Something About COPPA (13+ Content)

Nov 25, 2019
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Steps you can take:
Leave the FTC a comment (be respectful and make a case for why this ruling needs to be rewritten):
Sign the Petition:
Watch the FTCs press conference:
Link to the FTC’s document - “Protecting Children’s Privacy Under COPPA: A Survey on Compliance”:
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Kirbo voiced by Chelsea Livingstone
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land - Orange Ocean (Sega Genesis Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade
Art, Animation, Backgrounds, SFX, Writing by Jeremey Chinshue
Production Assistant, Writing by Vanessa Chinshue
Carl and Perry TTS voice by
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  • this video predicted cube kirby

    JMkrasherJMkrasher6 months ago
    • Wow

      Mega Pichu XMega Pichu X23 days ago
    • Luky as fuk

      Darwin TapiaDarwin TapiaMonth ago
    • Minecraft colorless kirby

      Skemor the bad gamerSkemor the bad gamerMonth ago
    • Its KIRBO

      bbabbaMonth ago
    • Yes

      c0neh _c0neh _Month ago
  • What music did you use when it was turning grey

    Lucky AndStreamyLucky AndStreamy13 hours ago
  • I am also going to make a video about this It probably Will only get like 3 views But it's something

    Thomas's ThingsThomas's Things2 days ago
  • Can we get a whole episode following these shapes?

    Misael LopezMisael Lopez2 days ago
  • Bullshit ass culture we living in

    howdihowdi3 days ago
  • 0:14 when Kirby inhales steve

    RaymondNoodlesRaymondNoodles3 days ago
  • Nobody: The people coming up with these: We want children to turn into mindless zombies, ok?

    Boy You WHATBoy You WHAT4 days ago
  • I hate COPPA because they said ROBLOX needed safe chat and I hate safe chat because when I was little and I played Tornado Simulator 2 I couldn't say the MPH of tornadoes 😩 now I am bigger and I can say things I would never give my phone number so I didn't need the safe chat that much

    Nina De PeuterNina De Peuter4 days ago
  • youtube has to stop it. this gone too far from funny.

    a kid that plays pirated gamesa kid that plays pirated games5 days ago
  • I'm 13 in a couple days am I ok?

    Hmonster GamingHmonster Gaming5 days ago
  • This freaking haunts me at night

    ethan. exe has stopped workingethan. exe has stopped working6 days ago
  • Coppa su- i mean isn't the most appealing idea

    Animadumb or AnimatroxaAnimadumb or Animatroxa6 days ago
  • _Breathable_ *Y e s*

    LucianoLuciano9 days ago
  • Speed.....?

    Apple Juic3Apple Juic39 days ago
  • Oh my god. This is so yes

    Blueberry A.U.G.Blueberry A.U.G.9 days ago
  • This is aall about control; a way to selectively surpress content/creators who speak against the narrative

    Michael LabozzettaMichael Labozzetta10 days ago
  • "Speak in language that is understandable to kids" Do they want people to only speak in legalese and business jargon? Kids do understand language, you know, so that basically rules out most forms of speaking, even sign language and braille. I guess we're only supposed to speak in ancient latin, according to the FTC

    TemphlosionTemphlosion10 days ago
  • Creepy and funny

    VSPlayerVSPlayer11 days ago
  • "what do you think of oxygen?" "breathable"

    MyNameIsNotGabMyNameIsNotGab11 days ago
  • Coppa: Cruel Organisation Petrifies Pure Animators

    Obama CareObama Care11 days ago
  • Coppa: 😀 🔫😃

    Charles HansenCharles Hansen12 days ago
  • Sports, animals , dude, cereal

    Charles HansenCharles Hansen12 days ago
  • tbh i just love the sound kirby makes :))

    chimkenchimken12 days ago
  • I see a bunch of inappropriate videos that were formerly marked "made for kids" were fixed, and a bunch of kid-friendly videos that had comments allowed were all marked "made for kids."

    R TR T13 days ago
  • Soo hows your uuhhh..... game?

    Kevin Theodhori2Kevin Theodhori213 days ago
  • Let's do it, who's with me!!

    Tiffany LucasTiffany Lucas13 days ago
  • COPPA is taking over the world!!!

    Tiffany LucasTiffany Lucas13 days ago
  • Honestly, after watching that I'm feelin a little [COPPA COMPLIANT]

    SwaggarJacobSwaggarJacob14 days ago
  • copppa ist idiot

    gsgsgsgagagagagagaggagabsbsbbzbzbgzbzgdhzbgxbzbhahgsgsgsgagagagagagaggagabsbsbbzbzbgzbzgdhzbgxbzbhah14 days ago
  • Banjo tooie is right for this. [X] Bland colors. [X] Not as fun. [X] The Jiggies are painful to get now.

    CAVESPIDER 2009CAVESPIDER 200914 days ago
  • Remember when Coppa was a thing back then? Ah good times

    TreeStickTreeStick15 days ago

    King ClascherKing Clascher16 days ago
  • *remember when COPPA was our biggest problem?*

    LukeLuke16 days ago
  • We need to rise up and put an end to it. Thousands of small USworldsrs are suffering the most out of this. Parents, if you don’t know how to take care of your kids, then it’s YOUR fault that they are watching stuff that they shouldn’t. Don’t go after the content creators because that’s just hypocritical of you. You are the reason why youtubers are losing revenue. You are messing with people’s jobs!

    TheBaconator108TheBaconator10817 days ago
  • You can't just tag your videos +18 if your audience is +18? I don't really know about this... So here is the question

    jaumejaume17 days ago
  • f

    Lucy AguilarLucy Aguilar18 days ago
  • This is insane 😳

    YetiYeti18 days ago
  • What has copper done to USworlds. It sucks, thats what.

    Erick Brenes3rdErick Brenes3rd18 days ago
  • I've never been so angry at something so inoffensively gray, dull, dead and stale. Good job.

    Guido FedeliGuido Fedeli19 days ago
  • COPPA literally limits children's rights. They are isolated from society. USworlds Kids only gives them dumb cartoons. Nobody from the age of 10 will watch that child content. The children under 13 in my country are smart enough to register like they are 20 and watch normal content. I feel bad for these kids.

    windowslordwindowslord21 day ago
  • so basically the rules are "you cant make entertaining contain or coppa"

    catsinspasecatsinspase21 day ago
  • sugar daddy experience

    sparky boysparky boy21 day ago
  • Hahaha I’m younger than 13 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Epic GamerEpic Gamer21 day ago
  • Just set your age to 18 and you should be all fine

    Frosted ChiliFrosted Chili21 day ago
  • 0:15 check at that Kirby

    Demon LegendDemon Legend22 days ago
  • Dystopia in a nutshell

    THE MANTHE MAN22 days ago
  • Is poyo or pollo?

    Locotus 11 SaxLocotus 11 Sax23 days ago
  • Waass?

    arrtwoarrtwo23 days ago
  • Ngl would watch

    Evelyn TracerEvelyn Tracer23 days ago
  • What do you think of... Oxygen ? Breathable. Yes.

    ShytsuShytsu24 days ago
  • Like how youtube thinks kids would like cocomelon and ryan's world but the majority of them just watch gorey anime and blurt curse words every 3 seconds

    XyzzyXyzzy24 days ago
  • Frickin Coppa

    It's over Anakin, I have the high groundIt's over Anakin, I have the high ground24 days ago
  • I actually cried watching this

    Charles BarrettCharles Barrett24 days ago
  • Skid We’re 11 Pump: and 12

    Skid and Pump *ft Bacon*Skid and Pump *ft Bacon*24 days ago
  • when microsoft touches a game

    Dat AsheDat Ashe25 days ago
  • coppa is stupid. restricted mode is already a thing for parents to activate, WHY COPPA

    GamingforGodGamingforGod25 days ago
  • Imagine if the next next generations will laugh like hell at this in the future. I'd lose hope in humanity.

    Lasajnaè NaeLasajnaè Nae25 days ago
  • 0:15 When you demake game into 4 bit game

    agns1210 YTagns1210 YT26 days ago
  • I bet this video only took 1 day

    boyfriendboyfriend26 days ago
  • USworlds got coppa because the bad content on youtube. They target only the big yt and not the literal killers and disturbing things on yt

    Timothy TobingTimothy Tobing26 days ago
  • This is boring but funny

    Loo Zhen TongLoo Zhen Tong26 days ago
  • ok guys, welcome to youtube kids 2, today i will b- *comments disabled*

    Literalicity.Literalicity.26 days ago
  • BooTube

    inconveniently long ass random nameinconveniently long ass random name27 days ago
  • Ding dong the -witch- “coppa” is dead Hope i dont get sued for this

    The Z FamilyThe Z Family27 days ago
  • This makes me feel uncomfortable in so many different ways.

    DemonSlaya 7DemonSlaya 728 days ago
  • Coppa is stupid for making s many rules

    Nathan RobinsonNathan Robinson28 days ago
  • I know I'm gonna sound a bit left here, but honestly there isn't anything non kid friendly about your videos. No blood, no bones, nothing horrifying. My 6 year old nephew loves your content. My 5 year old sister doesn't understand it but isn't creeped out by it. (But if we're being honest, no one understands it. That's why we watch it.)

    Phoenix Storm Jr.Phoenix Storm Jr.28 days ago
  • Bad ending of Subspace Emissary

    Eliezer Ortiz LevanteEliezer Ortiz Levante28 days ago
  • Thats my pet -Carlbo

    Eliezer Ortiz LevanteEliezer Ortiz Levante28 days ago
  • I'm younger than 13 baby

    Walter qooq, qooqWalter qooq, qooq28 days ago
  • Remember when USworlds's low point was when it was a dating site? Simpler times.

    Dual FusionDual Fusion28 days ago
  • this video is fucking haunting

    sanssans28 days ago
  • This is the most pog anima- i mean, Terminalmontage video i have ever seen

    Riley TamilloRiley Tamillo29 days ago
  • This was a magnificent video to watch. Thank you for making it.

    Ognjen srb3Ognjen srb329 days ago
  • I am 13 I have become colorblind and do not eat cereal or snack food what is the word moving? I love steaks. What is a funny? I can't have fun. That's what a child does. I am not a child. I am a mature adult. I am a mature adult. I am a mature adult. I am a mature adult. I am now COPPA COMPLIANT.

    Smol PikachuSmol PikachuMonth ago

    {ØwØwolfgamer} :D{ØwØwolfgamer} :DMonth ago

    Cr0ptixCr0ptixMonth ago
  • I love this animation

    Kamil StańczykKamil StańczykMonth ago
  • Hello Carl, How Are You?

    Oscar VillatoroOscar VillatoroMonth ago
  • I'm so confused

    Aidan OBrienAidan OBrienMonth ago
  • Google and coppa ruined USworlds

    Expldcreeperyt 2Expldcreeperyt 2Month ago
  • I don't know, youtube would be much better with content like this

    TotallyNOTClarenceTotallyNOTClarenceMonth ago
  • What is the sound effect that plays in the back ground???

    XenonMaziXenonMaziMonth ago
  • What is that noise 😐 0:05

    Elijah PueblaElijah PueblaMonth ago
  • What is the song that starts at 0:09 ?

    Reaper 9X9Reaper 9X9Month ago
  • Can I just say that why is this a thing

    Spidermations 410Spidermations 410Month ago
  • F+++ susan wobbajack

    Patrik the shitpost manPatrik the shitpost manMonth ago
  • I guess we all die..

    flavjr2011flavjr2011Month ago
  • Animation isn’t for kids only, and all animation isn’t childish Animation can be the foundation for creativity

    Leah AbrahamLeah AbrahamMonth ago
  • LOL IM DEd "what do you think of...oxygen?

    nickolai Sealnickolai SealMonth ago
  • no

    karka 29karka 29Month ago
  • *b r e a t h a b l e*

    Lonley asianLonley asianMonth ago
  • (Death)

    HEZEKIAH9342HEZEKIAH9342Month ago
  • Sorry to tell you this but that bit about oxygen? That was an anti-joke, which is still a type of joke. YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL! BOOK EM COPPA!

    Sensu DubsSensu DubsMonth ago
  • Pure entertainment, I don't see what you are getting at Terminal

    Logan HindleLogan HindleMonth ago
  • *holy gibberish*

    Let_Me_Drink_My_Coffee_In_Peace_Let_Me_Drink_My_Coffee_In_Peace_Month ago
  • Always fun when content has to be be 13+ but still family friendly

    VegeTableNoob 85VegeTableNoob 85Month ago
  • Finally 13+ content

    Name Other NameName Other NameMonth ago
  • Yes

    Cucco 4ECucco 4EMonth ago
  • Remember when coppa was a big deal?

    UltimateKettlecornUltimateKettlecornMonth ago