NoPUNintendo 2

Nov 13, 2017
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This is a reupload of the compilation I made in 2012! Originally, it was on Machinima, but they suddenly removed every video I put on their channel via their Director's Program, so I'm reuploading this!
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  • 0:51 this boo was in the Mario World Speedrun Animation inside the secret donut plains ghost house

    RetronicRetronic8 months ago
    • Wait lemme check

      The Conductor EsplinThe Conductor Esplin28 days ago
    • I must go check. If this is true terminal is the best youtuber of all time

      Silence BotSilence Bot3 months ago
    • a c o r n

      Max meepmeepMax meepmeep4 months ago
    • I like his joke

      Leon FuentesLeon Fuentes5 months ago
    • Yes I saw that quite a long time ago

      Big boy townimationsBig boy townimations6 months ago
  • I’m just here for when you rewatch this video

    image of Unicode Character 'CHARACTER TABULATION',image of Unicode Character 'CHARACTER TABULATION',10 days ago
  • Not your best work.

    Kevin LeeKevin Lee20 days ago
  • Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong always be getting up to some serious monkey business.

    Alexander ByrdAlexander Byrd22 days ago
  • 1:21 ooooohhhhhh his name is Bison but way is he saying bye son

    Rob HansonRob Hanson22 days ago
  • 1:21 wh..... what...... is this

    Rob HansonRob Hanson22 days ago
  • Only gamers will get

    UwUboiUwUboi23 days ago
  • guy 1: hey look at her she is cute guy 2: Yo Shi hot I TRIED

    George AdamecGeorge Adamec23 days ago
  • This is the episode When the style changed

    Tom DrawsTom Draws27 days ago
  • 1:03 Sir we have a conference call for a Machine I would like to have a business proposal

    Carla ParkerCarla Parker28 days ago
  • 0:33 You have no idea how good that got me when i was in elementary I was rolling It still cracks me up today

    The Conductor EsplinThe Conductor Esplin28 days ago
  • That "bye sin" part was actually touching. :'(

    Jack KempJack KempMonth ago
  • Que chistoso, me estoy muriendo de risa

    4514 8unt5r4514 8unt5rMonth ago
  • Sans has fallen in love with you and Papyrus hates you

    Wayden StoddartWayden StoddartMonth ago
  • Last time I watched it, which was a few years back, I understood NONE of these lmao

    Steve PritchardSteve PritchardMonth ago
  • Modern sonic, crossing paths with his younger self : Hey, me! (Amy) Classic sonic and amy : (give sonic the weird look.)

    Eric WijayaEric Wijaya2 months ago
  • Terminal montage predicted the future.... 0:22

    Payton PearsonPayton Pearson2 months ago
  • Guys, shut up. Donkey Kong was referring to Diddy, not making a pun. Smh.

    iamgameingiamgameing2 months ago
  • Plot Twist: Meg actually was a man

    SquidBoi StudiosSquidBoi Studios2 months ago
  • Can confirm Meg is man.

    *NOT* A Member of Illuminati*NOT* A Member of Illuminati2 months ago
  • It hurts

    Parker SalyerParker Salyer2 months ago
  • Can we have nopunintendo 3?

    Not home but not reallyNot home but not really2 months ago
  • A

    MTZRJMTZRJ2 months ago
  • 666 comment oh no

    Chuck Norris666Chuck Norris6662 months ago
  • I wish I could up and downvote

    A Weeb Was HereA Weeb Was Here3 months ago
  • J3e3ΒΏSß? As

    Dawna LohtDawna Loht3 months ago
  • Whats the soundtrack at the bison part?

    crazylol 1378crazylol 13783 months ago
  • Put subtitles on and it will give you explanation to all of these

    Silenced GamingSilenced Gaming3 months ago
  • That FZero one was pure genius. *Respect.*

    Smash Jr.Smash Jr.3 months ago
  • After this video i want to die

    Enea CalvinoEnea Calvino3 months ago
  • 0:02 fun fac t theres a secret ending whee you accualy have your bananas but then die to a enemy because Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

    OriginalName OriginalLastNameOriginalName OriginalLastName3 months ago

    Cal PetersonCal Peterson3 months ago
  • 666

    Eric DeetjenEric Deetjen3 months ago
  • Hi

    Eric DeetjenEric Deetjen3 months ago
    • Thanks man I loved the new video could not stop laughing

      Eric DeetjenEric Deetjen3 months ago
  • Hi

    Eric DeetjenEric Deetjen3 months ago
  • Hi

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  • Hi

    Eric DeetjenEric Deetjen3 months ago
  • transcript: *Old TM intro.* Act I *Kong's Banana Hoard. It is empty. Diddy Kong stands near the sign.* *Cut to Diddy and Donkey Kong.* Diddy: Did King K. Rool steal your bananas? DK: Dyeahh... I dunno, did he? (Diddy) *During this, DK does a pose similar to his down taunt from Brawl onwards.* Act II *A satellite. The Great Fox is in the top-left corner. An Arwing flies to the satellite.* Fox: So, uhhh... where do I park my ship? *Cut to inside the satellite. Fox talks to a parking clerk that looks like ROB 64 while in his Arwing. Clerk: In the corn area. (Corneria) *Cut to the "corn area." Ears of corn float in said area.* Act III *Peach's castle. Bowser walks to the throne of Peach. A Toad clears his throat.* Toad: In the presence of Princess Toadstool, you must bow, sir. (Bowser) Peach: *sigh* Act IV *Zero is driving a car with a determined look on his face.* Zero [parking the car]: So, did I pass my driving test, Mr. Falcon? *Cut to Captain Falcon.* C. Falcon [facepalming]: *sigh* You got an F, Zero. (F-Zero, the game which Falcon originates.) *Cut outside the car, where disaster struck, possibly from Zero's bad driving.* Act V *A Boo from TM's SMW video is performing as a comedian.* Boo: So I was at a concert up in Death Mountain, and I saw a Goron and asked him: "Are you ready to rock 'n roll?" *laughs* (Gorons are rock people who roll.) Audience: *boos* Boo [wiping a tear off his face]: Oh, boy... Act VI *Wily Tower. Cut Man is a receptionist and sends a message on an answering machine. Meg from the Suidoken anime is at the counter. Cut Man: Uh, sir, we have a Meg here who would like to speak to you about a business proposal? Wily [giggling]: I dunno! * Cut to Wily's office.* Wily: Is Meg a man?! *laughs* (Mega Man) Act VII *M. Bison is walking in a desert. He spots a cross, takes his hat off, and repents to the cross. Bison: Bye, sin. Exeunt. Cue credits.

    Smash MSmash M3 months ago
  • You gotta and f ZERO

    kinah gammingkinah gamming3 months ago
  • Remember when terminal actually tried to draw good?

    JackPlayzWasTakenJackPlayzWasTaken3 months ago
  • I like the music choice for Bye Sin pun, Jesus Christ Superstar: John 19:41

    SpaceDreamer9000SpaceDreamer90004 months ago
  • "I don't know... *_diddy?"_* me: *wheeze*

    grim_grim_4 months ago
  • I dunno. Diddy?

    Guy ShoreGuy Shore4 months ago
  • hAvR YOu HearD N Word??? NNnnni ntendo?? *WHEeEEeEEEZE*

    YesYes4 months ago
  • These puns are so corny. I love it

    Chase ParrChase Parr4 months ago
  • Fox not saying hiya ?! End of world

    Matt FaubertMatt Faubert4 months ago
  • So uh, where do I park my comment?

    stormcooperstormcooper4 months ago
  • Doctor: Donkey... (sigh) I have some bad news. DK: oh my god! Diddy die? 😭

    24Lionhearts24Lionhearts4 months ago
  • 0:11 cartoon cat's teeth be like:

    Orange GamesOrange Games4 months ago
  • this is painful!

    Barrel 7errorBarrel 7error4 months ago
  • 1:04 boy, I wonder if anyone played Suikoden II besides the maker of the videos (and me).

    Dewani90Dewani904 months ago
  • Oh wow, a Suikoden character? Was not expecting that in a Nintendo-focused video. Love it though

    rtlstienrtlstien4 months ago
  • Yo t.m what happened to this series

    omar olmos studiosomar olmos studios4 months ago

    Abed AlKadiriAbed AlKadiri4 months ago
  • The gorons need to be in a band Called β€œSheikah” because why not. The Rock joke would make more sense, it’s like Mikau’s but less Chill and More trippy.

    SlyHikari03SlyHikari034 months ago
  • nice

    CodeKirbyCodeKirby4 months ago

    Eleanor DEleanor D4 months ago
  • Subtitles are spot on.

    NN5 months ago
  • I can’t tell if captain falcon is more disappointed at the pun or the fact that he got an f zero

    Lardball mcstixLardball mcstix5 months ago
  • Imagine watching this having never played a Nintendo game.

    Garon ElliottGaron Elliott5 months ago
  • Every single one of this puns just hurt so bad.

    Yuri AraΓΊjo SilveiraYuri AraΓΊjo Silveira5 months ago
  • I realy liked the last one

    pancake destroyerpancake destroyer5 months ago
  • You got a F-Zero

    Prpl DudePrpl Dude5 months ago
  • 1:02 Not only is this a good pun but it very accurate. The majority of Wily’s robot master are all men, so Dr.Wily asking if Meg is a man is pretty accurate So Megs business proposal is dead

    MLP_artMLP_art5 months ago
  • Boo: What? Did you expect a ghost joke from me? Well *That's the spirit.*

    LA TESTALA TESTA5 months ago
  • I dont like it

    Daniel AparicioDaniel Aparicio5 months ago
  • Suikoden reference cool

    Sai .mxSai .mx5 months ago
  • *Is Meg, a Man?*

    Xew 0021Xew 00215 months ago
  • Can you do it? SHORYUKEN

    Planet AwesomenessPlanet Awesomeness5 months ago
  • 0:44 MFW I hear these puns

    Gaming with JustinGaming with Justin6 months ago
  • You must BOW Sir.

    Some DudeSome Dude6 months ago
  • Big funny 2

    Random Guy on the InternetRandom Guy on the Internet6 months ago
  • You hurt me deeply. The

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPaw6 months ago
  • If M. Bison is saying Bye sin instead of bye son, then his cameo appearence in NoPunIntendo 4 makes sense

    Hee HeeHee Hee6 months ago
  • Oh man that intro joke, I had to take a double take on that, missed that joke entirely, only realized what he said after dk face already completed its animation, and I doubted my self that there was a joke, clap clap clap, bravo I was genuinely shocked at what the joke was, did he. (diddy)

    The Gaming AnimatorThe Gaming Animator6 months ago
  • Captain Falcon: You got an "F" Zero Zero: *W H A T A M I F I G H T I N G F O R ! ?*

    Malachi AllenMalachi Allen6 months ago
  • Bye, sin? Bison? Bye, son? I dunno

    Internet CriticInternet Critic6 months ago
  • 0:22 I see what you did there. Wonder where Olimar's off at right now.

    Katie McKinneyKatie McKinney6 months ago
  • lol

    TheChargetCrepeerTheChargetCrepeer6 months ago
  • Yay termanell he makes my day πŸ˜πŸ‘

    T MackT Mack6 months ago
  • These puns are good lol

    Imagination KingImagination King6 months ago
  • How do I describe how much I simultaneously hate and love this

    Raymond AltardRaymond Altard6 months ago
  • "I DONT KNOW. IS MEG A MAN?" DAMN dr wily is sexist

    Rachael FixicoRachael Fixico6 months ago
  • Mametchi: F**** you boo

    ComedyMan 04ComedyMan 046 months ago
  • Toad: β€žIn the presence of princess toadstool, you must bow-sir.β€œ Legendary 🀣

    HUE_ SansHUE_ Sans6 months ago
  • Diddy to dixy: did king k rool steal your smash invitation. Dixy: i don't know, DIDDY

    T-Hawk GamingT-Hawk Gaming6 months ago
  • 0:02 They must be going bananas.

    Cloud NineteenCloud Nineteen6 months ago
  • 0:35 Yoshi is so annoyed.

    Cloud NineteenCloud Nineteen6 months ago
  • These are some sh#!/ a#! Puns

    Dragin Games __Dragin Games __7 months ago
  • Thanks, I hate it

    DustBucketDustBucket7 months ago
  • Hehehehehehehhehehehehhehehehee

    James MacKenzieJames MacKenzie7 months ago
  • As a sucker for puns, all things nerdy, and musical theatre, the "Bye, Sin" coupled with "John Nineteen Forty One" was pure poetry.

    ItsMrBucketItsMrBucket7 months ago
  • That Funny

    Veronique ParkerVeronique Parker7 months ago

    Issac ThorIssac Thor7 months ago
  • Back then, *Kirby was still holy* But the _holy sqaud_ wasn't real

    bunnyplayz -bunnyplayz -7 months ago
  • Or diddy not that is the answer

    manny upmanny up7 months ago
  • Far

    Legend-_-LuisLegend-_-Luis7 months ago

    BingoBongoHBingoBongoH7 months ago
  • NoPUNintendo

    Sonic Master 76 ContinuedSonic Master 76 Continued8 months ago
  • Fox's flying is pretty sloppy, he only has an R-wing.

    DerpaderpyDerpaderpy8 months ago