Pokemon Red: Rock Tunnel

Aug 9, 2012
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This was originally uploaded on Machinima a few months ago: usworlds.info/slow/video/fJtopGusopifq6U and now it's on my channel! Stay tuned and subscribe, I'm working on more stuff now :)

  • That’s honestly how I felt when I got stuck in the caves so I had to search how to get out 🤣

    Armandorules7Armandorules73 hours ago
  • Zubatman's origin story

    The Nerd BeastThe Nerd BeastMonth ago
  • Would've been better if it looked like George until it approached then i turns out to be a man torn in half.

    EndravenEndravenMonth ago
  • Wonder what psychologically changed him to embrace his inner memes of the today time?

    marinescu0511marinescu0511Month ago
  • Should have had repellent and set it all on fire. You can never have enough fire.

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPaw3 months ago
  • God this is so fucking accurate...

    hypernovaDhypernovaD5 months ago
  • Wow you've come so far. Hell yea brother.

    AlexAlex6 months ago
  • Nightmare intensify

    Austin The Doge Gamer // Doggo productionsAustin The Doge Gamer // Doggo productions6 months ago
  • That was creepy

    SkyFoxSkyFox7 months ago
  • Next time,get a Repel or an Escape Rope.

    Josh Creator GALAXYJosh Creator GALAXY8 months ago
  • Invader zim-esque

    Forrest PattersonForrest Patterson9 months ago
  • Inaccurate, not enough zubats.

    VincentXPVincentXP9 months ago
  • Red in 2020 is now with CORONAVIRUS after that

    Keyla CarvalhoKeyla Carvalho10 months ago
  • I saw this as a kid... very very different I say.

    lazyturtle189lazyturtle18911 months ago
  • Terminal.. charmeleon lived. It’s tail stayed lit (it’s charmander stage description stays )

    ShadowFlame_75ShadowFlame_75Year ago
  • I dont know if im the only one but back then when i first played it i was unable to read (fast enough) so i just went through there completely blind. I just a few years ago found out that you dont have to go through the rock tunnel in pure darkness God I hated that tunnel i think more than anyone else...

    EinherjarEinherjarYear ago
  • Absolutely accurate

    ScreamingBeastScreamingBeastYear ago
  • I thought he had,like,5 other Pokémon?

    Norma Mohd NorNorma Mohd NorYear ago
  • oh god no!

    Dan KingDan KingYear ago
  • 2019

    HeahtTankHeahtTankYear ago
  • Damn this was lowkey scary

    DanielX64DanielX64Year ago
  • When your charmeleon is already fainted and you have to fight the rest of the zubats off with your recently evolved Beedrill with Poison Sting and a Metapod.

    DreamyDreamyYear ago
  • Zubat, Zubat, Zubat everywhere

    Lilianna KalimbaLilianna KalimbaYear ago
  • If only he had an escape rope.

    Maximus_1234Maximus_1234Year ago
  • charmeleon, help me¡! hahahaha Si pokemon fuera realista

  • Zubatman: Origins

    Cross SabreCross SabreYear ago
  • 1:31 And that's why pokemon fans you always carry a pokemon repellent.

    Josh Creator GALAXYJosh Creator GALAXYYear ago
  • *It Reminds me of T-Pose infection *

    Rhomar D. CardinalRhomar D. CardinalYear ago
  • That was nightmare fuel, just like going through the cave blind

    Shiny CatsShiny CatsYear ago
  • He he he HeartGold HeartGold he he he he HeartGold HeartGold he he he he HeartGold HeartGold

    Mr_link_Mr_link_2 years ago
    • OMG thanks do muchas for they heart terminal montage

      Mr_link_Mr_link_2 years ago
  • He shouldn’t of just bring out his other Pokémon😑

    MationMePod6MationMePod62 years ago
  • Wow! Your art style was really different back then!

    Roboto64Roboto642 years ago
  • Should’ve used an escape rope.

    Maximus_1234Maximus_12342 years ago
  • 10 year old me, victory road, proceed to catch 3 shiny golbat

    RegunesRegunes2 years ago
  • 1:06 PlEaSe HeLp Me

    FesthawkFesthawk2 years ago
  • And I love how you used classic Red instead of dumb old Remake Red

    JAW stuntzJAW stuntz2 years ago
  • This is my favorite gen!! Even though I'm born around gen 3

    JAW stuntzJAW stuntz2 years ago
  • Jesus Christ

    Amini mooseAmini moose2 years ago
  • For KIDS Yaaaayyyyy

    Quentin SaulQuentin Saul2 years ago
  • www.change.org/p/nintendo-add-waluigi-to-smash-bros-switch?recruiter=888938523&

    HackedtowerHackedtower2 years ago
  • CHAR.......yeah

    Legal ZA0Legal ZA02 years ago
  • Geodude wow

    Peter in supreme is a snaccPeter in supreme is a snacc2 years ago
  • Isn't that Mt. Moon?

    Drth VrdrDrth Vrdr2 years ago
  • My how your channel has grown over the last 6 years

    PerefLPerefL2 years ago
  • How the hell does a Charmeleon lose to a Zubat? All they have is Leech Life. It's a bug move. Charmeleon is resistant to bug moves.

    Chase OmegaChase Omega2 years ago
    • @OmegaChase1002 there are just to many zubats

      Stella The legendStella The legend6 months ago
    • @Chase Omega I guess someone deleted his comments, 'cause it looks like you're talking to yourself

      Doll - MasterDoll - Master8 months ago
    • Or Charmeleon just gives zero fucks at all.

      Andres E. Gomez M.Andres E. Gomez M.11 months ago
    • And then leech life became giant

      Draco MundoDraco MundoYear ago
    • Running out of PP and being too slow to run away

      NessNess2 years ago
  • good thing you were on the toilet or else you would of shit your pants heh heh

    Emerald PowerEmerald Power2 years ago
  • One tiny cave The ammount of zubats in it are *Unlimited*

    Unquestionable ExistanceUnquestionable Existance2 years ago
    • No it's OVER 9000

      Cra-Z-CraftCra-Z-Craft2 years ago
    • Ok thanks you liked the comment in under a minute Wow

      Unquestionable ExistanceUnquestionable Existance2 years ago
  • So he got through the first 50 steps without any zubats or geodudes appearing? lucky him! Too bad he was ripped apart though by zubats

    Shrubb BeatsShrubb Beats2 years ago
  • Scariest geodude ever.

    MonsterSmikeMonsterSmike2 years ago
  • I didn't have this problem, because you could see if you tilted the screen just right. Because they didnt make everything actually pitch black like they did in the second gen. 5 year old me was pretty smart. B^)

    moramora2 years ago

    Codoffoop ÜberchargedCodoffoop Übercharged2 years ago

    the gaming terrarianthe gaming terrarian3 years ago
  • So true this is how i feel exept with bulbasaur

    the gaming terrarianthe gaming terrarian3 years ago
  • moral of the story never go in rock cave or any cave without tm flash

    robcartree the bot masterrobcartree the bot master3 years ago
  • When I picked Squirtle as my starter nothing bad happened but when I picked Charmander I had trouble in cave areas. Weird...

    Lizandra JardimLizandra Jardim3 years ago
  • More like wtf

    Lea BanksLea Banks4 years ago
  • Zubats haunt my dreams now...

    cuz04cuz044 years ago
  • Yo the fear was real.

    TNTTNT4 years ago
  • i don't get it

    Dart DeviousDart Devious4 years ago

      DurawaFuanDurawaFuan4 years ago
  • wow that escalated quickly

    MPROXXMPROXX4 years ago
  • Isn't it kind of ironic that he used adobe flash for an animation about Not using flash?

    thelost247thelost2475 years ago
    • Or Repels & Escape Ropes?

      Josh Creator GALAXYJosh Creator GALAXYYear ago
  • Reminds me of invader zim

    PhrozenoverPhrozenover5 years ago
  • I was kind of expecting a huge Onyx to rise from the depths

    André ForsbergAndré Forsberg5 years ago
  • I can never look at Zubat the same way again

    Gem CarryGem Carry5 years ago
  • 4000th like. ftw

    lesROKnoobzlesROKnoobz5 years ago

    Chazz brownChazz brown5 years ago
  • We need more of this

    carlosfer2201carlosfer22015 years ago
  • Reminded me of Invader Zim.

    WhoandwhyWhoandwhy5 years ago
  • 1:23 Is that a K'or slug Zubat Hybrid??!!??!!

    aceace5 years ago
  • What kind of noob doesn't have a full team of six by Rock Tunnel?

    FairySlashFairySlash6 years ago
    • I only had ivysaur and pikach

      Killer BleachKiller Bleach3 years ago
    • +Robbie DeWitt this was one year ago!....... Oh wait your one year ago :)

      HedgehogHedgehog4 years ago
    • GUYS! Can't we all just get along? Oh wait. This is the internet. I'll just grab some popcorn and watch you go at it

      Robbie LiddleRobbie Liddle5 years ago
    • You still didn't comment much on my original comment, though. Lame subject change.

      FairySlashFairySlash6 years ago
    • @FairySlash Le Sacre then stop complaining about others who don't know perfect english,is pretty useless.

      massimiliano miniomassimiliano minio6 years ago
  • 1:23 That's okay sleeping was over rated anyway...

    Monstrous PiratelordMonstrous Piratelord6 years ago
    • Right? Totally needed that nightmare fuel thanks...-_-'

      Joseph CaveraJoseph CaveraYear ago
  • Your animations are great, keep it up! Thanks for sharing

    Francisco Guzman AyonFrancisco Guzman Ayon6 years ago
  • Bullshit, Charmeleon's tail was still flaming like shit.

    DoganDogan6 years ago
    • He was being eaten alive.

      Jurassic ReptileJurassic Reptile6 years ago
  • I can't go in caves anymore

    Morgan RoseMorgan Rose6 years ago
  • Should've used Flash...

    Mimiko Tsukiyo aka JesserflyMimiko Tsukiyo aka Jesserfly6 years ago
    • I don't know how to tell u this but... F-flash is g-gone now

      Trenchy ChanTrenchy ChanMonth ago
    • I came from future to tell u the void of the total darkness around player is the best part.

      Bruno MartinsBruno Martins3 months ago
  • now thats how many zubats you encounter in a cave

    DaveShotYaDaveShotYa6 years ago
  • thats also 26 yr old me :D

    anthemofadamanthemofadam6 years ago
  • I played this tunnel always without the VM05 which made everything bright :D and yeah on the Toilet too...

    ExgeckoExgecko6 years ago
  • Me: *playing my pokemon leaf green rom* I WILL NAVIGATE ROCK TUNNEL WITHOUT FLASH!!! *1 minute later* fuck it, I'm going back to get flash, I can't see for crap >:(

    Nicole LekagulNicole Lekagul6 years ago
  • Ooh, that nostalgia. :3

    ZarniroxZarnirox6 years ago
  • R.I.P headphone users

    Lautaro Bent LongoLautaro Bent Longo6 years ago
  • This is all true

    butt1jacob2butt1jacob26 years ago
  • This is on par with invader zim xD that scream

    KaiserLamentKaiserLament6 years ago
  • If charmeleon was dead, his flame should have been out... or maybe he was still alive? just not quite dead yet. Still feeling pain as he was eaten alive...

    WinkWink9000WinkWink90006 years ago
    • You saw the last flicker before his tail accidentally caught a zubat on fire, duh

      Alpha TangoAlpha Tango6 months ago
    • He blacked out, so it should have fainted.

      Teun BuwaldaTeun Buwalda6 years ago
    • Faint? The dudes meat got torn from his bones, he's dead Jim.

      WinkWink9000WinkWink90006 years ago
  • I had no intention of sleeping anyway...

    megablock615megablock6156 years ago
  • And thus, Zubatman was born...

    Mason PraterMason Prater6 years ago
  • Yes 10 year old me was always on the crapper playing pokemon

    Baby GrinchBaby Grinch6 years ago
  • Couldn't get away!

    Spectral SheepSpectral Sheep7 years ago
  • lol i'm proud of myself for getting through this place without flash at 5 years old. Nowadays i know every turn of rock tunnel because i've gone through it so much.

    CallMeMrPiGuyCallMeMrPiGuy7 years ago
  • The origin story of Zubatman?

    XancrimXancrim7 years ago
    • 👏👏👏

      Conscious CareConscious CareYear ago
    • GODDAMNIT I was gonna comment that.

      Ayden BurgessAyden Burgess7 years ago

    YotunfrauYotunfrau7 years ago
  • Worse thing for me was, 10 year old me playing Red version had no idea the "Flash" TM existed. Went through the whole cave blind...

    TheDustyMuffinsssTheDustyMuffinsss7 years ago
    • Me too

      Killer BleachKiller Bleach3 years ago
    • A friend of mine was stuck for a whole year like this.. I still wonder how Twitch plays Pokemon got through this xD

      NekroNekoNegroNekroNekoNegro4 years ago
  • Favorited just for the relation to me at 1:35

    sg1simmonssg1simmons7 years ago
  • Hahaha charmilian died by zubates XD

    InsaneBeast 18InsaneBeast 187 years ago
  • Yup, there's a cave full of Zubat, I even had Charmeleon at the time. I started getting the shakes.....

    KaijudomageKaijudomage7 years ago
  • he was lucky to be on that toilet

    Michael CondeMichael Conde7 years ago
  • お月見山ねwしかもトイレでプレイとかwいまだにやってるしおれ。

    han rohan ro7 years ago
  • That's Just.... A Geodude...

    skoopskoop7 years ago
  • I had my torture on MT.Moon, on Yellow... AND I ONLY HAD PIKACHU! NO REPELS!!!! ToT

    scrxxncxpscrxxncxp7 years ago
  • This is how i felt when I entered Mt. Pyre in Ruby for the first time, just change the zubats to duskulls, those things were scary as shit back then.

    stefanfr13stefanfr137 years ago