Something About Pac-Man (Loud Sound and Light Sensitivity Warning)👨‍🚀👻

Oct 21, 2020
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In the far reaches of space, mysterious abandoned solar mining vessels are littered throughout the Labyrinth Cluster. Let's follow the journey into one of these derelict ships, with a Photon Aerospace Control engineer, also known as...

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Art, Animation, Sound Design and Writing by Jeremey Chinshue
Production Assistant - Vanessa Chinshue
Backgrounds by Chris Hernandez
PAC TERROR remix by MyNewSoundtrack! Check his channel out and consider supporting him on Patreon!

Pac-Man's voice clips are Isaac Clarke's voice clips from Dead Space.

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Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello

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© TERMINALMONTAGE LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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  • As much as I love your super hyper nonsense screamy explosion animations, I'm an even bigger sucker for this kind. I feel like you flex the hardest on these.

    Jared DavisJared Davis3 days ago
    • yeah, these animations are amazing, but please don’t overwork yourselves!

      bubsbubs3 days ago
    • Nice

      Mc kidMc kid3 days ago
    • h

      Royal254Ryan123Royal254Ryan1233 days ago
    • Pringus mcdingus collab please

      PokaPoka3 days ago
  • ....... Dead space is really just a hd remake of pac man ... Got it

    Papa SmokePapa Smoke2 hours ago
  • Never thought I’d see 4 demonic slime beings attempting to kill an astronaut on a space ship in the far future on the same channel as Kirbo but damn this is good

    Pranav RPranav R3 hours ago
  • This is exactly what a Pac-Man movie would be like.

    SDragonSDragon3 hours ago
  • Very creative!!! keep up the good work!!!

    Jp Tries To AnimateJp Tries To Animate4 hours ago
  • How Bonnie was there

    Franco GallardoFranco Gallardo4 hours ago
  • How Bonnie was there

    Franco GallardoFranco Gallardo4 hours ago
  • *italian chef kiss noises*

    Sauce ManSauce Man6 hours ago
  • Weeji!

    ShiroiKage009ShiroiKage0097 hours ago
  • This gives me insane Among Us vibes

    DewottGamer 32DewottGamer 327 hours ago
  • Luigi keeps showing up in space at 3:26

    Hugo AppleHugo Apple9 hours ago
  • pac man is a astronout?

    Al-Kautsar PurnawarmanAl-Kautsar Purnawarman14 hours ago
  • Name is music

    DFOX RaposaDFOX Raposa17 hours ago
  • Legendary

    Saffron Planet89Saffron Planet8918 hours ago
  • being in among us electrical be like..

    TheGamingFire_RapidYTTheGamingFire_RapidYT21 hour ago
  • There’s an alternate timeline where later iterations of Pac Man looked like this instead of what we got. I wonder what it would develop into if Pac Man went that direction

    Arc PhoenixArc Phoenix21 hour ago
  • Terminalmontage you'r video is amazing this video is my favoryte

    Sharom AbiaSharom AbiaDay ago
  • "Imagine a pacman remake like this , in first person with a clasic game map in your right down side...." WOULD BE AWESOME , 11/10

    Christian RissottoChristian RissottoDay ago
  • I never expected a dead space x pacman crossover god damn was that good.

    Eternal SolitudeEternal SolitudeDay ago
  • Jesus. Not what I was expecting at all.

    XD-385XD-385Day ago
  • This one make perfect sense

    Angela StrakerAngela StrakerDay ago
  • 💛💛

    YaYYaYYaYYaYYaYYaYDay ago
  • This is the best one yet. I really love how intense the storyline was. Even those sound effects made the adrenaline pumping. Great job!

    Hayan ShiroHayan ShiroDay ago
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaqqqqqqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaqaqqqqqaaaaaaaaa

    yassineyassineDay ago
  • hey you miss titled your video because this is dead space

    put putput putDay ago
  • Among us

    matias gamer74matias gamer74Day ago
  • Pac man is what happens when the impostors win

    The spiciest Meme lordThe spiciest Meme lordDay ago
  • I only have one thing to say about this......... *I remember the graphics being a little worse*

    Vanguard 958Vanguard 958Day ago
  • Pac-Man and Pac-Woman have killer cardio. I know adrenaline was also a factor, but bodies like theirs need *PREP!* ✊👊

    probotboyxxxprobotboyxxxDay ago
  • When u relies there’s four imposters are after u

    ???Purple not Sus??????Purple not Sus???Day ago
    • Wait, you saw a dead body at 0:27? Btw, you are sus

      Kaitou KnightKaitou KnightDay ago
  • Suddenly Among Us

    The Wolf FamilyThe Wolf FamilyDay ago
  • Among us more like

    Elijah PinedaElijah PinedaDay ago
  • Literally at the beginning I thought it was among us also do something about among us

    Brittany HendersonBrittany HendersonDay ago
  • Somoething about Among Us

    Doom SlayerDoom SlayerDay ago
  • Que guapo

    Alejandro Rebollo MorenoAlejandro Rebollo Moreno2 days ago
  • Pa los que ven esto y hablan español Está pero que buenardo

    Alex CraftAlex Craft2 days ago

    Alone_FluffAlone_Fluff2 days ago
  • 1:45 OLD BONNIE :0

    samu mayorsamu mayor2 days ago
  • something's wrong. I didn't see a Metroid reference.

    Cei LoudonCei Loudon2 days ago
  • They left on the Galaga ship!!!!

    fefnirscardsfefnirscards2 days ago
  • Blinky: The ship outbreak began with this monstrosity. The other three seem to have sprouted off this otherworldly creature in an attempt to cover multiple fronts. These beings seem to coordinate as a hive mind and resulted in the death of [ERROR] crew members. Seemingly the original, this entity feeds off the corpses’ of those unlucky enough to be caught within one of its many hands that has sprouted from each resulting kill. It can use these hands as a temporary tool to hinder escaping prey. Inky: Ironically enough, the large eye-shaped ball within its mouth is not capable of function. Being the third to sprout off Blinky, this being enacts a different route to chasing and [ERROR] prey. Reliant on sound and smell, this being can sense its surroundings, including [ERROR]. This results in Inky being able to calculate a route as a way to, ‘block-off,’ escaping prey from its pursuers usually resulting in death via [ERROR]. Pinky: What eldritch horrors lies within this entity is its own mystery. Pinky is seemingly capable of mimicking a victim’s, ‘voice,’ and imitating it. With this power, it cries as if it were, ‘injured,’ and, ‘hungry,’. [ERROR] amount of crew and staff have been killed this way. Clyde: Clyde... there is not much known about this being. Its patterns are irregular and hard to predict, making this creature arguably the most dangerous one. It hides in prey, draining what is left to leave nothing but a husk and if no victim is within line-of-sight after it has finished draining the victim, it will relocate to a new body. Using these bodies, It acts as if it places a trap and awaits a victim to approach the body for inspection. What follows is [ERROR] and [ERROR] that any victim that is unlucky to survive will be left in extreme agony. *NOTE* These creatures are dependent on teaming together and catching prey via chase and ambush. Each entity seems to patrol a certain sector of the ship where its abilities benefit it greatly. In each corner of the ship lies a stasis orb. These orbs are primarily made to power [CLASSIFIED] and should not be tampered with. If cornered by these entities and as a last resort, destroying the container of these stasis orbs will release a blast of bio-magnetic energy which will temporarily stun these entities and even make them vulnerable to standard arms fire. The duration is limited however and the creatures still have motion even in this stunned state. Even if one is managed to be destroyed, it seems as if they have a sort of, ‘respawn-point,’ where a respectively fresh entity will emerge without knowledge of its previous life.

    Francis TecsonFrancis Tecson2 days ago
    • Jesus you out did yourself it’s soooo good

      Balloon AnimalBalloon AnimalDay ago
  • 3:26 People that use 0.25X to see Luigi Weak People that use normal speed to see luigi strong People that use 2x speed to see luigi STRONK

    ObDiamondObDiamond2 days ago
  • You put a dead space gun in there! Awesome my G

    M3M3 LørdM3M3 Lørd2 days ago
  • Wait is this a dead space reference?

    NerdalicPersonNerdalicPerson2 days ago
  • You made pacman seem like a horror game. That's really cool! The "where would we be without science" gives it a failed experiment vibe, and the SOUNDTRACK. That is EERIE. This is a really good pacman animation!

    EpicZombieSlayer4EpicZombieSlayer42 days ago
  • This is pacman, right?

    Braden MahlerBraden Mahler2 days ago
  • OMG!!!! This is a MASTERPIECE!!!! I love your funny explosions and nonsense animations, but you gave life, history and feeling to a simples arcade game... This is Incredible! A Big Hug from Brazil!!! We Love your channel!!! =))

    ReplayReplay2 days ago
  • How did he not scream that entire time?

    Brenda MillerBrenda Miller2 days ago
  • don't you hate it when your trying to get food at 2 am in the morning but your SCP fan-made demons you wrote 4 weeks ago come to life and try to kill you and you have to depend on your girlfriend to save you most of the time?

    CupTdHeroguyCupTdHeroguy3 days ago
  • Excuse me what is this

    gamerboi lemanmangamerboi lemanman3 days ago
  • *namco has left the chat

    joe bjoe b3 days ago
  • never thought we'd get a something about dead space

    Vicente CriadoVicente Criado3 days ago
  • Para donde viaja Sanic? :o

    Kyose GamerKyose Gamer3 days ago
  • Dead space deserves more attention, thx for the animation terminal

    Roy hates Dream stansRoy hates Dream stans3 days ago
  • I want to see this in vr

    Gcatkid327Gcatkid3273 days ago
  • I really loved that, gold star on the animation as always and loved the twist on pac-man

    The RedTreeManThe RedTreeMan3 days ago
  • Pac man in among us

    carl vylan aludinocarl vylan aludino3 days ago
  • I thought he was going to eat the monster when he got the powerup

    Help meHelp me3 days ago
  • Well this was different Even for this Channel

    matteschmattesch3 days ago
  • This feel very familiar I wonder what it is (is dead space)

    Min ChaiMin Chai3 days ago
  • That was so fucking cool

    CrutonmanCrutonman3 days ago
  • 4:10 galaga history

    Julio Cesar Lagos ValdezJulio Cesar Lagos Valdez3 days ago
  • This demonic entity bussin

    C MoshlaC Moshla3 days ago
  • Was that yellow streak at the end Speed-Demon Sonic? Does the burgeoning canon include Deadspace/Pac-Man?

    Victor BeekerVictor Beeker3 days ago
  • La nave en la que huyen es la del galaxian no? Brutales videos

    puzzlepiratesspainpuzzlepiratesspain3 days ago
  • Among us-

    PyromaniacPyromaniac3 days ago
  • Now I want to see a dead space one. This was damn good.

    xEpiiCx-ANG3LxEpiiCx-ANG3L3 days ago
  • you can see withered bonnie 1:45

    SonicplayzMCSMSonicplayzMCSM3 days ago
  • Dead space ref is awesome 😎

    Evil_KainEvil_Kain3 days ago
  • WOW que increíble y raro al mismo tiempo

    Dark sisoDark siso4 days ago
  • People reuploaded your videos report them

    Maverick MasonMaverick Mason4 days ago
  • that was.... cool to say the least....

    LENENDLENEND4 days ago
  • la arma el rato de la espalda

    Adriano Lovera VieiraAdriano Lovera Vieira4 days ago
  • nooo esto se parece a dead space se parece

    Adriano Lovera VieiraAdriano Lovera Vieira4 days ago
  • My app crashed THE FUCKING SECOND he saw the first ghost and I was shook.

    Shockey WrenShockey Wren4 days ago
  • Never thought I’d see Pacman this way, either way, it was a great representation of the fear of being chased by ghosts.

    Randomness AnimationRandomness Animation4 days ago
  • 1:46 is withered bonnie

    Jacob HowellJacob Howell4 days ago
  • Honestly hyper realistic pac man gives me the same vibes as among us fan art

    BAK Robert JohnstonBAK Robert Johnston4 days ago
  • 3:21 is that the ship from galaga? I fucking love you man!

    Zachary MabbZachary Mabb4 days ago
  • This Is Like Among Us

    Joshua's Unique TVJoshua's Unique TV4 days ago
  • OMG😱

    luan Ricardoluan Ricardo4 days ago
  • The creator of Pacman: The ghosts are cute enemies, so that the game can be more accessible for all genders and ages :) TerminalMontage:

    Kirby LeggingtonKirby Leggington5 days ago
    • Nope they are demons

      Matthew QuachMatthew Quach3 days ago
  • Name: Pacman Clark Profession: engineer

    mk guardianmk guardian5 days ago
  • I didn't realize this was pac-man until I read the title and saw Ms. Pac Man show up

    YoshiMochiYoshiMochi5 days ago
  • damn, nice take on pacman! awesome

    SOIBandSOIBand5 days ago
  • Something about me alr?!

    Pac- ManPac- Man5 days ago
  • Doing Among Us would be cool

    CakeyGamezCakeyGamez5 days ago
  • this isn’t normal pac man... this is PAC- ӍДҋ!

    Shy Guys!Shy Guys!5 days ago
  • I have an idea: first they start out in pac man, then they escape and go through the galaga armada, then they crash land ina jungle where they have to fight centipede, then they find some suits and head to a desert to go through dig dug...and so on and so forth

    :D:D5 days ago
  • This is the Pac-Man we didn't know we needed until now

    Soviett UnionSoviett Union5 days ago
  • you terminalmontage new video something about plants vs zombies please 🙏

    Victor CadtellanoVictor Cadtellano5 days ago
  • Something about pacman is now over. Its now time for something about galaga

    Dream CrewDream Crew5 days ago
  • Wow terrible forma to remember Pacman Xd

    ECA El Canal de AgusECA El Canal de Agus5 days ago
  • i never thought of it that way! could galaga me the sequel to pack man 🧐

    Spooky806Spooky8065 days ago
  • 0:27 dead body reported

    Rian TaylorRian Taylor5 days ago
    • Please stop

      SaiSaiNaySaiSaiNay5 days ago
  • This looks like a movie I would watch

    BruhBruh5 days ago
  • 한국말로해이새끼들아

    김강규김강규5 days ago
  • red sus

    Bhoom TansirimasBhoom Tansirimas5 days ago
  • looks like terminal montage changed a bit

    itsyaboijamezy14. chitsyaboijamezy14. ch5 days ago
  • How did u make an old game and original so epic

    Dakari PaytonDakari Payton5 days ago