Side Quests - Episode 3 Climax - The Chase HD

Aug 29, 2014
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(I made this in 2010) This is the animated climax to Episode 3 of my webcomic; Side Quests! Reuploaded in GLORIOUS High Def! Thanks to SWIVEL from Newgrounds!

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The song is "Rescue" from the Sinbad animated movie, by Harry Gregson-Williams.

  • Why does the duo make me think of Mallow and Geno? I’ve only played a very small part of SMRPG.

    Colton K.Colton K.Month ago
  • This was referenced in the new speed runner mario video

    Super KirbySuper KirbyMonth ago
  • i really wish there was more of this i was recently reading all of it and it was incredible it was insane thank you for making it

    Sinking RaftSinking Raft3 months ago
  • The mountain imps holding hands at the end was surprisingly cute.

    Gryphon SternGryphon Stern7 months ago
  • Where can I find episode 1 and 2?

    The WatcherThe Watcher8 months ago
  • Hey, I am trying to read your webcomics but it's not working! Pls help

    lo lolo lo11 months ago
    • @TerminalMontage i dont get it what happen at the ending of chapter 8 page 181 if barrels just got explode in the without color how do we know if you call this chapter a ending? or the end? did everyone died? or is there something you never told us? of the story

      Ado anan AxAdo anan Ax10 months ago
    • OH! I thought it was just being wonky on my end! I'm glad it's being fixed!

      MsFlamosMsFlamos10 months ago
  • *Wut*

    Korpy BooKorpy BooYear ago
  • Respond to my texts

    Loaf of BreadLoaf of BreadYear ago
  • Good ol-new grounds. Those were the days I never experienced because I was never smart enough to use a computer.

    Michael CrespoMichael CrespoYear ago
  • Can't wait for Something About Side Quests ;3

    ChipChipYear ago
  • Looking at these videos then coming back to your most recent, There is alot of change.

    Rhobbyn BarrettoRhobbyn BarrettoYear ago
  • I hope you make the ending to the web comic

    jack skellingtonjack skellington2 years ago
  • make more side quests plz

    BlueFlag AlphaBlueFlag Alpha2 years ago
  • Sinbad had that same music

    brad pottsbrad potts3 years ago
  • Heard the song and was like "YES!!!!!!" Dude you just made me relive my childhood. I LOVE sinbad! That was one of my favorite movies growing up!

    Sajaa ElyamanSajaa Elyaman5 years ago
  • Offensive :( but good

    NinjoeWDNinjoeWD5 years ago
  • These 2 remind me of Banjo and Kazooie (Or Yooka and Laylee)

    Wof .-.Wof .-.5 years ago
  • gotta go fast xD

    max XDmax XD5 years ago
  • 00:25 look at the rock and see a ... (wat ever those things are ) fly away

    Chispy ChispChispy Chisp6 years ago
  • The Name of This Song Video is " Sinbad The Legend Of Seven Seas - Rescue ! " By Harry Gregson - Williams.

    Precious AnimalsPrecious Animals6 years ago
  • What's The Name Of That Song?

    Precious AnimalsPrecious Animals6 years ago
    • @12 Ri it's been 6 years ago but thanks man

      Precious AnimalsPrecious AnimalsMonth ago
    • It’s in the description it’s called rescue

      12 Ri12 RiMonth ago
  • i Just Want to Know How did You Make a Cartoon Animation Like this? its So Good.

    Precious AnimalsPrecious Animals6 years ago
  • Oh gosh I feel guilty for not finding Side Quest sooner! Totally checking out now ** Can't wait to see more from you! :D

    --6 years ago
  • Walk Cycle...

    Higuy258Higuy2586 years ago
  • mimps are...disturbing to say the least.

    Daniel JonesDaniel Jones6 years ago
  • If this ever gets published as a full book, I'm totally buying it. This is the best thing I've ever read, to be quite honest. Nothing too dirty in it (a few innuendos, not done over the top, but enough to get a good laugh every time), good jokes (like I said before), amazing story, well developed characters, and all around just great style and feel to the world. Never stop being amazing Mr. Jeremy (not sure if that's the name you go by or if it's your real name, if you don't mind me calling you that)... you're truly one of the best... as soon as I saw this I hesitated a bit (having read a few weird web-comics in the past by accident) but when I finally gave it a go, I was not disappointed. Never stop being cool, Mr. Jeremy... never stop being cool, if I'm ever as good of a drawer/animator as you, I'll make sure to give you a tribute for being my inspiration. :)

    CooperativeCowboy25CooperativeCowboy256 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] It's true, this stuff really needs attention. There are a lot of good series out there, but this is by far one of the best I know of. I've been recommending it to my friends, hoping to get it the attention this really does deserve. Like I said before, the characters are lovable, the story is well toned, and the humor is probably some of the best stuff I've heard/seen in a while. You truly are an artist, Mr. Jeremy. :)

      CooperativeCowboy25CooperativeCowboy256 years ago
  • Damn your starting the series back p? AWSOME i remember when it ended on the whole city in the coud page that was sponsored by slender man, i need to go read it now!

    Dragudo_FireDragudo_Fire6 years ago
  • Id love to see more animated Side Quests. I'm a fan of the online comic and would love to see that, now that you're a seasoned animator

    MagnificotheGreatMagnificotheGreat6 years ago
  • What is this music?

    Lily LuximLily Luxim6 years ago
  • I had no idea you had a webcomic! Totally gonna check it out.

    AbelhawkAbelhawk6 years ago
  • Sinbad :)

    Calling BearCalling Bear6 years ago
  • great for 2010, dem loops!, jk, great job!

    Dergin MasterDergin Master6 years ago
  • lol, people who don't read the description.

    zyfizyfi6 years ago
  • This is quite the chase sequence! I love Side Quests ever since I first placed my eyeballs on those digital pages. It was beautiful, funny and quite an original imaginative web-comic series that delves into Jeremy's own MMO life in his early years of gaming. The wonderful thing about Side Quests is that it's a very personal web-comic of Jeremy's, naming most of the characters after his best friends both online and offline and even naming the main character after himself and lots of little in-jokes. I am so glad I got around to reading the web-comic and I'm really happy that my good buddy Jeremy is making an animated series! This video was but a teaser for where the animated series will take us. Great animation, man! Hard to believe this was made 4 years ago, and I guess you decided to put this out for the upcoming animated series in September? Well, I'm all ready pretty hyped! Can't wait!

    RetroArcadeMonkeyRetroArcadeMonkey6 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] Ah, all right. I already know that the web-comic was getting continued, and yeah, animating the web-comic would be a crap-ton of work. Ah well. Good luck on the web-comic, old friend!

      RetroArcadeMonkeyRetroArcadeMonkey6 years ago
  • I get to see this again AND more Side Quest? Awesome!!!

    GaminRaianGaminRaian6 years ago
  • Yay, you're back :-)

    DowntheDeadDowntheDead6 years ago
  • Can't wait for that TerminalMontage HD Collection only on PS3. Neat. I was actually looking for this a few months ago and couldn't find it anymore.

    TuschiTuschi6 years ago
    • I would buy a PlayStation just for that

      Gryphon SternGryphon Stern7 months ago

    berry wilkinsberry wilkins6 years ago
  • hi

    spicy momaspicy moma6 years ago
  • Not gonna lie as soon as I saw Jeremy's face on my subscription box I got super excited!! I can't wait to see what's in store. Also congrats on almost 100,000 subscribers!!

    Jake HansonJake Hanson6 years ago

    pikistikmanpikistikman6 years ago
  • cute animation.

    F.C WeaboomerF.C Weaboomer6 years ago
  • ???

    youkilledkiller22youkilledkiller226 years ago
  • very very nice animation dude gj

    Whack VAWhack VA6 years ago
    • xD

      Whack VAWhack VA6 years ago
    • dude watching your videos you can clearly see how you have gotten better lmao you have improved accept it although i would like more zubat man lol those were hilarious

      Whack VAWhack VA6 years ago
  • Wow amaze

    CapKapCapKap6 years ago
  • I like these awkwardly silent cartoons. It just makes the reactions funnier.

    JiuyalJiuyal6 years ago
  • Took a while for me to realize you were TerminalMontage.

    SelfAwarePedantSelfAwarePedant6 years ago
  • I forgot I was subbed to you. Don't even know who this is! Haha

    182Burritos182Burritos6 years ago
  • Jeremy might not tell you guys this because hes a little modest but Side Quests is hilarious as hell and it is the shit and you all need to stop what you're doing and get into it asap. Bookmark it. You haven't really seen what he could do until you've seen side quests.

    MosamaMosama6 years ago
    • I just read the entire thing yesterday. IT IS INDEED THE SHIT!

      BentonicBentonic6 years ago
  • We're getting more Side Quests? Oh goodie! :D

    CargCarg6 years ago
    • Oh you sweet summer child... keep believing

      peejpeejYear ago
  • Being chased by that many Jontrons is scary.

    EvanTheNewbieEvanTheNewbie6 years ago
  • It really shows how you have improved since then. Just comparing this to the Mario & Luigi animation you have done. Almost night and day. And that is a good thing, I am not trashing your previous work.

    ForeverAToonForeverAToon6 years ago
  • Memories man :')

    Crimson StarCrimson Star6 years ago
  • dat ass

    gunga rossgunga ross6 years ago
  • Its indiana jones!!!!

    The one wizardThe one wizard6 years ago
  • I love the little guy running on all fours with no underwear on it was funny.

    CyclawCyclaw6 years ago

    Gameboi834Gameboi8346 years ago
  • wtf is this

    ChilllaxxinnChilllaxxinn6 years ago
  • I haven't read the comics so i'm just gonna ask, what the hell are those naked neck-bearded midges?

    Mr.Master MannMr.Master Mann6 years ago
    • Well I went and read the comic and all have to say Bravo! And, those things are a lot more disturbing than they already seem.

      Mr.Master MannMr.Master Mann6 years ago
  • It's been a thousand years XD

    ten borsten bors6 years ago