Something About MHW Iceborne ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) ❄️🐟

Jan 17, 2020
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After escaping the Bird Dimension and farming Kulve Taroth for months the Sapphire Stars, hunters Bill and Bogues, are back and ready to take on their most bone chilling quest yet!

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Jeremey Chinshue - Art, Animation, Backgrounds, SFX - Voice of Bill, Bogues and The Commander.
The scream at 3:55 by Zach Hadel
Vanessa Chinshue - Production Assistance
Chelsea Livingstone - Voice of The Handler & The Tracker
Tuna (one of the MH Math Guys) as Field Team Leader & The Seeker
(Check them out to learn about the Mathematically Best MH Weapons, I learned a ton from them, now I'm META)
Tracy on AcapelaBox - Voice of Serious Handler
Bulby - Monster Hunter 16 Bit (SNES Star Fox Remix)
Bulby - Frappe Snowland 8 Bit Remix - Mario Kart 64
TheLegendOfRenegade - Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Cave Stage (Sega Genesis Remix)
TheLegendOfRenegade - Rent A Hero - Town Music 2 (SNES Remix)
TheLegendOfRenegade - Terminator 2 Judgment Day [GEN] - BGM 1 (SNES Remix)
Jay Varton - World War Five
Xavy Rusan - Ga$ Money (Clean)
EpidemicSound license provided by Frederator.
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Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello
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  • No wonder Shara lives in the everstream, he's harvesting rare flows for his mixtape

    MaxMaxMonth ago
    • 1kth like

      cometastralcometastral10 days ago
    • 4:33 Beautiful

      Teal PineTeal Pine29 days ago
    • STUKA

      Owen WattsOwen WattsMonth ago
    • 10 months, has it been that long?

      Jordan VelazquezJordan VelazquezMonth ago
    • I love how he pinned this almost a year after the video was posted

      Korok SeedKorok SeedMonth ago
  • Okay, but that song slapped tho

    Jacob B.Jacob B.Minute ago
  • 3:50 Bad Shara design = Stoopid, Cool Shara Design = Model for the Video Game

    Ethan Jake NarcisoEthan Jake NarcisoHour ago
  • Fatalis fight animation when?

    Titus LimTitus LimDay ago
  • Bird Up!

    bob awesomebob awesomeDay ago
  • Did barioth pissed himself? What?

    xuvas acidasxuvas acidasDay ago
  • I still dream of a day when you release a Iceborne post game animation with Fjang and R.Brachy. Also finish off Safi and fight Alatreon. Then the epic final battle against Fatty. Before going on a boat to MH Japan for Rise.

    AWr00tBearIIAWr00tBearII2 days ago
  • Its beautiful

    Black Formable 82Black Formable 822 days ago
  • B I R D U P

    Ramona BarryRamona Barry2 days ago
  • Anyone notice the Brachydios shitting out slime?😂

  • 🐟

    SharK_IN _A_ChairSharK_IN _A_Chair2 days ago
  • femme fatalis animation?

    PalChumFriendPalChumFriend2 days ago

    Pvt ArnoldPvt Arnold3 days ago
  • Max.

    Stop Motion Max 11Stop Motion Max 113 days ago
  • This video, on top of several vods of Shenpai playing MHW and some pressure from one of my friends, is what got me into MH in the first place

    Rokechi KanRokechi Kan3 days ago
  • Exactly a year has gone by...

    LinhildeLinhilde3 days ago
  • It's been a year since the world was enlightened by a rapping Shara Ishvalda

    The true and superior LEGO GrievousThe true and superior LEGO Grievous3 days ago
  • 03:23 I lost it at the Grandmeowster scene. Lone live the babushkat!

    FoxxtronixFoxxtronix3 days ago
  • Who else likes the background music

    Akee HillAkee Hill4 days ago
  • That is true why didn't they help them

    El OltEl Olt4 days ago
  • Shara music kinda hot not gonna lie.

    Jammie CheungJammie Cheung4 days ago
  • I’m kinda scared too see these brave hero’s go against fatalis

    wind 369wind 3694 days ago
  • Ngl it do be a bop do

    JimJim4 days ago
  • Something about mh rise >:)

    KarmaKarma4 days ago
  • I can't stop thinking about rapping Shara

    VhouVhou5 days ago
  • This fancy pants with his Leon Kennedy attire.

    facepwnagewtffacepwnagewtf5 days ago
  • 1:51 why yes glavenus, it is raw. (Maybe because it was alive a second ago)

    Ok so basically i monkeyOk so basically i monkey5 days ago
  • 2:35 Terminal predicted the future. Look at the monster in the ice. XD

    Frozen WaffleFrozen Waffle5 days ago
  • Everybody gangsta till the elder dragon starts rapping

    Tatsuki YamazakiTatsuki Yamazaki5 days ago
  • Me : And just wh- BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD UP!

    Teagan JordanTeagan Jordan5 days ago
  • 3:31 what my mom thinks

    Dominic MalpicaDominic Malpica5 days ago
  • 1 year anniversary?

    King Kong TKing Kong T5 days ago
  • Me- *watching* Beat at 0:10 Me- ayeeee this a bop doe

    ColosolizerColosolizer6 days ago
  • “Your handler is dead” 0:

    HaydenHayden6 days ago
  • good rap

    Nicola DuranovicNicola Duranovic6 days ago
  • 1:50 ITS A CAAAAKEEEE!!!

    RAPTUR 505RAPTUR 5057 days ago
  • Seen this video I don't know how many times but I just now noticed the Khezu in the ice lol (and the ice age squirrel and dead space) Edit: And the bass that shakes the water around the island lol

    framtoastframtoast7 days ago
  • I do not even care.

    Vinh WuyenVinh Wuyen7 days ago
  • Man I wish I could go through and fix some of the subtitles to make sense where they start breaking down... (like: static no that's not it no that it not daddy)

    Dark FoxDark Fox8 days ago
  • Can’t wait to see what funny stuff you do for the rise animation

    Renee SuaavaRenee Suaava8 days ago
  • The music is good

    Jameson BixbyJameson Bixby8 days ago
  • I have never played but dear kirbo what is that thing at 2:16

    Turtlenator97Turtlenator978 days ago
    • A monster called Namielle. Don't ask me however what that scream is about, it's not part of the monsters behaviour.

      Cell EaterCell Eater8 days ago
    • Got a heart but no explanation. googling screaming light monster monster hunter world was not helpful.

      Turtlenator97Turtlenator978 days ago
  • Okay legit a fire song

    Blue Skull GamesBlue Skull Games9 days ago
  • poyo poyo

    Christian KirboChristian Kirbo9 days ago
  • Is that it... no

    Davion ShortDavion Short9 days ago
  • B I R D U P 🕊

    katarzyna kucharewiczkatarzyna kucharewicz9 days ago
  • Rapping shara ishvalda is so cursed. I love it

    ISukAtFortniteISukAtFortnite9 days ago
  • Devil music

    kingdom hearts fan300kingdom hearts fan3009 days ago
  • So in terms of the "something about" universe..... can you tell me the significance of le bird up?

    The OmegaThe Omega9 days ago
  • Who saw the Khezu in the ice ?😆

    Dorian TournadeDorian Tournade10 days ago
  • 3:50 yeah i remember that

    Sam LaineSam Laine10 days ago
  • 4:00 rich kirbo

    Raphael GergesRaphael Gerges10 days ago
  • Lil ishvalda

    justin davilajustin davila10 days ago
  • I lost all my brain cells watching this

    Raid AwayRaid Away10 days ago
  • Something about Monster Hunter Rise? 👉🏻👈🏻🥺

    Jan EngelenJan Engelen10 days ago
  • Shara ishfalda is a rapper now

    Mega HunterMega Hunter10 days ago
  • 0:34 I like how he just sinks into the snow

    Orange JacketOrange Jacket10 days ago
  • That beat be poppin tho.

    aesthetic一人でaesthetic一人で11 days ago
  • I went to the music video for the song and all the comments are for this video i love it lmao

    Christopher DicksonChristopher Dickson11 days ago
  • I honestly just died laughing, did not expect to find this gem

    Mitchell GilchristMitchell Gilchrist11 days ago
  • $hara I$valda spitting nothing but bars

    SamLeo678SamLeo67811 days ago
  • 3:40 for me that an epic boss fight intro

    Gabriel Camarena GarciaGabriel Camarena Garcia11 days ago
  • Hoping we might see a new one of these for the post game iceborne stuff, with the special event quests, furious rajang, alatreon, arch tempereds, and fatalis

    Zack FakeZack Fake12 days ago
  • Before playing iceborne I thought that map bit was a joke. Its not. How could anyone ever understand that

    Septon the VikingSepton the Viking12 days ago
  • 2:16 Imagine if Cream The Rabbit reacted to this... would not be pleasant.

    Nature BoiNature Boi12 days ago
  • this video was caused by your mom XD

    Benett HarstadBenett Harstad12 days ago
  • you are teaching the youth great things

    Benett HarstadBenett Harstad12 days ago
  • 4:32 don’t you hate it when you break reality itself and end up in the wrong spot so annoying

    Ozzy 45Ozzy 4512 days ago
  • 2:35 Better turn on the heating, we need Khezu defrosted for Monster Hunter Rise.

    IAmEvilTreeIAmEvilTree12 days ago
  • I wish so much we could keep the serious handler. So much less annoying

    linkofdoom24linkofdoom2412 days ago
  • People animate the nargacuga sooooo cute

    Johan KhamaruddinJohan Khamaruddin13 days ago
  • Died in the beginning 0:15

    Ricardo NeavesRicardo Neaves13 days ago
  • The animation of Shara doing the rap performance is so satisfying to watch , a true banger .

    Zephyr 008Zephyr 00813 days ago
  • "Yo who cares lets hunt some monsters" is the most accurate way to describe monster hunters world

    Wiz GiWiz Gi13 days ago
  • Will we expect a *Something About Monster Hunter Rise* in the near future(complete with a new Bird Up)?

    RemLasher77RemLasher7713 days ago
  • This is amazing!! Definitely subscribing!

    Panda VickPanda Vick13 days ago
  • Fatalis’s time has come

    Xilamm MXilamm M14 days ago
  • Something about this tells me we need a finale for your monster hunter animations

    billy bimbobilly bimbo14 days ago
  • monster hunter world 1% actual content 99% B I R D U P

    Aden DesMornesAden DesMornes14 days ago
  • Bird up in Rise

    ThurstenatorThurstenator14 days ago
  • 1:00 is way too true, capcom had to tease us.

    cloner29 4747cloner29 474714 days ago
  • - Is that it? - No that it not daddy

    Gourry GabriefGourry Gabrief14 days ago
  • Came for yet another awesome Terminal Montage video...stayed for the rapping dragon

    Chawklet ThundahChawklet Thundah14 days ago
  • 3:39 I see you little spiked bro (above black hunter)

    Broken MemeBroken Meme15 days ago
    • I like how that they hunt nargacuga first despite it being in the third pair of monsters to slay

      Broken MemeBroken Meme15 days ago
  • came to the comments just to see how many "bird up" comments there were. surprisingly few. So glad I'm not the only one who struggled with bird up quest.

    TordixTordix15 days ago
  • Yoo the Smithy can make tickets for Shrek the Musical

    Another GuyAnother Guy15 days ago
  • 250 hours of Monster Hunter World later and now I finally understand everything in this video and am crying from laughter

    PlusOneGamerPlusOneGamer15 days ago
  • 1:21 I don't know why, but my favorite scene of the video is the pot spider from Kingdom Hearts.

    PaszerDyePaszerDye15 days ago
  • That end song was kinda lit though

    Owen PlattOwen Platt16 days ago
  • Just realized Shara has tattoos of kirbo

    grimm 750grimm 75016 days ago

    SiMply_MinT_ 098SiMply_MinT_ 09816 days ago
  • the little waves off the final island are a nice touch

    CentrifugalFacewearCentrifugalFacewear17 days ago
  • 2:36 Gigginox comfirmed as DLC

    Bird KnightBird Knight17 days ago
  • When you put 3:24 you will see something

    b ruhb ruh18 days ago
  • Why didn't you help us? *The world is saved*

    CainGamerTV 2.0CainGamerTV 2.018 days ago
  • God i cant even put into words how happy i was playing the game with the other handler talking to me rather than the normal one. Very sad indeed. RIP cooler handler🙏

    404_namenotfound404_namenotfound18 days ago
  • 3:17 is that spiral a Giant Claw reference?

    Ben GraceBen Grace18 days ago
  • I thought this video was too weird...

    Vinh WuyenVinh Wuyen18 days ago
  • rosted

    Norma PortugalNorma Portugal18 days ago
  • bird up scootfalco

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