NoPUNintendo 1

Nov 13, 2017
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This is a reupload of the compilation I made in 2012! Originally, it was on Machinima, but they suddenly removed every video I put on their channel via their Director's Program without notifying me. So I'm reuploading this.
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  • Great video, but it has a flaw (nitpick) The pun at 1:16 should have Shovel Knight in it But keep the great work.

    Gabriel MoreiraGabriel Moreira2 years ago
    • Am I the only person who realized that the wheel in the first scene is on the right? It means Mario is driving from the right side, not the left.

      Simon KaplowitzSimon Kaplowitz10 days ago
    • Why, metaknight makes more sense

    • I guess idk

      Cody CooperCody Cooper20 days ago
    • that defeats the whole purpose of the joke

      Master Chef24Master Chef2422 days ago
    • U got pinned cause bright u are not

      slump dumpslump dump22 days ago
  • also passes as undertale

    Sol SantosCSol SantosCDay ago
  • Can a match box? A. Yes. B. No. C. No, but a tin can. D. Yes, but John Cena.

    Hello, 123’sHello, 123’s2 days ago
  • Hey kirby have you met a knight

    The Bold Toad BoiThe Bold Toad Boi2 days ago
  • Blastoise 0:44

    The Bold Toad BoiThe Bold Toad Boi2 days ago
  • nice to know mario was once not wahoo man

    Ariel RebstockAriel Rebstock5 days ago
  • I may be subscribed but sadly I can never be a FAN.

    image of Unicode Character 'CHARACTER TABULATION',image of Unicode Character 'CHARACTER TABULATION',7 days ago
  • I need more puns like these in my life

    Edward JohnEdward John9 days ago
  • wow he sure did animate a lot differently back then

    Scoutstop Playz! :DScoutstop Playz! :D10 days ago
  • ah this didnt age well

    Sl4yerkidSl4yerkid13 days ago
  • 2021

    TheCoolLEGO64 2.0TheCoolLEGO64 2.013 days ago
  • HeyHaVeYouEvArMetAKniGhT

    droplock gamerdroplock gamer15 days ago
  • Dedede: hey Kirby have you met-a Knight Kirby: yes but actually no but actually yes

    Meta KnightMeta Knight17 days ago
  • woodys face haunts me at night

    PGS9PGS917 days ago
  • Nopunintendo kind of sounds like saying "No pun intended" but with a spanish/italian accent

    AlexAlex18 days ago
  • 1:06 rare footage of Kirby, during the pre-poyo era.

    Duck DuckDuck Duck19 days ago

    Alex5000proAlex5000pro19 days ago
  • I honestly cannot tell what emotion kirby's facial expression is supposed to convey

    Hi I like catsHi I like cats19 days ago
  • I can't believe it. it was you Who made that kirby face. from a meme to another. so proud of ya man.

    Haitam54 GamingHaitam54 Gaming19 days ago
  • Ganondorf really got me

    Linkario86Linkario8619 days ago
  • Wait... this was made by TerminalMontage? I’m sure most of you have had this situation before.

    The Chosen OneThe Chosen One20 days ago
  • Is no one going to point out the goomba from the live action Mario movie in the car at the beginning?

    Heath RhodesHeath Rhodes21 day ago
  • So the Metal Mario one, are the fact that the roads are in the audience supposed to be another pun or reference to Mushroomhead?

    DanMan135BDanMan135B21 day ago
  • Every single one of them was terrible. I love it.

    yoav nativyoav nativ22 days ago

    Gabriel JoΓ£oGabriel JoΓ£o22 days ago
  • 1:14 kirby : No i killed a knight

    Gerardo OdoreGerardo Odore22 days ago
  • Who knew that the Kirby face would make a crap ton of *MEMES*

    Maw The MAWMaw The MAW23 days ago
  • Wait this is where that kirby face comes from!?

    The Anxious GuyThe Anxious Guy23 days ago
  • Dat face: 1:16

    EyetronEyetron24 days ago
  • this looks super weird but i still love him

    seth fiscusseth fiscus24 days ago
  • exeggutor, don't you dare kill Birdo, Yoshi's going to slaughter your family if you do that-

    ChubbyCupcakeChubbyCupcake26 days ago
  • i hate this

    Jab0207Jab020727 days ago
  • i paused the video at 0:19 and i regret it

    The Friendly MimikyuThe Friendly Mimikyu29 days ago

    HP64HP64Month ago
  • I glad you grew out of this

    Athan BarnardAthan BarnardMonth ago

    Ducky MediaDucky MediaMonth ago
  • I forgot you made these too. I was hooked the first time I seen this on new grounds. Omg!!!

    Alejandro GonzalezAlejandro GonzalezMonth ago
  • Imagine if he still drew like this

    Ranch DressingRanch DressingMonth ago
  • 1:07 I remeber this meme when I was a kid lol

    Yoshi 4567Yoshi 4567Month ago
  • Kirby looks at you in disgust

    Hugo BazinHugo BazinMonth ago
  • How can i trust this video if the title itself is already a pun?

    Team Blue ToadTeam Blue ToadMonth ago
  • All of EGGSECUTE

    PawelFanUpdater 2021PawelFanUpdater 2021Month ago
  • Chistoso me rei

    4514 8unt5r4514 8unt5rMonth ago
  • I swear I saw this one 4 or 5 years ago. Is this a reupload?

    EserEserMonth ago
  • its beautiful and crazy to see.. how far terminalmontage has come in these 3 years!

    Link3000XDLink3000XDMonth ago
  • 1:06 I just love how Kirby's face was so cheerful and optimistic, then 1:15 it's replaced with a face full of regret and disappointment.

    Darian BinghiDarian BinghiMonth ago
  • 0:48 oh god I better go get kirbo and his cross

    Ω‹Ω‹Month ago
  • Origins

    Normak Reldiv Memer69Normak Reldiv Memer69Month ago
  • lol closed caption 0:47

  • wouldve been an extra joke if link tried to aim the hookshot at ganon's crotch because the hookshot only works on wood

    Sara ballSara ballMonth ago
  • Yoshi, Freeza, you're not dealing with the average Saiyan warrior!

    YoxivYoxivMonth ago
  • you MUST watch with subtitles. They are the best LMAO

    Chandlor MartinChandlor MartinMonth ago
  • 1:04 All these faces .. this may be the best part lol even if Dedede is teh weirdest thing ever

    Trayaurus_the_proTrayaurus_the_proMonth ago
  • Pls do majora mask something about majora mask but eith the scariest character ben drowned

    Waqi The GamerWaqi The GamerMonth ago
  • Hey terminal

    Waqi The GamerWaqi The GamerMonth ago
  • Wait a minute I just realized that the titles a play on no pun intended

    adrianngaming boiadrianngaming boi2 months ago
  • The way woody looks at geno in 0:48

    ChrisP GamingChrisP Gaming2 months ago
  • No pun intendo

    Alexander StockmanAlexander Stockman2 months ago
  • Hey, I recognize that banjo bit! Its from Suikoden 1

    Samus AranSamus Aran2 months ago
  • Ken: Hey ryu can i have a cookie Ryu: SURE YOU CAN Very damaged ken: o-ok

    evilguyimback2evilguyimback22 months ago
  • NoPUNintended

    Time LappzTime Lappz2 months ago
  • It took me 2 mcfookinyears to figure out that link joke what the hecc

    YOiNk43YOiNk432 months ago
  • 😹😹😹😹😹😹

    TV do SolTV do Sol2 months ago
  • I am a punny person. this is my true calling.

    Blind AssassinBlind Assassin2 months ago
  • the dark times... before ''Something about...'' lol

    Willie HouleWillie Houle2 months ago
  • I remember watching this as a 6 yr old before

    George the 78 guyGeorge the 78 guy2 months ago
  • when anyone saw the thumbnail who thought the eggs were going to jump in her mouth " hot" lol XD

    aldane reynoldsaldane reynolds2 months ago
  • Is this the video with copyright friendly music?

    Kyle BostromKyle Bostrom2 months ago
  • Blinky sure changed in 10 years

    RegunesRegunes2 months ago
  • Please no

    Mr Cheesy420Mr Cheesy4202 months ago
  • Me on a test My biran : 1:15

    faze godfaze god2 months ago
  • Seeing a new generation react to these nearly 10 year old memes fills me with joy.

    Kira SlithKira Slith2 months ago
  • Well I got nightmares

    Smogon 000Smogon 0002 months ago
  • this existed...

    KamronO the firstKamronO the first2 months ago
  • OOOOOH I just got it its No PUN intend o

    Terminator 101Terminator 1012 months ago
  • I bruise like a P E A C H

    Eleanor DEleanor D3 months ago
  • 0:10 Don't punch the driver Luigi!

    Staven ByrneStaven Byrne3 months ago
  • The kirbo thumbnail is... The best

    Silenced GamingSilenced Gaming3 months ago
  • Rh

    Anett D 64Anett D 643 months ago
  • 0:50 mario before the speedrun days

    OriginalName OriginalLastNameOriginalName OriginalLastName3 months ago
  • What did Zelda tell link when he couldn't open the door? Try-force -Nintendo power

    Ike HendersonIke Henderson3 months ago
  • 1:15 is the recognized kirby face on smg4 videos

    ERIC LIANGERIC LIANG3 months ago
  • My favorite pun is the last one

    Team Pro Gamer UltraFrisk e KuroTeam Pro Gamer UltraFrisk e Kuro3 months ago
  • Birdo sr would like to know your location

    AnonymooseAnonymoose3 months ago
  • That was the design before what we know of beady eyes, body shape, and more.

    Hello, 123’sHello, 123’s3 months ago
  • Pls help, I'm being haunted by faces :)

    Gurken SchnitzelGurken Schnitzel3 months ago
  • 2 Years and the jokes are still funny!

    Alex neonAlex neon3 months ago
  • This is top shelf comedy

    Chris The Grouchy RaucciChris The Grouchy Raucci3 months ago
  • Sans: hmm let's see whats new on the TV *turns on noPUNintendo 1-4 Sans: HAHAH love this show... I forgot a had depression

    Jake Starkid4563Jake Starkid45633 months ago
  • everyone: met a knight me: exeggutor

    Smash MSmash M3 months ago
  • Saitama Kirby

  • You are the creator . . . OF THIS MEME OMG !!!

    Mr. PhasmesMr. Phasmes3 months ago
  • O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

    Sert SertaveSert Sertave3 months ago
  • Poop dew

    Kimberly WoolwineKimberly Woolwine3 months ago
  • Dang, this guy's animation changed so much

    Edgy UsernameEdgy Username3 months ago
  • I about died of laughter

    Devon MorningDevon Morning3 months ago
  • This makes me wanna cringe and laugh at the same time

    Ethan RiveraEthan Rivera3 months ago

    The Emoji LegendThe Emoji Legend3 months ago
  • Pac-Man is from namco just so you know

    AJ's VideosAJ's Videos3 months ago
  • When I saw Buzz and Woody though

    Megan BryantMegan Bryant4 months ago