NoPUNintendo - Boo Standup

Dec 7, 2012
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Voice of Boo: Andrew "VoiceFOURHire"

  • A 2 in 1 joke. Clever.

    Robert the ChannelRobert the ChannelDay ago
  • I think i saw this guy in the future

    Capitan Golf BravoCapitan Golf Bravo2 months ago
  • I got the joke right away! 😂

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY2 months ago
  • I'm just over here watching old nopunintendos in Sept 2020

    1stAid1stAid4 months ago
  • Oh boys

    Ernestine RufusErnestine Rufus5 months ago
  • Boo's: BOOOO Me: yay they love it

    ZunTsu The BlosomosZunTsu The Blosomos5 months ago
  • Let me tell you of the prophecy. I don’t know one other the the legend that he still hearts comments to this day

    How to GamingHow to Gaming8 months ago
  • Este wey aparese en el vídeo de super Mario world en este mismo canal en la casa embrujada

    felipe zamoranofelipe zamorano9 months ago
  • You could tell that even him was AFRAID of saying that joke.

    ToadetteToadette10 months ago
  • dis Billy Chrystal

    Heavenney GroesseHeavenney Groesse11 months ago
  • God, help me.

    Dr. KonekoDr. KonekoYear ago
  • Is that jontron#--$6+"_'?

    tanker ztanker zYear ago
  • Saw this guy in ya Mario world video

    Ethan WadeEthan WadeYear ago
  • Anyone else just discover his earlier videos and binge watching them?

    ReaGameReaGameYear ago
  • Boo

    Sarah MossmanSarah MossmanYear ago
  • Is there a way to get in contact with the artist of this guy? I have a serious inquiry

    MoonectricMoonectricYear ago
  • Wow, the boo really killed the buzz in the crowd.

    Super MarioSuper MarioYear ago
  • thats a weird crowd, saying his name in a weird voice after he creates an amazing preformance

    Punk RatPunk RatYear ago
    • why does this have no likes?

      The HighestThe Highest9 months ago
  • This was a double joke yo

    JordsB. 250JordsB. 2502 years ago
  • 100 years later in Jerry Seinfeld's comedy career.

    Coilin CoreyCoilin Corey2 years ago
  • Man Im so smart... for years I thought the pun was his terrible joke. Only a few months ago did I realize it was them booing him................ yeah.....

    jonathan Sigginsjonathan Siggins2 years ago
  • I knew I should’ve Booked the stage there!

    Kale PenquanKale Penquan2 years ago
  • hey!! for me that was pretty funny lol

    Cinnamon BunCinnamon Bun2 years ago
  • I just now understand the actual joke

    Fluted GuyFluted Guy2 years ago
  • That joke was so outstanding not even I can stand up to that

    Bar GrossBar Gross2 years ago
  • Boo comedy

    Eva CamposEva Campos2 years ago
  • Is this a Tony Clifton reference? Because Andy Kaufman is dead?

    Matt BMatt B2 years ago
  • I don't get it.

    Gabe OwenGabe Owen2 years ago

    Taco HellTaco Hell2 years ago
  • Haha

    Antasma1Antasma12 years ago
  • I don't get it

    Elizabeth CazarezElizabeth Cazarez3 years ago
  • His joke was so good the crowd practically screamed his name.

    Tammy NTammy N3 years ago

      ACE SAMMACE SAMMYear ago
    • No

      The G-Topia 96The G-Topia 96Year ago
    • Oh. I get it. He's called a Boo and they booed at him. That's clever.

      Becky CourchesneBecky CourchesneYear ago
  • boo is a ghost.. boo is a hate.. wait.. I FOUND THE ILLUMINATI

    Brandoroni PizzaBrandoroni Pizza3 years ago
  • Haaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Kitten JibanyanKitten Jibanyan4 years ago
  • three fucking years later I finally get it. The pun isn't from the ghost, it's the crowd screaming 'Booooo!' FML.

    Mark WMark W4 years ago
    • Why can't the boo do standup comedy? BECAUSE IT HAS NO LEGS!

      Sean TSean T3 years ago
    • Mark W My eyes have been opened. Thank you.

      BeverageBeverage4 years ago
  • the comment section is why I come to this video XD

    MatthewMatthew4 years ago
  • RIP Billy Crystal

    Teh BrawlerTeh Brawler4 years ago
    • No, Billy Crystal is still alive.

      TheCarlitosbugTheCarlitosbug2 years ago
  • One Pun:😐 Two Puns:😒 Three Puns:😫🔫

    HipStar ProductionsHipStar Productions4 years ago
    • Fourth pun was how he was doing standup comedy, but he has no legs 😗🔫

      JordsB. 250JordsB. 2502 years ago
    • 1.""Death"" Mountain 2. Rock And Roll 3.Booing

      HipStar ProductionsHipStar Productions4 years ago
  • OMG a pun inside a pun that is inside an other pun,what kind kf dark magic is this!(he should be the new sans)

    The MemerThe Memer4 years ago

    Malina ;Malina ;4 years ago
  • Let's all say boo to a boo!

    Cyberbrickmaster1986Cyberbrickmaster19864 years ago
  • I just got the boooooooo joke

    Echoes Act 3Echoes Act 34 years ago
  • I love puns and corny jokes!!!😜😜😜😜😂😂😂😂

    T1AT1A4 years ago
  • ?

    Cool NissenCool Nissen5 years ago
  • i laughed at the joke the boo made then just stopped dead when the crowd went boo.

    Delta SanicDelta Sanic5 years ago
  • ...

    RoboYoshi 357RoboYoshi 3575 years ago
  • ???

    RoboYoshi 357RoboYoshi 3575 years ago
  • Man that pun that Boo made sure was rock bottom...I'm gonna go kill myself now

    woofy woowoofy woo5 years ago

    Judy DoddJudy Dodd5 years ago
  • get it? they BOO him

    Isaac DavisIsaac Davis5 years ago
  • Jeremey what the heck is a freickin Gloron

    Galatix GamingGalatix Gaming5 years ago
    • Galatix Gaming Play Legend of Zelda

      Antasma1Antasma12 years ago

    Link Opening a Chest BackwardsLink Opening a Chest Backwards5 years ago
  • If you think about it there are two bad puns.

    notgazpachonotgazpacho5 years ago
    • +Dylon Silveri Actually, there are a couple - The intentional pun when the audience shouts "Boooooo!" - The disguise pun with Gorons being associating with rocking and rolling. - Boo doing standup comedy despite the fact that he has no legs. - Boo doing standup comedy despite the fact that he's supposed to be shy. - Boo telling a pun about Death Mountain.

      edtringamingedtringaming4 years ago
    • death mountain, rock, and roll( 3 if you dont split rock&roll)

      NX TEKNX TEK5 years ago
    • Three

      cactus cactuscactus cactus5 years ago
  • Wouldn't he be shy from all the people looking at him in the first place?

    AlexAlex5 years ago
    • Alex To be honest, yeah. But as the trophy for Boo in "Super Smash Bros. Melee" says, some Boos (including some Big Boos and King Boo) are actually capable of overcoming their shy personality and actually being more active, occasionally playing sports and attending kart races along with Mario. But yeah, some of them are still shy.

      Johnathan RogersJohnathan Rogers2 years ago
  • Boo sounds like Billy Crystal.

    WarpWorld7WarpWorld75 years ago
  • His joke was dead to begin with.

    ximipe epimixximipe epimix5 years ago
    • Get out.

      Red WolfRed Wolf8 months ago
    • yes

      Erwin RommelErwin Rommel2 years ago
    • Naaaaaw.

      ximipe epimixximipe epimix5 years ago
    • @jacob fields like him.. also I think the joke was when they shouted BOO

      TheMEATmanTheMEATman5 years ago
  • Thing is, Boo can't be killing it... because he's already dead. :|

    KazIsaysoKazIsayso5 years ago
    • Booooooooo

      cactus cactuscactus cactus5 years ago
  • two jokes in one.

    poke-ypoke-y6 years ago
    • 3 jokes

      Michael AiyedunMichael Aiyedun5 years ago
  • 3 PUNS IN ONE XD 1st rocknroll for gorans 2nd everbody BOOOOOO-ing Boo 3hd and the fact its standup comedy and boo cant stand

    Dragon TeaDragon Tea6 years ago
    • @ThatBlueDollFromSuperMarioRPGThatChoseGaz'sDollOfAllThingsToPossessIThinkHe'sCalledGeno★ I'm replying this 5 years later

      Super KirbySuper KirbyMonth ago
    • 100TH LIKE OMG

      Kemal SwimmingSuit // SwimmingHQKemal SwimmingSuit // SwimmingHQMonth ago
    • It's sad how I cannot give u more than one like

      ZokLocZokLoc8 months ago
    • @ThatBlueDollFromSuperMarioRPGThatChoseGaz'sDollOfAllThingsToPossessIThinkHe'sCalledGeno★ OH WELL

      TheMEATmanTheMEATman5 years ago
    • @Tony the electric ninja REALLY hard...

      ThatBlueDollFromSuperMarioRPGThatChoseGaz'sDollOfAllThingsToPossessIThinkHe'sCalledGeno★ThatBlueDollFromSuperMarioRPGThatChoseGaz'sDollOfAllThingsToPossessIThinkHe'sCalledGeno★5 years ago
  • ha boo ha funny

    Brandon FlowersBrandon Flowers6 years ago
    • @Brandon Flowers stand up comedy (boos have no legs) YAY I GET TO BE THE NERD THAT POINTS IT OUT :D

      TheMEATmanTheMEATman5 years ago
  • Boo sucks at standup. Mainly because they don't even have legs.

    Jack WestonJack Weston7 years ago
    • Dam, your right

      MrDreamcastMrDreamcast5 months ago
    • Jack Weston Ladies and gentleman, the comment from which I took more joy than the video itself.

      Nick MNick M2 years ago
    • darksid007 Pun?

      Antasma1Antasma12 years ago
    • i luv puns OwO

      SwapFell CharaSwapFell Chara3 years ago
    • BOOO!

      darksid007darksid0074 years ago
  • The Boo's last name was incidentally Urns. Booo-Urns! Booo Urns!

    Chad MouraChad Moura7 years ago
  • this is actually pretty clever lol

    b2j135b2j1357 years ago
  • HA! They are cheering for boo either way! XD

    Adam JohnsonAdam Johnson7 years ago
  • I think they should've replaced this with the "Luigi's Man-chin" Boo standup.

    Q CooLQ CooL7 years ago
  • Those were some GRAVE statements, man! You should open up to a new SPECTOR of light in your life! I mean you seem to have a GHOULISH look on life!

    ahmallamaahmallama7 years ago
  • a very good question :D

    Daniel ArendDaniel Arend7 years ago

    Disaris UmbrusDisaris Umbrus7 years ago
  • Booooooooooo!

    royalbrother13royalbrother137 years ago
  • Goron, because of legend of Zelda ocarina of time... no? No one?

    Daniel ElliottDaniel Elliott7 years ago
  • Don't worry! He'll have a wet PATCHirisu beacuse of this one! QUICK!!! I need some HELLp!!! All those puns are KILLing me!!!

    Emily MannEmily Mann7 years ago
  • they cheer for boo

    shadowfox2023shadowfox20237 years ago
  • HAHAHAEATAEHYRA I GET I- aw no I don't... I'm a dumbass

    Billy MaysBilly Mays7 years ago
  • yes...cuz of boo.

    YTMLPYTMLP7 years ago
  • gee tough crowd.

    videogameprofvideogameprof7 years ago
  • ...that one's not a pun ^o-o>.

    Cielo PachirisuCielo Pachirisu7 years ago
  • (⌐■_■)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿'̿'̿ nintendo POW!er.

    TurtleGalaxiesTurtleGalaxies7 years ago
  • they were yelling boooooo at boo.

    TurtleGalaxiesTurtleGalaxies7 years ago
  • thats not a pun...

    SiegeGoatSiegeGoat7 years ago
  • I don't get it tell me

    Mason MaddoxMason Maddox7 years ago
  • you will have a swift PUNishment

    SiegeGoatSiegeGoat7 years ago
  • Wow, i'm proud of the internet. No grammar Nazis have arrived yet to correct the error. WHAT IS YOU SECRET?!? WHATS THE IMMUNITY?!?!

    FlameWarProductionsFlameWarProductions7 years ago
  • Billy Crystal?

    DiSTANToblivionDiSTANToblivion7 years ago
  • Dun dun... TSSH!

    Kama MaruKama Maru7 years ago
  • Even though they are invisible......the mysteries of life :l

    TarauxTaraux7 years ago
  • I wish my name was boo

    Timestamps for the Good PartsTimestamps for the Good Parts7 years ago
  • He is telling a joke about a goron which are from the Zelda series, they are monsters that attack by rolling and eat rocks. Also death mountain is where they live. Also there chanting boo's name.

    Dandemonium UkukukDandemonium Ukukuk7 years ago
  • You're thinking of a shy guy.

    NPC 1785237NPC 17852377 years ago
  • Does anyone else think he sounds a bit like Ray Romano?

    Kristopher KendallKristopher Kendall7 years ago
  • That was so bad it was funny

    danewgui2danewgui27 years ago
  • What?

    EWOODJEWOODJ7 years ago
  • Why does Boo sound like Billy Crystal?

    EchoparticleEchoparticle7 years ago
  • He had no reaction to the audience. He made himself up laugh which explains the tear and he was still smiling at the end.

    EWOODJEWOODJ8 years ago
  • OH. . . was that the ACTUAL pun?

    EliotLeoEliotLeo8 years ago
  • Based on his reaction to it... I don't think that's actually the case. XD

    SemudaraSemudara8 years ago
  • He's not getting booed, they're cheering his name because they love him!

    Mr. Noodle-eyesMr. Noodle-eyes8 years ago
  • well, not everyone would get No. 3 at first.

    ExistentialOctoExistentialOcto8 years ago
  • please don't explain the joke

    KriplovskiKriplovski8 years ago
  • i dont think so.

    ExistentialOctoExistentialOcto8 years ago
  • i dont think so.

    ExistentialOctoExistentialOcto8 years ago