Monster Hunter Animated - The Worst Monster Of Them All モンスターハンター

Jun 6, 2015
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Here is a cartoon chronicling my experiences with the most horrifying monstrosity Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has to offer. Enjoy!
This animation was made in Flash CS5.5, with a Cintiq12wx! And I did most of the backgrounds in Manga Studio and Photoshop.
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Song: Shounen Wa Hashiru
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  • Imagine if those monsters appear once more on Monster hunter Rise for the switch, horrifying :o

    TwinkleTwinkle3 months ago
    • You fool, don't go giving Capcom any ideas.

      facepwnagewtffacepwnagewtf7 days ago
    • Nah, we got bullfangos to worry about.

      Some DudeSome Dude8 days ago
    • . s e Y e s .

      Nature BoiNature Boi9 days ago
    • I too

      Jacques LaubscherJacques Laubscher12 days ago
    • @Shaheen Mohammad Shah Pig gangbang returns!

      Jerremiah PenafloridaJerremiah Penaflorida14 days ago
  • But we have bullfangos in Rise...

    Chinedú R.Chinedú R.7 hours ago
  • I'm prolly gunna regret saying this but I miss konchus. If they come in rise and I hate them I'll be back here.

    MangonekoMangoneko14 hours ago
  • It wants to play. By kicking it, you agree to play with it. Enjoy.

    Mooncat25Mooncat252 days ago
  • Only old world hunters understand the pain of the Konchu

    Wolverine101Wolverine1014 days ago
  • I have just recently started MH4U and i already hate the konchus with a passion and i hope they arent allowed in Rise

    Alexander ByrdAlexander Byrd5 days ago
  • I always thought that i was the only one that played mh4u

    Malick DiaMalick Dia6 days ago
  • Bird Up!

    Soge 01Soge 016 days ago
  • Well...Bullfangos are in Rise... Keep your fingers crossed, that we may never see another land-lobster again...

    LegendRaptor080LegendRaptor0806 days ago
  • Many times art is created out of love and passion. Other times it is born from malice and hatred. This falls into the latter category.

    facepwnagewtffacepwnagewtf7 days ago
  • the worst monster of them all....not bullfango, not vespoid, not banahabra, and certainly not gyptceros.....nope.....goddamn konchus but remember.....nothing can be worse than a plesioth

    RadRaptorRadRaptor11 days ago
  • That thing in the end of the quest.... ARGH

    Axel croyAxel croy12 days ago
  • Is this some sort of splat toon musical

    Aiden AlfieriAiden Alfieri19 days ago
  • plz dont kick them to the new world

    StrongestOnyx BlackxpearlStrongestOnyx Blackxpearl19 days ago
  • here it is. the first video of yours I ever saw.

    AccordYeenAccordYeen22 days ago
  • God, I remember when TerminalMontage's animations were almost all MH. Good times. Edit: this doesn't mean I dislike his channel now. In fact, I quite like his newer content.

    Logan FureyLogan Furey23 days ago
  • Fucking konchu ahhhh

    Crazy DmCrazy Dm23 days ago
  • I got mhgu a while ago but didn’t play it much but I have finally encountered these pesky buggers and ahhhhhhh

    Nedenator 9000Nedenator 900025 days ago
  • Basically someone ripped him off lol

    David HertzmanDavid Hertzman26 days ago
  • "This" meaning: the entire something about moster hunters series AKA: something about bird up series.

    David HertzmanDavid Hertzman27 days ago
  • Still can't believe they made a movie off of this.

    David HertzmanDavid Hertzman27 days ago
  • i want an mh cartoon series

    ferret from undergroundferret from underground28 days ago
  • At least they aren't in world, but the kestodon and gastodon, they are the most horrible.

    shadow stalkershadow stalkerMonth ago
  • The weapon to surpass metal gear

    Reid MartinReid MartinMonth ago
  • 0:26 if you look closely you can see the hell fire of hatred in his eyes

    golden arkgolden arkMonth ago
  • Konchus vs bird up who will win?

    Dang Its NoahDang Its NoahMonth ago
  • Feels good to see Terminal montage making a montage about the best monster hunter game ever

    Arthur Cohen-JonathanArthur Cohen-JonathanMonth ago
  • Ah such a nice blast from the past, especially that ending music.

    Darkwing 228877Darkwing 228877Month ago
  • I dunno whats annoying this or bullfango

    Ĝod òf ĤenťaiĜod òf ĤenťaiMonth ago
  • _Felyne supercarver_

    Alexander MartensAlexander MartensMonth ago
  • Brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    mlp1024mlp1024Month ago
  • Imagine: You just got an adept evade and go into your hammer strong charge. You’ve already been hit by konchus multiple times this hunt. A konchu hits you out of your strong charge. The next quest you take is to slay 20 konchus for revenge.

    Dimitri Alexandre BlaiddydDimitri Alexandre BlaiddydMonth ago

    Jonathan EbioJonathan EbioMonth ago
  • Till this day I still get monster hunt non flashbacks about these dang shrimps things

    Iggy pikmin UnderlyIggy pikmin UnderlyMonth ago
  • TBH I have never been assaulted by the konchu unless I was actually trying to fight them

    Screaming RowletScreaming RowletMonth ago
  • First mainline MH game I played was World, so I didn't get it at first But now that I have GU I share your hatred for these things

    grim_grim_Month ago
  • I don't know what it looks like in the actual game but you made it so cute I wanna catch it in Pokemon & beat the elite 4 with it so it can dance on the face of the former champion. It'd probably be ground water type & learn Rollout.

    D YellowMadnessD YellowMadnessMonth ago
  • This is rebatable experiences when it comes to MonsterHunter

    Nameless CrackNameless CrackMonth ago
  • i still love konchu no matter what

    Latios _CongaLatios _CongaMonth ago
  • song slaps

    scott johnsonscott johnsonMonth ago
  • orb

    ReddThePotatoReddThePotatoMonth ago
  • nobody: TerminalMontage: "KICK THE BABY"

    Alexander ByrdAlexander ByrdMonth ago
  • I think that every monster hunter fan knows this pain...

    Fairy Tailer1080Fairy Tailer1080Month ago
  • Dude I had no idea what this was until I got MHgenerations ultimate for switch now I know the pain.

    Orion GasparichOrion GasparichMonth ago
  • 1:25 I JUST realized that it kept you from finishing the last carve, so you didn’t get the mats That’s HORRIBLE I’ve only just started playing GU, and I have yet to meet these hellspawn. I don’t want to. I want a Kut-Ku bodyguard :|

    LegendRaptor080LegendRaptor080Month ago
  • Hi ! I'm back ! Just changed my Profil picture with the Profil Symbol of my favorite Monster. Guess who that Monster is ?

    Tatsuki YamazakiTatsuki YamazakiMonth ago

      Merritt BuntonMerritt BuntonMonth ago
  • So i liked TerminalMontage's videos before i even knew hahaha i saw this on FB once about 3 years ago and loved it hahaha, great to find it again

    KjhendirKjhendirMonth ago
  • this is well-animated for a terminalmontage video.

    PapaFoxtrotA51PapaFoxtrotA51Month ago
  • imagine bullfango but it bounce your attack

    Agung KurniawanAgung KurniawanMonth ago
  • I thought the big beast at the beginning was the worst monster but I should of known it was the shrimp looking thingy

    Gheto knightGheto knightMonth ago
  • Monster hunter stories is the best game because you can murder them with a nuclear blast

    Bucky Films poorlyBucky Films poorlyMonth ago

    Da fancy boiDa fancy boi2 months ago
    • Last time I checked it didn't show that Konchu make you bounce...

      Merritt BuntonMerritt BuntonMonth ago
  • This brings back so much nostalgia for mh4

    SuperDawsomeSuperDawsome2 months ago
  • Bruh imagine a Fatalis just appears out of nowhere

    Tatsuki YamazakiTatsuki Yamazaki2 months ago
  • 0:07 it used hyper beam

    RexKing PlaysRexKing Plays2 months ago
  • At least the konchu doesn’t have a game breaking hipcheck.

    Hamish StewartHamish Stewart2 months ago
  • Pov: You’re in fighting Gyro in Steel Ball Run

    Mr. EMr. E2 months ago
  • The adorable dance.

    Phantom ZeroPhantom Zero2 months ago
  • Oh my god. I remember watching and loving this video back in the MH4U days and I subscribed to Terminalmontage only recently without realizing he was the one who made this video as well. I feel very stupid right now. Quadruply glad I subscribed, then. Still, all aboard the MH Rise hype train!

    Seeker of All FormulasSeeker of All Formulas2 months ago
  • I’ve never seen the monster before so this it my first impression

    Smooth smoothie 68 419Smooth smoothie 68 4192 months ago
  • Konchus are Fatalis larvae

    grim_grim_2 months ago
  • My friend and I may yell when a wulg tangles us up, but I still like them more than those rolling balls of evil.

    J hartJ hart2 months ago
  • Ah the original terminal montage with his monster hunter animation hes come a long way to his somthing about mhw i hope you make somthing about mh rise when it comes out

    monster hunter kampf meistermonster hunter kampf meister2 months ago
  • Okay so at first I had only played Gen Ultimate, and yeah there are a few small monsters that charge you, and it can be kinda annoying. But now that I’ve played 4U... oh boy do I see the pain. Konchus and Rhenoplos just about everywhere!

    Supah KoopahSupah Koopah2 months ago
  • I know for a fact that Konchu will come back to haunt us in the Mobster Hunter video.

    Anthony DixonAnthony Dixon2 months ago
  • I think he might not like konchus guys

    TrikipTrikip2 months ago
  • As I'm playing 4U for the first time, this hits hard

    Nerdy AliCatNerdy AliCat2 months ago
  • **laughs in Felyne Supercarver**

    NEET KittenNEET Kitten2 months ago
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah konchu ........................................................................................................................... this is so f*king sh*t thanks

    NekatorNekator2 months ago
  • more mohun stuffs pls

    Thrash CommanderThrash Commander2 months ago
  • I want one they’re so adorable

    Samuel AnimatesSamuel Animates2 months ago
  • Welcome back.

    Reibert Lenzelle BalitaReibert Lenzelle Balita2 months ago
  • The konchu flopping and dancing around has become a unhealthy source of joy , I have also been spamming my friends with the gif of the flopping konchu and I have learned you can sync the konchu gif up with the bella's lullaby from twilight and its great.

    Flying CrackBabyFlying CrackBaby2 months ago
  • I'm so glad these little bastards aren't in world

    TheOtherExileTheOtherExile2 months ago
  • *fighting rathalos* *stupid konchu absorbs damage* *rathalosbackflip.mp4* *die*

    scrub slayer6scrub slayer62 months ago
  • small things are harder to find so it actually is

    Dragon UhDragon Uh3 months ago
  • I hope are new shrek monsters for monster hunter rise will consume them

    Iggy pikmin UnderlyIggy pikmin Underly3 months ago
  • Bulfangos are a close second

    JoclariusOfDariusJoclariusOfDarius3 months ago
  • I need a music video made by you guys... very talented stuff

    Acid Man Productions L.L.C.Acid Man Productions L.L.C.3 months ago
  • Konchudo

    Snow BallSnow Ball3 months ago
  • That land lobster can teliport apperitly

    Kalada DuncanKalada Duncan3 months ago
  • Wait a minute... do you hear that? Cuz I don’t. NO SCREAMS?!?!!1!1one

    DaDarkDude IDaDarkDude I3 months ago
  • Can we just appreciate that the hunter is flirting with Sophia?

    Onyx 27Onyx 273 months ago
  • 1:00-1:05 its the shrimp dancr

    Don't have a nameDon't have a name3 months ago
  • I will admit... Gravios was painful to fight early cause almost everywhere your weapon would bounce off and at the time you first fight him in 4u best sharpness you got was green, blue maybe but idk, but once it hit yellow it would bounce on everything. It was torture.

    Quintessence of LifeQuintessence of Life3 months ago
    • The trick for that quest is to spam mount on him (easily doable with any weapons since Caravan quest monsters has very low mount thresholds) until you broke and expose his belly weakpoint

      Eko SubandieEko Subandie2 months ago
  • Never had a problem whit them. Genpreys however...

    Hohrhamikai OlafHohrhamikai Olaf3 months ago
  • You have no idea how much I've wanted to own one of those as a pet. All you've done is made them more adorable.

    ElementalGamer07ElementalGamer073 months ago
  • Local lobster soccerball all manages to piss every human on earth off simultaneously

    WalkerWalker3 months ago
  • Who else got this recommended 5 years later?

    Tagadhur MalaguldTagadhur Malaguld3 months ago
  • never played monster hunter but from this im inferring that theyre just Little Dudes

    liz pentecostliz pentecost3 months ago
  • Am I the only one who waited the entire outro, expecting something to happen to the green guy again?

    Gaming TankGaming Tank3 months ago
  • Can I just say that I love how the konchu is here established as the Bugs Bunny of Monster Hunter?

    Parhel1onParhel1on3 months ago
  • Damn Konchus!

    Blazing EmberBlazing Ember3 months ago
  • The first video i saw from u and i still love your channel keep going guy 💪

    Le Gang Des PigeonsLe Gang Des Pigeons3 months ago
  • Just saw it in my recommend again after all these years and man that music at the end is nostalgic

    Turty TurtyTurty Turty3 months ago
  • bird up ↑

    Nicolai Andre JohansenNicolai Andre Johansen3 months ago
  • That is so 100% true

    folken geistfolken geist3 months ago
  • I never used to understand the hate against Konchus (As Jocat puts it I was a Konchu sympathiser), and then I played MHGen and I absolutely understand the hate they get, those little gremlin demons can be obliterated and sent to a new dimension for all I care.

    CheesyBoi65CheesyBoi653 months ago
  • Why this is damn so true

    Memento MortisMemento Mortis3 months ago
  • The koncho in this video are honestly super adorable

    Sue ZabloudilSue Zabloudil3 months ago