NoPUNintendo - Meg

Dec 8, 2012
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Voice of Cutman and Dr. Wily: Chris Zambelis "SeiyruRenaih"
(Yes this is Capcom, I know. But if it ever appeared on a Nintendo console, it qualifies for NoPUNintendo :D)

  • Shut up meg AMAN

    People who say first Are idiotsPeople who say first Are idiots19 days ago
  • Aman

    Mateo Garces • Hace 30 añosMateo Garces • Hace 30 años21 day ago
  • And to this day we still don't know if meg is a man.....

    Asa EasleyAsa EasleyMonth ago
  • "Is Meg-a-man?" Get it? 😎

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY2 months ago
  • Dr. Wily is so tired of trying to take over the world and to destroy Mega Man that he's lost his mind!

    Максим Галайчук - Mypka_MaxМаксим Галайчук - Mypka_Max4 months ago
  • Wily reeeally had the *guts* to say such a *ball*sy joke.

    Nineteen The Weird Alien Number ThingNineteen The Weird Alien Number Thing5 months ago
  • I love the evil laugh. 😂

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY5 months ago
  • Megaman, docter Willy’s enemie meg-a-man, just a pun

    Dog LevenDog Leven5 months ago
  • That was X tremely funny, I think Megaman should get some Volnutters for more puns because they go QUICK man Sorry, I was trying to find a way to break the ICE man, jeez Im on a ROLL with these puns XD

    George Greenwood's NexusGeorge Greenwood's Nexus9 months ago
  • She should have taken Glass Ceiling Man's ability before challenging Wily.

    AfroZeroAfroZeroYear ago
  • Is Meg a Man ???

    Marcos AlbertoMarcos AlbertoYear ago
  • Aww.. a little servbot

    Nathan MofidianNathan MofidianYear ago
  • I Don't Know, DID HE? (from start of noPUNtendo 2)

    Daniel Castillo's Second ChannelDaniel Castillo's Second ChannelYear ago
  • Just CUT it out, Wily. PS. Love the servbot decoration.

    Enoch OshoEnoch OshoYear ago
  • It was at that moment Ms. Megan Wily grabbed the phone off the desk and shouted into the intercom, "Albert Wendy Wily, you know darn well this is your cousin Meg! Now I've finally come up with a plan to eliminate that little blue thorn in your side for good, _but if you'd rather make the same tired, old, bad joke about my name for the umpteenth time than listen to me..."_ My gosh, what is wrong with me? How did a video like _THIS_ inspire what could make a decent intro for a fanfic? o_0

    ChaosRayZeroChaosRayZeroYear ago
  • No meg is a woman sir

    Sarah MossmanSarah MossmanYear ago
  • "Is *MEG A MAN?* Hahahahahahahahahaha!" Me: You're clever, Jeremey, you know that?

    Becky CourchesneBecky CourchesneYear ago
  • Hey Terminal can you make a compilation of all the Mega Man one's you've made? Sorry I just like Mega Man alot

    Strider Hiryu Main in MVC3Strider Hiryu Main in MVC3Year ago
  • This is probably the best animation ever made.

    Zakira GurZakira GurYear ago
  • Is Mega Man?

    Максим Галайчук - Mypka_MaxМаксим Галайчук - Mypka_MaxYear ago
  • Dr wilys voice is the best part

    Sexy MilkSexy MilkYear ago
  • Is mega man haha

    Byron StewartByron Stewart2 years ago
  • No it’s a girl

    Toyota Camry 2008Toyota Camry 20082 years ago
  • 0:08 megaman

  • Is it me or is Wily suddenly a misogynist?

    Grover GrizzlyGrover Grizzly2 years ago
  • That joke probably took some real Guts, Man.

    Kale PenquanKale Penquan2 years ago
    • Yeah, but the guy who animated it can handle it. He's a real *clown, man!*

      ChaosRayZeroChaosRayZeroYear ago
  • IDK, IT’S MEG-A-MAN? *_M A L E H Y E N A_*

    omar pikmomar pikm2 years ago
    • Mans got a heart on a comment 6 years after the video he posted it on came out. That’s quality.

      ShardTheDDonShardTheDDonMonth ago
  • Shut up meg you don’t matter

    Chazzer HazzardChazzer Hazzard2 years ago
  • That what happened to cutma

    Roger SteeleRoger Steele2 years ago
  • I hate this but I also love it at the same time. You have to have the guts to make stuff like this, man.

    Vinegar GamingVinegar Gaming2 years ago
  • The Question of the Century that still cannot be answered after 5 years: Is Meg a man?

    Owen HumphreyOwen Humphrey2 years ago
  • Why do i love this

    Timothy GruncleBottomsTimothy GruncleBottoms2 years ago
  • I'm just down here looking for the feminists that got triggered.

    Sageis OkaySageis Okay2 years ago
  • You didnt make the cut man Edit: how in nintendos good grace did you like this?!

    Michael SohnMichael Sohn2 years ago
  • Tengu Man: Uh, what are you doing? Clown Man: I'm counting how many goo people we have. (cut to a group of miniature Green Devils, some with bows) Clown Man: Eight...nine...All right. We've got...thirteen goo women, and...ten goo men.

    MrCrazyToadMrCrazyToad2 years ago
    • i dunno man, looks a lot longer than a minute

      Well Dressed MonkeWell Dressed Monke3 months ago
    • Hahaha took me a min to get your joke

      ShadowMokujinShadowMokujinYear ago
  • NoPunintendo... No pun I intended- THAT NAME IS GLORIOUS

    PikaZ 96PikaZ 962 years ago
  • Willy is crazy XDD

    Genesect WGenesect W2 years ago
  • i meg a mushroom too!

    陳羽顓陳羽顓2 years ago
  • Shut up meg

    The Conductor EsplinThe Conductor Esplin2 years ago
  • this madman has gone crazy not knowing he has a lego on his desk

    N FerrerN Ferrer2 years ago
    • Nilda Ferrer that's not a lego

      Retro CoreRetro Core2 years ago
  • Way to bring Suikoden into it as well. XD

    Flegan777Flegan7773 years ago

    TikTakDylanTikTakDylan3 years ago
    • That's awesome! I'm super excited to watch them now!

      TikTakDylanTikTakDylan3 years ago
  • I dunno which ones funnier, the pun or Wily's laughing face.

    KingLogan721KingLogan7213 years ago
  • dr wily is fucking sexist fuck

    gormiecoolstuffgormiecoolstuff3 years ago
  • megaman

    AlexanderAlexander4 years ago
  • I dunno. Is Meg an MAN!? ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)

    Filthy Genji mainFilthy Genji main4 years ago
    • That's my question

      cuz04cuz044 years ago
    • I dunno. Is Meg a man?

      cuz04cuz044 years ago
  • I love how you used a Suikoden character.

    ShiroiTsuShiroiTsu4 years ago
  • Hah... Yeah.

    Sharc BlazerSharc Blazer4 years ago
  • 😆😆😆😂😂😂

    Rick_12o7 [悲しいボイリック]Rick_12o7 [悲しいボイリック]5 years ago
  • is meg a man?

    Sheryl JohnsonSheryl Johnson5 years ago
  • Meg a man mega man

    M VM V5 years ago
  • 0:11 Lego megaman

    Cool NissenCool Nissen5 years ago
    • that's a servebot from megaman legends series

      N The UltimateN The Ultimate4 years ago
    • +Gamerbro70 A.K.A Megaman Legends

      GunslingerGunslinger4 years ago
    • It's also not Lego. OR IS IT

      Jello The GamerJello The Gamer5 years ago
    • That's not Megaman, that's the helper bot from Megaman 64. It doesn't help Megaman though.

      Jello The GamerJello The Gamer5 years ago
  • this time Dr. Wily is incompetent

    Delta SanicDelta Sanic5 years ago
  • press 3 to hear cutman say "Q"

    Delta SanicDelta Sanic5 years ago
  • None of these jokes ate actually funny but the animations are hilarious

    Jen SmithJen Smith5 years ago
    • That's the point.

      Kevon WilliamsKevon Williams4 years ago
  • Meg-a-man. Put it together. Megaman. Lol

    Creepzer178Creepzer1785 years ago
  • Took me a moment

    Basketbomber SlackingsonBasketbomber Slackingson5 years ago
  • I probably laughed more at dr. Wilys laugh then the actual joke

    OmegaMAFOmegaMAF5 years ago
    • same

      Erwin RommelErwin Rommel2 years ago
  • that laf tho

    LymingtonLymington5 years ago
  • Good pun but mega man is not from Nintendo it's from cap com but still this was a good one

    Cylo CarlCylo Carl5 years ago
    • +Childhood Capun K'nuckles?

      Excalibur 493Excalibur 4935 years ago
    • More like CapPUN.

      ChildhoodChildhood5 years ago
  • Uh, sir, we have a Meg, here who would like to speak to you about a business proposal.

    Jeremy KraneJeremy Krane5 years ago
    • *Mega Man death sound*

      dAvId rObInSoNdAvId rObInSoN8 months ago
    • I dunno, is Meg a Man? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      ShadySableye77ShadySableye773 years ago
    • Freakin' sexist

      Highjumper 34Highjumper 345 years ago
  • Took Couple seconds to get it .Laugh like idiot After

    AestheticAesthetic5 years ago
  • The best pun on youtube.

    Muda Wryper Of SolsMuda Wryper Of Sols5 years ago
  • Shut up Meg!

    Mudkip971Mudkip9715 years ago
    • A man..

      Steven NelsonSteven Nelson11 months ago
  • Who's Meg? She looks like she's from somewhere.

    Mathew WilsonMathew Wilson5 years ago
  • I'd normally say workplace discrimination is no laughing matter, but this was a good one >:P

    HibHab69HibHab695 years ago
  • i want a nopunintendo 3

  • Oh *cut* it out with the puns, Wily. You know Cut Man isn't too *sharp* when it comes to jokes as *edgy* as yours.

    Yoshikins ShardYoshikins Shard6 years ago
    • @Максим Галайчук - Mypka_Max your joke is very *cool* that made me also laugh my *guts* out

      Aiden NgAiden Ng19 days ago
    • Oh the pun intensifies...

      Samvarth RajSamvarth Raj9 months ago
    • I laughed at NoPunIntendo 1 so hard, I could have laughed my *guts* out! Also, the scenes transitioned way too *quick!*

      Максим Галайчук - Mypka_MaxМаксим Галайчук - Mypka_MaxYear ago
    • thank you

      Erwin RommelErwin Rommel2 years ago
    • @Yoshikins Shard For all it's *worth,* those were some pretty *ace* puns.

      FireThePyroFireThePyro5 years ago
  • I could have swor

    BobaBoba6 years ago
  • Make a nopunnintendo of cave story

    spicy momaspicy moma6 years ago
  • IS MEG-A-MAN HAHAHAHAHHAHAH XD this is what happens when u take crak kids

    KingDj74KingDj746 years ago
  • Oh dear, that was probably the lamest of them all.

    Mr. Piggy JellyMr. Piggy Jelly6 years ago
  • So mister scissor-head got a position in secretarial duty, huh? I never thought he'd made the cut.

    Serious DrawSerious Draw6 years ago
    • @Marigio300X that was just the spark, man

      RikkenRikkenMonth ago
    • Dude CHILL man

      Random PersonRandom Person5 months ago
    • That took some GUTS man

      George Greenwood's NexusGeorge Greenwood's Nexus9 months ago
    • Star Net Gaming * seizure, man

      H IH I9 months ago
    • This give me a seizure

      Star Net GamingStar Net GamingYear ago
  • *sigh* Just..... I dunno anymore..

    VissovaVissova6 years ago
  • I saw thing coming from a mile away, but it still made me laugh xD

    FlameLFHFlameLFH6 years ago
  • It's very unlikely that Meg would be a masculine name. I can almost connect that to Meg Griffin from Family Guy.

    Andrew WoodellAndrew Woodell7 years ago
    • @xSurinach it's okay, no hard feelings

      Tbond96Tbond966 years ago
    • @xSurinach when did I lose my temper, I was asking if he got the joke and when he continued to speak even though he already answered the question, I said I was done speaking. I wasn't trying to be rude or anything, I was just done. I wasn't even trying to be mean if that's how I came off.

      Tbond96Tbond966 years ago
    • Well, there's Meggido, but nevertheless you have a point, very unlikely.

      Raxyz KaarnRaxyz Kaarn6 years ago
    • @Andrew Woodell I'm not even talking anymore.

      Tbond96Tbond967 years ago
    • I'm not stupid, I know who Megaman is!

      Andrew WoodellAndrew Woodell7 years ago
  • This is the best video pun ever.

    Brendan MckennaBrendan Mckenna7 years ago
  • Wily must really be "a little low on air" after laughing so much.

    Rude LeeRude Lee7 years ago
    • I freaking love ur profile pic! Stitches just moved from my town, actually...

      SlightlyUncomfortableSlightlyUncomfortable6 years ago
  • No his name is rock and the girl is named roll

    Gycio SilverGycio Silver7 years ago
    • jep it is

      Gycio SilverGycio Silver7 years ago
    • @shayden998 Let all agree that ROCK-man is a stupid name.

      dragonfighterdragonfighter7 years ago
    • @***** Wait what?........... Ohhhhh I think I get it, it was a joke and I took it literally right? Yeah I need to work on not doing that.

      shayden998shayden9987 years ago
    • @BadBuffalo Really could of sworn it was mega or something in the English version whatever all I really know is from lp's and trvia videos to be honest

      shayden998shayden9987 years ago
    • @shayden998 Mega Man's real name was always Rock. It wasn't changed.

      BadBuffaloBadBuffalo7 years ago
  • Fuck

    Big BresslerBig Bressler7 years ago
  • Meg from Suikoden

    Auron SlayrAuron Slayr7 years ago
    • Fawk , I though she was some dumb sailor moon braud

      It's No Use - Yours will be a stillbornIt's No Use - Yours will be a stillborn7 years ago

    RegoRego7 years ago
  • The best one

    Muda Wryper Of SolsMuda Wryper Of Sols7 years ago
  • I laughed my ass of XD

    mrponaladomrponalado7 years ago
  • I just relized the title is even a pun nopunintendo no pun intendid

    LiLMSKNLiLMSKN7 years ago
  • Omfg that pun tho

    AlexanderAlexander7 years ago

    Big JackBig Jack7 years ago
  • SO.....MUCH.....PUN!!!!

    Trash PandaTrash Panda7 years ago
  • What set is it from???

    Drawsome DrawerDrawsome Drawer7 years ago
  • U mean the minifigure???

    Drawsome DrawerDrawsome Drawer7 years ago
  • No , there's a Minifigure on DR. Willy's desk

    Drawsome DrawerDrawsome Drawer7 years ago
  • shut up meg... ...aman.

    mico027mico0277 years ago
  • Lol

    PhatsushimanPhatsushiman7 years ago
  • megAman

    Da Regular SauceDa Regular Sauce7 years ago
  • i dont get it

    ginkap8ginkap87 years ago
  • I want that servbot boble head

    CreeperFaceKaoCreeperFaceKao7 years ago
  • I love how his chin just goes up into his mouth.

    Elizabeth HallElizabeth Hall7 years ago
  • well this is just sad for the punnies

    ShardShard7 years ago
  • God fucking dammit.

    5raptorboy15raptorboy17 years ago
  • You should be ashamed. :)

    MelonManMelonMan7 years ago