Something About Fortnite Battle Royale ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🚌

May 25, 2018
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Background music: Bucky O'Hare (NES) Music - Red Planet
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  • I love Terminal’s disdain towards dabbing. Whenever he includes dabbing in his videos, it’s only so he can visually show us his hatred for them.

    Howie ThaoHowie Thao3 months ago
    • He’s like Dantdm’s Dab Police.

      Randomness AnimationRandomness Animation46 minutes ago
    • @Dominique Davis yep I like that part

      David DickersonDavid Dickerson11 hours ago
    • @Communist Regirock 988it

      Orhan OrucOrhan Oruc13 days ago
    • @Noah Walker-Russell huh?

      StarKnight 54StarKnight 5420 days ago
    • @StarKnight 54 huh? (See how you like it)

      Noah Walker-RussellNoah Walker-Russell20 days ago
  • Remember kid: That's what happens when you yell on the bus

    R - G - CR - G - C14 hours ago
  • Fortnight be like

    Angel RomeroAngel RomeroDay ago
  • When you get killed by a mf try hard in casual: 1:17

    Super FoxySuper Foxy2 days ago
  • Yes this is fortnite in a nutshell only pepoles who play know the tryhards P A I N

    PikachuPaulo EpicGamerPikachuPaulo EpicGamer2 days ago
  • I hate this game. But this is amazing.

    DoomedMedusa613DoomedMedusa6132 days ago
  • Can we appreciate how this gut works so hard for us to be not bored

    Shehab MahmoudShehab Mahmoud2 days ago
  • This was so funny looking forward to the next one

    Mr. Nintendo switch gamesMr. Nintendo switch games2 days ago
  • No words. Just laughter

    Galaxy_playz YTGalaxy_playz YT3 days ago
  • What

    Yousef AnaziYousef Anazi3 days ago
  • Pro tip: The only way to beat TerminalMontage in online play is to dab in his presence.

    Green RaccoonGreen Raccoon4 days ago

    Rex LouisRex Louis4 days ago
  • rip the prophecy

    Kfgamer52boiKfgamer52boi4 days ago
  • Something about fortnite chapter two would be amazing

    A.B.F anti bts forceA.B.F anti bts force4 days ago
    • This i my greatest achievement

      A.B.F anti bts forceA.B.F anti bts force4 days ago
  • ._. ...

    Corina riveroCorina rivero5 days ago
  • 1:16 Omg YES! Parks and Rec is amazing

    MicMagicalMicMagical5 days ago
  • Dunkeys voice is in there, nice touch

    Vex PHVex PH6 days ago
  • it is.... acceptable

    peter epeter e6 days ago
  • Wait who won

    Ryat KinleyRyat Kinley6 days ago
  • Haaaa

  • What the heck was that LOL

    Julian ReyesJulian Reyes6 days ago
  • ついにフォートナイトがきたか🤩

    MキッシーMキッシー6 days ago
  • terminalmontage got thicc legs 1:07

  • He predicted gold

    Haruto UsuiHaruto Usui7 days ago
  • I miss when this game was actually decent

    DJEGrayDJEGray7 days ago
  • When you ascends: 0:37

    Furret ShinyFurret Shiny7 days ago
  • Omg you killed me at do you guys know how to get the thanks gun 0:13

    Master AEFMaster AEF7 days ago
  • I......what..........uh..........whaaaaaaat

    HakuZakuHakuZaku7 days ago
  • 1:09 I laughed so hard

    Amination ToonAmination Toon7 days ago
  • Bad casa D-D

    Renan santhiago FreitasRenan santhiago Freitas7 days ago
  • Did the bus driver just say something from Billy Madison

    Carter FinkeyCarter Finkey8 days ago
  • Toasty!! XD

    Titan Eye EnlilTitan Eye Enlil8 days ago
  • this one isnt canon right

    SchlaughtSchlaught8 days ago
  • Who dislikes???? This is an awesome youtuber

    Shady gamer_29Shady gamer_298 days ago
  • How to win Fortnite: 1.make sure you’re in a lobby full of Redditors 2. Trigger emotes 3. After Redditors see emotes, they will log off Fortnite and create a post about how much Fortnite sucks and that Minecraft is better.

    YoooshiYoooshi8 days ago
  • 0:13

    peepagatoradepeepagatorade8 days ago
  • poyo

    Christian KirboChristian Kirbo9 days ago
  • This is good

    ItzHillmanItzHillman9 days ago
  • 0:52 get that outta here u only 7

    Soulless Mushu X4Soulless Mushu X49 days ago

    lina jodehlina jodeh9 days ago
  • ,,Throw the people from the bus" That would creat WW3

    BossieCloverTheDarkSlasherBossieCloverTheDarkSlasher9 days ago
  • Dead ass the best thing I've seen today lmao I play hella fortnight

    Maggie MorenoMaggie Moreno9 days ago
  • Victory by ragequit That about sums up every online shooter game

    TalonTalon10 days ago

    Eater of WorldsEater of Worlds10 days ago
  • Terminal: *posted fortnite video* Me a 10 year old that doesn't know what fortnite is: What?

    Luigi_ MarioLuigi_ Mario10 days ago
  • This is funny 10/10

    Becka RossBecka Ross11 days ago
  • uhhhhh

    Henry HernquistHenry Hernquist11 days ago
  • noice

    Blocky AnimatesBlocky Animates11 days ago
  • 1:33 Among Us reference before Among Us?

    Doc WillyDoc Willy11 days ago
    • @Doc Willy 😅😅🤔 sounds sus

      FlüssigmetallschleimFlüssigmetallschleim9 days ago
    • @Flüssigmetallschleim Yes, end 2018. And this video is before... ;)

      Doc WillyDoc Willy9 days ago
    • Dude among us is from 2018

      FlüssigmetallschleimFlüssigmetallschleim9 days ago
  • How is this even possible in fortnite

    Katie D'AmbrozioKatie D'Ambrozio12 days ago
  • 0:34 thats me in fortnite

    AlexD -_-AlexD -_-12 days ago
  • I can't imagine how a 'Something About Fortnite: Save the World' would turn out

    FissionMetroid101FissionMetroid10112 days ago
  • I like the because it makes fortnite fans mad

    Dianne DeasyDianne Deasy14 days ago
    • it’s funny. Why would I be mad

      Tabu KokoTabu Koko13 days ago
  • toasty

    VoltaVolta14 days ago
  • Something about rocket league? Perhaps? Possibly? Maybe?

    Fezz AliFezz Ali15 days ago
  • This is great!!!!

    GolldiiGolldii15 days ago
  • Fortnite kids these days

    gd leo the insanegd leo the insane15 days ago
    • Idiots these days

      Tabu KokoTabu Koko13 days ago
  • And FRICKIN Crystal Holee Molee

    Kyree Chambers-MuhammadKyree Chambers-Muhammad15 days ago
  • This man predicted gold in this game

    Kyree Chambers-MuhammadKyree Chambers-Muhammad15 days ago
  • That NES Bucky O'Hare red planet song though ❤️ lit.

    Revan HellraiserRevan Hellraiser16 days ago
  • As a fan of fortnight this is exactly what it is like but with more sweats

    ok plzok plz16 days ago
  • “You disgust me”

    Colin Superstar!Colin Superstar!17 days ago
    • Y

      Tabu KokoTabu Koko13 days ago
  • 1:02 now if you look to the far right on the dirt l, you will see that THIS GUY PREDICTED AMONG US

    Soviet LegionSoviet Legion17 days ago
  • Also Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself

    Luke SalazarLuke Salazar18 days ago
  • zelda rupee

    Norma PortugalNorma Portugal18 days ago
  • get that outa here dang matt smith

    Norma PortugalNorma Portugal18 days ago
  • I laughed so hard at the ending

    Younghoo SorYounghoo Sor18 days ago
  • I like fortnite

    vedentta fortnitevedentta fortnite18 days ago
  • I love the part when the bus driver goes NO YELLING ON BUS (Billy Madison reference actually)

    MemeBoiinclassMemeBoiinclass18 days ago
  • The sleepy hose perioperatively vanish because team expectably damage except a hurt fertilizer. kaput, flowery swamp

    Susie CruzSusie Cruz19 days ago
  • 0:34 huh guess there fighting in the Microsoft desktop background... I’ve seen everything now

    CRUPCRUP19 days ago
  • 0:36 gets shot Captions: the prophecy is true

    ElijahElijah19 days ago
  • this is how scuffed the game is

    droplock gamerdroplock gamer19 days ago
  • Idk how... but he did it....AND I FRIGGIN LOVE IT.

    Reds ShowReds Show20 days ago
  • Fake everyone should be building towers to build limit not just one person.

    DeweyMationsDeweyMations20 days ago
    • No one build fights anymore, box fighting is the meta now (and has been since the start of the chapter)

      Adam BridleAdam Bridle19 days ago
  • My man just predicted Fortnite gold

    Chris Gacha roblox and more!Chris Gacha roblox and more!21 day ago
  • I love terminalmontage

    imTrevon64imTrevon6421 day ago
    • DOESNT everyone, all his videos are great

      Jordan HernandezJordan Hernandez21 day ago

    Gangsta Kermit.Gangsta Kermit.21 day ago
    • when you reply to your own comments comments comment

      Gangsta Kermit.Gangsta Kermit.8 days ago
    • when you reply to your own comments comment

      Gangsta Kermit.Gangsta Kermit.8 days ago
    • when u reply to your own comment

      Gangsta Kermit.Gangsta Kermit.8 days ago
    • ​@Yoooshi I'm glad you feel that way. I'm sick of screaming, cringy, fortnite tictoking 9 year olds.

      Gangsta Kermit.Gangsta Kermit.8 days ago
    • Fortnite bad Minecraft good

      YoooshiYoooshi8 days ago
  • It needs more bad ideas. Other than that, great video!

    tunafishtunafish21 day ago
  • If terminal montage is gonna make animated vids like this, he should at least play them first! Never judge a book by its cover!

    Bot RetroBot Retro22 days ago
  • No joke I want a game like this

    Joaco LuchiniJoaco Luchini22 days ago

    josue diazlopezjosue diazlopez22 days ago
  • A bunch of Kids runing with Guns the game

    fernando maradiagafernando maradiaga22 days ago
  • If only fortnite was like this

    Conor GallagherConor Gallagher22 days ago
  • Why you did not shoot who dab

    Frederico NathanaelFrederico Nathanael22 days ago
  • soo...insanely accurate...its astonishing and entertaining... tenattaten

    BigRed!BigRed!22 days ago
  • Fortnite in a nutshell

    D_PROD_PRO23 days ago
  • The long legs...

    Michael SprinkleMichael Sprinkle23 days ago
  • 0:33 is exactly what happens in game

    Mr ManMr Man23 days ago
  • THE BUS Driver: NO YELLING IN THE BUS!!!!!!!

    cherish giffordcherish gifford23 days ago
  • I just like the art style :)

    cringy_man1234cringy_man123423 days ago
  • Minecraft

    Human Haker9Human Haker924 days ago
  • and mortal kombat

    Aidan GoodsonAidan Goodson24 days ago
  • You should do a mortal combat one

    pepgum _pepgum _24 days ago
  • Huh

    Damien CastleDamien Castle24 days ago
  • Wearing this with headphones was a bad idea

    Daniel JonesDaniel Jones25 days ago

    Yeeter EaterYeeter Eater25 days ago
  • He predicted gold

    Hilary RosebrookHilary Rosebrook25 days ago
  • Me in every game of fortnite: * starts cranking 90’s *

    James CrawfordJames Crawford25 days ago
    • Sweat

      Glitch WizardGlitch Wizard10 days ago
  • Teach me...

    Clayton FontenotClayton Fontenot25 days ago