Something About Smash Bros WORLD OF LIGHT ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🌌

Jan 31, 2019
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The fabric of space and time between the universes are amalgamating, Galeem has brought ruin to all realities. Can Kirbo and his familiar otherworldly friends restore order to God's creation? (ง •̀_•́)ง
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Subakuryu as Bowser:
Chelsea "Cheru" Livingstone as Peach:
Jamie Norwood as Dracula:
Marc Rafanan as Marx:

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  • I appreciate the fact that you spent time creating the entirety of the World of Light map using a compilation of Google images. Truly admirable.

    Hanakin SidewalkerHanakin SidewalkerYear ago
    • @Snivegare X See at the credits

      John Marcelo AsisJohn Marcelo Asis2 days ago
    • @Charles Calvin ok

      EllineElline4 days ago
    • @goose9562 unkind

      EllineElline4 days ago
    • Anakin skywalker your much shorter than I expected

      Charles CalvinCharles Calvin4 days ago
    • Almost

      goose9562goose95625 days ago
  • 1:56 - 1:58 Best 2 second’s i’ve ever seen 😌🥲

    Jaden GalarzaJaden Galarza33 minutes ago
  • Kirby x Mario

    Nutchavakorn BuranaosotNutchavakorn BuranaosotHour ago
  • Question, did you make videos of Mario, donkey Kong, Zelda, and Kirby to make a video of smash brothers? Just a question

    boiiedoin 68boiiedoin 682 hours ago
  • 0:42 my favorite part hahahahah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Camilo NetoCamilo Neto3 hours ago
  • What on earth did i just watch

    matthew punomatthew puno4 hours ago
  • this video helped me fix the star fox ship

    Yuxz SlushYuxz Slush4 hours ago
  • anime spirits are amazing

    Nathaniel SeversonNathaniel Severson6 hours ago
  • I was sad that Megaman never got a role.

    normalguycapnormalguycap7 hours ago
  • I'm Positive that i had that as a rug when I was a kid 2:32

    INFINITY 7INFINITY 78 hours ago
  • This is just So funny I cant believe someone really made this. this is made from the impossible it is really the best video ever.

    INFINITY 7INFINITY 78 hours ago
  • . . (. ()

    El OltEl Olt8 hours ago
  • Theory about the coming Special to cure Mario from Demoness, i think Geno is the Reason why Mario is in the current state he is in. 05:23

    Laxe EtwlezLaxe Etwlez8 hours ago
  • poyo

    Angela HuancaAngela Huanca9 hours ago
  • OMiGuad i find Goku in donkey kong :000000 0:24

    Pedro The Hedgehog SticknodesPedro The Hedgehog Sticknodes13 hours ago
  • 4:46 The subtitles: Good baby

    Alexander KingAlexander King13 hours ago
  • 4:50 Damn if only it was that easy! Wait

    Big SmooshBig Smoosh14 hours ago

    Donald SherwoodDonald Sherwood16 hours ago
  • This is the best

    Greennight 1000Greennight 100016 hours ago
  • Yes donkey kong more violence please thanks you Mario Then:Always saving peach Mario Now:Forget about peach

    Da BoisDa Bois19 hours ago
  • WHERE IS LUCARIO!?!??!?!

    JAKE_snakeJAKE_snake20 hours ago
  • Wow, thanks, I understand... No I don’t.

    GameBarGameBar23 hours ago
  • Lol

    C BarronC BarronDay ago
  • Like an suscribe an coment

    mar among 1mar among 1Day ago
  • 6:17 did it how he scare by spiders

    Thanh VÅ©Thanh VÅ©Day ago
  • lol mario and yoshi like screw peach

    landon pelchatlandon pelchatDay ago
  • the ak-47 make my lungs burst of laughter

    landon pelchatlandon pelchatDay ago
  • 카리가운데에 있던거 크롬 그거 아닌가요?

    천사지혜TV천사지혜TVDay ago

    Kenny zhuKenny zhuDay ago
  • I’ve made a list of spirits that should not be there. Here’s what I have so far: 1:32: The pink one, some Nickelodeon cartoon; the blue one: Marge Simpson 1:47: Flex Tape, some hot dog 1:49: many of these are wrong. Later: more stuff, I give up, too many

    Name Other NameName Other NameDay ago
  • Yoshi said I LIKE A CUT G to Dracula

    Raze GnomeRaze GnomeDay ago
  • A Stop

    Mink CristianMink CristianDay ago
  • I love how galleom is the Google Chrome logo Also the Palutana spirit has never been SO Accurate

    Raze GnomeRaze GnomeDay ago
  • Rayman

    edvaldson vianaedvaldson vianaDay ago
  • Dharkon is an eyeball with crab legs LOL

    Animation 101Animation 101Day ago
  • Bower: Mario, Yoshi i knew you'd come today u meet your doom but don't worry ill make this quick ( I memorized this entire video lol)

    Animation 101Animation 101Day ago
  • Hero mario

    Robin LeeRobin LeeDay ago
  • por alguna razon tambien esta sherk ;-;

    Emanuel Sánchez OlivaEmanuel Sánchez OlivaDay ago
  • This also the best video that I saw

    Angel RomeroAngel RomeroDay ago

    Angel RomeroAngel RomeroDay ago
  • So this is one of the parallel universes where Mario sacrifices himself

    SuperDirtFaceSuperDirtFaceDay ago
  • 6:30 is... is that Fluttershy's yay? You only hear it for a split second, but... can somone please confirm.

    Mighty CMighty CDay ago
  • the combined forces of speedrunner mario and kirbo?! unstoppable!

    Boius MaximusBoius MaximusDay ago
  • 너무웃겨요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    장현준장현준Day ago
  • Your dharkon looks like a human eye and has crab legs

    Sand Storm kidSand Storm kidDay ago
  • (around 5:45)I saw lego maid set when falling down did you?

    Karen BrownKaren BrownDay ago
  • I need a 1 hr video of that song

    #idiot#idiotDay ago
  • 4:51, that aged well...

    JtheawesomemanJtheawesomeman2 days ago
  • Game: the boss is not that horror The boss: 6:03

    Гулнар ДарибаеваГулнар Дарибаева2 days ago

    Angel RomeroAngel Romero2 days ago
  • The song dope

    Angel RomeroAngel Romero2 days ago
  • 4:30 Mario: I like your cut Bowser but today you meet your doom *slaps him in the face

    Khalid MahfoozKhalid Mahfooz2 days ago
  • a moment of silence to terminal montage predicting the future 4:52

    NahimNahim2 days ago
  • Wooooooooooow

    game set in 1 guy of the RUN!game set in 1 guy of the RUN!2 days ago
  • Ohoggohohohohohoohohogohogohohohphpph

    game set in 1 guy of the RUN!game set in 1 guy of the RUN!2 days ago
  • Kirby has left the game

    Gaming_show_proGaming_show_pro2 days ago
  • 5:44 i found mokey!

    sainlwofsainlwof2 days ago
  • Hehe 🤣🤣😂

    Levi HøgfeldtLevi Høgfeldt2 days ago
  • Lets-a go

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  • it's time to jump in the air

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  • Not funny

    Angel RomeroAngel Romero2 days ago
  • The Gang left

    Angel RomeroAngel Romero2 days ago
    • We kill boss my brother killed the boss as mario

      Angel RomeroAngel Romero2 days ago
  • Stronk kirbo cant hurt you *stronk kirbo: **1:29*

    ᗪ卂几-S̆̈ĕ̈n̆̈p̆̈ă̈ĭ̈ Y̥ͦT̥ͦᗪ卂几-S̆̈ĕ̈n̆̈p̆̈ă̈ĭ̈ Y̥ͦT̥ͦ2 days ago
  • 6:18 when you step on lego

    Luis Gamer cool if you want thoLuis Gamer cool if you want tho2 days ago
  • Poor Mario

    Layzon Alburquerque Temporada 1Layzon Alburquerque Temporada 12 days ago
  • Nobody: Me: Looking for every Earthbound spirit in the video

    Franci BadynaFranci Badyna2 days ago
  • :33 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    r0bert Piersonr0bert Pierson2 days ago
  • Go to 4:24 at 0.25 speed .thank me later

    Marilyn OwensMarilyn Owens2 days ago
  • Poyo!

    B GamingB Gaming2 days ago
  • *incoherent screaming*

    Fairuz the gamerFairuz the gamer2 days ago
  • Princess peach: wait come back I'm tucked here now. Mario and yoshi: nope

    Karen BrownKaren Brown2 days ago
    • @Anja B. good reason

      Karen BrownKaren BrownDay ago
    • she said: top tier 😂

      Anja B.Anja B.2 days ago
  • I love how the Google buts a ok sign with his thumbs 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Karen BrownKaren Brown2 days ago
  • Kirby:I'm calm like others Donkey kong: I go appsolutly bonkers for no reason what's for ever

    Karen BrownKaren Brown2 days ago
  • Captain: There's going to be done turbulence dw everyone..... The turbulence: 5:18

    UrbieUrbie2 days ago
  • What we learn from this video everything exploded 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 And Kirby is op

    Random Studios UnlimitedRandom Studios Unlimited2 days ago
    • Oh and also Mario is master hand

      Random Studios UnlimitedRandom Studios Unlimited2 days ago
  • That Big Boss fight tho. I felt that one, coming back after 100%ing Adventure mode. I actually beat the Pauline fight--had to charge Marth's FS and get the KO from the other side of the screen.

    Daniel OrthDaniel Orth2 days ago
  • This video is so funny

    Tristan Raissa MahardikaTristan Raissa Mahardika2 days ago
  • 2:05 Lol what did you smoke? Still love it😂😂

    Fuku ShinodaFuku Shinoda2 days ago
  • Why was this stupid when kirby has. A. Dum face

    Teodoro JulitTeodoro Julit2 days ago
  • I laughed like crazy like i like sneezed so hard some times cause its just so funny i sneezed so hard form laughing like this was the video i jave ever seen thx so mach for making this video

    Karolina OakleyKarolina Oakley3 days ago
  • :0

    LuxLux3 days ago
  • 4:24🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    kirdi saltokirdi salto3 days ago
  • so the pauline part, i was playing world of light earlier but i COULDNT GET THROUGH. so yes i went around. but a few days ago i finished and defeated dharkon, so i decided to go try to beat her again. SHE FELL OFF SHE PEACH FREAKING FELL OFF THE STAGE FIRST FIGHT AND I GOT IT

    squidelishsquidelish3 days ago
  • Crazy

    Fernando GonzalesFernando Gonzales3 days ago
  • Its

    Fernando GonzalesFernando Gonzales3 days ago
  • 0:37 Zelda:hold my poodle Me:That’s Isabelle Stupid

    Ja'bari TibbsJa'bari Tibbs3 days ago
    • WATS DA SONG? 1:53

      Ja'bari TibbsJa'bari Tibbs11 hours ago
  • 6:01 when you eat too much souls

    Brian ShenBrian Shen3 days ago
  • pauline be like

    Charles McDanielCharles McDaniel3 days ago
  • Pikmin is inmortal lol

    guy doguy do3 days ago
  • Ah yes Snow Halation

    Big NiggaBig Nigga3 days ago
  • If you guys can find isibbele let me know

    Eye of the wicked lordEye of the wicked lord3 days ago
  • some how olimar easily beats marx

    Leonard LaustenLeonard Lausten3 days ago
  • 3:12 Yeeeaaaahh!

    Dvader86Dvader863 days ago
  • Terminal Its Kirbo Not Kirby

    Griffin DeVriesGriffin DeVries3 days ago
  • I like this part so much 😂😂 2:05

    Eddy Mukul KuEddy Mukul Ku3 days ago
    • Come on bird it Up!

      Fuku ShinodaFuku Shinoda2 days ago
  • Kirbo:Poyo Galeem: D E S T R U C T I N TO A L L B U T P O Y O K I D

    Be douglasallmanBe douglasallman3 days ago

  • 2:30 bank

    NikNik3 days ago