NoPUNintendo - Where do I park my ship?

Oct 25, 2012
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Starfox's Voice:
Music: Main Menu from Star Fox 2.. Which never came out.
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  • This is what I was thinking the first time I heard corneria

    Sameera AlmenhaliSameera Almenhali23 days ago
  • I think the there was also a joke about ship sounding like s**t

    Super KirbySuper KirbyMonth ago
  • No one: Absolutely no one: Not even Fox: Captions: In The Clawed area

    Chris ReigøChris ReigøMonth ago
    • Bruh exactly

      Crispy0range _Crispy0range _23 days ago
  • These as been before "Hi-Ya"

    The Diego6mickThe Diego6mick2 months ago
  • 😂

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY5 months ago
  • Dude, that joke was so *CORNY!*

    Cap'nReynardCap'nReynard5 months ago
  • This was before Fox had a Melee career...

    DemationBoiDemationBoi8 months ago
  • Horrible pun. 10/10

    Aloe VeraAloe Vera8 months ago
  • I thought it said corona

    aWebtoon readeraWebtoon reader8 months ago
  • Do you think Sonic should play Heads or "Tails"? 🤣🤣

    George Greenwood's NexusGeorge Greenwood's Nexus9 months ago
  • Corneria... wow...

    OminousYTOminousYTYear ago
  • Turn auto-generated captions for all these videos *in the clawed area*

    I loaf NalaI loaf NalaYear ago

    Dwight GibsonDwight GibsonYear ago

    DnD DudeDnD DudeYear ago
  • 7.8/10,Too much corn.

    Fu TiffanyFu Tiffany2 years ago
  • This may sound stupid, but I don't get the joke.

    Mike GormanMike Gorman2 years ago
    • @Mike Gorman Corneria is Team Star Fox's home planet.

      〖twiilit_〗〖twiilit_〗Year ago
    • @Martin Zamorano I don't play Star Fox, so I still don't get the joke.

      Mike GormanMike Gorman2 years ago
    • A CORN-eria

      Martin ZamoranoMartin Zamorano2 years ago
  • So uhh, where do I park my ship? On the best ssb stage...

    ToadboydudeToadboydude2 years ago
    • Final destination

      James DuncanJames DuncanYear ago
  • Captain Falcon: Hey girl, wanna a trip in the Blue falco? falco: get it off me jerk!

    KalashKalash2 years ago
  • That was a very corny joke

    golden 273golden 2732 years ago
  • The fabled double pun.

    Zekeram12Zekeram122 years ago
  • o 0 |-

    Molo-MoloMolo-Molo3 years ago
  • "Reserved for the residents of hocotate" Olimar or Louie

    ShadySableye77ShadySableye773 years ago
  • You can see the Warp Star next to Hocotate.

    NintenBrosNintenBros4 years ago
  • Eyy... Warpstar and the Hocotate spot. I see what you did there.

    Michael GillespieMichael Gillespie4 years ago
  • No Body Noticed There Was A Corn Covering Half Of The Words

    HipStar ProductionsHipStar Productions4 years ago
  • coneria? more like corn area!

    Monte PareMonte Pare4 years ago
  • corney :P

    Pepe no pictr,lelPepe no pictr,lel4 years ago
    • the joke is:in star fox there is a planet Corneria.Get it?CORN AREA

      Pepe no pictr,lelPepe no pictr,lel4 years ago
  • I don't get it...

    Sandwich RobotSandwich Robot4 years ago
    • Corneia

      Blub BerriesBlub Berries4 years ago
  • i don't get it

    Isaac DavisIsaac Davis5 years ago
  • I was expecting the "R Wing" but I wasnt disappointed.

    Dani AshtonDani Ashton5 years ago
  • that pun was CORNey

    thomas pacattethomas pacatte5 years ago
    • I felt like my *ears* would *pop*

      iggy diamziggy diamz2 years ago
    • +thomas pacatte nojk your ok

      James BennettJames Bennett5 years ago
  • Corneria was behind the station though

    MmmBrugerMmmBruger5 years ago
  • Neat

    Stefhon WalkerStefhon Walker5 years ago
  • I expected R wing... I was disappointed...

    MegakelloMegakello5 years ago
    • Then again, it didn't have "area" in the pun name.

      Robbie WalkerRobbie Walker4 years ago
  • In da corn area like the 1 round?

    HiruNichiHiruNichi5 years ago
  • Where do i park my ship? In the corn area.

    Moonlightpikachu12Moonlightpikachu125 years ago
  • Why Spooderman?

    Indiana W.Indiana W.5 years ago
    • nvm it is spoderman/ bonzi buddy

      friskdotjpegfriskdotjpeg4 years ago
    • +JosielLOL _ Spoodermen voice.

      Victini VidsVictini Vids4 years ago
    • it's not spooderman

      friskdotjpegfriskdotjpeg5 years ago
  • That was such a forced joke that it was hilarious

    GorrilaJohnsonGorrilaJohnson5 years ago
  • "Reserved for the residents of Hocotate" ...SO YOU DIDN'T FORGET ABOUT PIKMIN!

    Nickw2004Nickw20045 years ago
  • U also need to play star fox to get the joke.

    Wan AgusWan Agus5 years ago
    • Or smash bros

      Axolotl DreamsAxolotl Dreams5 years ago
  • Corneria is the name of the planet star fox lives in an the name sounds like "corn area."

    Wan AgusWan Agus5 years ago
  • Each of these jokes get more clever and clever.

    poopermcpoopertinpoopermcpoopertin6 years ago
  • Corneria or (corn-area) is a planet on the game Star Fox 64, its know to be one of the most fertile hence the pun :P

    Cpt.ProfessorCpt.Professor6 years ago
  • i dont get it

    The TimelordsThe Timelords6 years ago
    • @Umbras Draconuum I'm only 14 and I get the joke

      gameupsmilegameupsmile5 years ago
    • @SpongicX they will never understand.... :/ kids these days...

      Cpt.ProfessorCpt.Professor6 years ago
    • "In The Corn Area" get it? "Corneria," "Corn Area?"

      SpongicXSpongicX6 years ago
  • i cant stop watching this!

    CallMeMrPiGuyCallMeMrPiGuy6 years ago
  • Kirby was here.

    BrodbrodyBrodbrody6 years ago
  • Not enough corn to feed the armies of Corneria.

    Andrew WoodellAndrew Woodell7 years ago
  • Corn! AHHAHA Because... It sounded like porn... Since he has so many porn pictures... uh... Im just going to go now.

    Mr GamesyMr Gamesy7 years ago
    • Actually, there's a planet in star fox called "Corneria". And it sounds like corn-area.

      Victini VidsVictini Vids4 years ago
  • Lol

    Big JackBig Jack7 years ago
  • That was a very CORNY joke. XD

    Adam JohnsonAdam Johnson7 years ago
  • I think that's the Warpstar, not the entire planet.

    Elizabeth HallElizabeth Hall7 years ago
  • Because it's wordplay. "In the Corn Area" refers to Corneria from the Star Fox series. Since there's corn in the area, and it features Fox.

    Elizabeth HallElizabeth Hall7 years ago
  • How is that a pun

    codyasaenzcodyasaenz7 years ago
  • "Reserved for residents of hocotate" Oh god I love you forever for making that refrence.

    justus954justus9547 years ago
    • A pikmin joke here, do you want some *chocotate?*

      George Greenwood's NexusGeorge Greenwood's Nexus8 months ago
  • Was that Nieztro?!

    Jacob LetsonJacob Letson7 years ago
  • park it there i will eat it

    BrodbrodyBrodbrody7 years ago
  • Are you the only one that doesn't read the top and author comments before commenting? :P

    Crazee73Crazee737 years ago
  • Oh I see what ya did there

    Luke CoteLuke Cote7 years ago
  • Didn't get it :*(

    boneygibbonboneygibbon7 years ago
  • has anyone noticed the R.O.B. picture at 5?

    Emmanuel EsparzaEmmanuel Esparza7 years ago
  • Pause at 0:07 and you will see the planet Hocotate from pikmin 2 and dreamland from Kirby.

    marc gadgetmarc gadget7 years ago
    • marc gadget I know you're comment is 3 years old, but, Popstar is the planet, Dream Land is the country. And that's also not Popstar, that's the Warp Star, one of Kirby's rides. So it makes sense that the Warp Star is parked here.

      CecilioCecilio3 years ago
  • Make more!!!!

    marc gadgetmarc gadget7 years ago
  • IS THAT STAR FOX 2 MUSIC?!? You sir, have earned my eternal admiration!

    ImpossibleCakeProImpossibleCakePro7 years ago
  • it took me second to realize when the robot said in the Corn-area, the pun was Cornieria

    Logan McCoyLogan McCoy7 years ago
  • omg thanks. im going to draw it on an egg now

    armorgamseesarmorgamsees7 years ago
  • Yaranaika ;)

    SeriousUguuSeriousUguu7 years ago
  • i have been looking for the face on your profile pic. what is that meme called?

    armorgamseesarmorgamsees7 years ago
  • I don't get it.

    Yamata no orochi SmithYamata no orochi Smith7 years ago
  • Look between both Kirby's star and the Corn Area.It says "Reserved for the residents of Hocotate" OMG! Pikmin reference! PS-That robot guy has a picture of R.O.B and if you look in the bottom-right corner of the picture it has the symbol

    amazonparrot975amazonparrot9757 years ago
  • I just noticed kirby has his star parked there, and there is a spot for Hocotate Freight.

    Man of ShadowsMan of Shadows7 years ago
  • i dont get it but i love your animation with fox

    Seany BoySeany Boy7 years ago
  • It saddens me i took 3 play throughs to get the"Corn area"pun.../facepalm/xD Also FANTASTIC Animations/Painfully good puns..i Loved it! xD

    John McmurrayJohn Mcmurray7 years ago
  • corneria's project isn't fully working.

    J hartJ hart7 years ago
  • I dont get it

    Arx MagnumArx Magnum7 years ago
  • Someone make a meme of 0:10 that would be awesome

    SkullSkull8 years ago
  • The faces at the end of these are hilarious!

    heffayguapheffayguap8 years ago
  • so are cornerians the same size as hocotatians?

    Mr. 3DLCMr. 3DLC8 years ago
  • At first I thought he was gonna say in the R-Wing.

    Shadowthful1Shadowthful18 years ago
  • Did anyone notice it said K-2L at 0:07 under the 'corn area"?

    PJBgamerPJBgamer8 years ago
  • Hocotate freight parking spot. I love you.

    Nico RamenNico Ramen8 years ago
  • I dont get it. but that face! :)

    CreaturepresentationCreaturepresentation8 years ago
  • What song is used in this video? Catchy song lol

    randez626randez6268 years ago
  • hey TerminalMontage you should remake this and when fox says where do i park my ship and the guy says in the corn the guy throws corn at fox

    marioandluigo1263marioandluigo12638 years ago
  • Partly? I had a childhood nostalgia explosion upon seeing it, so partly my ass good sir that IS the Space Ranger HQ even if slightly different :D

    Gam3Junkie7Gam3Junkie78 years ago
  • This pun was kind of.... "corny". :O

    alboix56alboix568 years ago
  • corn area is a pkace in the game

    Mubinur RahmanMubinur Rahman8 years ago
  • Light chuckle.

    thewapowthewapow8 years ago
  • Lol

    rawhide Ramzrawhide Ramz8 years ago
  • For those of you who have no clue when it comes to starfox lore. Corneria : Corn Area

    A AA A8 years ago
  • Loved the sly Pikmin reference :)

    BadBuffaloBadBuffalo8 years ago
  • was it just me? or did i see reserved for the residents of hocotate from pikmin?

    SpikebroSpikebro8 years ago
  • Lol . Not understand

    AngelaAngela8 years ago
  • Wow I get it corn aria like the first level of star fox 64

    GtrockerGtrocker8 years ago
  • Karihadzgdudyfzjhdgsuegeisyysgdjddhgfggfdgdhffudh

    joaquin garciajoaquin garcia8 years ago
  • gee TerminalMontage, wouldn't u think this pun is a little bit CORNY!!!!!!!!!! now if you will excuse me i have to " Hi Tail! " it out of hear.

    Tanner HuberTanner Huber8 years ago
  • haha! thats funny and cute

    Laura HisikaroLaura Hisikaro8 years ago
  • Maybe "Where do I park my ship..."

    Daizo Dee VonDaizo Dee Von8 years ago

    comicking428comicking4288 years ago
  • how about in the presence of princess Toads stool and then you zoom out and Peach is on the toilet HEHEHEHEH

    ThePowerPlumberThePowerPlumber8 years ago
  • .....i swear terminal if we lived in the same country...married..

    Coffee 2Coffee 28 years ago