Smash Bros Ballot!? Vote for Geno!

Apr 1, 2015
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You guys know what to do! Go here to vote: (lol don't actually put "BECAUSE HE'S THE BESTTTTTT-" put something saying how unique he is, how he's from a cult classic game and has a large fanbase - and that his inclusion would get us excited)
Geno is a supporting character from the cult classic, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars! He's also my most favorite video game character! For years I've supported the idea of him showing up in Smash ( I made a short video 2 years ago ) but now he REALLY has a chance! He's unique, and a fan favorite! Usually falling within the top 15 most wanted characters in most polls that I've seen! Please comrades, lend Geno your votes, fight the good fight.
I quickly threw this video together as soon as I found out about this, hence why it's short and doesn't have too much to it!
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    quehay45quehay455 days ago
  • its for the best he never gets in

    Rinkusu AquaRinkusu Aqua8 days ago
  • How do i go to vote

    bruftgamer x: back to actionbruftgamer x: back to action11 days ago
  • No mallow huh.

    The Star Fox FanThe Star Fox Fan12 days ago

    Adam CAdam C13 days ago
  • My boy.. look how they massacred my boy!

    Adam CAdam C13 days ago
  • You’re not funny USworlds.

    • ...

      Blue BlizzardWolfBlue BlizzardWolf10 days ago
  • was 2015 really 6 years ago?

    SkyFoxSkyFox14 days ago
  • Is geno really the best?

    DoomSlayerDoomSlayer14 days ago

    Aidan GraberAidan Graber15 days ago
  • k

    Werner WernersenWerner Wernersen16 days ago
  • This got recommended to me today, which makes it even more sad.

    Why botherWhy bother16 days ago

    PatrickPatrick17 days ago
  • They recommend me this video 5 years after wow great work yt

    Volterne xVolterne x17 days ago
  • Yes but no

    BlankmochaBlankmocha17 days ago
  • with that may t's he would be t posing the whole match

    Wsbaldo SalgadoWsbaldo Salgado17 days ago
  • *waluigi*

    SplashRBLXSplashRBLX17 days ago
  • Legands say he’s still typing T’s to this day

    LegeLuga PasalanLegeLuga Pasalan17 days ago
  • Aged like jello

    hell ñohell ño18 days ago
  • Steve: XDXDXD

    Sombra NorteñaSombra Norteña18 days ago
  • I vote for pou :v

    Diego alonso Rivas leivaDiego alonso Rivas leiva18 days ago
  • Praise geno

    T MackT Mack18 days ago
  • .... OOOHHHHH I get it It's an April fools joke lol

    Carrot & David S.Carrot & David S.18 days ago
  • Geno be legendary

    Joshua LayvonJoshua Layvon19 days ago
  • Yessssss

    Joshua LayvonJoshua Layvon19 days ago
  • Sorry Geno, but i think you're a-dead

    DanceItBreakItDanceItBreakIt19 days ago
  • Yeah, about that

    ChumimemesChumimemes19 days ago
  • I remember that in that poll I voted for Scorpion from Mortal Kombat

    Fanfics CrossoversFanfics Crossovers19 days ago
  • Ik this was an old vid but still Imma vote for mario

    IbsyIbsy19 days ago
  • I'm sorry, but I have absolutely no clue who "Geno" is. All I know is that he's from Super Mario RPG. Please educate me, internet.

    King CuccoKing Cucco19 days ago
    • Geno is a puppet with a gun and his species is a fricking STAR!!!

      Jun Yue 2005Jun Yue 200519 days ago
  • Geno Is A Mii Fighter Now

    Pm'sMeme ReveiwPm'sMeme Reveiw19 days ago
  • RIP: hopes and dreams

    Thicc NiccThicc Nicc19 days ago
  • It’s gonna be tied for Waluigi Wait 5 years ago

    Brody OrdoyneBrody Ordoyne19 days ago
  • a relic of a much more... hopeful time

    Ora oraOra ora19 days ago
  • Well hindsight IS 20-20

    Joel RhodesJoel Rhodes19 days ago
  • Why do you like Geno tho? Genuine question :)

    TheLongHammerTheLongHammer19 days ago
  • Sorry guy we ain't missing the opportunity for waluigu

    Darth VaderDarth Vader19 days ago

    Kookay GamerKookay Gamer20 days ago
  • It’s not for ds or Wii U tho I thought it would be cause he’s coming as a c costume in smash bros ultimate e

    Cool aidenlo511 :pCool aidenlo511 :p20 days ago
  • 🍎

    electro robelectro rob20 days ago
  • So it was 5 years already. It takes me back. I remember voting for Blaze from Sonic franchise. I also want Ryu Hayabusa and Shantae before anyone else. And here we are, getting another overhyped character from post-Nintendo era of Final Fantasy franchise. I don''t care if FF7 now available on Switch. Devil May Cry have 3 games on Switch currently and yet no Dante and Vergil, but we now have 2 characters from single game. Actually at this point I really don't care as I didn't bought a single fighter pack as nothing there really appeal to me.

    Евгений БурчаковЕвгений Бурчаков20 days ago
  • I don’t know , what’s amazing in this character?! , it looks very old and ugly 🤨!?

    DarkDark20 days ago
  • Ok boomer

    Kevin Ulises Rivas OstorgaKevin Ulises Rivas Ostorga20 days ago
  • No sorry waluigi

    it's easy bevih2o CCDit's easy bevih2o CCD20 days ago

    Cristina Cerda varasCristina Cerda varas20 days ago
    • No votegeno

      May TinajeroMay Tinajero15 days ago
  • How can you pronounce so much T?!?!?

    Joseph J.Joseph J.20 days ago
  • Honestly I couldn't care a damn thing for Geno I don't understand why he's so popular

    T. ReadmanT. Readman20 days ago
  • Lol he is a mii fighter

    Ethan OsborneEthan Osborne20 days ago
  • Hhaahahahahahaha *dies*

    MoocowTheGamerMoocowTheGamer20 days ago
  • F for Geno

    Ivo ColinaIvo Colina20 days ago
  • This aged well

    Alexander The OkAlexander The Ok20 days ago

    Coyolxauhqui PendejoweyCoyolxauhqui Pendejowey20 days ago
  • Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Ryan the Awesome99Ryan the Awesome9920 days ago
  • Wahhhhhhhhhh waluigi go no respect

    Ryan the Awesome99Ryan the Awesome9920 days ago
  • Rip geno

    Pedro ChaoPedro Chao20 days ago
  • Oof, sorry Terminal. He didn’t get in there :c (also nice Easter eggs of geno in these future videos after this lol)

    Normal GuyNormal Guy20 days ago
  • aga sana kötü haberim var

    Eren ÖzcanEren Özcan20 days ago
  • Yeah.... about that.....

    Alex GamingAlex Gaming20 days ago
  • Guess who I voted for back then........ Sephiroth..

    CrewgasmCrewgasm20 days ago
  • Funny

    Black BoardBlack Board20 days ago
  • Does geno win in the vote

    Gacha Miguel officialGacha Miguel official20 days ago
    • @Jun Yue 2005 oh okay

      Gacha Miguel officialGacha Miguel official19 days ago
    • No, the winner is bayonetta

      Jun Yue 2005Jun Yue 200520 days ago
  • XD

    Gab0Gab020 days ago
  • i can see all the people spamming waluigi

    Spongebob SquarepantsSpongebob Squarepants20 days ago
  • Merry Christmas! 🎄😆🎁

    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Jax Anator ʕ •ᴥ•ʔʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Jax Anator ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ20 days ago

    SkelegigsSkelegigs20 days ago
  • Me and the boys making bridges on the ballot:

    SHUTSHUT21 day ago
  • WAA

    Benjamin GlassBenjamin Glass21 day ago
  • This didn’t age well...

    ChantingshoeChantingshoe21 day ago
  • That one didn't age well

    GG Pablo8GG Pablo821 day ago
  • I'm sorry jeremy

    The OmegaThe Omega21 day ago
  • No

    FlsFls0106FlsFls010621 day ago
  • Geno

    ZeeNeko MintyZeeNeko Minty21 day ago
  • Recommended.

    The New Kid in The KingdomThe New Kid in The Kingdom21 day ago
  • This aged well

    Nygel FosterNygel Foster21 day ago
  • thnx everyone for voting ;)

    Geno StarGeno Star21 day ago
  • No. I vote for heavy. Name me a reason why he should be in smash.

    THEssSFMTHEssSFM21 day ago
  • I saw this video now and I remember that i voted for Porky (Earthbound/Mother 3) in that pool but what what I and all of you saw a few weeks ago is just sad...

  • My condolences, Terminal.

    Angelica CentenoAngelica Centeno21 day ago
  • Mii costume :D ... ... D:

    Internet LizardInternet Lizard21 day ago
  • guys the link doesn't workkkkk im sad. i was gonna vote for geno

    Hunter RustHunter Rust21 day ago
  • Ultimate be like: N o

    PogifyPogify21 day ago
  • This aged like milk

    tempesttempest21 day ago
  • Mi sad nowe :(

    Ich bin der König der SchumlerIch bin der König der Schumler21 day ago
  • R.I.P my boy

    Obaid AldhaheriObaid Aldhaheri21 day ago
  • Geno is slepped on finger on T

    Michele ZhouMichele Zhou21 day ago
  • Smash Bros Ballot!? Vote for Waluigi!

    TE2.0 officielTE2.0 officiel21 day ago
  • I remember voting for Shrek on that

    Pac- Man K!Pac- Man K!21 day ago
  • Is there still a place we can ask for fighters on? I wanna see master chief and Waluigi become fighters

    D NoochD Nooch21 day ago
  • No, Geno wouldn't be and will never be added to SSBU

    Тёмас ВидосТёмас Видос21 day ago
  • *Music themer pls :((*

    JMegaNinja愛 555JMegaNinja愛 55521 day ago
  • I prefer waaaaluigi

    RmbSsRmbSs21 day ago
  • Damn USworlds really out here being disrespectful

    MegatophatMegatophat21 day ago
  • He wouldn't be a good character anyway

    Jeff ShittlesJeff Shittles21 day ago
  • Your about 5 years to early

    Jack MartinJack Martin21 day ago
  • Waluigi got a chance tho, cmon guys, its prolly the next best thing to geno

    beatbeatbeatbeat21 day ago
  • F for Geno

    Eduardo Gabriel Pacas MejíaEduardo Gabriel Pacas Mejía21 day ago
  • Fellas Should we tell him 😬

    Your new stepbroYour new stepbro21 day ago
  • Wow.....great timing, YT recommendations.......

    Ruff SwamiRuff Swami21 day ago
  • Look how they massacred my boy...

    Kevin FloresKevin Flores21 day ago
  • Sadly, nobody took this Ballot seriously.

    Blood MoonBlood Moon21 day ago