Jun 5, 2017
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Samurai Jack SPOILERS. Kinda? This should've played during the credits of the series finale.. The audio is from Greg Baldwin (voice of Aku) said he'd sing Frank Sinatra's song "My Way" in Aku's voice if he got 10,000 followers on Twitter. He got them, and delivered!
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I quite enjoyed making this! And Aku is really fun to draw, I got it done in just a few hours!
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Production music by - "Book of Jazz 1"

乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚
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  • I didn’t know you made this animatic. You made a lot of stuff throughout my High School/College years.

    Red Streak 94Red Streak 943 days ago
  • this is the greatest end that any villain could ask for

    BrunimationsBrunimations8 days ago
  • "the end was quick.. And extra *T H I C C C* "

    Snake HouseSnake House12 days ago
  • Does aku have an n word pass

    Erica KrausErica Kraus22 days ago
  • Claim your, “You revisited Ticket here!”

    YrmaYrmaMonth ago
  • A K U W A Y

    mr bampammr bampam2 months ago
  • Even now this is great

    Chance GivensChance Givens2 months ago
  • Oh yes I did. =D

    AlexAlex2 months ago
  • Mako would’ve loved it ❤️👹❤️

    DemocritiesDemocrities2 months ago
  • Love people are still are watching this

    Papple40Papple402 months ago
  • the funny part is that when he said the word EXTRA THICC! it almost sound like EXTRA D*CK

    Hiếu Trung LươngHiếu Trung Lương2 months ago
  • 1:20 was absolutely hilarious for some reason- Edit: E X T R A T H I C C

    TheBloodBorne 95TheBloodBorne 952 months ago
  • Goodbye Aku(

    RushHallRushHall2 months ago

    Hiếu Trung LươngHiếu Trung Lương2 months ago
  • this is truly the fullest and best piece of fanart any series could ever get.

    djcool nyehfuldjcool nyehful2 months ago
  • Now I will never take Aku seriously

    carlos funezcarlos funez2 months ago
  • The end was quick And E X T R A T H I C C Indeed :o

    Michael SaidMichael Said2 months ago
  • Best rhyme in the song is "my word was law, bwahahaha. Bwahahaha"

    StarlightStarlight2 months ago
  • This video causes me pain on every level, including the metaphysical level

    Beywheelz HaterBeywheelz Hater2 months ago
  • I thought the impression was spot on until I found out that that was the actual voice actor of Aku

    The BlurThe Blur2 months ago
  • I imagine after he died he was teleported to the divine realm while dying into nothingness explaining why ashi still lives because aku still exists niversally

    DiaKorrus 18DiaKorrus 183 months ago
  • Extra T H I C H

    Mate MatkavaMate Matkava3 months ago
  • So he killed on Taco Tuesday..... what a legend.

    tw28tw283 months ago
  • If he alive. And i wonder why Ashi still said adios

    grabbin a problem solvergrabbin a problem solver3 months ago
  • I also have problems killing protagonists

    Boshikage BiraBoshikage Bira3 months ago
  • Eventually he stopped thinking

    Teawna GroveTeawna Grove3 months ago
  • и тут он падает на солнце

    Глеб ГорбуновГлеб Горбунов3 months ago
  • Man's got great Akustics.

    KayrielKayriel3 months ago
  • Omg this is amazing you have the best Aku voice omg my sides are splitting 😂 I subscribed 👍 thank you for this amazing tribute 👍

    Rarity StarRarity Star3 months ago
  • But now I'm gone, and now I'm dead. A S T U P I D S W O R D! S T U C K T H R O U G H M Y H E A D!

    Dylan NeibchDylan Neibch3 months ago
  • Rest In Peace Aku You are everyone's favorite antagonist.

    Dylan NeibchDylan Neibch3 months ago
  • Malaise filled all my days. I slaughtered billions, every Tuesday.

    Dylan NeibchDylan Neibch3 months ago
  • *in hell* I'm lonely was it really worth it my happiness my friends my daughters all gone but I did it AKUUUUUUUUUUS WAYYYYYYY

    The Doom SlayerThe Doom Slayer3 months ago
  • 1:25

    p0rK3_ p1gp0rK3_ p1g3 months ago
  • Extra thicc

    Col LobaCol Loba3 months ago
  • Nobody That one guy that slapt the bag of dirt at home depow 1:23

    Mr CheeseMr Cheese3 months ago
  • Finally youtube recommends me a good video

    guardianguardian3 months ago
  • I may be 3 years late to this but damn this is beautiful.

    Papple40Papple403 months ago

    A very fat Piece of blobA very fat Piece of blob3 months ago
  • frank would be proud

    Emperor Of MankindEmperor Of Mankind3 months ago
  • This is canon in my book

    The Conductor EsplinThe Conductor Esplin3 months ago
  • I wish I could thumbs this up more then once this is beautiful

    YardenaYardena3 months ago
  • *Extra thicc*

    Internet duckInternet duck3 months ago
  • Humor in his severed head getting into an argument with a martian bc his voice "sucks"?

    Dominater VIDominater VI3 months ago
  • 😂

    Mr Caia.Mr Caia.3 months ago
  • 1:25

    ORUKU SAKIORUKU SAKI3 months ago
  • Loners be like: Insert video your watching.

    Depressed SkittleDepressed Skittle3 months ago
  • “I slaughtered billions every Tuesday”

    Kevin CortesKevin Cortes3 months ago
  • Hello 2020 here

    hanoi asiohanoi asio3 months ago
  • Woah, this was before Mr. Perfect Cell's cover

    KVAcedo27KVAcedo273 months ago
  • the art in this is fuckin amazing

    someonesomeone3 months ago
  • "I slaughtered billions! Every Thursday! Oh yes i did!" He smiled the entire time and I cant stop laughing.

    vengeur50vengeur503 months ago
  • “EXTRA T H I C C “, the ladybug, and the startlingly beautiful way he sang “Aku’s way!” were such an overwhelming set of things to experience in such a short period of time, it caught me so off guard. I needed to take a break and grab a drink before I watched this again

    TheCanadianDaneTheCanadianDane3 months ago
  • Since he ended up in space, i guess he eventually stopped thinking

    Gabriel Ignacio Venegas AravenaGabriel Ignacio Venegas Aravena3 months ago
  • 0:36 Warframe gameplay in a nutshell

    A mildly depressed Reptilian OverlordA mildly depressed Reptilian Overlord3 months ago
  • Aku has stopped thinking...

    Bertalan FabianBertalan Fabian3 months ago

    suprised doggosuprised doggo3 months ago

    LonkLonk3 months ago
  • Extra THICC

    Another RainAnother Rain3 months ago
  • Remaster?

    hipslice 692hipslice 6923 months ago
  • So this is how he entertains himself

    Greater DanemarkGreater Danemark3 months ago
  • And now im dead

    kostas kamikazikostas kamikazi3 months ago
  • This is now canon

    EpigEpig3 months ago
  • Aku is just a mood

    LuLu3 months ago
  • I kinda prefer this one better than the oficial

    DeftwhistleDeftwhistle3 months ago
  • This was beautiful. You have made my day.

    Starflare the WizardStarflare the Wizard3 months ago
  • This is like something from sr pelo

    AwesomeCrow 2667AwesomeCrow 26673 months ago
  • This is getting recommended to me for some reason but I am not complaining. This was so great I think I will even watch Samurai Jack for the first time now!

    Gamemaster PZMGamemaster PZM3 months ago
  • I came back to this video just for him to say “XTRA THICC”

    LianJie's StuffLianJie's Stuff3 months ago
  • Incredible

    Jack HubbardJack Hubbard3 months ago
  • Aku means me in Indonesia That means Aku's way is technically means My way

    ZA WARUDOZA WARUDO3 months ago
    • It also means that his name is "Me". That is effing hilarious. 😆 Imagining it now: Samurai: "What's your name, oh shapeshifting master of darkness?" The Darkness: "Me?" Samurai: " 'Me' huh. Then today shall be remembered as the day that I slew Me!" And that's how the nameless darkness came to be called Aku, due to a misunderstanding. Kind of like how the nameless samurai came to be called Jack, due to slang. 😆

      Dane MillerDane Miller3 months ago
    • The World, what are you doing here?

      Zizixx SamuraiZizixx Samurai3 months ago
    • You learn something new everyday huh

      No this is patrickNo this is patrick3 months ago
  • why did this only get recommended to me now this is awesome

    SpongousSpongous3 months ago
  • Actually... There's a difference between immortal and invincible. So in a way to completely kill a joke. He was immortal.

    Aaron DonnellyAaron Donnelly3 months ago
  • That fucking smile when he said every Tuesday. Weirdly though, I don’t see him taking that much enjoyment in whole sale slaughter. He still likes it, but it’s that intimate, simple, but torturous revenge that really gets his rocks off. Like how he could’ve killed Jack’s dad, but kept him alive as a slave for over 20 years on a wheel, that constantly spun a totem of Aku. He wanted his enemies to suffer more than just die. The exception being Jack of course as it seemed like he always had the sword on him.

    Goliath117 Look upGoliath117 Look up3 months ago
  • The only way this could be better if Samurai Jack heard this as he killed Aku. He would have no idea what was going on.

    aaron maldonadoaaron maldonado3 months ago
  • Beautiful

    H.P. WallnutH.P. Wallnut3 months ago
  • A good ending for aku thank you turn montage

    Sir Pentious Fak offSir Pentious Fak off3 months ago
  • Petition to use this during the final episode of Samurai Jack Abridged

    Chris ColumboChris Columbo3 months ago
  • "And i did it akus waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    JustAGuyWhoDrawsJustAGuyWhoDraws3 months ago
  • The end was Quick.... And.. EXTRA T H I C C H

    DRAGON _boi 09DRAGON _boi 093 months ago
  • oh hey this exists very nice

    Ya Squishy boiYa Squishy boi3 months ago
  • The extra thicc made me laugh.

    TakTheFoxTakTheFox3 months ago
  • Shut up aka

    Keiro TyKeiro Ty3 months ago
  • 1:25 🤣🤣

    Aaron McChesneyAaron McChesney3 months ago
  • I slaughtered billions! Every *Tuesday* Oh yes.....Oh yes I did :)

    Dino Master2Dino Master23 months ago
  • If he slaughtered billions every Tuesday what did he do on every Monday?

    Dragon Master08Dragon Master083 months ago
  • Don't worry, he will find kars and together they will come back to the earth

    GastoneGastone3 months ago
  • Franck sinatra mixed with samurai jack,... Why kit

    Synth- ZeroSynth- Zero3 months ago
  • So that's why he hired someone like Scaramouche.

    AlexAlex3 months ago
  • this is sooo good And 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

    Juan Ignacio Pinto RiveraJuan Ignacio Pinto Rivera3 months ago
  • (How did happend you ask?) After a fight with Jack once again....aku had killed ashi before she could use his powers against him......then Jack tapped into the power of the magic sword and hits a devastating blow launching aku to space.......for where.....he slowly......some how.......freezes....and he slowly dies....

    a never changing turnipa never changing turnip3 months ago
  • 乇乂ㄒ尺卂几ㄒ卄|匚匚 |几ᗪ乇乇ᗪ

    M Mears • 38 years agoM Mears • 38 years ago3 months ago

    foodfood3 months ago
  • 1:57 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

    im bbgamer101im bbgamer1013 months ago
  • Wha? Not saying that I don’t like that idea to give Aku some closing words since I think that would have been good.

    Bastion RobinBastion Robin3 months ago
  • Na this *HAS* to be canon

    JD HertzJD Hertz3 months ago
  • I thought it was going to be Haiku but this was even better

    Nanchisan NanchisanNanchisan Nanchisan3 months ago
  • This was beautiful

    Ryan DobbsRyan Dobbs3 months ago
  • Why am I seeing this now

    Nancy AndersonNancy Anderson3 months ago
  • Aku was the impostor 0 impostors left

    Mr. imbecileMr. imbecile3 months ago