Something About Monster Hunter World ANIMATED Part 4 (Light Sensitivity/Loud Sound Warning) 🦖🦅 👆

Apr 1, 2019
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The hunters have never faced anything so strong, will they be able to topple this behemoth?? Will the USworlds Copyright Claim ever go away??

Honestly, this is probably my best video. Edit: It's a shame that the original music was copyright claimed. If you want to hear the original BIRD UP MUSICAL audio watch this version:
The royalty free song is Rumba Sabor by Jimmy Fontanez.
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Special thanks to my voice actors! I can't believe they helped me out on this!
Hugh Jackman
Denzel Washington
Jack Black
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FFCC Sleeping Treasure In The Sand 8-Bit Version

Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello
8-Bit Conquer-All Behemoth
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  • Definition of taking acid

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  • If you're curious, this is based on an actual quest in the games. It even slowly grows bigger over time. Just the fact this is based on something canon is hilarious.

    MegachampMegachamp6 days ago
  • Bird up

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  • if this isn't the god kirbo and luigi worship to horribly unhealthy levels I will be supremely disappointed.

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  • Ahhhh perfection... As a game developer this is the perfect message to leave at some random place out of bounds... Just the link to this video

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