Pyramid Head Reacts to Konami's New Slot Machines at G2E 2014 πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²

May 18, 2015
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Koji Igarashi left Konami so he could make his own Castlevania type game, now Hideo Kojima is going to leave after MGS5, then Silent Hills was cancelled. Konami said traditional games are not worth the effort, so they're shifting their main focus to casino and mobile gaming (and I heard they run some gyms in Japan or something).
I found this G2E video yesterday and I couldn't believe it, I thought it was a joke at first. When Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills was cancelled I almost cried. I cannot think of more able people to revive the franchise, now we get nothing. Konami has become an evil corporation and they don't even realize it. It breaks my heart.
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  • Pyramid head? Oh you talkin bout Phineas

    ThesoulofprosThesoulofprosMonth ago
  • Lol, the link says that the original video doesn't exist. So they take the video down or does it have a another link? Edit: I was looking on YT and their channel has only

    Yong -ZheYong -Zhe2 months ago
  • Why does it hurt lol

    D3AD3ND3DD3AD3ND3D3 months ago
  • Man, I was getting tired of carrying all this money... Finally a place where I know I can just dump all of it.

    MadDooferMadDoofer3 months ago
  • Well, at least he’s in Dead by Daylight

    OxiTapeOxiTape3 months ago
  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜’πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜’πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ŸπŸ˜’πŸ™ƒπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜’πŸ™ƒπŸ˜’πŸ™ƒπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ₯΄πŸ’€β˜ οΈπŸ‘»

    Eric Dela cruzEric Dela cruz3 months ago
  • wow i think he died from Boredom

    Eric Dela cruzEric Dela cruz3 months ago
  • Hearing these guys makes me sick to my stomach

    AWiseCrowAWiseCrow4 months ago
  • 3:40 "The upcoming year will be very exciting *FOR KONAMY*" You see, not even for "customers". Just Konami. This would be a great parody if it wasn't real. The same is happening all over again in 2020 at Blizzard's HQ.

    HELLcopter TSHELLcopter TS5 months ago
  • they dont have respect for the real games, this is a real shame

    FlutterBat89 XFlutterBat89 X5 months ago
  • This in my opinion is fucking pathetic and absolutely moronic on multiple levels. They had s good thing going with silent hill and its upcoming movie was hyped by many fans of the franchise but then they drop this fucking droopy ass bombshell on everyone! R.I.P Silent hill series for one, and for two, doesn't this just exemplify the fact that konami are now no longer stingy game Devs but are now greedy enough to con people into playing fucking slot machines.

    bean machinebean machine6 months ago
  • At they're not like EA Building casino mechanics in games.

    cpt nordbartcpt nordbart7 months ago
  • ok

    MakafushigiMakafushigi7 months ago
  • LOL!!!

    castlev1986castlev19868 months ago
  • *Japan using American capitalist marketing* Pyramid Head: *Me*

    AestheticCruiseAestheticCruise9 months ago
  • No! We want to go to Silent Hill and follow the story of someone with a dark story behind them that causes them to imagine monsters symbolic of their guilt!

    Mushroom HeadMushroom Head11 months ago
  • 3:48 Yeah I agree Pyramid Head.

    Personal YtPersonal YtYear ago
  • Wtf is Konami doing?

    TheBlueKnightTheBlueKnightYear ago

    Unknow0059Unknow0059Year ago
  • Poor Pyramid Head =(

    MK1MonsterOck1989MK1MonsterOck1989Year ago
  • Did he just commit neck impale?

    DanielDanielYear ago
  • Pyramid head is my favorite monster

    Rodrick the gaming pyropeRodrick the gaming pyropeYear ago
  • perfect reactions

    Agent Smith : Retro GamerAgent Smith : Retro GamerYear ago
  • Eduardo Aching... Tinha que ter brasileiro nessa porra...

    LizzardMFKLizzardMFKYear ago
  • 2:03 "We've taken good care of the licensing." >.>

    SkizzenhaftSkizzenhaftYear ago
  • Only good one was that rotating one

    savoteemusavoteemuYear ago
  • It looks like a parody, the way they speak about these machines...

    TempTempYear ago
  • "Innovate" you use that word but i don't think you know what it means.

    fizziefizzieYear ago
  • 2:01 may the lady's shadow fall upon you konami

    Asher TargaryenAsher TargaryenYear ago
  • Rich people games look boring.

    PaintballShyguyPaintballShyguyYear ago
  • I haven’t watched something so cringeworthy in a long time... Why Konami?! WHY??? Nice β€œgraphics” Konami, now where’s the actual β€œgameplay”?

    DarkMirria1DarkMirria1Year ago
  • Did Armstrong take over Konami just to anger us to Fight our own War?

    Uncle PaulUncle PaulYear ago
  • Noticed a few games at my seminole casino. Pay out is crap just like the games.

    Saul GSaul GYear ago
  • These assholes own Castlevania.

    Cross SabreCross SabreYear ago
    • I wish Koji Igarashi owned Castlevania instead...

      DarkMirria1DarkMirria1Year ago
  • This is my favorite video

    xXBlackKZoruaXxxXBlackKZoruaXx2 years ago
  • wow...i've never seen someone willingly shoot themselves in the foot like this...with a bazooka

    SamsaraSamsara2 years ago
  • Slot machines. "Great gameplay." Slot machines have literally no gameplay. You press a button, a cutscene plays, and it tells you that you lost. That's the entirety of the "game". That's not a game, it doesn't satisfy the definition of what a game is, there's nothing to play, nothing to do. It's not entertaining, it's not profitable (for the "player"), it's not _anything._ The only reason I think slot machines shouldn't be outright illegal, is because anyone who knows how they work and what they do, and still somehow decides to... _use_ them, deserves to lose their money for being so godsdamn retarded. Schools all over the world need to teach children not to gamble and why, with nothing but absolute, uncompromising truthfulness, no stupid scare tactics and lies (like they do with anti-drug campaigns), until there's no excuse for anyone to be uninformed about how stupid it is to gamble in casinos and on these money-stealing machines, so truly only people who are actually fucking retarded ever gamble again.

    theuncalledfortheuncalledfor2 years ago
  • Me too Pyramid Head. Me too.

    Hazard RiderHazard Rider2 years ago
  • This is gross and embarrassing....

    Isaac AlmeidaIsaac Almeida2 years ago
  • I think it's time for PH to punish some people at Konami.

    Invader Of DarknessInvader Of Darkness2 years ago
  • How to kill your fans

    The Salvadorian WarriorThe Salvadorian Warrior2 years ago
  • this is why people is still pissed off till today, finally found the video since the original one was deleted. Guess Konami couldn’t handle the shitstorm.

    IceIce2 years ago
  • Guess he couldn't find any work after silent hills was cancelled....

    ToadboydudeToadboydude2 years ago
  • I kept hearing "This is insulting" over and over until I realized I was screaming at my tv

    Sammy FoxSammy Fox2 years ago
  • Well I was in a good mood today untill I saw this.

    Andrew AndersonAndrew Anderson2 years ago
  • gamble your money on slot machines of franchises you wish we cared about

    Polverine74Polverine742 years ago
  • since I'm back here... Casino "gamers" (ugh...) would say "videogames are for kids, they are stupid and waste of time", then go sit at slot machines like zombies, not thinking, just pushing coins in and getting into actual mindless stupor.

    infirmuxinfirmux2 years ago
  • I think the worst part is that they’re acting like these slot machines are the most innovative, engaging, and creative thing since sliced bread. β€œWoah, look, the slots are now on its side and it’s going towards you! That’s so creative!”

    NinjaMaster909NinjaMaster9092 years ago
  • That's one of the best reactions I've ever seen

    ShaezoShaezo3 years ago

    Polverine74Polverine743 years ago
  • I had the same reaction as PH...

    Kurogari NekozawaKurogari Nekozawa4 years ago
  • Goddammit, the only new thing for Contra in the modern era of games is a fucking slot machine?

    SammEaterSammEater5 years ago
  • so much bullshit that industry... dumb chance and bling bling bling

    infirmuxinfirmux5 years ago
  • Wow Konami really shit the bed. They won't last long.

    Fleisch-Maschine ProductionsFleisch-Maschine Productions5 years ago
  • Every fuckwit that engaged in CS:GO skin gambling, bet on E-Sports matches, and who gave attention to streamers that played online casinos are partly responsible for making Konami think there is a "gaming" demographic to fucking casinos.

    cardsharkaacardsharkaa5 years ago
    • E-Sports betting is the kind of gambling that, while I wouldn't engage in it myself, I can actually kind of respect. So long as the matches aren't rigged, you can make informed guesses on who wins, and get a better-than-pure-luck chance to win. It involves some kind of skill and engagement, you have to follow the games, understand the skills of the pro players and how they match up against each other, etc. Ultimately it's still luck, but the odds are shifted a bit by skill and knowledge. It might even be possible to make a profit in the long run (without having to be the "house"). Shit like gambling machines, however, I agree is complete and utter trash. A waste of time and money for people with severely lacking brain cells.

      theuncalledfortheuncalledfor2 years ago
  • What the fuck...

    qqr qqrrqqr qqrr5 years ago
  • You can't talk about great gameplay, 3D sound and game design when talking about slot machines. They're motherfucking slot machines. Eat shit, Konami.

    WildWastelandWildWasteland5 years ago
  • Gambling ruins everything.

    Benjamin the FoxBenjamin the Fox5 years ago
  • How the fuck did they manage to get permission from Wizards of the Coast to use the D&D license for a motherfucking slot machine? What a disgrace.

    MalovonMalovon5 years ago
    • +Malovon WOTC owned by Hasbro, who have been collectively fucking MTG players for years

      3pacdro Ru3pacdro Ru5 years ago
  • hello konami, fuck you konami!

    fforrestfunkkfforrestfunkk5 years ago
  • I just don't even fucking care about the gaming industry anymore... I hope it implodes on itself

    RabaalXer0RabaalXer05 years ago
  • so since konami now has d&d and theyve moved it to slots, does that mean that d&d is over?

    Blockhead134Blockhead1345 years ago
  • It was the dog all along!

    Raptor DaveRaptor Dave5 years ago
  • upload again, youtube are deleting the searches about the video.

    Ian FernandezIan Fernandez5 years ago
  • I went to a local casino here pretty recently, and they had this DnD game. As an avid DnD player, I just knew this was the game for me. Played it once. Hated it. Walked away in shame (with only slightly less money, thank goodness.)

    Alex DevusAlex Devus5 years ago

    sebaknight1sebaknight15 years ago
  • Do I remind you that a video game themed slot machine is *still* just a glorified casino slot machine?

    It's No Use - Yours will be a stillbornIt's No Use - Yours will be a stillborn5 years ago
  • Great video, the only problem I saw with it is that you used the Silent Hill Homecoming Pyramid Head...

    Cameron AdamsCameron Adams5 years ago
  • Fuck Konami.

    Captain FerretCaptain Ferret5 years ago
  • I was really hoping you'd make pyramid head smack his face on a desk more and more often as the video went on

    LazahNinjaLazahNinja5 years ago
  • Genius.

    Grandpa ParrotGrandpa Parrot5 years ago
  • First Iga, after Kojima and mobile games, and know this. WTF is wrong with you Konami?

    Otger FabreOtger Fabre5 years ago
  • Fuck this greedy BS and fuck Konami. What will happen to the Silent Hill, Castlevania, Metal Gear IPs etc?? lol gameplay, fuck off

    YoshiYogurtYoshiYogurt5 years ago
  • Fuck Konami through seven hells with a sand paper dildo wrapped in barbed wire tipped with battery acid.

    sozajsozaj5 years ago
  • God damn it, Konami! Everyone knows that the stupidest gamers are the gamblers and mobile phone/pad gamers--the ones that are willing to throw away tons of money for just a few more minutes of gameplay! And Konami definitely knows it and is willing to cash in on that stupidity! There isn't even any "gameplay" in these "games", let alone "amazing and innovative gameplay."

    sozajsozaj5 years ago

    Murdoc2568Murdoc25685 years ago
  • S-Silent Hills? *Slowly extends hand towards the shrinking bright light*

    γ€Ž S C A R E D - A M E R I C A γ€γ€Ž S C A R E D - A M E R I C A 』5 years ago
  • Well this was unexpected. I was expecting Sega would think of this first. I was thinking something along the lines of "Sonic Pachinko" for mobile.

    Kirbysmith64Kirbysmith645 years ago
  • Welcome to our real life Silent Hill. The monsters are almost as grotesque as in the games.

    Mlow44Mlow445 years ago
  • Please tell me Silent Hills is still going to be released...

    Enclave SympathiserEnclave Sympathiser5 years ago
  • So the new business model is to turn all their IPs into stupid gambling games Once again money destroys everything

    PMeursaultPMeursault5 years ago
  • Well, atleast the framerate for these games are still good...

    WerDeDeDeWerDeDeDe5 years ago
  • Clever ways to take an idiot's money.

    GodFather MenkeGodFather Menke5 years ago
  • Oh fuck you Konami, fuck your "innovations".

    Wolf WorksWolf Works5 years ago
  • Can't tell if this is a joke... or it's serious

    Hungrymonster67Hungrymonster675 years ago
  • At first I thought this was a College Humor parody of the real thing, but then I realized I thought too highly of Konami. After MGS5, I truly hope Konami goes under just so they'll sell their franchises and the Fox engine to other developers who might do the IP's justice. I'd boycott MGS5, but I respect Hideo Kojima too much to not do his work justice.

    japanimater777japanimater7775 years ago
  • I feel like Konami just stumbled into the video game industry, published a few titles, then walked right out, not knowing they funded some of the greatest games of all time. Whoops.

    turingsghostturingsghost5 years ago
    • Aaaand holy shit TerminalMontage just liked my comment. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      turingsghostturingsghost5 years ago
  • So, essentially Konami will stop making money from me and start making money off my mom (assuming the local casinos buy their slots). Wow, if I told myself this the first time I played Castlevania 2 I wouldn't have believed it.

    kamikaze9699kamikaze96995 years ago
  • KONAMI is fucked. Fuck KONAMI. They deserve to die after this bullshit.

    ZarrakanZarrakan5 years ago
  • This inspired me to make this. Maybe?

    Celuan1999Celuan19995 years ago
  • konami fans: raging Capcom fans: *drinks wine as they are already numb to the pain*

    Michael AiyedunMichael Aiyedun5 years ago
  • Well done. C'monnnnn Bloodstained!

    EnragedSephirothEnragedSephiroth5 years ago
  • Haha, and Konami has the comments disabled on the original video. I'd throw my copy of Metal Gear Rising in a shredder if I hadn't already paid for it. It's obvious "More revenue return" is the only thing they give one single solitary shit about. I guess I'll be getting MGS5 used.

    kurisu7885kurisu78855 years ago
  • Seeing Contra on the side of a slot machine just fucking made my blood boil. No I know I can never ever visit a casino because if I see one of these or worse, a Metal Gear one I'll want to fucking take a bat to it.

    kurisu7885kurisu78855 years ago
  • Oops how embarrassing, I think they mistook the word "GAME" and "GAMEPLAY" with bullshit. Someone should really tell them of what a glaring mistake they have made...

    TheKetsupTheKetsup5 years ago
  • What even IS this? Konami cancels games for _this_??? I don't even know what I'm looking at!!

    Obsidian WaspObsidian Wasp5 years ago
  • Konami, I'd tell you to go and f*** yourself, but I'm pretty sure you just did.

    Typhlo10Typhlo105 years ago
  • Pyramid Head summarizes my reaction quite well. I MEAN WTF?!

    supergeno128dssupergeno128ds5 years ago
  • Fuck konami. In the bum. With a spear.

    Fabricio MartinsFabricio Martins5 years ago
  • This is just cringeworthy.

    Tomas KagrellTomas Kagrell5 years ago