Overwatch Short - D.Va Play of the Game

Oct 18, 2016
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I got Overwatch the other day and I learned a secret guys. The source of the D.Va pic is from MeFirstWeiner: mefirstwiener.tumblr.com/post/139321723903/mefirstwiener-mefirstwiener-cute-characters

My version of it can be found here: terminalmontage.deviantart.com/art/D-Va-picture-from-my-Overwatch-short-640883199

  • The time when he was called Jeremey Chinshue

    BrajanBrajanMonth ago
  • I love the epic background music! 😎❤️🎶

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY2 months ago
  • N E R F. T H I S.

    Noah CesbronNoah Cesbron2 months ago
  • Im in this picture and i like it

    GabrielX24 _GabrielX24 _4 months ago
  • GG

    Pink Paper ClipPink Paper Clip4 months ago
  • GG

    InfinityWarz101InfinityWarz1015 months ago
  • Do a something about overwatch please

    George DGeorge D6 months ago
  • The play of the game in every one of my overwatch games

    Killbot1013 :DKillbot1013 :D6 months ago
  • some of your best work ngl

    ****8 months ago
  • 대한민국 만세이(????) (I don't know what am i doing)

    Mr.햄톨Mr.햄톨8 months ago
  • How original

    SB43SB439 months ago
  • Love this video

    Milkman AssassinMilkman Assassin10 months ago
  • Azzy?

    Alejandro PerezAlejandro Perez10 months ago
  • L-O-L

    NikkoNikko11 months ago
  • As someone who plays Overwatch and lives it, but sucks at it... This is way to accurate

    Noodles Ya BoiNoodles Ya Boi11 months ago
    • Holy flip! I got like 2 hearts from TerminalMontage himself in the span of a week! I feel special

      Noodles Ya BoiNoodles Ya Boi11 months ago
  • I posted a comment in the first version, so imma make a v2 version of that... (scroll into the comments)

    • actually, no screw this, go watch the V1 animation

  • Weeb power lmao.

    Ratchet0203Ratchet0203Year ago
  • You play overwatch ?????

    Ant2784 :vAnt2784 :vYear ago
  • Completly right

    ??????????????Year ago
  • As a dva main i feel *attacked*

    Sammy UniverseSammy UniverseYear ago

    yous 5yous 5Year ago
  • That was awesome xD

    King JacobKing JacobYear ago
  • And that is why, ladies and gentlemen, I hate D.Va... with a passion. And Junk Rat. And Parah.

    Autobot SoldierAutobot SoldierYear ago
  • thanks for new avatar bro

    Никита ВареникНикита ВареникYear ago
  • *pLeAsE nErF tHiS*

    BombasticBombasticYear ago
  • 0:01 *The Vicious Cycle of **_Overwatch_* (tm)

    EVA_Unit_4AEVA_Unit_4AYear ago
  • e

    Demo-serverDemo-serverYear ago
  • *D.va** best girl*

    Red Stunt DoubleRed Stunt DoubleYear ago
  • 😁👌

    Obed 264Obed 264Year ago
  • 👌🏻

    LazySidewalks / The guy who does stuffLazySidewalks / The guy who does stuffYear ago
  • *_NERF THIS!!!_* (the omniverse implodes)

    HypercubeHypercubeYear ago
  • mad cuz bad

    unknown personunknown personYear ago
  • D.Va do you know what you just did your gonna have to give that kind of technology to the military

    the new kidthe new kidYear ago
  • Everbone dead

    Franco RodriguezFranco Rodriguez2 years ago
  • This is exataly overwatch

    emojitosemojitos2 years ago
  • D.Va got a kill feed of 7.7 billion

    DMG 115DMG 1152 years ago
  • Im already tracer

    AngryChickenAngryChicken2 years ago
  • *G G*

    Not So Polite BoiNot So Polite Boi2 years ago
  • Alluah ackbar

    JoeJoe2 years ago
  • Yep that needs to be nerfed

    Josh FreemanJosh Freeman2 years ago
  • Um... yes

    D.DoeD.Doe2 years ago
    • Nothing but yes

      D.DoeD.Doe2 years ago
    • Just....... yes

      D.DoeD.Doe2 years ago
  • You gotta do an undertale animation

    Robert WarrenRobert Warren2 years ago
  • Deflecting dem haters be like 0:03

    Shontelle HoyteShontelle Hoyte2 years ago
  • *GEE GEE*

    Veeti PaloautoVeeti Paloauto2 years ago
  • Please nerf that

    DakoyaDakoya2 years ago
  • 👌

    I'm dead sorryI'm dead sorry2 years ago
  • Damn those Koreans and their nukes!

    captloki13captloki132 years ago
    • captloki13 It's North Korea who builds deadly nukes.

      Greatlife10Greatlife102 years ago
  • Ah yes, Mr ULTIMATE MOVE ( broly + Omega meteor)

    JOEY P. HOWTOsJOEY P. HOWTOs2 years ago
  • GEE GEE More like Worst girl.

    HellSpoonHellSpoon2 years ago
  • *👌's in Korean*

    Dylan CangieDylan Cangie2 years ago
  • 🖕😬🖕 👌😆👌

    Sir ButtonZSir ButtonZ2 years ago
  • As a D.va main I approve this

    ALivingStoneALivingStone2 years ago
  • Mei players are the spawn of satan

    Beeb BloopBeeb Bloop3 years ago
  • *_N E R F T H I S_*

    LegodevLegodev3 years ago
    • Ok I rewatched the vid until the end and have one more thing to say. *_GG_*

      LegodevLegodev3 years ago
  • Gundam noises intensify

    Wesley JonesWesley Jones3 years ago
  • is that the ulti of Broly in budokai 3 for the background ?

    paon CAKEpaon CAKE3 years ago
  • listen to all the gundam sounds

    red lion alphared lion alpha3 years ago
  • 0:30 nice dental floss there

    Who PlaysWho Plays3 years ago
  • This funny thing is, after level 10 it takes a lot of timing just to get 1 kill....

    Sam B.Sam B.3 years ago
  • I only main D.VA for this

    BlueBlue3 years ago
  • That Mei Tho.

    TroiTroi3 years ago
  • first five seconds was beautiful...

    broom _broom _3 years ago
  • I can't get any more than two kills with D.Va's ult. It just won't happen. I play with masters and I can't even press Q right.

    Happy HaroldHappy Harold3 years ago
  • I am loving that Wing Gundam startup and booster sound.

    fartmachinefartmachine3 years ago
  • *_GEE GEE_*

    Toyo FoxToyo Fox3 years ago
  • RIP Replay Button

    Sunni DeLeonSunni DeLeon3 years ago
  • thats quite the spicy meme

    strobelightskystrobelightsky3 years ago
  • N E R F T H I S !

    The Blue PixelingThe Blue Pixeling3 years ago

    InfernousInfernous3 years ago
  • OverWatch Cringe XD ok hand plus manly face = absolutely perfect

    CutMedalCMplaysCutMedalCMplays4 years ago
  • your artstyle is simple yet hilarious haha i can laugh by just looking at it, I kinda forgot that feeling

    Juan Diego LimaJuan Diego Lima4 years ago
  • When you press Q just right

    HelisparkHelispark4 years ago
  • GG

    SlackerArtistSlackerArtist4 years ago
  • me every game

    RETSNOMRETSNOM4 years ago
  • I find your lack of junkrat disturbing

    [Redd_Underscore ][Redd_Underscore ]4 years ago
  • I need a gif of 0:01 to 0:04

    Adrian Paul IS THE HYPEAdrian Paul IS THE HYPE4 years ago
  • J E E J E E

    BribblesBribbles4 years ago
  • You know, when I get a quad kill as Zenyatta and a Pharah just uses Q on two people and gets PotG, or my comrade Lucio saves everyone with an E and then Q but then the enemy Mercy just gets PotG with a Q reviving just two people... FeelsBadMan. But as usual, masterful animation.

    Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!4 years ago
  • accurate af

    David ShoemakerDavid Shoemaker4 years ago
  • Jeremey its amazing! Best animation ever! :D

    ФриОнизФриОниз4 years ago
  • Smuggasmug

    Philip J. Fry IIPhilip J. Fry II4 years ago
  • *Ahem* That was "Shift + Q"

    Zachary MorganZachary Morgan4 years ago
  • got more than I came for. A+

    Dab YeetusDab Yeetus4 years ago
  • Hmm, was that broly's super in budokai 3 or something? Also I wonder if you've seen scott falco's "with a side of salt" series on overwatch, he just did d.va.

    Bobbydog66Bobbydog664 years ago
  • Wow! This looks great! Nice job!!

    doopman512doopman5124 years ago
  • I can't handle this asian kawaii gamer girl waifu shit

    John SmithJohn Smith4 years ago
  • The reality of this point killed my smile.

    GetGoodGuyGetGoodGuy4 years ago
  • Dis too tru

    Sa RuSa Ru4 years ago
  • Pretty much...

    TrAnMuTrAnMu4 years ago
  • Brilliant !

    v12vanquishv12vanquish4 years ago
  • Lol I wish that it was so simple

    Jeff CoomsalotJeff Coomsalot4 years ago
    • Chongo Power it is tho

      OrcaTheSmoothOrcaTheSmooth4 years ago
  • Top tier as always Jeremey

    N - AeraN - Aera4 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] oh im the Jewest of Tanks

      N - AeraN - Aera4 years ago
  • Virtual proof of how kamakazies in games make you win ALWAYS

    UndeadUndead4 years ago
  • Q Ultimates that always fail when I use them: - McCree Highnoon - Mercy Rezz - Dva Selfdestruct - Hanzo Dragons - Lucio BeatDrop ...

    Rum StacheRum Stache4 years ago
  • would have been great on somthing with a side of salt.

    VuntedumVuntedum4 years ago
  • Ah, another TerminalMontage animation on my subs feed. T'is a good day. 👏

    EnragedSephirothEnragedSephiroth4 years ago
  • Not even close to being true..still hilarious.

    BastealBasteal4 years ago
  • The ending lol

    HeroicIntellectHeroicIntellect4 years ago
  • Was that cutscene of the Earth from DBZ Budokai 3?

    CountofBleckCountofBleck4 years ago
  • The higher you climb the ladder the less and less likely you'll get D.va's ultimate to kill anyone sadly.

    KaruvattoKaruvatto4 years ago