NoPUNintendo 4

Jul 24, 2017
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Jeff and I are stretching pretty far now guys..
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Voice Actors:
Jordan Haro
Hans Van Harken
Andrew Hamblin
Chris Zambelis
Scott Falco
Vanessa Lopez
Jessica Giaimo
Odell Atkinson

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NoPUNintendo was created by Jeffrey Giaimo and Jeremey Chinshue
Credits theme: Grassland from Yoshi's Safari
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  • Did Bison repent for all of his sins and turn into a Pastor in the Bionic Commando skit?

    Hope4NewDayHope4NewDay8 months ago
    • Continuity... in MY Nintendo puns?! I can't believe you're Linking it all together!

      Gryphon SternGryphon Stern5 months ago
    • A long time ago, M decided to say "Bye, sin" and reformed.

      William BentonWilliam Benton6 months ago
    • @The Lintnerd a peaceful thread with no wooooshes.

      Arfan Eka DiandraArfan Eka Diandra6 months ago
    • @Cristal Sawatzky No problem.

      The LintnerdThe Lintnerd7 months ago
    • Thank you

      Cristal SawatzkyCristal Sawatzky7 months ago
  • zero: WJBDJSBEJRYBD WHO DAT DUDBJEYDVJDUEVR other guy: sub way substitute

    le memerle memer9 days ago
  • Pls make more of these

    Ollie HOllie H12 days ago
  • Thats the Sub Zero GOD I love stupid puns, Id tell a Paper Mario joke but its tearable

    RobertGameFreakRobertGameFreak13 days ago
  • ok but don't give to the Salvation Army

    Venomous9Venomous913 days ago
  • there needs to be a part 5 or else (insert pun)

    droplock gamerdroplock gamer15 days ago
  • 1:09 where are zero and waluigi anyways, perhaps a How To Get Noticed By Mr Sakurai To Be Put In Smash Class?

    Caleb The Awesome GamerCaleb The Awesome Gamer16 days ago
  • Geno:would you like to help me save the world? Mario: no. I get the pun.

    I am a blanketI am a blanket17 days ago
  • This is why geno is not in smash

    Gav PuggGav Pugg17 days ago
  • Reply to this comment if you want NoPUNintendo 5

    RoosemaresRoosemares18 days ago
  • Geno: Hey, can I be in smash as an actual character? Sakurai: 1:27

    Sebastian SolisSebastian Solis18 days ago
  • Geno: “Will you put me in smash?” Sakurai “Aw gee, no.”

    Backfire FirstBackfire First19 days ago
  • GENO: So you must be mario. MARIO: How'dG you kno?

    Super EvSuper Ev20 days ago
  • Can u think of any more jokes because I need to hear some

    Lauren Marie SmithLauren Marie Smith22 days ago
  • 0:02 It took me so long to figure out that the joke was pay per (paper) Like srs it took me days idk why

    Trayaurus_the_proTrayaurus_the_pro24 days ago
  • my forehead hurts

    SuluSulu26 days ago
  • “Would you like to help me save the world?” “Uhhh...” GENO

  • 1:31 Genos reaction that hes a mii fighter again

    J CooleyJ Cooley27 days ago
  • Yoooo

    The Spanish InquisitionThe Spanish Inquisition27 days ago
  • Geno: Hey this game looks pretty fun, can I play to? Sakurai: ahhh

    facepwnagewtffacepwnagewtf28 days ago
  • huh you must be mario, you're stronger than I thought -geno meanwhile: YA YA YA YA YA YA WOO WOOHOO

    Matt LeeMatt Lee29 days ago
  • Nintendo: So, can we put the puppet guy in Smash? The fans really want him. Square Enix: 1:28

    Jacob TidwellJacob TidwellMonth ago
  • Am I a Mother fucking joke to everyone I May be frosty but WHY THE HELL MAKE FUN OF US

    snowman ice godsnowman ice godMonth ago
  • . . . so . . . more puns?

    The Wind Waking HeroThe Wind Waking HeroMonth ago
  • Skull Kid: Hey. Link: What? Skull Kid: Can you guess what my favorite tea is? Link: Uh... Herbal? Skull Kid: Nope. I like the Majora Tea.

    Shadow TheSupremeKingShadow TheSupremeKingMonth ago
  • Young Link: Wonder What Treasure Is In This Graveyard... *Picks Up Skull On The Ground Dampe: Hands Off My Skull Kid!!!

    Mr. GoemonMr. GoemonMonth ago
  • Default: How long has it been Pro: I think it’s been a fortnight

    Blue inkyBlue inkyMonth ago
  • Uh I laughed so much

    BlueStreak1991BlueStreak1991Month ago
  • I Just Fuckin Laughed Over And Over

    Peter The chain chompPeter The chain chompMonth ago
  • No weon que chistoso, que bien que ya termino, si no me iba a morir de risa

    4514 8unt5r4514 8unt5rMonth ago
  • This is perfect of Pun City (Vat19 reference)

    Minecrafter PicturesMinecrafter PicturesMonth ago
  • Oh God the title is a pun itself NoPunNinTenDo

    Surprised CatSurprised CatMonth ago
  • Is that a motherfockin Battle Toads reference

    Ponce JuergensPonce JuergensMonth ago
  • 0:07 is that Nathan Lane?

    Alek PriceAlek PriceMonth ago
  • 0:44 Tho the inside may be uh..... filled... this is the smootest i've ever seen this castle look!

    Trayaurus_the_proTrayaurus_the_proMonth ago
  • I wish a sequel would have come

    Bluebird LoveBluebird Love2 months ago
  • Kooper says "👋 we need more 1ups

    Frank RivasFrank Rivas2 months ago
  • 1:09 when i go in class and see's everyone frozen me: looks at teacher sub zero:

    TheOnnitaTheOnnita2 months ago
  • 😂

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY2 months ago
  • Good thing the puns end here

    Ian S SidneyIan S Sidney2 months ago
  • I don't get the pun with the witch?

    ashebot2704ashebot27042 months ago
    • @Solomon Held At the time, I had forgotten about Banjo and Kazooie, so I didn't put two and two together. Thanks

      ashebot2704ashebot2704Month ago
    • "I'm gonna *grunt till da* end of time!" Gruntillda is the antagonist of Banjo Kazooie, who is also that witch.

      Solomon HeldSolomon HeldMonth ago
  • Mario: Luigi, look! My-a hat is-a talking to me! Cappy: Look at me, I am the CAPPYtain now. Luigi: Mario, not-a now. I'm in-a the middle of-a something. Mario: Luigi, I'm-a telling you. You *ODYSSEY* this!

    iggy diamziggy diamz2 months ago
  • No PUN Intended. No PUN Intendo. VERY clever.

    Undermined DesignationUndermined Designation2 months ago
  • Papapapappapapappapappapapappapappaap

    Eleanor DEleanor D3 months ago
  • Exclusive dad jokes

    Marcus GeskeMarcus Geske3 months ago
  • Tails:Hey, i got a friend!, I'ts called nick! Knuckles: so... nick? *Sonic looks at them with a face of visible confusion*

    Esteban QuirogaEsteban Quiroga3 months ago
  • Is this the last one?!? Aw... It look's like something happened between you and that Jeff guy... I wonder what....

    Potatocatstar YTPotatocatstar YT3 months ago
  • Pay-per-mario ha I like it!

    Angel PereiraAngel Pereira3 months ago
  • The "Sub, Zero" one cracks me up.

    Buddy The HedgehogBuddy The Hedgehog3 months ago
  • Sub-zero grunt -a

    Alice WalkerAlice Walker3 months ago
  • We need more of these please.

    LuigiRocks95 GamesLuigiRocks95 Games3 months ago
  • this video: "exists" dads: write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN,

    Michal's FakemonMichal's Fakemon3 months ago
  • ash: yo,what's happening Brock: nothing I just BURIED the competition ash: I really DIGLETT that pun misty: WATER you guy talking about Brock: anyone want a jelly donut? ash: GEO thanks DUDE!!!!!!!!

    Ziare BrownZiare Brown3 months ago
  • THE PUNS ARE TAKING OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ziare BrownZiare Brown3 months ago
  • uhh battletoads, those puns *TOAD*-ally weren't necessary

    flare bladeflare blade3 months ago
  • I used to love watching these years ago and I still do!

    meme supremeomeme supremeo3 months ago
  • Sad there were no more of these made...

    Derek EdwardsDerek Edwards3 months ago
  • This is like my 10th time watching this!

    3LIX643LIX643 months ago
  • It's okay zero maybe it's just adopted 🤣

    Roses angelRoses angel3 months ago
  • His art is getting less and less detail until now😂

    zegtendozegtendo3 months ago
  • What is that Pokemon pun supposed to be? (Sorry don't get it.)

    ari yangari yang3 months ago
  • *Fox Walks To A Wet Floor* Fox: I don’t wanna walk On That. Cause It’s Slippy.

    King CadeKing Cade3 months ago
  • Tails: Hey Sonic, What Do You Think About The Letter Z? Sonic: Z? Na. (Zeena)

    King CadeKing Cade3 months ago
  • Pinky: Hey Pac Man, Your Eyes Look Red! Want Some Eye Drops? Pac Man: No Thanks, That Makes Me Too Blinky.

    King CadeKing Cade3 months ago

    Gyro Gear croGyro Gear cro3 months ago
  • Zero get disrespected x 2

    smol Omegasmol Omega3 months ago
  • I am BEGGING you for part 5

    Bob YipBob Yip3 months ago
  • Luigi : hey Mario whats this red thing blocking my way? Mario : thats a wall, luigi Waluigi, hearing behind the wall : (silent reaction)

    Eric WijayaEric Wijaya3 months ago
  • The sub, Zero : alright class today we will be talking about Vectors Vector the crocodile : triggerd

    Eric WijayaEric Wijaya3 months ago
  • Make 👏 more

    Meme Fries -Brawl stars, among us, and robloxMeme Fries -Brawl stars, among us, and roblox3 months ago
  • Antasma : Marth is looking a vittle blue today Marth : triggered

    Eric WijayaEric Wijaya3 months ago
  • Paper mario!!😱😱😱 nooooooo!!!

    Um Autista no PedaçoUm Autista no Pedaço3 months ago
  • I finally got the joke Buy on nick Come and do(n’t) Bionic Commando

    Sushi TimeSushi Time4 months ago
  • Sigh Kick. Awwww man I'm slow 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Don't Mind MeDon't Mind Me4 months ago
  • The Battletoads one got me rolling on the floor

    Ringo BingoRingo Bingo4 months ago

    T MackT Mack4 months ago
  • I need to pay my dept but all i have is-a-bell

    VillagerVillager4 months ago
  • aw i kind of miss these,,, are u doing any more?

    Pearl FieldsPearl Fields4 months ago
  • Mom: "Son?" Son: "Yes, mom?" Mom: "Would you like a Game Boy Advance for your birthday present?" Son: "Oh, boy! I would love it! Yeah, of course!" Mom: "Ok, I'm going to buy it right now. See later. Son: "Ok, mom. THANKS FOR ADVANCE." (Yeah, it is wrong but I didn't find another way to tell the pun. I'm not English speaker, sorry.) 🙏 (And yeah, it's a terrible pun) 😅

    HetzeegaryuHetzeegaryu4 months ago
  • 0:30 Well *WART* are you waiting for? Go get them!

    EterrixEterrix4 months ago
  • News people in Persona 5: In other news, we've recently discovered, nearby, a morgue on a hill! Morgana, sitting on a hill he owns: *Insert funny Morgana face here*

    The Weebish WeebThe Weebish Weeb4 months ago
  • BANJO: Uhhhh, yeah, Mario. Look, we need to talk about FLUDD's choice of musical instrument for band practice. It's just- KAZOOIE: You can't do kazoos, Nozzlenose. That's my thing. MARIO: Why-a not? C'mon Banjo! ...Kazooie! We could be a two-kazoo group! FLUDD: Mario is cor-rect. Be-sides, analysis concludes Kazooie seems to prefer using funnels rather than act-ual kazoos. MARIO: What they said! KAZOOIE: Agggh. Just find another instrument or we'll BAN YO KAZOO, SEE?

    Cromanti CheerCromanti Cheer4 months ago
  • I'm gonna grunt till the end of time!

    Colt CookColt Cook4 months ago

    Colt CookColt Cook4 months ago
  • Kirby :)

    Oooof Girll the boy - Official ChannelOooof Girll the boy - Official Channel4 months ago
  • *Car gets towed away* Toad: Oh No! Mario: Sorry, Towed

    Sir JJSir JJ4 months ago
  • Explain the "Alakazam psyschic" pun

    MoltE͋ͅn 2010MoltE͋ͅn 20104 months ago
    • "Sigh." Kick.

      Cromanti CheerCromanti Cheer4 months ago
  • Campain started : NoPUNintendo 5

    MoltE͋ͅn 2010MoltE͋ͅn 20104 months ago
  • 1:21 Mallow is me when I find a cool stick on the floor and then trip over a rock

    serious shinaniganserious shinanigan4 months ago
  • What have we done with our lives... I've used them to try the infinite lives trick... That I've failed many times

  • We need more nopuntendo

    AidanAidan4 months ago
  • 0:55 get out! no witches aloud!!

    The Perfect BusinessThe Perfect Business4 months ago
  • Heres a suggestion for a pun: have Waluigi and Wii Fit trainer push the elevator button but the elevator is crowded And have Waluigi say Dont worry Wii Fit.

    Acrobatics ZombieAcrobatics Zombie4 months ago
  • What is this song 0:25

    Devon NobleDevon Noble4 months ago
  • I still can't figure out why Peach invited Gruntilda over for tea

    Chezi 34Chezi 344 months ago
  • This series has to come back

    Señor PatoSeñor Pato4 months ago
  • I've never heard a pun so absolutely forced as that last one. Good job.

    SalaComManderSalaComMander4 months ago
  • Nopunintendo sounds like No pun intended.

    LineotLineot4 months ago
  • 1:35 I love how he's just like: "biONic commanDONT"

    Supermariojjk KSupermariojjk K4 months ago
  • You could of had X say "that's the sub, Zero".

    Tatsumaki__Tatsumaki__4 months ago