NoPUNintendo - In the presence of Princess Toadstool..

Nov 30, 2012
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Voice of Toad: Me!
Music: The Evil King Koopa and Princess Peach is Rescued from Super Mario World

  • Who is seeing his on 2077

    Kuro DestroyerKuro Destroyer19 days ago
    • The cyberpunk in real life....

      Kuro DestroyerKuro Destroyer19 days ago
  • I aint see pinned comment here, congratulations

    Fatih YudhistraFatih Yudhistra22 days ago
  • We went from pun videos, to videos about kirbo and his christian buddies fighting a speedrun demon What a beautiful evolution

  • Ok now im getting recommended your old videos

    Sonic PlasmaSonic Plasma24 days ago
  • Bowser : fellow members of the Koopa army, we are gathered here to COPE-A (koopa) for the loss of our dear friend Koopa. Dry Bones rising from the dead : (gives Bowser the weird look)

    Eric WijayaEric WijayaMonth ago
  • That joke bombed so hard King Bob-omb sued you for copyright infringement

    MJ JohnsonMJ Johnson2 months ago
  • Even Princess Peach thought that Toad's pun was corny. 😂

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY2 months ago
  • 7 years and now my long awaited destiny has brought me here. I love it.

    killerd54killerd543 months ago
  • Bow,sir nopunintendo

    Vegerot Prince of All VegetablesVegerot Prince of All Vegetables4 months ago
  • Plot twist bowser kills toad

    RatRat4 months ago
  • Oh bow sir is bowser

    Ruby WattsRuby Watts4 months ago
    • Thx for giving me a heart😀

      Ruby WattsRuby Watts4 months ago
  • Thank you so much for making this series it the best at 1 a.m.

    Brendon AmakomBrendon Amakom5 months ago
  • I love how Peach looks so done with everything.

    Ruthie ZRuthie Z5 months ago
  • guess he does that each time bowser comes to kidnap her 🤦‍♀️

    Sana tSana t6 months ago
  • I can see why Princess peach what’s to get taken away by bowser

    HomeStar64 ;HomeStar64 ;6 months ago
  • "In the presence of Princess Toadstool, You must Bow, sir."

    Austria BallAustria Ball10 months ago
  • Traslate to spanish please ;(

    Tomax CornelioTomax CornelioYear ago
  • This is the best NoPUN... I've seen so far

    Silver InkSilver InkYear ago
  • It's peach not toadstool

    Guillermo GazañolGuillermo GazañolYear ago
  • Oh

    l SpoonX ll SpoonX lYear ago
  • And what's funny is that the flag koopa troopa from Mario and Luigi bowsers inside story 3DS that koopa made this pun. X3

    Joseph HsuJoseph HsuYear ago
    • .

      Tolkay EymenTolkay Eymen23 days ago
  • I was just playing Mario and Luigi: Bowsers inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey and saw they used this joke in of the minion cutscenes lol

    SpaceDestroyer1221SpaceDestroyer12212 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] Yup, they sure did! I was like “Hah, I remember this one from Nopunintendo!”

      SpaceDestroyer1221SpaceDestroyer12212 years ago
  • This toad seems like a real fun-gi

    Punk RatPunk Rat2 years ago
  • He Toad him, alright

    Kale PenquanKale Penquan2 years ago
  • bow sir - bowser (for people that don't know the pun)

    smqflsmqfl2 years ago
  • 😑 its only gonna get worse from here isnt it.

    TBMAnimateZTBMAnimateZ2 years ago
  • Bow, sir.

    Tina AoroTina Aoro2 years ago
  • Bruh lol

    Diamond ThaiDiamond Thai2 years ago
  • That toad was waiting all week to say that

    Zekeram12Zekeram122 years ago
  • IM NOT BOWSER,so i don't need to bow princess

    陳羽顓陳羽顓2 years ago
  • toadschool?

    陳羽顓陳羽顓2 years ago
  • You must *B O W* sir... i get it... BOW-sir... bowser.... lol...

    D.V. The GuyD.V. The Guy2 years ago

    angle the nuggetangle the nugget2 years ago
  • I dont get it.

    Christopher CarrionChristopher Carrion2 years ago
    • bow-sir

      Mii UMii U2 years ago
  • Lol

    Luke769 AnimationsLuke769 Animations2 years ago
  • .______________________. K.

    Edible FoamEdible Foam2 years ago
  • in the prezints of the prinnses you need to bow ser

    Wyatt DunnWyatt Dunn2 years ago
  • Then Bowser barbecued him.

    Super Coolgan2 DiscontinuedSuper Coolgan2 Discontinued3 years ago
  • 0:07

    Princess ToadstoolPrincess Toadstool3 years ago
  • He Said A Name Two Times! I'll Show You! ✌️ "B - Sir!"

    Princess ToadstoolPrincess Toadstool3 years ago
  • Took me three years to get this lol

    KirbyKirby3 years ago
  • You most BOW sir

    Theresa ReisTheresa Reis3 years ago
  • GOSH DARN IT I JUST GOT THE TITLE no pun intend o

    BowBow !BowBow !3 years ago
  • What do you call a turtle dragon that's a gentleman...... a bow SER

    Luke LisleLuke Lisle3 years ago

    Musicboi WeegeeMusicboi Weegee3 years ago
  • i don't understand (my original idiom is spanish, i don't understand too much the englich sorry :( )

    BowlettaBowletta4 years ago
    • +TerminalMontage [Jeremey] thanks

      BowlettaBowletta4 years ago
  • That was painful.

    F VF V4 years ago
    • Vociferous Enmity yes peach and bower

      Елена ТихомироваЕлена Тихомирова4 years ago
  • D. D ceeee eeadxdxecdddd ex Dee. Exex. D Exe exceed eeex eeex eeeeerdeeeeeeedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexeee eeeeE Exe ex. Exe. Exe eeee. Exert v edge. Ex veg e de exceed vex. D bc ed. Exe be. Ce. Dev e. C. Ex. E. C b c c. D d b. C d. Eeeeereeedeeeeded eeeeeddeeeee

    Haylei JalalHaylei Jalal4 years ago
  • I GET IT! You use bow-ser

    Doggo DomDoggo Dom4 years ago
  • Why is this so funny he just told him to bow s-... -_-

    Sharc BlazerSharc Blazer4 years ago
    • Who's Space Taco 101?

      Nevo DahariNevo DahariYear ago
    • What

      Dominick PerezDominick Perez2 years ago
    • Who are you talking to?

      ΩMrSaltyΩMrSalty2 years ago
    • @Cwp Cwp He was a cock.

      Sharc BlazerSharc Blazer4 years ago
    • +Sharc Blazer lol goodbye space taco 101, nobody likes the taste of tacos in space

      cuz04cuz044 years ago
  • You missed the chance to make a pun about Toad poo

    carlosfer2201carlosfer22014 years ago
  • I GET IT😅😅😅😅😅😅

    Darnius StudiosDarnius Studios4 years ago
  • Bow sir bowser

    M VM V5 years ago
  • in the presents of princess toadstool you must bow... ser XD

    Byron RobertsByron Roberts5 years ago
  • this is why everybody hates toads they are dicks to people 10x their size.

    Delta SanicDelta Sanic5 years ago
  • bow sir its bowser

    Mario OwenMario Owen5 years ago
  • Wow, Toad grew a pair and stood up to Bowser...Am I the only one who found that bad-@$$?

    MrTheAmazingDudeMrTheAmazingDude5 years ago
  • Was there a hidden joke in there You Must Bow-sir get it lol.

    Inkling DinoInkling Dino5 years ago
  • i don't get it

    Isaac DavisIsaac Davis5 years ago
    • Isaac Davis bow-sir the koopas name is bowser bowser sounds like bow-sir

      Fenik 2727Fenik 27272 years ago
    • You Must, Bow - ser his names bowser

      ¿ .¿ .3 years ago
    • BOW-SIR.

      A JoJokeA JoJoke3 years ago
    • Bow-sir

      ETHBKETHBK5 years ago
    • +Isaac Davis "Bow sir" Bow-ser. Bowser.

      BeeholderBeeholder5 years ago
  • wow took couple of seconds but I got the joke

    Tallst4r 225 gamingTallst4r 225 gaming5 years ago
  • took me 5 times I like was analyzing the video not the speech

    James ForteJames Forte5 years ago
  • Neat

    Stefhon WalkerStefhon Walker5 years ago
  • Peach is just done. Meanwhile, that Toad was never seen again

    MeowserTheGamingKoopaMeowserTheGamingKoopa5 years ago
  • That Toad was never seen again.

    NadoNado5 years ago
    • are you sure about that?

      toadtoadMonth ago
    • @Nado Dafuq?

      KJ SetserKJ Setser5 years ago
    • @***** I literally just had somebody say that to me the other day. Also, yes. Sucy will always be best girl.

      NadoNado5 years ago
  • so.. how do i Bowser?

    RetrocityRetrocity5 years ago
    • drop to ya scaley knees and beg for mercy

      dAvId rObInSoNdAvId rObInSoN7 months ago
    • Or just kidnap her.

      RetrocityRetrocity4 years ago
    • +jellyfishjosh2 Bow Bow 4 peach

      Daniel Lopes LimaDaniel Lopes Lima5 years ago
  • I have an good classic pun. *Link trying to open an door* Navi: "Hey! Listen! Maybe you should TRY FORCE!"

    Luuk HerwigLuuk Herwig5 years ago
    • Good one mate!

      Seven BrandtSeven Brandt28 days ago
    • Yes and very no but very haha

      Jacob FraserJacob Fraser4 months ago
    • Toad: there goes Luiey, gee he's a good guy

      MJ JohnsonMJ Johnson5 months ago

      Ricardobr14Ricardobr1410 months ago
    • I've heard it

      angle the nuggetangle the nugget2 years ago
  • Peach looks so done with the whole kidnapping deal. She's just like "Man, you have done this so many times and nothing even happens to me while I'm kidnapped. What. Do. You. Want?"

    NerfNerf6 years ago
    • @anal destruction Are you sure about that? I have never heard that they are not supposed to be his kids in Japan. If that was true it feels like people should often mention it when people talk about the Koopa kids.

      CyberLance26CyberLance26Year ago
    • Why do so many people have bup as their picture

      StradStrad2 years ago
    • Yukkuri Lord In the Japanese version they're his minions, in the American its his kids. Therefore they're not his kids, but his minions.

      anal destructionanal destruction3 years ago
  • "Bow, sir", right?

    AlliroG98AlliroG986 years ago
    • @Chin Ee Koh i was 11 at the time lmao

      itzblueberry AUTTPitzblueberry AUTTP10 days ago
    • @itzblueberry AUTTP your very very stupid If you aren't being sarcastic

      Chin Ee KohChin Ee Koh19 days ago
    • No

      Sameera AlmenhaliSameera Almenhali23 days ago
    • *yes*

      Chin Ee KohChin Ee Koh23 days ago
    • AlliroG98 bowser bowsir

      OminousYTOminousYTYear ago
  • Punny punny punny

    Shanic TopherShanic Topher6 years ago
  • Took me a replay or two...

    DedDed6 years ago
    • You're both disappointing.

      gokuandmario4evergokuandmario4ever2 years ago
    • Ded Took me over 13 till I looked at the comment section.

      Mii UMii U2 years ago
  • I had to watch it twice. It totally went over my head the first time. XD

    ZarniroxZarnirox6 years ago
    • Zarnirox I had to see a comment. You’re quite smart actually.

      Mii UMii U2 years ago
    • then smack it like a fly lol

      hagalahagala6 years ago
  • Guess who becomes Toad's TOOL! ;p

    Agu FungusAgu Fungus6 years ago
    • Toadstools are mushrooms you pee on LOLOLOL 2 PUNS IN 1

      ¿ .¿ .3 years ago
  • *obligatory rimshot*

    george77772moonsgeorge77772moons6 years ago
  • Have Bowsers kidnapping become so dull?

    Quinn FletcherQuinn Fletcher7 years ago

    tariqdotpngtariqdotpng7 years ago
  • You must bow sir

    RegoRego7 years ago
  • Fu*k toad

    Ryan WooldridgeRyan Wooldridge7 years ago
    • Fu*k bows

      spicy momaspicy moma6 years ago
  • Bow sir bowser HAHA

    SaturnSaturn7 years ago
  • Nope, you didn't get the pun.

    Fakers/LsvBartFakers/LsvBart7 years ago
  • It took me a second or two to finally get the joke.

    MrFlareon136MrFlareon1367 years ago
  • Oh i see what ya did there

    Luke CoteLuke Cote7 years ago
  • But holding back tears in your profile pic

    Matthew ChangMatthew Chang7 years ago
  • Bow-sir

    Noah MillerNoah Miller7 years ago
  • I don't get it.

    Bi$harpBi$harp7 years ago
  • I see what you did there

    OdiOdi7 years ago
  • Joseph, I would also think that Waluigi's eight children would explore the events of other animated films including Thumbelina, Epic, The Croods, and Escape from Planet Earth.

    TheCarlitosbugTheCarlitosbug7 years ago
  • Would I like to use the actors behind Waluigi's 8 kids (7 of them belonging to you and 1 of them belonging to KingLogan721 in the voice cast of some sort of Monsters University crossover during a USworlds video involving Monsters University?

    TheCarlitosbugTheCarlitosbug7 years ago
  • This took me way too long to get lol

    NaviWolfNaviWolf7 years ago
  • Like Taco-man once said "Fuck you Toad!"

    AfterthoughtAfterthought7 years ago
  • Wearshirt isn't a very threatening name for a final boss.

    SocranSocran7 years ago
  • That one took me a few seconds, about two seconds after the vid ended i started laughing

    mortecusmortecus7 years ago
  • You must bow sir

    AvizzoAvizzo7 years ago
  • This deserves to be a meme.

    YourfailificationYourfailification7 years ago
  • I got the pun: You must bow sir in the prescence of princess TOADSTOOL, get it?

    DeclanDeclan7 years ago
  • i love bowsers face he's like "who the f*ck is this guy." XD

    Seany BoySeany Boy7 years ago
  • Oh....the punnanity!

    CurbolCurbol7 years ago
  • ..No shit Sherlock.

    silvernugsilvernug7 years ago
  • You must "BOW" sir.

    The ShoobsterThe Shoobster7 years ago
  • eehee you got me cheesy smiling

    Sefercil JackSefercil Jack7 years ago
  • Love that cameo of Megan Fox as princess peach sighing.

    silvernugsilvernug8 years ago