Jul 10, 2018
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It's gonna happen guys this isn't a joke (turn subtitles on I talk kinda fast). EDIT: IT COULD STILL HAPPEN WITH DLC!!
Join the Geno For Smash discussion here:♥♪-return-of-the-starsend-savior-rise-again.446378/
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  • slowed lacrimosa intensifies

    Fennekin SaladFennekin Salad29 days ago
    • Haha one winged angel be like... dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dana dana dana dana

      emil Parkeremil Parker2 days ago
    • F

      Epic Master BobbyEpic Master Bobby6 days ago
    • @B A R T ok ah yes a fellow user of culture

      Fennekin SaladFennekin Salad19 days ago
    • how

      B A R T okB A R T ok19 days ago
    • Dame da name

      jseo0348jseo034823 days ago
  • Lol

    RobotiK _RobotiK _2 hours ago
  • I believe Geno might be playable in Smash 6 because y'know lots of people are actually upset about what happened

    IcySeaTeaIcySeaTea7 hours ago
  • Well...

    RapidRapid22 hours ago
  • Geno For Smash

    Supa TrevonSupa TrevonDay ago
  • That's pushing it saying God doesn't know God knows everything and they didn't put him in that game for a reason you better repent for saying that cuz you're only big trouble for saying that 😤😡

    Natalie ListonNatalie Liston2 days ago
  • He will get increased *CLAP*

    Andrew GamingAndrew Gaming2 days ago
  • Watching this in 2021 makes me sad :(

    eEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe EeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe EeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE2 days ago

    WojakWojak2 days ago
  • 2020: look how they massacred my boi

    LUCAS NEIRA 7867 2019LUCAS NEIRA 7867 20193 days ago
  • Why do I feel like this channel was made by Ben Wyatt?

    YoooshiYoooshi3 days ago
  • Square Enix and Nintendo: Your right, but I don’t care!

    Commander videoCommander video3 days ago
  • God pls no. I want to live in obscurity.

    Geno Obscures EverythingGeno Obscures Everything3 days ago
  • this aged well

    ZionnetheMeme ProductionsZionnetheMeme Productions4 days ago
  • Sooooo… I got some bad news

    tai gamestai games4 days ago
  • Well minecraft steve didnt age well

    WafflesWaffles4 days ago
  • That aged like Pilk.

    DarkioulsDarkiouls4 days ago
  • muffled One Winged Angel intensifies

    Damian RuizDamian Ruiz5 days ago
  • This is a mii costume not genos

    RpgBlasterRpgBlaster5 days ago
  • Geno + smash = :]

    Martín WafleMartín Wafle5 days ago
  • poyo

    Christian KirboChristian Kirbo5 days ago
  • Who is Geno ?

    Alex: ArepasandSweringAlex: ArepasandSwering6 days ago
  • It's still hope, they just wanna troll us first

  • Anyone back after Geno is a Mii costume again?

    Agent SAgent S6 days ago

    grandpagohan1grandpagohan16 days ago
  • Sakurai: NO

    A B T TABA B T TAB6 days ago
  • TerminalMontage: Geno's gonna be in Nintendo: Are you sure about that?

    HarmonyBunnyHarmonyBunny7 days ago
  • 2 years later and he's still not a thing lmaooooo. Use me for "waiting on sora" button.

    Rob pRob p7 days ago
  • Geno has to be in smash. He is going to be the very last dlc

    Eli MannEli Mann7 days ago
    • No. He is costume,spirit and had appeared only in ONE not popular game.

      Сонате РамибовСонате Рамибов7 days ago
  • I tried to watch this but it turned into a video of Sephiroth casting Supernova. 😔

    DyslexxiconDyslexxicon8 days ago
  • Probably most people who are watching this don’t realize that this is also kinda a parody of Pepe sivia From it’s always sunny in Philadelphia

    Thomas CableThomas Cable8 days ago
  • He's not in, now stop.

    RedhRedh9 days ago
  • i come back when every new fighter comes out.

    Jonathan Sigouin élèveJonathan Sigouin élève9 days ago
  • Why

    vlone hectorvlone hector10 days ago
  • a mii costume

    TheDog PileTheDog Pile10 days ago
  • The only thing Sakurai wants more than Geno is your tears

    John RJohn R10 days ago
  • then sephiroth happened lmao

    Dominic WilliamsDominic Williams10 days ago
  • Don't like the music.

    MoeMoe10 days ago
  • Imagine being a cyber-anthropolgist from the year 5000 when you unearth an ancient rant about game character canon lovingly made by an ancestor after you decode one of the last living copies of a smartphone.

    KairosKairos10 days ago
  • I see black mage i click

    MaxRAZORMaxRAZOR10 days ago
  • Make sense for real

    emilio rangelemilio rangel10 days ago
  • So long my dreams

    Marco PiccinelliMarco Piccinelli10 days ago
  • S t e v e

    Dong Kong The FirstDong Kong The First10 days ago
  • I don't understand why everyone wanna geno in smash

    MaxenswelMaxenswel11 days ago
  • I understood the Waluigi frustration, he's not a major game character but is a essential peice of the mario universe. I don't understand this Geno obsession at all. He's a one off optional side kick in a 25 year old game which has no relevant legacy for today. Why does anybody care about Geno?

    John GrotegutJohn Grotegut11 days ago
    • Because the streamers who called him "their boi" managed to bandwagon a lot of people who never even played SMRPG.

      Shuyin781Shuyin78111 days ago
  • He's gonna be in! Honey, you got a big storm comin'...

    Seifeldin MahmoudSeifeldin Mahmoud11 days ago
  • F

    KizilmKizilm11 days ago
  • Who’s geno

    RidleyRidley11 days ago
    • Exactly

      Shuyin781Shuyin78111 days ago
  • "i dont even think god knows why" *sad music*

    Joshua ParkJoshua Park12 days ago
  • Where is mallow? Who is mallow you may ask a forgotten side character in the super mario RPG! Does this sound filmar? 🤔

    The Star Fox FanThe Star Fox Fan12 days ago
  • This is me from the future, He didn’t make it TerminalMontage. Sorry for letting you know.

    Warrior N1ghtmar3Warrior N1ghtmar312 days ago
  • This did not age well...

    Garrett HardingGarrett Harding12 days ago
  • Big Oof

    FR_ 720GFR_ 720G13 days ago
  • What Ching this in 2021 knowing that Genoa in

    Jesse FeithJesse Feith13 days ago
  • Where is mallow for smash he was just as important geno (which means he has nothing to do with game’s success).

    Spidey Fan 2009Spidey Fan 200913 days ago
  • Geno no smash agora

    Nerf ou nadaNerf ou nada13 days ago
  • Geno for smash

    Funtime AnimatronicFuntime Animatronic13 days ago
    • RIP 🤣

      Shuyin781Shuyin78111 days ago
  • Rejection....

    We dont talk about meWe dont talk about me14 days ago
  • I just realised this video was 2 years ago.

    Oscar MirallesOscar Miralles14 days ago
  • So this didn’t age well

    KermiKermi14 days ago
  • Haha nope how bout fucking fire emblem

    BatBat15 days ago
  • Geno still has a chance.

    GPCraftyGPCrafty15 days ago
    • @Smfsableye I thought smash 5 was the final big one or something. Idk tho

      GPCraftyGPCrafty14 days ago
    • In Smash 6, sure.

      SmfsableyeSmfsableye14 days ago
  • I think Terminal needs a therapy

    Zombiebottleflip GamingZombiebottleflip Gaming15 days ago
  • Im so sorry for u ;-;

    Dark Matter VraxxDark Matter Vraxx15 days ago
  • 2020 terminal montage when files out when geno is mii costume crys in corner for 3 weeks

    dog lorddog lord15 days ago
  • A mi pichulaaa

    Erick._. xDErick._. xD16 days ago
  • Wow. TerminalMontage sure loves geno

    Patrick DucyPatrick Ducy16 days ago
  • Next smash fighter... From a mario rpg... Prince mamek!

    Gengar._. playGengar._. play16 days ago
  • Its always sunny in philadelphia reference check

    you rightyou right16 days ago
  • Hello, yes...i am from the don't want to hear what i have to say.

    ChazDragoonChazDragoon16 days ago
  • Okay. This is the Real Story. Press Read More To Continue. Sakurai wants Geno in smash, But it's too Vulnerable for a Character. Not only Sakurai wants Geno is Smash... It's Because of how small the Character is. The Nintendo Community is really really sad that Sakurai doesn't want Geno in Smash. Well. That's the End of the Story.

    RubRub16 days ago
  • Everyone: He’s playable but at what cost

    Uncontrollable sphereUncontrollable sphere16 days ago
  • Now we all need to give this guy a grave bigger than Ronald Reagan’s.

    Logan the Edgy VillagerLogan the Edgy Villager16 days ago
  • Rip geno Sephiroth is the man Geno is not in 😔

    Kathy VallejoKathy Vallejo16 days ago
  • There are still three slots available In the DLC so maybe geno may make it to smash ultimate maybe.

    flor hernandezflor hernandez16 days ago
  • geno has got to be in smash, but i also want skull kid to be in smash too

    spoontoonsspoontoons16 days ago
  • XD

    Labombabird 1Labombabird 116 days ago
  • . ____________ .

    Mattpimon188Mattpimon18817 days ago
  • :’)

    Maggie JMaggie J17 days ago
  • That’s great and all but *WE STILL NEED WALUIGI*

    AllDayNightChillinAllDayNightChillin17 days ago
    • Waluigi has a better chance than Geno at being in Ultimate at this point... and I really can’t believe I’m saying that.

      SmfsableyeSmfsableye14 days ago
  • this did not age well

    JurtJurt17 days ago
  • R.I.P

    Blackstone96Blackstone9617 days ago
  • r/agedlikemilk

    Tanner PoulisTanner Poulis17 days ago
  • hE NeEds sOMe MiLk!

    S. LajoieS. Lajoie17 days ago
  • Can you imagine that sakurai in the end played a joke on us and took out geno this end of the year

    TomevaTomeva17 days ago
  • Can we talk about the mail?

    Henry BloomfieldHenry Bloomfield17 days ago
  • Well, 'fraid you were wrong. You predicted Ridley, Sans and Goku, but sadly, Geno got the shame of being a Mii fighter costume while Sephiroth took his slot. 😭😭

    Nando The MadNando The Mad18 days ago
  • What did they do to his boy!!!???!!!!

    Hitman KuskoHitman Kusko18 days ago
  • I hope you’re right

    Retro 84Retro 8418 days ago
  • Sakurai: I wanted to put Geno in Brawl and Smash 4. *A L S O S A K U R A I*

    Owen WheelerOwen Wheeler18 days ago
  • He didn’t get in smash he’s a mii costume so your wrong

    joe’s cool popsjoe’s cool pops18 days ago
    • This video has been made in 2018, the year of the release of the game

      LiBop 4.5LiBop 4.517 days ago
  • Well, this made sense until Sephiroth...

    Jen DeSantisJen DeSantis18 days ago
  • RIP Tirminalmontuages dream. -2018-2020

    GoodgamerYTGoodgamerYT18 days ago
  • My name is Gino but this is Geno

    -rookietookyacookie--rookietookyacookie-18 days ago
  • May geno never get in

    Chuckle CheeseChuckle Cheese18 days ago
  • Geno In Super Smash Bros Ultimate Trailer

    Wercosd RealWercosd Real18 days ago
  • Hey, a ROBLOX rep could still be possible!!

    Emu🐦Emu🐦18 days ago
    • No

      Elite AsrielElite Asriel5 days ago
  • Oh no... oh no, the poor guy. I feel so so sorry.

    DerpRaptorDerpRaptor18 days ago
  • this aged fast

    ᑕOᗰƖᑕᗩᒪᑕOᗰƖᑕᗩᒪ18 days ago
    • Like rotten cheese ?

      Shuyin781Shuyin78111 days ago
  • the problem is that there was a skribled out steve in the backround nobody talks about and steve is in smash help the joke aged poorly

    Waffle DogWaffle Dog19 days ago