Something About Kirby's Adventure (Loud Sound Warning) (づ。◕‿◕。)づ⭐️

Sep 14, 2019
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Now let's take a step back and look at Kirbo's first adventure.

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Background Art by
Danny Reyes (Oryozema)

Featured Voice Actors:
Chelsea Livingstone (ColonelCheru) as Kirbo!
Jeffrey Barr as Meta Knight
Jeremey Chinshue as Cappy citizen and extra Nightmare lines
Other Nightmare voice by Acapela Box (Will Badguy)
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Featured Songs:
Vegetable Valley by SilvaGunner
Forest Area (OST Version) by SilvaGunner
Butter Building by SilvaGunner
Grape Garden (OST Version) by SilvaGunner
Kirby's Adventure - Boss Theme - Sonic the Hedgehog Version by Arcanuman1
Orange Ocean (Alternate Mix) by SilvaGunner
Nightmare Battle by SilvaGunner
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Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello
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  • 2:54 Boca Raton? No.. IT IS YOU WHO MUST *B O C A A T O N E*

    CoolDude 225CoolDude 225Year ago
    • Being Floridian makes this so much better.

      E.M.P. 339E.M.P. 3392 days ago
    • Cooldude 225 has spoken

      Jean RémiJean Rémi9 days ago
    • A T O N E

      Bat ZefirBat Zefir15 days ago
    • @CoolDude 225 DUH

      Caleb DoCarmoCaleb DoCarmo20 days ago
    • @Acceler atone for his sins

      Tyrant the RansomwareTyrant the Ransomware27 days ago
  • This is a masterpiece

    TeddymatoonsTeddymatoons9 hours ago
  • “tHe kIrBo iS a cHrIsTiAn mEmE iSn’T fUnNy aNyMoRe!!!” - A sad, strange little man. Who has my pity.

    MrDarthtelosMrDarthtelos18 hours ago
  • 1:23 did i just saw sans after kirbo and meta go in the door 0.25 speed

    cclryancclryanDay ago
  • 2:58 praise jebus

    Luke KopplemannLuke KopplemannDay ago
  • 2:08 where was this from?

    Dr. SnowmanDr. SnowmanDay ago
  • the intro music sounds really weird on my computer, like it's coming from behind me, but if I turn my laptop so it's facing sideways from me, then it sounds normal......????????

    qwertyqeysqwertyqeysDay ago
  • Kirby was also sent by God

    Ronin HatariRonin HatariDay ago
  • why everything falling

    Nazirah NazriNazirah NazriDay ago
  • Lol just finished this game for the first time... definitely makes them even funnier.

    MarMax GamingMarMax GamingDay ago
  • The new Kirby game looking kind of Off...

    Toby KeyserToby KeyserDay ago
  • A

    Andy RodriguezAndy RodriguezDay ago
  • sannes

    Gabriel Moron AzevedoGabriel Moron AzevedoDay ago
  • How to make kirby: first you draw a circle and paint and presto is kirby!

    Sophia kirby poyoSophia kirby poyoDay ago
  • Poio!

    ÁlvaroÁlvaroDay ago

    Lucas CLucas C2 days ago
  • 1:23 I see something in that door...

    Bad AppleBad Apple2 days ago
  • POYO!

    supermarble147supermarble1472 days ago
  • its impossible to hate terminal. he makes animations for all the games, kid friendly, slapstic, christian, actually funny, loud sound and flash warning

    mineeecraftmineeecraft2 days ago
  • Alguém: "há ouro em dreamland" Portugueses: 2:00

    ッJoão PauloッJoão Paulo2 days ago
  • What happened to the music in the intro?

    KjhendirKjhendir3 days ago
  • Spoilers The marx part would make sense if kirbo super star was released after this

    im a gamerim a gamer3 days ago
  • 0:51 anyone else notice angry birds theme?

    i potati potat3 days ago
  • poyo“poyo thanos “thanos uhoh

    Doge BioDoge Bio3 days ago
  • Who need a Jesus when God created a Kirbo? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Captain MillerCaptain Miller3 days ago
  • *Insert Sad Puyo*

    YellowYellow4 days ago
  • *BOYO.*

    whitty coolwhitty cool4 days ago
  • Did anybody else notice the moon looked like the dude from peanut butter jelly time??

    NormalxNormalx4 days ago
  • Able español un dia

    lola lililola lili4 days ago

    King ZogoroKing Zogoro4 days ago
  • everyone has a kid : kirby Me : kubikle

    Link RossoLink Rosso4 days ago
  • 0:53 slenderman in the trees 👤

    Christian IhssenChristian Ihssen4 days ago
  • ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    Christian IhssenChristian Ihssen4 days ago
  • When all your plans fail Call Kirby for help

    Yeji JooYeji Joo4 days ago

    fiery efiery e5 days ago
  • King Dede: NO ONE CAN STOP ME >:) Kirbo: The power of Christ compels you

    Angelo Atendido-SantosAngelo Atendido-Santos5 days ago
  • Poio

    Pan con quequesPan con queques5 days ago
  • This is a masterpiece

    din0din06 days ago
  • At 0:53 a stand eslenderman :c

    Alexander MoralesAlexander Morales6 days ago
  • America america

    NamanimationsNamanimations6 days ago
  • Let’s settle this like me- pew pew

    NamanimationsNamanimations6 days ago
  • He needs some milk

    NamanimationsNamanimations6 days ago
  • Poyo

    NamanimationsNamanimations6 days ago
  • Why does meta knight sound Spanish...?

    Phantom KidPhantom Kid6 days ago
  • Kirb

    Animadumb or AnimatroxaAnimadumb or Animatroxa6 days ago
  • 1:37 “What happened to the trees! I need a pickaxe!” “It’s complicated..”

    AdrianYTAdrianYT6 days ago

    白夜2ndT白夜2ndT7 days ago
  • Victory dance and poops star

    Timothy QuiritTimothy Quirit7 days ago
  • POYO

    Jack IsabellJack Isabell7 days ago
  • I love the Christian kirby

    Jack IsabellJack Isabell7 days ago
  • The “pey0h” was so cute- 1:43

    Darkwing-playzDarkwing-playz7 days ago
  • 0:18 i will never forget this great word

    mrCRABmrCRAB7 days ago
  • (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づಠ‿ಠ the phone to call me if I can you have any questions or concerns you may be able to call you:DDDDD

    UnU uiiknbvcxzdsaewq OwOcvbnmlkiuhgdsaUnU uiiknbvcxzdsaewq OwOcvbnmlkiuhgdsa8 days ago
  • Christianity isn’t working? Use *g u n .*

    DEMSH00T3RDEMSH00T3R8 days ago
  • I always wondered if the saw continued to move across the dreamland for rest of video.

    MiraniaMirania8 days ago
  • Kirby farts and flys 🪰 on a star ⭐️

    Jamal AbouJamal Abou8 days ago
  • Kirbo: poyo! Me: \(^-^)/

    Darkwing-playzDarkwing-playz8 days ago
  • 3:10 Death Star Blowing up

    EmmjaminEmmjamin8 days ago
  • Love the series

    Bee hackBee hack9 days ago
  • 2:15 Meta knight's real face

    ィビーカ・ノシホィビーカ・ノシホ9 days ago
  • Who’s watching and not Christian

    Random PersonRandom Person9 days ago
  • Kirbo

    Apple Juic3Apple Juic39 days ago
  • (づ。◕‿◕。)づ⭐️

    Daniel Jose Rodríguez SalazarDaniel Jose Rodríguez Salazar9 days ago
  • This video made me so happy lol

    Allie PotterAllie Potter9 days ago
  • 0:02 Surround sound 100

    Tristan Dorsey GarciaTristan Dorsey Garcia10 days ago
  • Might be the hugest stretch ever but...I think the Kirby is Christian thing stems from the fact that void is basically an omnipotent being that is reincarnated depending on tremendous amounts of negative or positive energy...soooo basically Kirby is void at 100% good. Kirby is a pure being with absolutely no malice

    SarcassholeSarcasshole10 days ago
  • Kirby must really like his Star

    Charles The MonkeyCharles The Monkey10 days ago
  • Kirbo the American

    StrongSandMStrongSandM10 days ago
  • 0:54 in x0.25 speed you can see a slenderman :v

  • 2 songs I notice in here 1: angry birds 2: knuckles chaotix theme

    William StephenWilliam Stephen11 days ago
  • 0:53 slender man

    Xavier JamesXavier James11 days ago
  • (づ。◕‿◕。)づ

    Chuck NorrisChuck Norris11 days ago
  • What the bloody hell, since when did Kirbo have enough money to buy 2 nukes?

    NiblidNiblid11 days ago
  • 0:58 AHHHHHHH

    name unselfish ඞname unselfish ඞ11 days ago
  • Wait how is there 2 moons?

    Adam PalmerAdam Palmer11 days ago
  • Poyo

    Oliver MarszalkowskiOliver Marszalkowski11 days ago
  • It’s true he really is super sand lesbian

    SoftSoft12 days ago
  • Merica!!

    itoadyitoady12 days ago
  • *P O Y O*

    PoggerPiePoggerPie12 days ago
  • Holy molyO_o

    godzillagodzilla13 days ago
  • 2:43 that's star wars

    name unselfish ඞname unselfish ඞ13 days ago
  • OK if you go to 0:38 you'll see Geno running around at right corner does that mean his gonna help as well or is he just trying to find the star pieces and went to the wrong game?

    Hannah Jillien CuetoHannah Jillien Cueto13 days ago
  • This video is the reason I have "poyo" as my notification sound on my phone lmfao.

    Brandon RoeBrandon Roe14 days ago
  • ({>(___′♪~`¥|≠≥±§∆Ω√¢©≠¢°

    reptillkiller 2008reptillkiller 200814 days ago
  • Me: **Does confirmation** A person :v : what religion do you want? Me: *KIRBO* c:

    ꧁ღEl Fantástico Mundø de Míaღ꧂꧁ღEl Fantástico Mundø de Míaღ꧂14 days ago
  • A powerful rpg player kills a hard boss be like 1:37

    Mikael AdrianMikael Adrian14 days ago
  • Poyo

    Derpy SushiDerpy Sushi15 days ago
  • kirbo said the thing

    D e e rD e e r15 days ago
  • 2:00 When you go to school early to make big fights with your friends before the teacher arrives

    Yoshi :VYoshi :V15 days ago
    • R.I.P meta knight 1993-2021

      Yoshi :VYoshi :V15 days ago
  • 2:39 that scream is pain

    GreenGuyGreenGuy15 days ago
  • Christian kirbo is the left hand of God.

    Damasio PenaDamasio Pena16 days ago

  • ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ

    • pondering •• pondering •16 days ago
  • Xddddd poyo poyo ✝️

    Jessica GonzalesJessica Gonzales16 days ago
  • 2:01 me on rollercosters

    LummyLumzLummyLumz16 days ago
  • 0:56 me when i scare my child

    Joseph CrevierJoseph Crevier16 days ago
  • Does anyone notice the chainsaw casually going by in scenes after Kirbo dropped it? It also appears in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

    Nono KNono K16 days ago

    Tony DTony D16 days ago
  • ITS ON 0:54 PASUE IT

    Tony DTony D16 days ago

    Tony DTony D16 days ago