NoPUNintendo - Turning over a new leaf

Dec 8, 2012
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Voice of M. Bison:
Music: John Nineteen Forty-One by Andrew Lloyd Webber

  • I don’t know this character but I feel bad for him

    Interfe34rInterfe34r16 days ago
  • Bye, sin? Bison? That is a terrible pun.

    Nando The MadNando The Mad28 days ago
  • Me when i fail nnn

    Dion EvensonDion EvensonMonth ago
  • I had to watch the video twice to get the joke. 😂

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY2 months ago
  • It could either be Bye Sin Or By sin

    Mister ArtistMister Artist3 months ago
  • He says goodbye to sinning and then donates money in nopunintendo 4

    Rusty DustyRusty Dusty4 months ago
  • Ah yes, I see the ways of Christian Kirbo have turned you away from your sinful path

    1stAid1stAid4 months ago
  • Don't worry, everyone. He's just saying "Bye, sin," which means he has converted to Christianity and is saying goodbye to his old evil ways.

    ReaGameReaGame4 months ago
  • bro i cant believe he just got rid of his team captain like that

    albo3albo34 months ago
  • Can someone tell me the instrument for the background music

    Interfe34rInterfe34r4 months ago
    • @Villager thank you for replying to me

      Interfe34rInterfe34r16 days ago
    • john nineteen forty-one

      VillagerVillager22 days ago
  • Can someone tell me what the instrument is of the backroumdb

    Interfe34rInterfe34r4 months ago
  • the more I watch the video the more it makes me laugh 😂

    Sana tSana t6 months ago
  • Byson

    Austin The Doge Gamer // Doggo productionsAustin The Doge Gamer // Doggo productions6 months ago
  • ISABELLE Turns over a new leaf

    PvZ MasterPvZ Master6 months ago
  • Why was it jcs music lol

    TetrisKid48TetrisKid487 months ago
  • I'm impressed and thankful for the huge amount of effort put inot these old videos- but I'm also glad that TerminalMontage changed to the simple erratic current ways

    Jimmy BoiJimmy BoiYear ago
  • the new animal crossing game is looking good

    tgtce the robotboy fantgtce the robotboy fanYear ago
  • aaaaaaaaaaaa

    nagz-youtubenagz-youtubeYear ago
  • What’s the joke?

    Andrew ClarkeAndrew ClarkeYear ago
    • Never mind my brother explained it to me

      Andrew ClarkeAndrew ClarkeYear ago
    • No seriously what’s the joke I don’t get it

      Andrew ClarkeAndrew ClarkeYear ago
  • That's so me when Mom finds the poopsock! XD

    Boudtrout EPIC AnimationsBoudtrout EPIC AnimationsYear ago
  • Terminal.. *FU* **SEES CROSS** LE CRY DEEEEEEP* bye sin.........

    Jake SandlandJake SandlandYear ago
  • When bison just commits murder again the next day

    AlexAlex2 years ago

    Darryl WhiteDarryl White2 years ago
  • When summer holiday ends

    KIRBO 22 marxKIRBO 22 marx2 years ago
  • bye!my sons!i'm your dad!

    陳羽顓陳羽顓2 years ago
  • I was completely stumped at this for a long while until it snapped with me.

    SkittleDude60SkittleDude602 years ago
  • He said "Bye Sin" instead of "Bye Son". Oof

    fake hfake h3 years ago
  • I'll take that hat, set it on fire, and sell it for 85 ref

    GhostarGhostar3 years ago
  • My favorite one

    kiabah joekiabah joe3 years ago
  • M. Bison Bison Bi Son Bye Sin Your Welcome.

    Ashley The RedAshley The Red4 years ago
    • Shadaloo Intimidation Network. "S.I.N."

      E-102 GammaE-102 Gamma4 years ago
  • And then Mann Co. finds it and puts it up for $7.99

    Connor HamiltonConnor Hamilton4 years ago
  • where is season 3?!?

    MightyDilloMightyDillo4 years ago
  • I don't get-oh...ooooh.

    Spam BoxSpam Box4 years ago
  • Bye ison

    HipStar ProductionsHipStar Productions4 years ago
  • I bet all the little kids and some other people don't get it

    GoatMoistGoatMoist4 years ago
    • "Bye, S.I.N."

      E-102 GammaE-102 Gamma4 years ago
    • +I High Parody Quality Everything bye son*

      I High Quality Rip EverythingI High Quality Rip Everything4 years ago
    • is it funny because He Said my son like in sand. i'm only 13.

      I High Quality Rip EverythingI High Quality Rip Everything4 years ago

    Keevin BohrKeevin Bohr4 years ago
  • by son

    Braulio CalamardoBraulio Calamardo4 years ago
    • "Bye, S.I.N."

      E-102 GammaE-102 Gamma4 years ago
  • Wow. This was uncharacteristically dark... o_o

    Fakenit66Fakenit665 years ago

    Joueuse de la CaveJoueuse de la Cave5 years ago
    • Joueuse de la Cave Because it wouldn't sound like No pun intended

      ??????????????2 years ago
  • I can tell he is trying to say "bye son" XD

    KJ SetserKJ Setser5 years ago
    • +Creepy Taco his name is M.Bison... so he SAYs Bye Son...

      4Abiddin3-[T.C.]4Abiddin3-[T.C.]5 years ago
    • @Depressed Taco OH!!!! Now I Get It!! It's Just That His Name Is Bison.

      KJ SetserKJ Setser5 years ago
    • +KJ Setser no he's saying bye sin. It's a bye sin obviously

      LackadaisicalJayLackadaisicalJay5 years ago
    • X3

      KJ SetserKJ Setser5 years ago
    • @***** :3

      KJ SetserKJ Setser5 years ago
  • Just a heads up, it's actually not John 19:41 but Gesthemane. Still from the same album

    SuperGuitarapprenticSuperGuitarapprentic5 years ago
  • wow. so Bison's a brother in Christ now. #God'sNotDead

    Natethegreat225Natethegreat2255 years ago
    • He never dies Peppy: god is in heaven

      Jake SandlandJake SandlandYear ago
  • I was expecting tf2. dont know why. maybe the hat? eh whatever

    Where Are The Memes Evan?Where Are The Memes Evan?5 years ago
    • +Evan Sines me too!

      marioman 6444marioman 64445 years ago
    • Nah, it isn't a burning flames Team captain sadly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      RareZXRareZX5 years ago
  • *cough* itwasworthit

    Echoes Act 3Echoes Act 35 years ago
  • Idk why but this makes me kinda sad

    Remy DyteRemy Dyte5 years ago
    • @Super Kirby there’s so much emotion and weight in the words he says

      Remy DyteRemy DyteMonth ago
    • Because he was crying on the cross??

      Super KirbySuper KirbyMonth ago
    • @Adam Mccormack Svosky Wait, really? NoPUNintendo is back, everyone! This is not a drill! I repeat, this is NOT a drill!

      ZeroTakuZeroTaku4 years ago
    • @Michael Jacob It's because this is the last NoPUNintendo video to date since 2012.

      ZeroTakuZeroTaku5 years ago
  • Unrealistic. Nobody would ever delete their Team Captain.

    RadiCALRadiCAL5 years ago
    • YES

    • RadiCAL It's nice to see other TF2 lovers here :D Also what if it was a burning team captain :O ? (Also everytime I see Byson or Bison I can't unsee Soldier lol)

      UngaLungaUngaLunga3 years ago
  • YES! YES!

    Rusty ShovelRusty Shovel5 years ago
  • you people need to be stopped

    Steve IannelliSteve Iannelli5 years ago
  • I expected an Animal Crossing joke.

    Mudkip971Mudkip9715 years ago
    • That game didn’t exist when this video was made

      dragonjl00dragonjl00Year ago
    • Yep

      Hiram Does somethingrHiram Does somethingrYear ago
    • Same

      Noob GamingNoob GamingYear ago
    • Mudkip971 same

      Sonic Xtreme99Sonic Xtreme992 years ago
    • Im from the future and that joke is on smash

      Valentín VergaraValentín Vergara2 years ago
  • I had to watch it twice, before I get it.

    Mr. Coffee GuyMr. Coffee Guy5 years ago
  • Its bye sin u idiots. You don't turn over a new leaf if your son died plus bison doesn't have a son

    N FN F5 years ago
    • It's supposed to be bison

      HattyHatty5 years ago
    • Still i never heard of bye sin, no need to get mad is all im saying

      Rouge-ishRouge-ish5 years ago
    • @Otaku Kitsune C013 otacon

      N FN F5 years ago
    • @Otaku Kitsune C013 screw you.

      N FN F5 years ago
    • Dont be so asenine

      Rouge-ishRouge-ish5 years ago
  • I don't get it

    Xcaliber AlexanderXcaliber Alexander5 years ago
  • It would be funnier if he said bi-son rather than bi-sin.

    MomijiMomiji5 years ago
    • Mhmmm painted bison

      Tommy SchnettlerTommy Schnettler2 years ago
    • Momiji it’s bye, sin. Idot.

      Metal Kingdom ProductionsMetal Kingdom Productions2 years ago
    • Momiji he doesn’t say that?

      Royed KingRoyed King2 years ago
  • I cri evrietiem

    Koja KingKoja King5 years ago
  • I could have sworn this video was TF2. ;^)

    BobaBoba6 years ago
    • does anyone even know where that hat came from? its from street fighter guys its m.bisons hat

      BuTTered nOOdlEsBuTTered nOOdlEsYear ago
  • ??????

    Jeff LewandowskiJeff Lewandowski6 years ago
  • So in other regions would that be Balrog? Mike Bison?

    HonenekoHoneneko6 years ago
    • He would be named Vega in japan, but to save the trouble, he's mostly called Dictator in International Tournament Play.

      Ashley The RedAshley The Red4 years ago
    • i think its only japan

      Bolek LolekBolek Lolek6 years ago
  • Bye son. not Bye sin. he is crying >:U

    Zip PlaysZip Plays6 years ago
    • +Zip Plays he's turning a new leaf one of the organizations in sf is S.I.N

      Crude CarlCrude Carl5 years ago
  • BYE SIN = BISON REPENTED Geez it's not that* hard to figure out, guys :/ ...Anyway, LOL

    Shadower Z0Shadower Z06 years ago
    • BYE SIN not = VEGA damn muricans

      Rosamel TrozoRosamel Trozo3 years ago
    • @Shadower Z0 I thought he was mourning his dead son and said "Bye Son" but it sounded more like "Bye Sin" so I didn't get it at first.

      WarpWorld7WarpWorld75 years ago
    • Except it really doesn't sound like that's what he's saying

      Higuy258Higuy2586 years ago
  • Make more NoPUNintendos!

    John MelendezJohn Melendez6 years ago
  • One line. All it took was one line to make me lose it. Congratz.

    ThePetermanThePeterman7 years ago
  • Everyone pronounces his name as "bysin", hence the pun.

    Makaveli456Makaveli4567 years ago
    • my sin

      dragonfighterdragonfighter7 years ago
  • It's bye sin. Meaning he decided not to sin anymore.

    Makaveli456Makaveli4567 years ago
    • @Duckson Yeah but Miguel was saying it was the wrong interpretation of sin.

      Plunger GuyPlunger Guy5 months ago
    • @Miguel Torres hes talking about sinning in a religious way, you fucking tard

      DucksonDuckson7 months ago
    • Oh

      S1mple 0S1mple 0Year ago
    • well dont you look like a dumbass makaveli456

      Miguel TorresMiguel Torres2 years ago

      SexyFeraligatrSexyFeraligatr7 years ago
  • My best friend's name on steam is N.Buffalo

    Ryland CarmichaelRyland Carmichael7 years ago
  • I think it's a problem if I immediately recognize the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack in this. My god.

    Chad MouraChad Moura7 years ago
    • Same

      TetrisKid48TetrisKid487 months ago
    • Saaaaame

      ChrayChray6 years ago
  • Team Captain

    Orang3EricOrang3Eric7 years ago
  • Wonder if anyone else gets the reference of the cross

    Scoot AbootScoot Aboot7 years ago
    • w.. wha... This is from 3 years ago Also what's Vega have to do with anything I said?

      Scoot AbootScoot Aboot3 years ago
    • no, what does it have to do with Vega damn americans

      Rosamel TrozoRosamel Trozo3 years ago
  • YES!!!

    TheEpicDuck25TheEpicDuck257 years ago
  • My reaction when Capcom announced his nerfs for USFIV.

    GarudaSmashGarudaSmash7 years ago
    • Oof

      Dr. AndonutsDr. Andonuts5 months ago
    • Forgot I made this comment. I haven't played USFIV yet but it seems that they balanced him out a bit.

      GarudaSmashGarudaSmash6 years ago
  • Bison=Bye son

    streetchico13streetchico137 years ago
    • Triple Entendre, don't even ask me how...

      The SureFire GamerThe SureFire Gamer7 years ago
    • @wikinfei sounds more like My sin/son

      RegoRego7 years ago
    • i thought he pronounced it bye sin

      wikinfeiwikinfei7 years ago
  • it's implied that he's leaving his sin, so he say bye sin, sounds similar to bison, his name. M bison and byesin sound really close.

    Jon CrossJon Cross7 years ago
    • @Jon Cross mabey hes saying bye son and therefore hes supposed o be visiting hi sons grave

      doctor5141999doctor51419996 years ago
    • while I suppose that works it has a cross there so I'm assuming it has a more religious connotation.

      Jon CrossJon Cross7 years ago
    • sin is also the name of seths company

      DNGRMDNGRM7 years ago
  • I dont get it

    Christopher FunkChristopher Funk7 years ago
  • Why does this make me feel so sad...

    3rdDayfan7773rdDayfan7777 years ago
  • This vid gives me the feels.

    Carlos DavalosCarlos Davalos7 years ago
  • oh doesnt matter

    SmashMan108SmashMan1087 years ago
  • ??? i dont get it

    SmashMan108SmashMan1087 years ago
  • And then, RubberFruit found the hat and thats how it all began

    Fin TuberFin Tuber7 years ago
  • Ohhhh I get it

    Boneless BoneBoneless Bone7 years ago
  • i get it.... yea

    phoenixdragon202phoenixdragon2027 years ago
  • I GET IT

    Grabnok The DestroyerGrabnok The Destroyer7 years ago
  • It my son

    TeaTime with SquidTeaTime with Squid7 years ago
  • i dont get this one :l

    catman99catman997 years ago
  • That one was pretty great.

    LightOfJusticeLightOfJustice7 years ago
  • Indeed.

    DonnerbalkenDonnerbalken7 years ago
  • Not only that, he's in an organization called S-I-N, isn't he? Gee, TerminalMontage is so freaking clever!

    CrazyRiverOtterCrazyRiverOtter7 years ago
  • Wut

    Alina GontarAlina Gontar7 years ago
  • M. Bison's strongest appearance was in Street Fighter II, which was best known for the Super Nintendo version.

    oracleforkoraclefork7 years ago
  • But.. what about being yourself you are bad, and that's good and you'd rather be yourself than anyone else

    YouSoSpiceYouSoSpice7 years ago
  • The song is from Jesus Christ Superstar. He says Bye, sin. A cross to show it. You're friggin' clever, aren't you?!

    DonnerbalkenDonnerbalken7 years ago
  • but street fighter is capcom

    dawggydawgtowndawggydawgtown7 years ago
  • 2 keys for team captain

    mooseylukemooseyluke7 years ago
  • wat

    kazamijirokazamijiro7 years ago
  • What da fussssssss

    JustpassesasgamingJustpassesasgaming7 years ago
  • Bye, sin.

    Luminous LeadLuminous Lead7 years ago
  • In the words of Bison... YES YES!

    A Rad SkeletonA Rad Skeleton7 years ago
  • That's punny!

    ryallenquakeryallenquake7 years ago
  • bySOn

    BoxyLemonsBoxyLemons7 years ago
  • Totally worth it.

    Greg BushGreg Bush7 years ago
  • Wait, if he's bison, wouldn't that make his son buffalo?

    GatKazGatKaz7 years ago
  • what is this from any way

    steve watessteve wates7 years ago