Dec 14, 2012
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Happy Holidays! From your friends at Nintendo.

The audio was from this classic: and this animation is what I imagined when I closed my eyes and just listened. Also, this is the *last* animation I'm going to make with my old Wacom Tablet, I have a new Cintiq now! :D
EDIT: So the original N64 kid has contacted me, to let me know that user "raw64life" isn't the original owner of the video, support the REAL owners of the video here!

  • "thank you Satan" she said calmly as her brother was taken by a n64 and never seen again

    pk kevin 67pk kevin 6721 day ago
    • I saw him and super Mario 64

      LXGAMINGLXGAMING4 days ago
    • No

      pk kevin 67pk kevin 6714 days ago
    • Lol

      Mellie games Basically MELANIE FLING but gamesMellie games Basically MELANIE FLING but games14 days ago
    • @A Real Cucumber I gotcha, I just joking around myself I’m glad other peoples comments are getting some recognition

      Marvel YoshiMarvel Yoshi15 days ago
    • @Marvel Yoshi well still, it’s not his fault. The USworldsr decides. Btw I’m not trolling, I came here after he was pinned

      A Real CucumberA Real Cucumber15 days ago
  • Holy Cow, this is uploaded 9 Years Ago, almost a decade ago.

    MCAboyanMCAboyan4 hours ago
  • I remember seeing this back when I was 11 during the same time this video was new and now that I scroll through TerminalMontage’s videos on his channel and go back to his earlier ones, I had no idea at first that TerminalMontage created this video. Nowadays, I know him for his “Something About” series, but growing up, I never knew it was TerminalMontage who made this video.

    20ShonenFan0120ShonenFan01Day ago
  • WTF

    deisy Sandovaldeisy Sandoval2 days ago
  • I am very thankful this was in my recommended.

    Marney OlsonMarney Olson3 days ago
  • I’m just imagining a future where we get wiped out and this is the only surviving evidence of humanity’s existence.

    Shockey WrenShockey Wren4 days ago
  • U searched for it

    Francisco GarcilazoFrancisco Garcilazo5 days ago
  • She says thank you Santa not satan (satan sucks!)

    Stickman HuttStickman Hutt6 days ago
  • I should NOT have paused at the end.

    Kyle Does EverythingKyle Does Everything6 days ago
  • Pero que Mier.....

    El Lol XDEl Lol XD6 days ago
  • Wow the original audio fits perfect in the anamation

    atlis boltatlis bolt7 days ago
  • Look at that! Terminalmontage is still replying and liking comments after 8-9 years

    Hangal BaltHangal Balt8 days ago
  • after seeing this video i was incredibly suprised when the kid in the original video did NOT get eaten by the N64

    Mr. MangoMr. Mango8 days ago
  • how to turn 2 happy kids getting a n64 into a horror film.

    Gonk droid #0923Gonk droid #09238 days ago
  • 4 Nintendo 64 Controller

    Anna The emo girlAnna The emo girl8 days ago

    Enzo S.C AnimationsEnzo S.C Animations8 days ago
  • Before he took off

    ShockDragonShockDragon8 days ago
  • poyo poyo poyo

    Christian KirboChristian Kirbo9 days ago
    • Guy 1: Dude, what's the name of that Kung Fu Panda guy? Guy 2: His name is po, yo.

      SuperdudeSuperdude7 days ago
  • Niga wtf

    RaulDarionzRaulDarionz10 days ago
  • The girl was actually saying ' thank you Santa ' not satan

    Mundo gamer 2.0Mundo gamer 2.011 days ago
  • WTF

    JuvenThanosJuvenThanos12 days ago
  • Edd didn't died by cancer as I see.

    Tiles MailsTiles Mails12 days ago
  • h u h

    Dhar DharDhar Dhar12 days ago
  • I turned on the subtitles and saw "Thank you Satan"

    SandSand12 days ago
  • No one Joey Styles when someone hits their finisher in ecw 0:03

    Razzberry AzzyRazzberry Azzy13 days ago
  • A fricken battington tape

    aracoer136aracoer13613 days ago

    saltyseaturtle 21saltyseaturtle 2113 days ago
  • Wtf

    GamingPiekGamingPiek14 days ago
  • I am deeply confused

    Ash's Pikachu *not Link*Ash's Pikachu *not Link*14 days ago
  • t h e n i n t e n d o 64

    DaSpeechiStuffDaSpeechiStuff14 days ago
  • Is. a. mir.

    deisy Sandovaldeisy Sandoval14 days ago
  • I guess you could say that boy..... got played.

    Green Light MusicGreen Light Music14 days ago
  • what the

    manurpmmanurpm15 days ago
  • Disrespectful

    Guy 9000Guy 900015 days ago
  • Qué pesadilla

    Adrian Martos cortesAdrian Martos cortes15 days ago
  • Lol

    Mellie games Basically MELANIE FLING but gamesMellie games Basically MELANIE FLING but games16 days ago
  • i still remember seeing this on newgrounds. it never gets old lol.

    davidevgendavidevgen16 days ago
  • My new favourite game is called missing child

    not a youtuber oknot a youtuber ok17 days ago
  • Recommended by USworlds 👏

    GD SpeedeRRGD SpeedeRR17 days ago
  • Thank you Satan indeed.

    NatNat17 days ago

    Elliott G. C.Elliott G. C.17 days ago
  • The Captions Make this 10 times Funnier

    A7X Jar3cA7X Jar3c17 days ago
  • That Boy took an L

    Get a clown For your workGet a clown For your work17 days ago
  • Terminalmontage who hurt these kids

    Michael HaverbuschMichael Haverbusch18 days ago
  • Yeah, that’s normal

    sci-fire gamessci-fire games18 days ago
  • the vidio: thank you santa the subtitles: thank you satan

    Mason SchillingMason Schilling18 days ago
  • i think my nintendo is only waiting to do the same

    Supra Mayro BrossSupra Mayro Bross18 days ago
  • 19 seconds of aural bliss

    Andre MorganAndre Morgan18 days ago
  • * screaming *

    The Harbinger Of DeathThe Harbinger Of Death18 days ago
  • I CANT STOP COMING BACK! it’s so good!

    Bob CakeBob Cake18 days ago
  • Perfect

    Kid PlaysKid Plays19 days ago
  • N O M A M E N N I N T E N D O 64

    Emiliano VazquezEmiliano Vazquez19 days ago

    F BernardoF Bernardo19 days ago
  • I'm also playing undertale on a genocide run so sorry

    the gasmaskthe gasmask19 days ago
  • This girl couldn't care less about her brother.

    Owen WheelerOwen Wheeler19 days ago
  • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Danilo NascimentoDanilo Nascimento19 days ago
  • S super I into M mashed P potatos (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

    okok19 days ago
  • . - .

    BNFAD -FBNFAD -F19 days ago
  • Eh?

    DonDon JosephDonDon Joseph19 days ago
  • omg what did i just watch???

    Shogun ShadowShogun Shadow19 days ago
  • Nintendo 69

    Ashley CantinAshley Cantin19 days ago
  • Can’t wait to see him in one of those games

    Luis PenaLuis Pena20 days ago
  • He got destroyed by the slot

    R AbrilR Abril20 days ago
  • Thank you S A T A N

    Lum KingLum King20 days ago
  • happy new year

    shu zheshu zhe20 days ago
  • _AWESOME!!!_ || *Merry Christmas!* 🎄 Well, I guess, _SIX_ days after Christmas!!! 🍟🎄😆🎁🍟

    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Jax Anator ʕ •ᴥ•ʔʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Jax Anator ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ20 days ago
  • N64 is a murderer

    Jerry ThomasJerry Thomas20 days ago
  • Now we know why the Tom (eddsworld) have black eyes

    Afonso MachadoAfonso Machado20 days ago
  • Spell Santa and switch the letters around the spell “Satan”

    A SpyA Spy20 days ago
  • Okey the video just went Dark

    Liam MagiskanLiam Magiskan20 days ago
  • All that boy wanted to do was play with his new nintendo 64, yet his demonic sister ended all chances

    raptorx Araptorx A20 days ago
    • Parents walk into the room when this is happening: Sarah, what did we say about banishing your brother to the underworld?

      raptorx Araptorx A20 days ago
  • This reminds me of a time when AVGN fought a demonic console with the help of tank Jesus or something.

    Smug SnivySmug Snivy20 days ago
  • Don't turn on subtitles This is a warning

    Sarah EslickSarah Eslick20 days ago
  • She would have said cheers ladie but she ain't one of us

    Alex5000proAlex5000pro20 days ago
  • i have been permenantly scarred hail ninsatan64

    droplock gamerdroplock gamer20 days ago
  • I was stuck in the N64 for years. Just clawing my way out. I survived on plastic and software. It’s just great to be out. (Finds our about the virus) Put me back in.

    Biggy MotionBiggy Motion20 days ago
  • Why does this get recommended to me 20 minutes into the new year

    bcltzybcltzy20 days ago
  • Demaciado internet por hoy

    Jino CanoJino Cano20 days ago
  • Bad ending

    A Random CamperA Random Camper20 days ago
  • it’s just now as i rewatch this that i realize that’s supposed to be snow behind the N64, not the endless void of space i really thought it punched a hole in reality and that was just an alternate void dimension behind it but it’s just snow

    Krista ParkerKrista Parker20 days ago
  • This is the exact video that traumatized me when I was 6.....and I cant belive it's made by one of my funniest animator I know

    skull123 God of skeletonsskull123 God of skeletons20 days ago
  • *oh*

    Creeper DASHCreeper DASH20 days ago
  • I JUST realized that TerminalMontage made this

    Sooper CheeseSooper Cheese20 days ago
  • I remember this being my very first video watching TerminalMontage. Have to say, my young eyes and mind were horribly traumatized

    CaeluraCaelura20 days ago
  • It’s December 31 2020 and I’m sitting here watching this. I’m not complaining.

    Superpikpik65Superpikpik6520 days ago
  • I almost forgot to watch this today

    Chris EsponelChris Esponel20 days ago
  • Mom said it's my turn to play the NINTENDO SIXTY-FOUR!

    Mixion PROMixion PRO20 days ago
  • Found this recomended and then remembered that I own only two n64 controlers. But I also own two n64's lmao

    Memer Man9000Memer Man900020 days ago
  • that will be me seeing my worst enemy burnalive

    Brady thegamerBrady thegamer20 days ago
  • 0:08 Hey!

    Bubble-Explosive CatBubble-Explosive Cat21 day ago
  • I have a feeling this is telling us something...

    Official FBIOfficial FBI21 day ago
  • I wonder if terminalmontage actually checks ALL of his vids everyday just to heart funny comments lol And yes I wrote the first thing that came on my head to get a heart that has literally no value and will change nothing on my live

    HollowStormHollowStorm21 day ago
    • And you don’t sadly

      Don’t be gay •Don’t be gay •18 days ago
  • Amo este video, me alegra cada vez que estoy triste

    adrian gonzalezadrian gonzalez21 day ago
  • This is what you think is happening when you watch the original video with your eyes closed

    JeremiasJeremias21 day ago
  • *Ň Ï Ņ Þ Ə Ń Đ Œ § Î X Ť Ý FØ Ů Ř*

    PinkIsntSusPinkIsntSus21 day ago
  • Wtf

    MechaBitMechaBit21 day ago
  • THANK YOU SATAN! *Thats mest up.*

    Cain's WayCain's Way21 day ago
  • woah buddy why did this appear in recommendations...

    Brock DiengBrock Dieng21 day ago
  • WoloIo

    hardly known johnnyhardly known johnny21 day ago
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Lol the subtitles

    jakejake21 day ago