NoPUNintendo 3

Jul 17, 2017
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You wanted this.. So after 826,879 comments asking for more NoPUNintendo since 2012.. HERE YOU GO! Stay tuned for more NPN coming soon! We're really scratching the bottom of the barrel.
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Voice Actors:
Andrew Hamblin
(The Glass Iwata pun was his idea!)
Jessica Giaimo
Hans Van Harken
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NoPUNintendo was created by Jeffrey Giaimo and Jeremey Chinshue
Credits Music:
Grassland from Yoshi's Safari
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  • Can we get a f in the chat for iwata

    Toon linkToon link2 hours ago
  • All puns: 0:08 - What can I getya can I get a glass a wata (Iwata) 0:21 stop shopping everybody and return to the back of the line! You gluttonous scoundrel No I'm going to shove all night! (Shovel Knight) 0:37 - ugh cat you're so annoying why don't you go purr on a plant (piranha plant) mew! 0:45 You Fox you look exhausted. Why don't you have some coffee no thanks that makes me too Peppy (Peppy) 1:02 H A H A check it out the ledge end of Zelda (The Legend of Zelda) haha Link: What? 01:15 end. ads for Patron and nopuntendo shirt merch

    HelloKittyFanforever UwUHelloKittyFanforever UwU4 days ago
  • Poyo Poyo Poyo

    Christian KirboChristian Kirbo8 days ago

    BobBob10 days ago
  • 0:00 red dead 3 looks amazing

    Sam GilbreathSam Gilbreath15 days ago
  • Wtf

    Robin LeeRobin Lee15 days ago
  • Took me a moment to get the jokes, But its funny

    RobertGameFreakRobertGameFreak16 days ago
  • Oh my god pelo plays warrio and waluigi

    Lucas SeeberLucas Seeber17 days ago
  • 0:46 hay isn't that the bar from star trak the next generation

    Bowser the Koopa KingBowser the Koopa King17 days ago
  • 1:01 Peppy: “I make the bad jokes around here, Fox!”

    Sega360Sega36018 days ago
  • I like how terminal montage still likes comments from videos from years ago

    Dominic FaisonDominic Faison19 days ago
  • Gotta love the transition from puns to Christian kirbo over the years.

    mgmlucymgmlucy21 day ago
  • 0:54 oh 1:00 ooh.... g.... god

    Rob HansonRob Hanson22 days ago
  • 0:46 this bar reminds me of 10 forward from star trek tng

    the fancy toasterthe fancy toaster25 days ago
  • Very surprised Captain Picard lets mercs use Ten Forward like that.

    Fulgrim2Fulgrim225 days ago

    Kyree Chambers-MuhammadKyree Chambers-Muhammad25 days ago
  • Glass a water,shove all night,per on a plant,to peppy,the ledge end of zelda all so funny 😁

    Nintendo playerNintendo player26 days ago
  • We need more of these please

    9a3eedi9a3eedi26 days ago

  • bruh

    Paper WegeePaper Wegee29 days ago
  • Claim your “You Revisited Ticket” Here!

    YrmaYrmaMonth ago
  • 0:53 *peppy will remember that*


    Wooly CreeperWooly CreeperMonth ago
  • 0:55 that pissed off face

    Vu1pixi0nVu1pixi0nMonth ago
  • 0:10 “Gimmie a drink bartender”

    Ranch DressingRanch DressingMonth ago

    Mr. TopHatMr. TopHatMonth ago
  • The first joke did not age well

    mediakittenvideoeditor300 /MKVE300 AUTTPmediakittenvideoeditor300 /MKVE300 AUTTPMonth ago
    • Everybody dies.

      Reed CostelloReed Costello29 days ago
  • peppy's face will give me nightmares lol

    Alex BurrolaAlex BurrolaMonth ago
  • De verdad wey me estoy muriendo de risa deja de hacer tan graciosos chistes

    4514 8unt5r4514 8unt5rMonth ago
  • Iwata glass iwata

    ScriptScriptMonth ago
  • Bababooey

    DededankDededankMonth ago
  • of course there is sr pelo

    Sam BoothSam BoothMonth ago
  • I dont get the first one help

    CoastersAndCoastersAndMonth ago
    • So, the Cowboy walks into the bar and says "I want a glass of Water." However, his speech is sort of slurred, so it sounds like "I want a Glass Iwata," who was the CEO of Nintendo a while back. And the "Glass Iwata" is a Mii that either looks like Iwata or was just designed by Iwata.

      Peaman 42Peaman 42Month ago
  • Thought you only did "Something About", good thing I was wrong. This is great

    Teh quiperTeh quiperMonth ago
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Rachael MundyRachael Mundy2 months ago
  • Lol who came here for the wario and waluwuigi (i dont think I spelled that right) Please help me hit 100 subs

    Jude BombkidJude Bombkid2 months ago
  • Did you guys notice how NoPunNintendo 3 and 4 was released before 1 and 2

    Car GuyCar Guy2 months ago
  • 😂

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY2 months ago
  • Subtitles are kinda pointless in other languages since these puns only make sense in English

    alexandnacho YTalexandnacho YT2 months ago
  • ワリオ‪w

    ましゅーさくらましゅーさくら2 months ago
  • I was watching Pokémon when this appeared in my recommended. Needless to say, it was quite Onix-pected

    grim_grim_2 months ago
  • now I want a glass iwata displayed on my switch game cabinet. 😅

    24Lionhearts24Lionhearts3 months ago
  • Glass a water WHAT DOES THE JOKE MEAN?

    Angel PereiraAngel Pereira3 months ago

    Eleanor DEleanor D3 months ago

    Eleanor DEleanor D3 months ago
  • i almost laughed, keep up the good work!

    Tempest aka KrimpsTempest aka Krimps3 months ago
  • When link talks, you know he means business

    Yolo CatYolo Cat3 months ago
  • We need more of this

    Ahmad RafaAhmad Rafa3 months ago
  • The scariest thing of this is that the first one was made 2 years and this on 3 years

    artgamer highlanderartgamer highlander3 months ago
  • The Ledge End Of Zelda. *I agree with link on that one.*

    FlibzyFlibzy3 months ago
  • I love how the bar for the Star Fox one was straight up Ten Forward from Star Trek TNG.

    The WalliestThe Walliest3 months ago
  • what the music he used for the shovel knight joke?

    King-Baby_Yoda 4576King-Baby_Yoda 45763 months ago
  • Um. Why does Zelda have a snout?

    Timber StalkerTimber Stalker3 months ago
  • 1:02 BRO whats that music i keep hearing it everytime WHATS THE OF THE SONG

    Giordano ÁlvarezGiordano Álvarez3 months ago
    • Also these jokes are LEDGE END DIARY

      Giordano ÁlvarezGiordano Álvarez3 months ago
  • I used to think this series was called "No, P-U-nintendo"

    Clarke GregoryClarke Gregory3 months ago
  • A glass Iwata Incredible incredible your greatest achievement

    DededankDededank3 months ago
  • Peppy is going to commit several hate crimes.

    soulguysoulguy3 months ago
  • "its the ledge end of zelda" link: you have forfeited your life privileges

    The Troupe LeaderThe Troupe Leader4 months ago
    • Oh hello link where Zelda

      Kheiron DiazKheiron Diaz2 months ago
    • Ur frEe TriLe oF kNeEcApS have E N D E D

      Kheiron DiazKheiron Diaz2 months ago
    • thank you so much tm

      The Troupe LeaderThe Troupe Leader4 months ago
  • 0:06 I don`t get it...

    Chin Ee KohChin Ee Koh4 months ago
    • OH...!

      Chin Ee KohChin Ee Koh4 months ago
  • You angered peppy you fool you doomed us all

    Evan HickoxEvan Hickox4 months ago
  • Hello TerminalMonage!

    Potatocatstar YTPotatocatstar YT4 months ago
    • Yay

      Potatocatstar YTPotatocatstar YT4 months ago
  • Wacky game jokez 4 kidz

    Broom GuyBroom Guy4 months ago
  • Boom Boom Bar. As in Boom Boom from Super Mario Bros. 3?

    Jan SpiteriJan Spiteri4 months ago
  • 0:36 Please, someone tell me why this is a pun. I'm not English speaker and I don't get the pun. I'm thinking about it but I can't. 😅 Thanks for advance.

    HetzeegaryuHetzeegaryu4 months ago
  • Me:gets yelled at by my mum My brother: 1:01

    Hazzmatt_dude 25Hazzmatt_dude 254 months ago
  • I guess you could only make so many of these lol

    Daniel WhitlockDaniel Whitlock4 months ago
  • What's the sound effect at 0:17

    GreenBayPaytonGreenBayPayton4 months ago
  • oh geez man, please, make more, i miss them

    LonelyDarknessLonelyDarkness4 months ago
  • I don’t get the last one.

    kjcxb1kjcxb14 months ago
    • The Ledge-End of Zelda. Its a ledge.

      MammothsMammoths4 months ago
  • Fox: It makes me too *peppy.* *Peppy will remember this*

    Memerboi69Memerboi694 months ago
  • Ohhhhh i now understand The LEDGE END of zelda

  • Wait. This came out before the second one?

    Kai AndersenKai Andersen4 months ago
  • Can i get a glass iwata

    Nev: 2nd channelNev: 2nd channel4 months ago
  • Remember when Grass Land from Yoshi's Safari was the outro music?

    PlasmarielPlasmariel4 months ago
  • Fox: no thanks, that makes me to Peppy. Peppy: KnOCk iT oFf fOX!

    Cracker JackhammerCracker Jackhammer4 months ago
  • That glass Iwata joke was genius

    Justin UkahJustin Ukah4 months ago
  • Do a mega man x2

    PetRockPressPetRockPress4 months ago
  • Lol.

    ツSig leツSig le4 months ago
  • Wario and waligu are voice by WHO?

    joshendo gamingjoshendo gaming5 months ago
  • People have called these terrible, but the are actually quite solid!

    Cianitrihs KhourCianitrihs Khour5 months ago
  • Fox actually talking in one of his videos what’s that

    V01DV01D5 months ago
  • 1:01

    Luka LimayeLuka Limaye5 months ago
  • Why aren’t there more of these!

    LeoGioLeoGio5 months ago
  • 0:22 nice reference to the Super Mario Bros movie! I thought I was the only one who remembered it haha

    TheTopHattTheTopHatt5 months ago
  • These puns are just so bad they can't even get old

    MiniLuigiMighty5 (MLM5)MiniLuigiMighty5 (MLM5)5 months ago
  • *Sans would be proud*

    ZyxlZyxl5 months ago
    • All these puns are quite... Humerus [laugh track]

      snazzy lizardzsnazzy lizardz5 months ago
  • Falco: So you want any coffee Fox: No Thanks, It Makes Me Too Peppy. Peppy: *W H A T*

    William AbelWilliam Abel5 months ago
    • When he's cool he doesn't Carrot all. LMAO

      Kheiron DiazKheiron Diaz2 months ago
  • Note that the club music is the Same music that played at the club in “The Super Mario Bro’s. Movie.”

    Amps ThunderhoundAmps Thunderhound5 months ago
  • Ninten *don’t ever do this again.* Lol kidding this is great

    GeneralKTGeneralKT5 months ago
  • Is it wrong that I left at Wario’s puns And just those only

    Daniel GarciaDaniel Garcia5 months ago
  • These puns alone tell me you would make a great dad

    T-Hawk GamingT-Hawk Gaming5 months ago
  • So puny

    Yet XboxYet Xbox5 months ago
  • Rip iwata you will be missed

    Stacey OppongStacey Oppong5 months ago
  • When 5 part?

    Joshua MenaJoshua Mena5 months ago
  • It seems all you do is go back to old vids and heart random comments lol

    Kittycat 77Kittycat 775 months ago
  • The ledge end of Zelda

    Gavin BorgesGavin Borges5 months ago
  • 0:52 Peppy: ‘so you have chosen... death.’

    Dog LevenDog Leven5 months ago
  • Fox: "no thanks that makes me too peppy..." Whaaa?

    Daniel CamachoDaniel Camacho5 months ago
  • Wario sounds like pelo

    really normal mudkipreally normal mudkip5 months ago
  • ... pur on a plant? i didn't get that one :< nevermind. i got it.

    GraveUypoGraveUypo6 months ago