NoPUNintendo - Very good soup

Apr 24, 2016
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Who invited her anyway?
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HERE'S A LIL NOPUNINTENDO! I've been busy doing things (procrastinating) but we figured it's been a while so we made this! I don't think I'll find time to make a compilation then upload it all like in the past, so now I'll just upload these as I make them from time to time!

Peach - Jessica Ketchum
Gruntilda - Chris Zambelis
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NoPUNintendo was made by me and Jeff Giaimo
#NoPUnintendo #Banjo

  • These never get old

    The Conductor EsplinThe Conductor Esplin3 days ago
  • Why is this in my recommended lol?

    Jared BlasiJared Blasi6 days ago
  • Oooooooo she gonn' delete ur save file

    AdrianAdrian9 days ago
  • I don't get it

    PapaPeat_64PapaPeat_6412 days ago
  • oh look its that witch from banjo-kazooie

    Jude ColeJude Cole18 days ago
  • Soup

    cheesey boicheesey boi22 days ago
  • The title is kind of misleading.

    Nando The MadNando The Mad25 days ago
    • True

      Chin Ee KohChin Ee Koh20 days ago
  • It was the witch

    Elijah CarrilloElijah Carrillo2 months ago
  • I don’t get it

    Paper Box 47 and the world of carnagePaper Box 47 and the world of carnage2 months ago
  • Hilarious! 😂

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY2 months ago
  • No I thought it was someone laughing and eating at the same time noisily like me

    Ellie NugentEllie Nugent3 months ago
  • Don’t get it.. :/

    frenchiestfrifrenchiestfri4 months ago
    • Her name is Guruntillda

      PumlzPumlz3 months ago
  • Gruntilda is a Microsoft character now 0/10 TM was never good

    Soshi The YoshiSoshi The Yoshi5 months ago
  • I love the sounds, the spoon in the cup, the GRUNTING SLUURP noises, at this point this is basically ASMR therapy 😌

    Quentin CLQuentin CL5 months ago
  • Who would have thought The Old Hag would have showed up!

    Solomon WolfeSolomon Wolfe5 months ago
  • Gruntilda

    ZunTsu The BlosomosZunTsu The Blosomos5 months ago
  • Banjo-kazooie, yes

    MrDreamcastMrDreamcast5 months ago
  • Whos she? I know her name and *love* the pun but who is she?

    The Z FamilyThe Z Family6 months ago
  • that was unexpected but it cracked me up 😂😂😂😂

    Sana tSana t6 months ago
  • Gruntilda will be eating soup in something about Banjo-Kazooie

    Finch ze KeyFinch ze Key7 months ago
  • All hail the Green Queen!

    Jasmine RobotnikJasmine Robotnik7 months ago
  • I don't get it.

    coolcam coolcoolcam cool7 months ago
  • its really cool to look back on your old stuff and admire the love for animation you still have my dude

    Gabe McCastleGabe McCastle8 months ago
  • Can someone explain this? I actually don't know what it is referencing

    NethauraNethaura9 months ago
  • You see it’s funny because the characters name is Gruntilla

    LimeZapperLimeZapper9 months ago
  • I dont get it

    scalyraptor 1944scalyraptor 1944Year ago
  • I don't find puns funny, but Gruntilda's face animation makes me laugh every single watch. Brilliant work.

    impressivestoryimpressivestoryYear ago
  • Aww Toadette so adorable

    Doggybrown96Doggybrown96Year ago
  • (Cough cough) good one gruntilda

    Lainey JohnsonLainey JohnsonYear ago
  • I loved how you added an Explanation of the Joke in the Closed Captioning.

    Tios TiasTios TiasYear ago
  • Gruntilda is actually a Rareware character.

    Yannis LeeYannis LeeYear ago
  • Did not know it was banjo kazooie witch

    Cat Lover 226Cat Lover 226Year ago
  • Imagine this whole thing, but all of the Banjo-Kazooie characters were at Banjo's house for dinner.

    Enoch OshoEnoch OshoYear ago
  • Who's coming back to look at this after a certain bears confirmation in smash?

    Trashy MCTrashy MCYear ago
  • Can somebody explain me the joke?

    The UsualThe UsualYear ago
    • Main antagonist from Banjo Kazooie games: Gruntilda. Peach asked her to stop grunting and she responded with "I'm going to Gruntilda end of time!" (Grunt till the end of time)

      Band GeekBand GeekYear ago
  • Hahhahahahahhaah funny..... i dont get it

    Wardell DennisWardell DennisYear ago
  • why

    YoshiWoolyYoshiWoolyYear ago

    evilguyimback2 ROBLOXevilguyimback2 ROBLOXYear ago
    • @Chemol Calico thank you.

      evilguyimback2 ROBLOXevilguyimback2 ROBLOXYear ago
    • gruntilda the witch

      Chemol CalicoChemol CalicoYear ago
  • Really Simple, Really Good

    Ankelles DantasAnkelles DantasYear ago
  • Is gruntilda a maniac?

    ShinyGalladeSwagShinyGalladeSwagYear ago
  • Why was Gruntilda invited?

    Captain DuckTapeCaptain DuckTapeYear ago
  • Really back then lolllll

    Kadence does random Stuff!Kadence does random Stuff!Year ago

    Lando's ProductionsLando's ProductionsYear ago
  • You totally got me with that reveal!

    Rubberman202Rubberman202Year ago
  • Haha. I don't get it.

    BanzaiBanzaiYear ago
  • My back hurts

    Jordan GonzalezJordan GonzalezYear ago
  • I don’t get it

    Xboxhaslag _69Xboxhaslag _69Year ago
  • I don't get it

    Alex CAlex CYear ago
  • That's good soup!

    The Blue PixelingThe Blue PixelingYear ago
  • I don’t get it

    Mega1221Mega1221Year ago
    • 1 year later and I finally got it

      Mega1221Mega12216 months ago
  • Grunty didn't even rhyme!

    TheCarlitosbugTheCarlitosbugYear ago

    Lion Noir MusicLion Noir MusicYear ago
  • I don't get the joke

    MikeyProHDMikeyProHDYear ago
  • Ok... *sees in description that there is someone named Jessica KETCHUM* OH SHE IS ASH KETCHUMS RELATIVE.... I need Pokémon tips...,

    Neon The Gamer 101Neon The Gamer 101Year ago
  • 15 seconds later.... Bill Gates bangs on the door violently

    The Gaming RailfanThe Gaming Railfan2 years ago
  • I don’t get the joke

    Game boy Next doorGame boy Next door2 years ago
    • Okay now I get the joke

      Game boy Next doorGame boy Next door2 years ago
  • .....What?

    IDon'tGiveAShitAnymoreIIIDon'tGiveAShitAnymoreII2 years ago
  • If you notice rosalina's teacup it has geno on it. I love that little nod you through in there TerminalMontage

    William FlorczakWilliam Florczak2 years ago
  • I'm Gonna Grunt til-da End of time

    HazelHazel2 years ago
  • I don’t get the joke

    Spectr3Spectr32 years ago
  • 0:06 geno tea cup

    Mega Man XMega Man X2 years ago
  • These puns are a bunch of *Mumbo Jumbo!* I’d rather fill up water *Bottles* than watch these!

    Kale PenquanKale Penquan2 years ago
  • Can we get a Banjo-Kazooie animation, please?

    Kale PenquanKale Penquan2 years ago
  • Im gonna gruntilda end of time

    Josh FreemanJosh Freeman2 years ago
  • Toad Stool soup

    akakakakkakakakakaakakakakkakakakaka2 years ago
  • 2016: Draws Toadette with all the princesses 2018: Toadette actually becomes a princess. H E C C

    Diego ωDiego ω2 years ago
  • Can someone explain pls..

    Jjames AltaJjames Alta2 years ago
    • Her name is gruntilda

      Aldair MejiaAldair Mejia2 years ago
  • Yeah, yo can't hide Geno from me! 0:07

    Frost GladerFrost Glader2 years ago
  • If you guys didn't get the pun, (gruntilda) "Grunt till' the"

    Marcus Let's Plays!Marcus Let's Plays!2 years ago
  • And then Microsoft broke in FBI style and kidnapped Grunty and was never seen again

    The Gaming RailfanThe Gaming Railfan2 years ago
  • reminds me of Zeurel tier animation

    1un4cy1un4cy2 years ago
  • THERESMORESOUP Edit:Wow that was a fast heart thanks Jeremy

    JamesDaSpaghettiTacoJamesDaSpaghettiTaco2 years ago
  • Right in the misophonia O_o

    CrystallussCrystalluss2 years ago
  • i dont get it

    FeverFever2 years ago
  • Somebody explain joke to me.

    Phoenix WrongPhoenix Wrong2 years ago
  • I don't get it

    Pedro Quiles IIIPedro Quiles III2 years ago
  • What was the joke?

    Tyler MobleyTyler Mobley2 years ago
  • B I R D U P

    PikaZ 96PikaZ 962 years ago
  • mmm~taste good

    陳羽顓陳羽顓2 years ago
  • I dont get it

    la_ soifla_ soif2 years ago
  • I was expecting "How do you like the soup?" "It's great but I don't have mushroom for it"

    Dean MarshallDean Marshall2 years ago
  • I dont get it.

    Final BossGamerFinal BossGamer2 years ago
  • Oh, NOW I get It! Thanks for this pun!

    Harry DudicHarry Dudic2 years ago
  • yum soup- ew y u grunt bro

    N FerrerN Ferrer2 years ago
  • Somehow I suspected it was Gruntilda when I heard the chuckling, and yet the pun still caught me off guard. This made my day! Although if Gruntilda had made her lines rhyme it would have been legendary.

    TM06TM062 years ago
  • Oh i get it know her name is gruntill and she said i'm gonna grun-t-ill the end of time

    Naief The goonyNaief The goony2 years ago
  • I don’t get it

    V.M. StudiosV.M. Studios2 years ago
  • as a matter of fact name it *PUNTINDO*

    Thankyouforplaying EvolutionThankyouforplaying Evolution2 years ago
  • oh yeah next time name NoPUNintendo to PUNintindo.

    Thankyouforplaying EvolutionThankyouforplaying Evolution2 years ago
  • where's gruntilda's skull at anyway? i wanna start using her for soccer practice.

    Thankyouforplaying EvolutionThankyouforplaying Evolution2 years ago
  • Who saw geno on rosalinas cup?

    N FerrerN Ferrer2 years ago
  • Im gonna Gruntilda end of time! Im gonna grunt till da end of time! LOL Banjo kazooie Jokes are hilarious!

    R.I.P Da Kawaii Potato KingR.I.P Da Kawaii Potato King2 years ago
  • Hahahaha I didn't get it

    Naief The goonyNaief The goony3 years ago
  • I M G U N N A G R U N T I L D A T I L L T H E E N D O F T I M E

    marioguy 122marioguy 1223 years ago
  • Make it stop.

    RedxphonesRedxphones3 years ago
  • I don't get it.

    TDINextModelingStarTDINextModelingStar3 years ago
  • I don't get it

    Cup of TeaCup of Tea3 years ago
  • I don't get it

    Fishy FishyFishy Fishy3 years ago
  • Hey Jeremy! Remember Me?

    OversizedSausageOversizedSausage3 years ago
    • :)

      OversizedSausageOversizedSausage3 years ago
  • I love the faces she's making! XD

    Johnathan PowersJohnathan Powers3 years ago