Something About Season 3 in 3 Minutes and 33 Seconds (Loud Sound Warning ๐Ÿ“ผ)

Mar 13, 2021
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Summary of "Something About" Season 3! #SomethingSeries
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  • Where is your Netflix deal!?!?!?!?

    Marc RuossMarc Ruoss21 day ago
    • YES

      maxbeesmaxbees14 hours ago
    • yea

      ian baltonian balton8 days ago
    • @Walter Comunello YEAH!

      Hermelinda CuevasHermelinda Cuevas9 days ago
    • Netflix would never accept him, they don't air good stuff

      Walter ComunelloWalter Comunello9 days ago
    • probably better than like 50% of netflix if it was added not throwing shade but-

      Chan SelChan Sel9 days ago
  • When are u gonna make new KIRBO!!!!

    rachel parkrachel park8 hours ago
  • Mario clapping alone at the end is a mood.

    TheAdvertisementTheAdvertisement13 hours ago
  • You made the quick- quicker. What have you DONE!?

    TheAdvertisementTheAdvertisement13 hours ago
  • Excuuuuuse me princes

    Dirost18Dirost1817 hours ago
  • Universe 19422 is TMs Channel and Speeddemon possesed him.

    FDKennyFDKenny21 hour ago
  • OMG

    R6f3XR6f3XDay ago
  • "Chili dogs" "Pomp" "HHHHHHHHH" "Crack"

    Just a clown that fights for funJust a clown that fights for funDay ago
  • Challenge: watch any TerminalMontage video and _______ whenever this explosion effect is used. 0:27

    Piggypiggerson24Piggypiggerson24Day ago
  • 3:33 the end go away jow

    Harvey RobbinsHarvey RobbinsDay ago
    • I spelt now wrong

      Harvey RobbinsHarvey RobbinsDay ago
  • bravo, impresive, I didn't understand half of what happened but xd

    valentino D ฬAlessio crossdeathvalentino D ฬAlessio crossdeathDay ago
  • I see out of context

    Vanilla NutterbutterVanilla NutterbutterDay ago
  • 0:11 joe JOE M A M A

    Bends ErrorBends Error2 days ago
  • Everyone gangsta till Sanik C H I L I D O G S

    Mario [Nintendo]Mario [Nintendo]2 days ago
  • 1:50 AAAAU

    Liro BonifacioLiro Bonifacio2 days ago

    Liro BonifacioLiro Bonifacio2 days ago
  • Jeremy is such a gift to mankind

    HallowedHallowed2 days ago
  • YES my ears need this

    Christinasophia PotterChristinasophia Potter2 days ago
  • 1:49 Purple yoshi: * screaming * USworlds : [music]

    Blaziken kjBlaziken kj2 days ago
  • The thumbnail has the same energy as when the impostor is sus

    Blaziken kjBlaziken kj2 days ago
  • Go Charmander but it's Charizard makes that better

    Mario [Nintendo]Mario [Nintendo]2 days ago
  • When you speedrun everything

    Mario [Nintendo]Mario [Nintendo]2 days ago
  • I fear no man but that thing The thumbnail It scares me

    Tim CanTim Can2 days ago
  • 1:01 Buh Bu. Gaurds: And I took that personally.

    Thookah VillegasThookah Villegas3 days ago
  • Megaman: Oh no, you're a wall now! Wall: Hahaha do you really-Megaman: just casually says yes

    Among The MemesAmong The Memes3 days ago
  • This is awesome ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Mbs7 AnimatesMbs7 Animates3 days ago

    Malte AnderssonMalte Andersson3 days ago
  • Uhh Pokemon trainer... that is a big charmander

    Ken SmithKen Smith3 days ago
  • Title: season 3 in 3 mins and 33 seconds people with OCD: IT SAYS 3:34 SECONDS WHYYYYYY

    Zero[guardian of the Omniverse]Zero[guardian of the Omniverse]3 days ago
  • EnJoY tHe ToTiNo RoLlS sOnIc

    Zajc CreatorZajc Creator3 days ago
  • He should do super Mario galaxy 1 or 2

    Zajc CreatorZajc Creator3 days ago
  • Favorite series is the monster hunter one Since monster hunter is one of my favorite games

    Jay WOWJay WOW4 days ago
  • Now this is a trip

    Alberto MartinezAlberto Martinez4 days ago
  • I had my volume turned all the way up. I think my ears are broken

    JOSE DA PRO 70JOSE DA PRO 704 days ago
  • not enough sanic

    rodrigoalves63rodrigoalves634 days ago
  • Your welcome! Nice Stuff

    ChaosXeronixChaosXeronix4 days ago
  • I love how I only have two things to take away from this video and that's SCREAMING AND TORTINOS

    T-MoneyT-Money5 days ago
  • id say it was a good year here

    DevdoesitbestDevdoesitbest5 days ago
  • 2:09 is definitely my favorite part

    CooldudestudioCooldudestudio5 days ago
  • YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Among The MemesAmong The Memes5 days ago
  • O H

    HSKYGamer123HSKYGamer1235 days ago
  • I like the part weโ€™re 3:33

    Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire5 days ago
  • The best line in the etire series: Sad Poyo

    MaxiephlyMaxiephly5 days ago
  • What are we going to do *W A R C R Y* That might work

    jey rodriguezjey rodriguez5 days ago
  • Yes

    Eli VanceEli Vance5 days ago
  • USworlds Captions: "What are we going to do?" "[Music]"

    Two AlgebralienTwo Algebralien5 days ago
  • Pure, unbridled crackhead energy

    Artik MastersonArtik Masterson5 days ago
  • Itโ€™s 3 minutes and 34 seconds. >:(

    Mr CheeseMr Cheese5 days ago
  • Geno being awesome is all I need.

    guardian fortressguardian fortress6 days ago

    Mario [Nintendo]Mario [Nintendo]6 days ago
  • Surprised we haven't got Banjo Kazooie/Tooie yet.

    John HarmonJohn Harmon6 days ago
  • Yeah

    RloxyRloxy6 days ago
  • I'll keep watching stuff !

    RieganRiegan6 days ago
  • I love you too man

    Loumbasss 97Loumbasss 976 days ago
  • Dark blue yoshi !!!!

    Jackson Playz 365Jackson Playz 3656 days ago
  • 0:20 hes say Dababy (donโ€™t worry I do not turn in to a convertible)

    Nico24 EditNico24 Edit6 days ago
  • FAST

    Animadumb or AnimatroxaAnimadumb or Animatroxa6 days ago
  • "Do you really think" "Yes"

    MekiyelMekiyel6 days ago
  • Oh no the power of speed running and memes are making him too over powered

    BlueGalaxyBlueGalaxy6 days ago
  • Let me get this straight, *did you just speed run your own USworlds videos?*

    AaricBro.AaricBro.7 days ago
  • Nobody: Samus: T H E B A B Y

    MegaXGav 2MegaXGav 27 days ago
    • Let's go!

      Joe MamaJoe Mama6 days ago
  • Citizen Mario clapping in the back row there.

    TheZaiusTheZaius7 days ago
  • Another name for this video is known as: TerminalMontage out of Context

    Christian McGovernChristian McGovern7 days ago
  • This should be named as the loudest video of the year

    Guerrero CardenasGuerrero Cardenas7 days ago
  • Waiting for Something About Chrono Trigger/Cross xD

    Lynx WagnerLynx Wagner7 days ago
  • omg that megaman soundtrack slaps so hard!

    HexagalHexagal7 days ago
  • my only regret is i cant like this harder

    HexagalHexagal7 days ago
  • Thumbnail: 3:34 Video: 3:33 Me: *This is.. Unacceptable.* I didn't even know your channel existed until I watched a 9 year old video from you.

    Bread5uBread5u7 days ago
  • Iโ€™m getting scared, he keeps going faster every season...

    Gabe FarleyGabe Farley7 days ago

    Debs OdeleyeDebs Odeleye7 days ago
  • "da baby" -samus, i think

    gaming dot comgaming dot com7 days ago
  • Loud sound warning iDC I LiKe IT ANYWAYS

    Teeheepoopy 5353Teeheepoopy 53537 days ago
  • 1:33 *Coughs* Hippity hoppity this arm is now my property

    KonigHoffKonigHoff8 days ago
  • I have always loved these animations because always they have been so smooth but always over the top.๐Ÿ’ช

    Captain donkeyCaptain donkey8 days ago

    luiZiluiZi8 days ago
  • *_clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap_*

    Dreadking RathalosDreadking Rathalos8 days ago
  • God tier animation!

    Shikido SanShikido San8 days ago
  • The fact this is all the funniest and important moments in the season is enough for me

    Red DrakenRed Draken8 days ago
  • Do you really think! Y e s

    Grant AbernathyGrant Abernathy8 days ago
  • Meta Knight: *Dies* Kirby: *Proceeds to commit mass murder*

    INotFunnyINotFunny8 days ago
  • Yes

    Cian_thoYTCian_thoYT8 days ago
  • Play it at 2x speed.

    Cappical ACNHCappical ACNH8 days ago
  • 3:34 (this comment is ilegal)

    Fer Cheems M.Fer Cheems M.8 days ago
  • 0:23 is it me or did I hear the teenage mutant ninja turtles theme

    Aidan GriffithsAidan Griffiths8 days ago
  • yeah seems accurate.

    Melon SiggiMelon Siggi8 days ago
  • Behold *proceeds to violently tap all buttons in existance*

    Alan Arredondo M.Alan Arredondo M.8 days ago
  • LOL

    Chester TanChester Tan8 days ago
  • Liar

    Tia AnimatesTia Animates8 days ago
  • ditto's:*hatch 9 billion of egg* samus: NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    gobs !gobs !8 days ago
  • Those tremors were caused by your mom

    Josiah DJosiah D8 days ago
  • 0:08 Yes but we already confirmed that Those Tromer Was Cased by your mom ( *Hell Noises* )

    Suhail The huntSuhail The hunt8 days ago
  • Poyo

    Louisa KindoLouisa Kindo9 days ago
  • 0:09 when your high but your on a mission with some friends to a volcano and can only assume this:

    hiworldiexisthiworldiexist9 days ago
  • X be jammin uwu

    StoopidStoopid9 days ago
  • Terminal montage: now every number in the title will be 3 Edit: even the hashtag words

    Kirbo boiโ€™sKirbo boiโ€™s9 days ago
  • So Has Disney Contacted you yet?

    Benjamin JohnsonBenjamin Johnson9 days ago
  • 3

    Giovanni AgnelliniGiovanni Agnellini9 days ago
  • Impresionante

    Valentin Atenco MartinezValentin Atenco Martinez9 days ago
  • Ditto:making eggs Samus:NOOO NOOOO

    vito pascovito pasco9 days ago
  • 2:28 so HEโ€™S responsible for the Suez Canal blockage

    David KapralDavid Kapral9 days ago