Something About COPPA (13+ Content)

Nov 25, 2019
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Steps you can take:
Leave the FTC a comment (be respectful and make a case for why this ruling needs to be rewritten):
Sign the Petition:
Watch the FTCs press conference:
Link to the FTC’s document - “Protecting Children’s Privacy Under COPPA: A Survey on Compliance”:
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  • this video predicted cube kirby

    JMkrasherJMkrasher3 months ago
    • @santibrothers gaming ollooko

      ildi pajoildi pajo6 hours ago
    • @Alex K i9iiiòopppopokkìk

      ildi pajoildi pajo6 hours ago
    • Very scary

      ・4 days ago
    • 13+eh reeps of predator in the title. we all know how pyrocynial turned out, and this is a major red flag, like him using furry thumbnails

      Todd HowardTodd Howard4 days ago
    • ohhhh

      yellow birdyellow bird5 days ago
  • For kids👌

    Luana RolónLuana Rolón44 minutes ago
  • Forgot this coppa thing existed.

    ok Youok You55 minutes ago
  • if only we didn't report those darn videos for the jokes. this wouldn't have happened, and we would've been happier.

    Noah FreemanNoah Freeman5 hours ago
  • imagine making a video of kirby saying the f word and getting fined twice your annual salary

    What The Actual FunkWhat The Actual Funk9 hours ago
  • Carl: what do think about oxygen? Perry: B R E A T H A B L E

    SnowolfgamerSnowolfgamer14 hours ago
  • i have a theoretical loophole if the community of the channel uses vocabulary that would normally be extremely advanced for children 12 & under, then the channel would be considered "not suitable for children 12 & under"

    E LarrE Larr15 hours ago
    • pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism subtle flex but its for the sake of this *extravagant* channel

      E LarrE Larr15 hours ago
  • For some reason, this actually was entertaining.

    H KaineH Kaine15 hours ago
  • Video is 13+ The actual video: *C U B E S*

  • coppa more like INTK

    Beakknive MonkeyBeakknive Monkey21 hour ago
  • Me, a 12 year old, watching this: Criminel

    Zane NazarianZane Nazarian21 hour ago
  • despite there being an ENTIRE APP for kids, they push these rules on content creators on a app/website rated 17+ on the app store

    The Nifty LynxThe Nifty Lynx22 hours ago
  • I like the part where square is like “how is your oxygen” then rectangle says “breathable” and the checkmark for joke pops up

    Matthew RzepeckiMatthew Rzepecki22 hours ago
  • USworlds scares me

    Alfredo JimenezAlfredo Jimenez23 hours ago
  • ¿porque para +13?

    Gameplays De KevinGameplays De KevinDay ago
  • i love how children aren't allowed to watch anything that moves

    Arkemis MermadiaArkemis MermadiaDay ago
  • man do you remember when we thought coppa was gonna be the worst part of 2020

    The original redbird gamer 360The original redbird gamer 360Day ago
  • Remember when coppa was the biggest threat

    That1ToadThat1ToadDay ago
  • Around 1-2 years later, jeez I remember being so scared that a lot of my favorite channels would be literally destroyed, those were troubling memories. Luckily only some only had the comments turned off, could've been worse.

    Gigamarxstudios4Gigamarxstudios4Day ago
  • Oh no, what have they done to me

    KirbyKirbyDay ago
  • Coppa is evil

    freddy bearfreddy bearDay ago
  • What do you think of oxygen Breathable

    Supergavingaming SGGSupergavingaming SGG2 days ago
  • You have become surreal entertainment

    ThespacemanfilThespacemanfil2 days ago
  • Coppa literally think everybody 12 and younger are 5 year olds. Why

    xx2 days ago
  • Sound effect at beginning after poyo?

    Donovan PikoDonovan Piko2 days ago
  • I like the way COOPA think kids is idiots and need to have simple things, to understand 😂

    leonllrYTleonllrYT2 days ago
  • tldr someone always has to die in every terminal montage video, or curse, or graphic animations, or violence etc

    Arnold SchäferArnold Schäfer3 days ago
  • a kid's site may be identified by such languages as "Fun" "Whatever" "cool" and "games" GEEZ I had no idea that whatever cool fun games exist are purely for children.

    TheDungeonScrawlerTheDungeonScrawler3 days ago
  • thank god i clicked on this video and checked if it was monetized and an ad played phew stay strong kirby

    JamDreadJamDread3 days ago
  • This is so depressing

    Spaghetti guySpaghetti guy3 days ago
  • COPPA really chained youtube down with this sort of stuff

    AndowolfieAndowolfie3 days ago
  • mmm thisi s rare

    KadeL VM BaezKadeL VM Baez4 days ago
  • Coppa is evil

    CdchasgotyouCdchasgotyou4 days ago
    • This is why we hate adults. Adults are too overprotective and too misunderstanding about culture today

      CdchasgotyouCdchasgotyou4 days ago
  • Hello

    Elijah CornishElijah Cornish4 days ago
  • The document is no longer open to edit we won

    Cameron PeckCameron Peck4 days ago
  • Grrrrrr I want to sign up on the petition but it so laggy on my phone

    Josh KanJosh Kan4 days ago
  • this hurts on another level

    Gio AugustGio August4 days ago
  • This is the most inappropriate thing ever.

    ezra longezra long4 days ago
  • 13+eh reeps of predator in the title. we all know how pyrocynial turned out, and this is a major red flag, like him using furry thumbnails

    Todd HowardTodd Howard4 days ago
    • okay i may be a fucking amoeba living under a thousand grains of sand but who pyrocynial?

      nickie Burkenickie Burke4 days ago
  • make an un coppa vershan.

    Loki ArthurLoki Arthur5 days ago
    • oh, version

      nickie Burkenickie Burke4 days ago
  • I just want to curl up in a corner upon seeing all of those guidelines

    Space CatsSpace Cats5 days ago
  • I'm so glad a youtuber changed this, so this wouldn't happen

    just an SDR fan herejust an SDR fan here5 days ago
  • I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Your videos are genius.

    Masked BadassMasked Badass5 days ago
    • ahem! laughter is for 12 and under! D E M O N I T I Z ---, i mean, F I N E D

      nickie Burkenickie Burke4 days ago
  • How did coppa even get allowed I don't get it

    hollis ullevighollis ullevig5 days ago
  • poyo poyo

    Christian KirboChristian Kirbo5 days ago
  • This honestly just proves that America is run by ancient fossils

    Kuro SeiKuro Sei5 days ago
  • Some audio was removed and I am confused as to why

    ChwaftkaChwaftka6 days ago
  • Lol

    Squirrel !Squirrel !6 days ago
  • coppa: If you want to watch or make videos, you have to follow my code of laws. failure to follow them, will result in an insane amount of debt of 42,000 dollars. youtubers for 13+: **receives code of laws** This is stuff people in 1787 B.C. would wat- coppa: NO COMPLAINING!!! youtubers for 13+: today we'll learn how to anima- coppa: NO ANIMATION!!! youtubers for 13+: we'll learn how to- coppa: NO DIYs!!! youtubers for 13+: We'll review the worst cere- coppa: NO KID FRIENDLY FOOD OR DRINKS!!!!!! youtubers for 13+: We'll review the worst serial killers in history This comment is now coppa compliant (P.S. Screw you coppa).

    Godzilla Super Star UltraGodzilla Super Star Ultra6 days ago
  • cruel, too cruel. Glad that is over

    Andi JumperAndi Jumper6 days ago
  • I'm so glad that things haven't turned out like this

    Jacob GillJacob Gill6 days ago
  • USworlds in 2069: kids under the age of 12 are not allowed to watch anything other than COPPA approved videos and also no words are allowed to be said or read Kids in 2169: I just want to get to the age of 13 to be able to see colors on my phone 12 yr old kids in 2169: I have suffered too many years and have shed too many tears but now 1 year remains

    PK FreezePK Freeze6 days ago
    • honestly with the "coppa approved videos" part, i could see that actually happening in like, a year.

      nickie Burkenickie Burke4 days ago
  • Whoever came up with COPPA needs a hammer to the face

    Marquavious ChesterMarquavious Chester6 days ago
  • Adult steaks... Does that even exist?

    RicoGamerBoiRicoGamerBoi6 days ago
  • I mean, this is what they want USworlds to be (not really, but that's what it's gonna be)

    NoobNerdNoobNerd6 days ago
  • Ah yes Bland content

    Beanos CatalloBeanos Catallo7 days ago
  • :( the bad Gramer

    Çåţ țøŕďÇåţ țøŕď7 days ago
  • This video still manages to be funny. What?

    Micah LehrkeMicah Lehrke7 days ago
  • I got rickrolled by a Frito-Lays ad

    Micah LehrkeMicah Lehrke7 days ago
  • I don't want COPPA

    Argenis GalvanArgenis Galvan7 days ago
  • So hey, I’m back to this video in 2021. Anybody know what’s going on with the whole COPPA thing now? I just kinda stopped hearing anything about it, can anybody tell me if the situation has changed yet?

    Tristan McQuernTristan McQuern7 days ago
  • next can you p,ease do something about "baba is you"? i feel like that one would be good

    Darkfire StarfallDarkfire Starfall7 days ago
  • This video seriously unsettled me

    Ryan CrawmerRyan Crawmer7 days ago
  • F

    Willy CraigWilly Craig7 days ago
  • Sorry, but this definitely age 18+ content has jokes in it, so it’s for kids!

    Imagine MilesImagine Miles7 days ago
  • EVERYONE leave youtube. They will get the hint then.

    Kaisers PlaylistKaisers Playlist7 days ago
  • Coppa be like: The video has been purified.

    Not MilitronNot Militron8 days ago
  • This is like the complete opposite of what children should be watching, I liked poyo better

    Jackson CookJackson Cook8 days ago
  • me: uses the word cool in a video FTC: *Ladies and gentlemen, we got em*

    GhostGhost8 days ago
  • so basically if you have the color red in your video you lose 40,00 dollars

    GhostGhost8 days ago
  • Qwerts

    RyuumitsuRyuumitsu8 days ago
  • Yet 90% of Kids know all the swear words, adult content etc.

    Aryan DeyAryan Dey8 days ago
  • ah yes, back when COPPA was the worst of 2020's problems.

    The Unfortunate CatThe Unfortunate Cat8 days ago
  • That petition is almost to a million signatures. Good.

    Mr. SnifflesMr. Sniffles8 days ago
  • remember when this happened? haha good times 😎

    pengunpengun8 days ago
  • I one time clicked on this video to watch again and it said this video was copyrighted by Coppa

    Cheesy ToadCheesy Toad8 days ago
  • Remember when everyone freaked out but then after it was enacted, aside from a few videos featuring cartoons that 13+ users liked, nothing happened besides what was supposed to occur?

    cayddn d.cayddn d.9 days ago
  • this video explains the world perfectly

    droplock gamerdroplock gamer9 days ago
  • Boringgggggggg!

    Cánine mohot GCánine mohot G9 days ago
  • If this is actually what they want thinks for kids to look like then idk what’s wrong with them it honestly seems super ridiculous if this is what they think would be appealing and would be good for kids imagine all children’s content ends up like this i cant even amigine what they would be like when they grow up because the way someone is raised shapes there personality and who they are as a person and this......

    Stripes and jayStripes and jay9 days ago
  • How children see turning into an adult:

    TippexTippex9 days ago
  • kirbo cant read

    le memerle memer9 days ago
  • idk how but the video is hilarious. not the topic we need to change that but the video itself was really funny somehow

    Garrett TomlinsonGarrett Tomlinson9 days ago
  • When the music slows think of husk and hollow

    MemeLord MeumMemeLord Meum9 days ago
  • I miss when this was all we had to worry about.

    Aiden CulbertAiden Culbert9 days ago
    • Ikr? I don't understand why everyone stop talking about coppa. It's still a problem

      BlissyTheBlackBerryKoopaBlissyTheBlackBerryKoopa9 days ago
  • Stupid Coppa.

    WhenBirbWhenBirb9 days ago
  • COPPA: *exists Kirbo: sad poyo

    JustinPlayzJustinPlayz10 days ago
  • This actually made me laugh 1:09

    Sorry, I don't existSorry, I don't exist10 days ago
  • HOLD ON AARON GIBSON IS MY COUSIN im so proud of you bro :D

    Scoutstop Playz! :DScoutstop Playz! :D10 days ago
  • Remember when this was our biggest concern?

    ZelphZelph10 days ago
  • thanks youtube you are ruing everything ;-;

    hadeshades10 days ago
    • ruining*

      hadeshades10 days ago
  • Marked for kids: Let's rob a store! *YAY!* Hey George! Look a knife! Oh cool dude! *Puts in stomach* Hahahah! Silly George! Now that isn't for kids right? Well but it's animated. It's fast paced. It has colors. It uses child like voices. And it uses words kids can understand! Not marked for kids: Lets learn the abc's. Let us count from one to three! One, two, three! You did it! A b c d e f g h i j k l m n op q r s t u v w x y z! Now that is kid friendly! Oh but it isn't animated!

    Justin StarJustin Star11 days ago
  • Damn 2019 was weird. While Susan was sniffing whatever drugs she was on, USworldsrs had to deal with COPPA. Damn

    R U NR U N12 days ago
  • Dear FTC, The COPPA rules are unfair. They don't respect what the creator makes. They unfairly punish innocent people who make great things. These rules make the community on USworlds much more bland and sad than it should be. Please consider changing these rules so that we may have fun and joy again. Sincerely, DIO

    DIODIO12 days ago
    • I’m glad people are realizing this, since USworlds isn’t.

    • How was that?

      DIODIO12 days ago
  • Bro I’m twelve and I understand literally everything COPPA is really dumb

    Fox RandomFox Random12 days ago
  • how was this a year ago?

    sheep eggssheep eggs12 days ago
  • If I wasn’t over 13 I’d probably still watch this. I think I put my email as like 200 years of age or something.

    ThaiasThaias12 days ago
  • Pets are so immature, if you have a dog then you must be like 9

    SantanaSantana13 days ago
  • This is like just monika

    CraftsbegumCraftsbegum13 days ago
  • oh my goodness, this video is depressing. I'm really sorry for you, my man, to put up with such nonsense to satisfy COPPA

    Mathias BonnetonMathias Bonneton13 days ago
    • @Joaco 0902 probably

    • bro its been a year, idk what happened to coppa but other channels like these are still up. maybe they cancelled the operation due to the backlash

      Joaco 0902Joaco 090212 days ago