"Something About" Season 1 (Loud Sound Warning) 📼

Dec 12, 2018
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A compilation of all the "Something About" videos for 2018! It's been quite a journey my friends. Thank you all for the support, none of this could've happened without you! 💪
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Something About...
Monster Hunter World 0:06
Monster Hunter World Part 2 1:54
Yoshi's Island 4:03
Spring Blossom Festival 8:22
Super Smash Bros 9:18
Monster Hunter World Part 3 12:09
Fortnite 14:40
Kirby Super Star 17:50
Pokemon Battle Royale 22:14
Super Mario 64 27:47
Luigi's Mansion 29:36
Castlevania 31:23
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Jeremey Chinshue WAIT THAT'S ME.
Chelsea Livingstone
Marc Rafanan
Mind Wander
Sandra Espinoza
Nicki Theede
Jeffrey Barr
Stuart Zagnit
Jamie Norwood
Credits Themes By Jattello
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  • At 11:56 it's good to see that green shy guy got a better job in Japan than working with Jim over on Yoshi's island

    GhostGhost6 months ago
    • 469 likes nice

      WolfyRedWolfyRedMonth ago
    • I think that was Jim reincarnated

      Natnat 24Natnat 24Month ago
    • 29:23

      Creeper :vCreeper :v2 months ago
    • xD

      Itz Dan YTItz Dan YT3 months ago
    • Yeah, as a Shy Guy, it's actually better to be anywhere else other than yoshi's island. I mean, with carnivorous dinosaurs, you'd think the message to not live there would be more apparent. Guess not.

      Alex the ShyGuyAlex the ShyGuy3 months ago
  • 35:28 космонавт кола я удивлён что русский

    AleksenderoAleksendero14 hours ago
  • So ya, most of the time, you’d be coming out on top go say the least lol

    Jeff PetersJeff Peters23 hours ago
  • 19:26 Sadly geno did not make it into smash after the tragedy of the meta knight crash...

    Lucas RennerLucas RennerDay ago
  • 1:00 when you do not know da wae


    Noah LivgrenNoah Livgren2 days ago
  • 23:28 rip undyne the fish lol

    Dogey DogeDogey Doge3 days ago
  • Nani= What!? Omae wa mou shinderiu= You are already dead.

    dooog0_12dooog0_124 days ago
  • well i mean we tried... its over.... genos just a mii costume in ULTIMATE

    the Bruhtastic BRUHthe Bruhtastic BRUH4 days ago

    Alireda TarrafAlireda Tarraf5 days ago
  • 5:25 the first ever GIF explosion.. with many more to come... many many more... almost too much.... nah never too much... i’m starting to feel like terminal has some relationship with Michael bay

    Jack BloxxerJack Bloxxer5 days ago
  • 6:04 laziness

    Eliezer de Matos BorgesEliezer de Matos Borges6 days ago
  • 7:46 Hey I wanna Ride the Yosh

    Cube Just Shapes And Beats FinestCube Just Shapes And Beats Finest8 days ago
  • This video :my entire life

    SnakioSnakio8 days ago
  • At 20:07, when the mouthless sailor says "Serious damage to the left wing, a TV behind the skull sailor turns on and shows CNN. A few seconds later, when Meta Knight says "increase right wing power", the TV changes to Fox News. It's literally only visible for a few feames in a small portion of a busy screen, but it's still hilarious.

    nadrewod999nadrewod9998 days ago
  • me want heart :(

    Zamar DeeringZamar Deering8 days ago
  • 9:49 And then it began

    A Youtube ChannelA Youtube Channel9 days ago
  • poyo

    Christian KirboChristian Kirbo9 days ago
  • i thought the adventure from wii smash pretty good.

    Mr BifMr Bif9 days ago
  • 11:36 ok son, ill come home

    Banana 32148Banana 321489 days ago
  • 2:49 dAs RaCIsT

    Skyezer RamonesSkyezer Ramones10 days ago
  • 13:32 What I feel like when I get too much energy

    OxxY MorXnOxxY MorXn10 days ago
  • Me talking to the other guy when I get detention for no reason: 11:10

    OxxY MorXnOxxY MorXn10 days ago
  • 8:48 Me when I get grumpy AND angry

    OxxY MorXnOxxY MorXn10 days ago

    OxxY MorXnOxxY MorXn10 days ago
  • Me going to school be like: 6:07

    OxxY MorXnOxxY MorXn10 days ago
  • Something about a hat in time :@

    Jarten071Jarten07110 days ago
  • I never noticed that terminal knew jojo

    KirboKirbo11 days ago
  • Sadly I think they won't put him in because of the mii costume

    Natevennom GamingNatevennom Gaming12 days ago
  • *yoshi Skips aTroguh The way!*

    wisboa hadriyan wibowowisboa hadriyan wibowo13 days ago
  • 3:58 Bird up Another Bird up 13:33 moar bird up 14:36 and a bird up 19:57

    Lager359Lager35913 days ago
  • please season 2

    sharax demon 2sharax demon 214 days ago
  • 33:06 dab

    sharax demon 2sharax demon 214 days ago
  • 30:37 omfg

    sharax demon 2sharax demon 214 days ago
  • Chinese Food for Dinner: The Aftermath 0:32

    ohSirjames, The AlmightyohSirjames, The Almighty15 days ago
  • Comedy changes so much so fast, and at the same time, it doesn’t.

    Type D CrystalType D Crystal15 days ago
  • When Minecraft is out of stock 27:49

    anthony gutierrezanthony gutierrez16 days ago
  • What the Fortnite Map looks like 5 minutes into the game 25:56

    anthony gutierrezanthony gutierrez16 days ago
  • Nice try, I’M ON MOBILE!

    Drag0n_A13xDrag0n_A13x16 days ago
  • "Increase Right Wing Power" You can see Fox News on the screen in lower right hand for like 1 second.... 20:11

    Erin OguzerErin Oguzer17 days ago
  • Why dont you 3:58

    Boudi NajjarBoudi Najjar17 days ago
  • If you turn on captions it’s 10 times funnier 😂

    TERC boiTERC boi18 days ago
  • Something About "Something About"

    NyalmreirNyalmreir18 days ago
  • The numerous makeup sporadically marry because dedication endogenously disappear as a conscious paint. deep, puffy sparrow

    Susie CruzSusie Cruz18 days ago
  • Happy New year 2021

    adryan victoradryan victor19 days ago

    Kady BrightKady Bright19 days ago
  • But geno is in ultiment as a mii costune hueue hue

    genisis runnergenisis runner19 days ago
  • that bird up thing is anoying but not saying that you should not add it in tho

    majestyandsue1majestyandsue119 days ago
  • I just realized that it’s gaur plain at 33:50

    Xavier HawpeXavier Hawpe20 days ago
  • Bird up!!!!!@

    BETA-7BETA-720 days ago
  • Whats the monsters name on 13:27 because i cant see wich monster it is

    cpt. hollowexcpt. hollowex20 days ago
  • I hate the handler too buddy

    cpt. hollowexcpt. hollowex20 days ago
  • I hate the handler too buddy

    cpt. hollowexcpt. hollowex20 days ago
  • I can't believe I just noticed Yoshi's sadistic grin because he knows Junior is dead...7:53. I wanted to beat him up too but damn...

    Andy McClurgAndy McClurg20 days ago
  • 21:49 well R.I.P my ears cause I made the dumb decision to wear headphones

    Aidan GaughanAidan Gaughan20 days ago
  • 20:00 Mace Knight: Kirby reached the deck! Meta Knight: Remain calm, let's come up with a- Ax Knight: THE MAIN CANNON HAS BEEN DESTROYED! Sailor Dee: SERIOUS DAMAGE TO THE LEFT WING! Mace Knight: We are going to lose balance! Meta Knight: Lower the sails, increase right wing power! *(Kirby slaps the right wing, resulting in an explosion)* Ax Knight: MAJOR DAMAGE TO THE RIGHT WING! Meta Knight: Hmmmmmm . . . Mace Knight: The reactor has been destroyed! Sailor Dee: WE ARE LOSING POWER! ALL SYSTEMS ARE FAILING! #3 AND #5 ENGINES ARE GONE! *(Explodes)*

    GamingGod YTGamingGod YT21 day ago
  • I’m confused why is Luigi always in the background?

    the two gamersthe two gamers21 day ago
  • I watch this every day Where is Something about Pokemon Fire Red

    Acrobatics ZombieAcrobatics Zombie21 day ago

    Seven SupplementSeven Supplement21 day ago
  • 13:21 too much vape

    Elikem ArthurElikem Arthur22 days ago
  • 7:47 lol

    Elikem ArthurElikem Arthur22 days ago
  • Great Job

    Аукеев НурланАукеев Нурлан22 days ago
  • I to want Geno in smash!

    Michael SprinkleMichael Sprinkle22 days ago
  • so many jojo references

    DemDem22 days ago
  • The subtitels man they are 2 funny

    Chantal MorganChantal Morgan23 days ago
  • The close captions make this so much better

    Beeg YoshiBeeg Yoshi23 days ago
  • this is simply epic

    Beeg YoshiBeeg Yoshi23 days ago
  • Anyone else seen papyrus in the third monster hunter

    rodney Littlerodney Little23 days ago
  • this reference is only onscreen for 1 freaking nanosecond so make sure you time the pause right ➡ 3:13

    Ryan ChiltonRyan Chilton23 days ago
  • 20:38 “EEEH” Kirby,2018

    UltratuberUltratuber23 days ago
  • bruh who animates all this ? they era goooooooooooood

    Efren FierroEfren Fierro23 days ago
  • What happened why did u lose 300k subs? Wait... we’re u ever on 2.94M subs.... or was it 1.94M a while ago?

    MetaKnight X6MetaKnight X623 days ago
  • Marx had a cross on his . Head?

    MJ UrbinoMJ Urbino24 days ago
  • Whos the hr 999 guy

    ArtifexArtifex24 days ago
  • 16:01-17:49 im so sorry man

    Sans GriffenSans Griffen24 days ago
  • Why was the black yoshi getting arrested?...any i loved this whole video

    Apolonia WarehamApolonia Wareham24 days ago
  • Am I the only one who actually thinks the music at 20:54 sounds really good?

    Jerry WilliamsJerry Williams24 days ago
  • 0:12 noice

    Syrupy WaffleSyrupy Waffle24 days ago
  • Do U Know Da Wae

    Five Nights At Creeper’s & CoFive Nights At Creeper’s & Co24 days ago
  • i lost when the Rock trap is literally The Rock

    Mysterious ManMysterious Man25 days ago
  • “Thank you so much for watching my stuff!” Me:AHHHHHH

    Lauren Marie SmithLauren Marie Smith25 days ago
  • Ur Anti-Virus called, it can't help u with the BIRD UP VIRUS

    Finn SkywalkerFinn Skywalker25 days ago
  • Rewatching the entire series in preparation for the third season’s finale... Anyone else ready for... Subspace Emissary?

    Project JavelinProject Javelin25 days ago
  • 34:00 I’m CRYING

    Aidan MarrAidan Marr26 days ago
  • Thanks for something about smash, now I want Skull Kid for smash. He’s friends with link.

    Hiubeth ChingHiubeth Ching26 days ago
  • I have one thing to say Wtf Also confused confusing confusion

    BJBGbenBJBGben26 days ago
  • I saw on muk's computer ur getting married and ur sick of gender inequalities I feel u bro

    Kheiron DiazKheiron Diaz26 days ago
  • Dear Mario, please come to the Castle. The police are waiting, I told them you murdered your brother. You have to turn yourself in. Haha!

    Shelby RigginShelby Riggin26 days ago
  • Did anyone except me see Geno in the brawl menu

    Kheiron DiazKheiron Diaz26 days ago
  • Watching this vid after the most recent smash reveal (SEPHIROTH)...f for Geno

    Space CaseSpace Case26 days ago
  • 5:41 song name?

    Ethan PeaseEthan Pease27 days ago
  • I have poyo set as my notification sound. Wholesome

    Colton MillerColton Miller27 days ago
  • I wish somebody would have warned me about the loud sound in this video...

    Foxy LoafFoxy Loaf27 days ago
  • how in the world does magikarp even have a slim chance to win a battle royale?!? Isnt it one of the weakest pokemon ever?

    BlainekBlainek27 days ago
  • 0:30

    Eli GalánEli Galán28 days ago
    • 0:31

      Eli GalánEli Galán24 days ago
    • 0:32

      Eli GalánEli Galán26 days ago
    • 0:31

      Eli GalánEli Galán26 days ago
    • 0:20

      Eli GalánEli Galán28 days ago
  • At 23:24 is that Cloud Strife in the clouds? I just noticed that.

    The One 95The One 9528 days ago
  • 12:39 hi papyrus

    SalasoSalaso28 days ago
  • y e s *a p p l e b e e 's i n t h e r o t t e n v a i l*

    Steven universe•Avatar loversSteven universe•Avatar lovers28 days ago
  • 11:15 Every night, I can feel my leg... And my arm... even my fingers... The body I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past!

    Kazuhira MillerKazuhira Miller28 days ago

    GamingGod YTGamingGod YT29 days ago