Something About Luigi's Mansion ANIMATED 👻😱👻 (Loud Sound/Flashing Lights Warning)

Oct 12, 2018
15 418 862 Views

Doesn't seem like Mario can speedrun this castle. Can Green Mario save him?

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Songs from Luigi's Mansion, Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3 used. Happy music at the end is: "Maze 1" from the SMB3 Akihabara Electric Circus Album.
Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello
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  • Luigi may deny it, but he’s a bit of a speed runner himself.


      Cbr 2011Cbr 20113 days ago
    • Well I’m a bit of a speed runner, myself.

      Princess/Queen CBPrincess/Queen CB3 days ago
    • Yes

      Ditto LagerDitto Lager4 days ago
    • Hyghjbmnmb kh,he bbhd,,jump. G be

      Phong LaPhong La10 days ago
    • Big+6cfgbYyfvf fcccyrtftryfrtyrtfgftfvBy h

      Phong LaPhong La10 days ago
  • Hello, Mario

    Arthur Moe-Mux-HagiArthur Moe-Mux-Hagi4 hours ago
  • Nobody: Mario:*speedrunner noises*

    Lucy :0Lucy :09 hours ago
  • 1:10 Silent Hill reference?

    James :vJames :v14 hours ago
  • Satan was a pretty hard boss in LM ngl

    Shadow EnderscarShadow Enderscar16 hours ago
  • Luigi's face and the surprise speed of the KO made me legit laugh out loud

    Ryan CavanaghRyan Cavanagh16 hours ago
  • Just like You play Louis

    Matthew GuzmanMatthew Guzman21 hour ago
  • Luigi talking fast and repelling the demon...omg

    FoxyFoxyDay ago
  • 0:49 Jill Valentine

    นฤสรณ์ อริยสกุลวงศ์นฤสรณ์ อริยสกุลวงศ์Day ago
  • It's not easy bein Weegy

    Adam PotterAdam PotterDay ago
  • The *speaking in tongues* took me out. Having grown up in church I can confirm that that was 1000% accurate 😂😂

    Alexis LangAlexis LangDay ago
  • Luigis mansion 3 pls

    Lucica StanLucica Stan2 days ago
  • Uh this not funny it's just down right horrifying

    Game HustlaGame Hustla2 days ago
  • peach is looking evil at the end when she gives the dolliers to luigi

    Trenton GoodeTrenton Goode3 days ago
  • That's exactly how I remember it

    Dylan HendersonDylan Henderson3 days ago
  • 0:49 wth,is that jill from resident evil 1???????????????

    Isaac SamuelIsaac Samuel3 days ago
  • is my videogame favorite

    Mario Alonso Sierra BalabarcaMario Alonso Sierra Balabarca4 days ago
  • Wait, why did peach give him money?

    Dawn of MikeDawn of Mike4 days ago
  • Alguien habla español aqui?👉👈

    AndromedaAndromeda4 days ago
  • 1:25 is that a satanic

    Bahme BajBahme Baj4 days ago
  • Man this game is such a classic

    Misa MisaMisa Misa4 days ago
  • is normal

    angry sonic dashoangry sonic dasho5 days ago
  • 1:15 this is from Fullmetal alchemist I think

    benny boybenny boy5 days ago
  • poyo

    Christian KirboChristian Kirbo5 days ago
  • 相変わらずぶっ飛んでるなぁ…(褒め言葉)

    BaraGonBaraGon6 days ago
  • +TerminalMontage 0:34 i did not expect that to happen

    z777Bloodpainter Wallmonsterz777Bloodpainter Wallmonster6 days ago
  • Cuz they don't know how to type

    sock puppetsock puppet6 days ago
  • That's just Nick's known as his nickname or Sebastian or my sister

    sock puppetsock puppet6 days ago
  • If I start speaking weird that wasn't me on any single video

    sock puppetsock puppet6 days ago
  • Sorry I'm just subscribed pelo and terminal

    sock puppetsock puppet6 days ago
  • PELO!

    sock puppetsock puppet6 days ago
  • Wait

    sock puppetsock puppet6 days ago
  • If Yoshi comes and said his first word except for Yoshi knows as his name saying Mario Yahoo

    sock puppetsock puppet6 days ago
  • i love how you animated luigi saying mario

    Unknowned LeafUnknowned Leaf6 days ago
  • This video's Japanese subtitle is very funny😂😂😂

    はせはせ6 days ago
  • He was speaking something that made the Demon die quick

    jeffrey williamsjeffrey williams6 days ago
  • this is not scary ok

    Hasan ErgenHasan Ergen7 days ago
  • 0:02 0.о

    Вероника 001Вероника 0017 days ago
  • 1:26 *KIRBO HELP!*

    mankeymankey7 days ago
  • 1:38

    โมกุล จอมพลัง raceโมกุล จอมพลัง race8 days ago
  • 1:26

    โมกุล จอมพลัง raceโมกุล จอมพลัง race8 days ago
  • 1:13

    โมกุล จอมพลัง raceโมกุล จอมพลัง race8 days ago
  • is little scary

    angry sonic dashoangry sonic dasho8 days ago
  • Literally how I perceived this game as a child

    Halterman14Halterman149 days ago
  • Believe I was watching this at eight. 😰😥😱😥😱😥😥😱😱😰😱😰😱😰😱😰😰😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😰😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤬😱🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤬😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Tai BlakeTai Blake9 days ago
  • 0:36 Another geno bites the dust.... (geno painting falls to the ground and shatters)

    AutumnstarAutumnstar9 days ago

  • I don't know if I laugh or cry : D : C

    Eliezer de Matos BorgesEliezer de Matos Borges10 days ago
  • it was scarier than the actual game

    mr. brooksmr. brooks10 days ago

    mr. brooksmr. brooks10 days ago
  • Ho yea

    Blip BlopBlip Blop10 days ago
  • _"MARIO!"_ My version: _"RED!!"_ *Nobody was ejected. (Tie.)* _2 Impostors remain._

    roselove911roselove91111 days ago
  • what the hell luigi said in order to kill the demon

    Stuart The AnimatorStuart The Animator11 days ago
  • ●■¤¤○☆■¤□□♤■□□♤□▪︎●▪︎•``\|>{{}}][}}}☆¤¥₩{~}8

    Rosita GarridoRosita Garrido11 days ago
  • Everyone over here talking bout how Luigi speed running and praying the demon away, but why no one talkin how princess peach paid for Mario's picture at the end?

    Nicolas HernandezNicolas Hernandez11 days ago
  • I have a feeling Mario is not Mario.... There's something inside him.....

    The Hollow KnightThe Hollow Knight12 days ago
  • When jill in luigi mansion 0:49

    Sky ySky y12 days ago
  • "Ho-yee!"

    Soge 01Soge 0112 days ago
  • Now we got two Christians in the TerminalMontage world

  • I got rick rolled by a frito ad... Sure by like memes and stuff like that But by Fritos

    Pinhead LarryPinhead Larry13 days ago
  • Wow

    blue toad teamblue toad team13 days ago
  • Oh my god they were going to arrest Mario

    Duck KeeDuck Kee14 days ago
  • Lugini’s Marination

    GlitchyboiGlitchyboi14 days ago
  • 2:17 The painting on the left is from the anime movie, isn't he ;)

    FirebugFirebug15 days ago
  • 0:39 IT MAKE ME LAUGH 😂

    Erick RuizErick Ruiz15 days ago
  • When the ghosts started forming I thought I was seeing hallucinations on my screen because it's a problem I have

    BradTheGamerBradTheGamer15 days ago
  • This video made me realize Luigi is such an underrated character imagine how bad his PTSD is from fighting all those ghosts he’s saved Mario multiple times and gets no recognition for his work if it weren’t for Luigi no one would be left to save the mushroom kingdom let’s see toad do Mario’s job or better yet let’s see toad SINGLE HANDEDLY SAVE MARIO FROM A MANSION FULL OF THE UNDEAD And I bet he’s save Mario again and again no matter how scared he is TLDR Luigi needs more respect

    Toy FuntimeToy Funtime15 days ago
  • This needs to be longer

    Alpha CritterAlpha Critter15 days ago
  • Hmm mario a demon so saten child he want his child

    Shane MattiShane Matti15 days ago
  • That is not even remotely what happens

    Daniel MunozDaniel Munoz15 days ago
  • Did Peach pay King Boo to put Mario into the painting? Did King Boo renege the deal in favor of Satan's offer? Is this a parallel Luigi who was willing to sell his brother instead of freeing and exercising him? So many question, so many parallel outcomes.

    Zeronial01Zeronial0116 days ago
  • THE GHOSTS ARE CRAZY TOO. MAD also keep up the good work!

    The SpeedsterThe Speedster16 days ago
  • Just how i remember it.

    SonicfunnysSonicfunnys17 days ago
  • Funny thing is how Mario keeps saying wahoo! More likely he wants to die! :)

    GappyGappy17 days ago
  • Go luigl

    alejandro Perezalejandro Perez17 days ago
  • 1:10 me at 3:00 when my brother walks in

    Pan LEDPan LED18 days ago
  • oh my god im an like an tem reference a stret fighter

    Bejamin DuarteBejamin Duarte19 days ago
  • I have wet my pants and also I am emotionally scarred and now I have to go wash my eyes from those ghost I saw

    Jakey RamosJakey Ramos19 days ago
  • what

    Jakrauz RymJakrauz Rym19 days ago
  • This is how totally remembered weegee’s spoopy house Short scary and fun

    CasualGamer 3476CasualGamer 347619 days ago
  • Back in the day

    donk jrdonk jr19 days ago
  • Was King Boo trying to defeat the monster speedrunner Mario, what if he appears in Subspace Emissary

    Krispy HappyKrispy Happy19 days ago
  • So the only one who can catch speed runner Mario is king boo huh

    Mattarific Wolf LinkMattarific Wolf Link20 days ago
  • Are the boos really bad? They tried to banish the speed demon

    Saviss MahmoudiSaviss Mahmoudi20 days ago
  • 0:34 I won't be able to sleep anymore

    MagoMaestroMagoMaestro20 days ago
  • Peach is so shady. LOL

    JLPerryTVJLPerryTV20 days ago
  • Lol

    CC CreativeCC Creative20 days ago
  • luigi just spedrun his mansion in 1:46 seconds.

    roblox guy that does stuffroblox guy that does stuff21 day ago
  • I love how at the end the mansion just explodes 💥

    FeistyMandrill3FeistyMandrill321 day ago
  • Mario: Goes through eight worlds to save the princess from some evil turtle dragon. Luigi: Goes through a mansion straight out of Scooby Doo to save his brother from Satan himself. Me: *And Luigi is player 2 HOW?*

    choconilla cheesecakechoconilla cheesecake21 day ago
  • He still hearts comments to this day wat a. Madman

    REDandBLUEandORANGEREDandBLUEandORANGE21 day ago
  • He has a name Its not green mario its luigi

    TheAlmighty ScissorsTheAlmighty Scissors21 day ago
  • It's great I can't stop watching it😀

    Z E R O B O O MZ E R O B O O M21 day ago
  • ok i dont remember that in the gme

    Ben GoldstineBen Goldstine22 days ago
  • My god, that was the speed running demon.

    Ethan CampbellEthan Campbell22 days ago
  • The wry insurance hopefully thaw because aquarius peroperatively object anenst a boundless sleep. willing, utter trial

    kit macapazkit macapaz22 days ago
  • Jaja el mejor video de Luigi's mansion

    Dani -_- loquendoDani -_- loquendo22 days ago
  • Lol Peach at the end🤣🤣

    Erwan VeillonErwan Veillon22 days ago
  • Lol that animation makes me feel like I'm bad at animations

    MeMe22 days ago
  • Very scary :(

    Farax03 KivaFarax03 Kiva22 days ago