE - Rêve Lucide
Star Fox 64 Boss B SNES Remix by ZeroJanitor
Star Wolf 8 Bit Remix
Star Fox 64 Venom Tunnels Ambience Paulstretch Mix
Andross' Brain Arrangement by Nanashima

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Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello
Aesthetic Gifs by Glitchblack.
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  • This kinda feels like a deteriorating D&D group.

    SurfaeySurfaey9 months ago
    • Fox is supposed the "new guy"

      Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardiaTsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia3 days ago
    • Really does

      Maria evellnyMaria evellny10 days ago

      Dima OgilkoDima Ogilko18 days ago
    • Be the extra player that was added in because they needed a healer and tank so you chose paladin then you try killing a guy but then you get locked into some room after you failed and went back to tell the guy oh also the only reason you couldn’t kill him was because of your own party

      Draggy MoonsDraggy MoonsMonth ago
    • ^ | | | | 8/9yr olds

      Bruh BratBruh BratMonth ago
  • 3:43 samuel hayden: you can't just shoot a hole into the surface of Mars.. I mean starfox solar system

    hol' uphol' upHour ago
  • ?

    Lilliana PabonLilliana Pabon9 hours ago
  • 3:00 I like trains

    Jarrod OlsonJarrod Olson10 hours ago
  • 3:49 in the end this is and always will be Kirbo's game.

    Skyfox dartnerSkyfox dartner11 hours ago

    Irene FerminIrene Fermin11 hours ago
  • 5:41 pee pee do do ka ka

    Texan Cowboy CheeseTexan Cowboy Cheese14 hours ago
  • hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Gabriel Edgardo Cortes grandeGabriel Edgardo Cortes grande19 hours ago
  • Pee pee doo doo caw caw

    NinJusticeNinJusticeDay ago
  • 3:39 XD i cant hahahahaha fox:oooooooaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh weird space monster: OOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! falco: WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

    DemoDemoDay ago
  • Pee Pee Doo Doo Ka Ka

    KorleoneKorleoneDay ago
  • If you feel bad for Slippy see samus video and then save animals video

    Luis Armando ParraLuis Armando ParraDay ago
  • "slip is dead." "nice!"

    Gabriel BennettGabriel BennettDay ago
  • *hears music* Wait a minute this sounds familiar *train comes* Oh yeah it's all coming together *Thomas and friends intensifies*

    The true and superior LEGO GrievousThe true and superior LEGO GrievousDay ago
  • 0:39 when i kill boss In dark souls series

    Abed DrowsAbed DrowsDay ago
  • Now you will feel DOP PAINNN

    Sonny AbitbolSonny AbitbolDay ago
  • Searched starfox in a nutshell because I forgot what the video was called. It worked.

    JerichoHasFunJerichoHasFun2 days ago
  • 2:52 fox pog fox pog

    Mr. Bruh the King of BababooeyMr. Bruh the King of Bababooey2 days ago
  • HIYAH!!!

    Letrel RemolacioLetrel Remolacio2 days ago
  • 3:04 tank engine has coming

    Muhammad Agung FirmansyahMuhammad Agung Firmansyah2 days ago
  • So where did you get the mac and cheese clip from?

    WolfSpirit99WolfSpirit992 days ago
  • The original vaporwave dimesion music i found it

    hihi2 days ago
  • if i had a $1000 dollar bill for everytime i laughed. i wouod be rich.... waaaiitt.... yea what i said is fine. uwu

    Base Bass ForteBase Bass Forte2 days ago
  • I’ve got nothing to say oh I’ve got nothing to say I’m saying shopping right now what the hell I’m talking about Oscar I’m gonna put my pizza in the oven

    Codey FroggattCodey Froggatt2 days ago
  • The bunny is saying it I mean the monkey I mean for God sake I meant I meant monkey not Bonnie the monkey said Hitler that’s not nice Hitler kill water people dead

    Codey FroggattCodey Froggatt2 days ago
  • did anyone see birds pecking at flippy

    Samuel BrighamSamuel Brigham2 days ago
  • me when i lose a game to a noob 3:43

    Samuel BrighamSamuel Brigham2 days ago
  • bunny guy idk who he is: Flippys dead Falcon: Nice 3:36

    Samuel BrighamSamuel Brigham2 days ago
  • buys star fox but without game cube to play it on: mom can ima play it on youtube

    Samuel BrighamSamuel Brigham2 days ago
  • did anyone else so the green guy at 3:35

    Samuel BrighamSamuel Brigham2 days ago
  • 5:08 Ridley's screaming (Metroid Fusion of Metroid Zero Mission GBA)

    O AlvorecerO Alvorecer2 days ago
  • You're good but i'm BETTAH

  • Well, I laughed.

    Seymoore PooneSeymoore Poone3 days ago
  • OMG it's sr pelo

    dream hk Jrdream hk Jr3 days ago
  • 5:50 LMAO

    GamonJoy1532GamonJoy15323 days ago
  • 3:20 wait what did he say. Did he say something about that one Austrian painter guy

    ThrillzThrillz4 days ago
  • 5:50 slippy

    StormtrooperStormtrooper4 days ago

    Fauna PettitFauna Pettit4 days ago
  • Wow wow wow WTF 1:24

    Erixandra PeredaErixandra Pereda4 days ago
  • WTF 6:47

    Erixandra PeredaErixandra Pereda4 days ago
  • Аапп

    Ирина ФедороваИрина Федорова5 days ago

    Alovaka TeaukaiAlovaka Teaukai5 days ago
  • Fiquei so4do

    Sergio Marcos OliveiraSergio Marcos Oliveira5 days ago
  • 2:15 reference- geno Pause in the right time

    Ivonne LiraIvonne Lira5 days ago

    tudor martineztudor martinez5 days ago
  • Star Fox is probably high on something

    A Kitsune That DrawsA Kitsune That Draws5 days ago
  • All I'll remember : HIYAAAAA

    AzazoulAzazoul5 days ago
  • Wait, isn’t that the main character from Super Smash bros. Melee?

    DesmishDesmish5 days ago

    Red RayRed Ray5 days ago
  • Yes yes kill the furry!!!

    Cody HortonCody Horton6 days ago
  • This would totally be my TV show.

    Stephanie LuceroStephanie Lucero6 days ago
  • 4:35 You and boi just destroyed the opposite team in Smash Bros Melee

    Seth Van HooseSeth Van Hoose6 days ago
  • 0:56 impressive, star fox! now watch out for- *skips the entire speach*

    KeithKeith6 days ago
  • galaxy: *is in danger* me: im ok with that cute frog character: *dies* me: NOW THIS IS A GOD LEVEL THREAT

    GroundkiddoPlayzGroundkiddoPlayz6 days ago
    • Silence estupid

      Fel 2104Fel 210415 hours ago
  • 0:34 Aww, Miyu and Fey!

    DarthEnderXDarthEnderX6 days ago
  • God is in heaven and will come to earth someday

    Mario and bowser And Paxton smithMario and bowser And Paxton smith6 days ago
  • Y un dato perturvadross fox es un doge porque es un pastor aleman 😐😐

    Dronetxx 1176Dronetxx 11767 days ago
  • No mamen 😂😂😂😂

    Dronetxx 1176Dronetxx 11767 days ago
  • 1:16, my favorite part "AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaAAA"

    Bow KidBow Kid7 days ago
  • Man I wish I was termaninly ill your boy be driving a Ford explorer 😂

    Edgar LedezmaEdgar Ledezma7 days ago
  • 2:13 Peppy's screen is that one teacher doing a Zoom meeting.

    Gerbil FantasticGerbil Fantastic7 days ago
  • 4:17 typical tas movement in smash bros

    Joe ScofieldJoe Scofield7 days ago
  • 2:39 pase se el versículo escrito

    Kevin HernandezKevin Hernandez7 days ago
  • Or a Star Fox orchestral album

    Gunnar DanielsGunnar Daniels7 days ago
  • I want a Star Fox vaporwave album

    Gunnar DanielsGunnar Daniels7 days ago
  • Hie... yaaaaAAAAAAAA-

    Ryker SmithRyker Smith7 days ago
  • Something about piggy🐷 roblox

    Bauti LorcaBauti Lorca7 days ago
  • *0:22**-**0:23* Predicted Rick May's passing. Rick May: 1940-2020 Words cannot express how much we hate Covid19 now! Rest in Peace Rick May, you will be missed. That was one hell of a campaign son Godspeed you magnificent bastard! You were good son real good; maybe even the best. Roles: an actor from a movie called; The Chocolate Wars, Peppy Hare from Star Fox 64 and Soldier from Team Fortress 2.

    Plasma PhiPlasma Phi7 days ago
  • 2:10

    Doge naishys fanDoge naishys fan7 days ago
  • ö̷̞̰̂́̍͋̚͜h̷̨͖̼̬̳͍̼̑

    Captain No-FaceCaptain No-Face7 days ago
  • i saw there a dreamland

    Jiefri PattiawiraJiefri Pattiawira7 days ago
  • I just noticed falcons head is literally in the shape of a moon lol

    Danny DeCheetoDanny DeCheeto8 days ago
  • 3:40 i forgot to say this when this came out me and my twin laughed so hard and saw the sub titles of it was funny what area was it from

    ultra instinct Kamultra instinct Kam8 days ago
  • 3:43 is my favorite part but it gets really quite so you have to turn up the volume... A LOT.

    Jonathan VogelJonathan Vogel8 days ago
  • Kirby can't sleep Poor kirbo

    Juan Carlos PeñalozaJuan Carlos Peñaloza8 days ago
  • What does the fox say? It says: HIYAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAH pew 100x SHING HUAYAAAAAAAH

    A litteral Trash canA litteral Trash can8 days ago
  • what is life how is life reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Jack BowenJack Bowen8 days ago
  • 5:19 "Dont Ever Give Up My Son" 5:21 "Hello Papaa"

    MamaSlyyMamaSlyy9 days ago

    Richard LimRichard Lim9 days ago
  • "with man this is impossible but with god everything is possible"

    Joseph PereaJoseph Perea9 days ago
  • mission com PLEEEEETEE

    Letu LiLetu Li9 days ago
  • 1:38

    Daniel lucho 28Daniel lucho 2810 days ago
    • Thanks for meet me

      Daniel lucho 28Daniel lucho 2810 days ago
  • ㅇ0ㅇ0ㅇ0ㅇ0ㅇ00ㅇ0ㅇ00ㅇ0ㅇ0

    용10 days ago
  • 3:48 poor Kirbo

    Christian ShebchukChristian Shebchuk10 days ago

    Dave the fyre ZoruaDave the fyre Zorua10 days ago
  • Krystal is awesome

    Dave the fyre ZoruaDave the fyre Zorua10 days ago
  • Where da fuq is Krystal?

    Dave the fyre ZoruaDave the fyre Zorua10 days ago
  • 2:40 Kirbo liked that

    Ashen OneAshen One10 days ago
  • You forgot the 15 minutes of credits you can’t skip

    Maxwell ReadingMaxwell Reading10 days ago
  • *Building falls on furries* Falco, an anthropomorphic falcon: YES! YES!

    Jammie CheungJammie Cheung10 days ago
  • 4:16 DashDance Power !!!!!!

    Xavier MoulardXavier Moulard10 days ago

    FeraFeraFeraFera10 days ago
  • 1:26 this is the place where JOEL. G made his extinction party video

    Alternate KriegAlternate Krieg10 days ago
  • 1:24 v a p o r i n t e n s i f i e s

    SuperVitu64 // Gilius ProductionsSuperVitu64 // Gilius Productions10 days ago
  • i love you're animations there so much funny and silly and weird at the same time

    Mehdi talebimoghadamMehdi talebimoghadam10 days ago
  • Elicoptero

    Jose manuel Andrade encinasJose manuel Andrade encinas10 days ago
  • 1:25 miss it

    Michael AguileraMichael Aguilera11 days ago
  • I agree, TF2 is garbage

    Seth KiedingerSeth Kiedinger11 days ago
  • No

    Mario LanaMario Lana11 days ago
  • 1:59 Fox:shots everything Bill:Fox that's one of ours

    Zanker 95Zanker 9511 days ago