MFW Geno's Not In Smash Bros Ultimate (Mozart - Lacrimosa 800% Slower)

Nov 1, 2018
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The last SSBU Nintendo Direct came and went, and our Geno is nothing more than a Spirit/Profile Picture..
Well, he still has a chance at DLC. Only time will tell.

The song is Mozart's Lacrimosa, but I made it 800% slower
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  • This is what happens when you forget that you put the totinos in the microwave for an hour

    Ian EstradaIan Estrada22 days ago
    • Hawaiian cocktail Ok I think It means when you forget the Tostitos in the microwave for an hour that it burns

      Abdullah NaqshAbdullah Naqsh6 days ago
    • Got pinned bro

      Ziya HudaZiya Huda11 days ago
    • @Hawaiian cocktail Ok I don’t know how much simpler it could get

      Da jg3EDa jg3E15 days ago
    • 🤔 explain please

      Hawaiian cocktail OkHawaiian cocktail Ok15 days ago
    • So relatable

      Meme MasterMeme Master20 days ago
  • Geno is here dude! :D

    Joseph BakerJoseph Baker2 hours ago
  • For real just sat here for half an hour expecting something. (:\)

    Andrew De La RosaAndrew De La Rosa3 days ago
  • I do that when i accidentally forgot that i have to go to the demtist

    Recap animationsRecap animations4 days ago
  • Finally reveled to Geno in Smash

    Chuy VerasChuy Veras5 days ago
  • 17:11 When you look at the painting and it moved a little

    Hello, 123’sHello, 123’s5 days ago
  • That video is nice and relaxing.

    Vinh WuyenVinh Wuyen7 days ago
  • The mii is in smash the geno mii is in smash! Check Nintendo’s channel

    LarissaLarissa8 days ago
  • Remember Guys, he's in Smash in an other alternate universe.

    Leonardo BenavidesLeonardo Benavides9 days ago
  • No. I won't accept this as the end. He *will* get in. Eventually.

    *DeltaBlazin**DeltaBlazin*9 days ago
    • Where you're at is stage 1 of grief: denial. Soon, the stage 4, depression, will arrive, and you'll be lost in the same void as TerminalMontage for a while.

      Shuyin781Shuyin7816 days ago
  • poyo

    Christian KirboChristian Kirbo9 days ago
  • Nicks Roblox account is nikthebrat

    sock puppetsock puppet9 days ago
  • I love that it's just 25 minutes of falling to an 800% slower Lacrimosa

    TheUltimateTestofSanityTheUltimateTestofSanity11 days ago
  • yeah,no.

    cloudsclouds11 days ago
  • C A L M

    Christopher MurthaChristopher Murtha11 days ago
  • 2020 be like

    Aryan DeyAryan Dey11 days ago
  • I am surprised at how good this sounds btw.

    AmitluAmitlu12 days ago
  • The dread in this scene alone can be cut with a knife due to its near impossible sense of misery. Good show old chap, 5 golden star stickers for you

    James BOWDENJames BOWDEN12 days ago
  • Nintendo put out a survey asking what we'll be playing in 2021. I replied with "SMRPG whenever I'm not too busy working on my Geno fan art." I advise everyone reading this do the same with all of Nintendo's surveys until they finally get the hint. The Nintendo channel has what, 7M subscribers? And TM has 3M? At some point they gotta recognize.

    Erik NicholasErik Nicholas13 days ago
  • Isn't budget cutting for an unchanged SSB4 Geno Costume for Mii Gunner (like people wearing in Halloween) getting added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, after Sephiroth became SSBU new real fighter?

    Abhishek LahaneAbhishek Lahane13 days ago
  • What did Geno become minor as Mii Gunner's SSB4 Costume in Super Smash Bros Ultimate after Sephiroth becoming major as Real fighter? The others being my good favorite Mii Fighter Costumes and Real Fighters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Mario Piranha Plant, Persona Joker, Tails and Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog Series, Dragon Quest Illuminary the Hero, Banjo-Kazooie, Undertale/Deltarune Sans, Fatal Fury Terry, Fire Emblem Byleth, Cuphead, Arms Min Min, Minecraft Steve/Alex, Bomberman, and Final Fantasy Sephiroth, Aerith, Barret, Tifa and Chocobo. That unchanged SSB4 Geno costume for Mii Gunner is badly cursed in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

    Abhishek LahaneAbhishek Lahane13 days ago
  • Future... Geno... Waluigi... Smash

    JealuJealu14 days ago
  • Dont worry, they're saving geno for mariokart

    Fezz AliFezz Ali15 days ago
  • Where the lost souls go

    Hugo BazinHugo Bazin15 days ago
  • Mallow’s not going to be in smash is he. 😩

    The Star Fox FanThe Star Fox Fan15 days ago
  • I'm sorry, bud. But... I don't think it'll happen. we've had this twice now. and I don't think there's a new smash game coming. Ultimate. that word's definition. it means, in the worst case, the final iteration of something. we know what that means. it means that our final chance, might just have been blown. and if that happens, we'll all be sad. however, as unfortunate as this is... I can think of one little thing that might just barely make us feel the slightest bit better. well, two things. think back. back to the reveal of the sans and cuphead mii costumes. everyone said that they as characters, are in smash, despite them being costumes. let's hope that people stay like this with geno's... appearance. the final thing, that might make us a little better, is him being included at all. Imagine if geno had not even been mentioned in smash at all. that would have felt much worse.

    dani9462 dani9462dani9462 dani946216 days ago
  • I’m just watching this while eating a sandwich because why not?

    Drawingdoggo1Drawingdoggo116 days ago
  • He still not in smash

    NightmareNightmare17 days ago
  • Geno Stans found dead in Miami

    ABorealis GlfryABorealis Glfry19 days ago
  • Nintendo: Are you feeling it now? Everyone: To put into mere words formed by our limited minds is like trying to make God himself a mere young dove, the sheer disappointment and sorrow we bear withholds more depth than the space around our expanding universe.

    That One GuyThat One Guy19 days ago
  • Did you do it? Yes And what did it cost? Nintendo putting sepiroth in smash: Everything

    Reds ShowReds Show20 days ago
  • Travis fan here. I share your pain.

    KinglyRedKinglyRed20 days ago
  • F geno

    Alejandro JiménezAlejandro Jiménez20 days ago
  • sneak preview of my one braincell during 2020

    Artemis WArtemis W21 day ago
  • ouch.

    yeet yote yate ya moma aint straightyeet yote yate ya moma aint straight21 day ago
  • Yikes, mans had the 2 year early read

    CrazyAvery 7CrazyAvery 721 day ago
  • This aged like fine wine

    hell ñohell ño21 day ago
  • I'm starting to think we're better off without mii costumes and assist trophies. Every time a new one is revealed people get their hopes crushed.

    Some guy on the internetSome guy on the internet22 days ago
  • p a i n

    Stephen AyersStephen Ayers22 days ago
  • The fact this is relevant two years later, speaks volumes.

    Jerrinth3glitchJerrinth3glitch22 days ago
  • People who want geno in smash: why are we still here, just to suffer

    BlackReaper _754BlackReaper _75423 days ago
  • The music reminds me of order 66. "Good soldiers follow orders..."

    Noah FreemanNoah Freeman23 days ago
  • So ended Terminal Montage, last and greatest of the Geno supporters.

    TNTLover42TNTLover4223 days ago
  • The ride never ends bros

    SeanSean24 days ago
  • Me when I die in super smash bros ultimate final boss :’v 1:39

    Isaac Garcia GarciaIsaac Garcia Garcia24 days ago
  • I am so sorry 😔 Time can be our only recover And let’s hope it also gives us hope for future DLC’s

    『 花移奥 - Kal //Kagura 』『 花移奥 - Kal //Kagura 』24 days ago
  • Geno is owned by Square Enix and not Nintendo, soooo, sadly he will probably never make it into another Nintendo game as I doubt Nintendo is going to come off the money to buy the License

    mtbarnes1mtbarnes124 days ago
  • this displays a feeling of despair unparalleled by any other form of expression

    ZeroZero24 days ago
  • Sephiroth: "I will never be a memory." Genos: "....."

    Soge 01Soge 0124 days ago
  • Someday, you'll return to Earth.

    Nelly HartnellNelly Hartnell24 days ago
  • Oh come on. Not only do I get the geno ballot video you made in my reccomend but I also get this bruh.

    MegatophatMegatophat24 days ago
  • He's goin through it

    Tetra Gamer *95*Tetra Gamer *95*25 days ago
  • I'm Guessing Jeremy now hates Nintendo...

    Diego Gonzalez SotoDiego Gonzalez Soto25 days ago
  • Ok

    Diego Gonzalez SotoDiego Gonzalez Soto25 days ago
  • Man. Sakurai does this. He disappoints people. Everybody does. Even if Geno isn't in Smash when it goes bankrupt, Geno, Sora, Dante, Jonesey, Master Chief, Crash, and many others will still have room in our hearts.

    Abdullah SultanAbdullah Sultan25 days ago
  • I never knew a person could die twice, but I see that one can RIP Geno

    Haon SuniHaon Suni25 days ago
  • Welp, he is in, but not in the way you wanted :(

    Titus JaureguiTitus Jauregui25 days ago
  • 2 years ago: Well at least we have hope for the future, right? like, a week ago: 0:00

    ExoticWafflesExoticWaffles25 days ago
  • if I playback at x2 the speed is it 400%? Oh god what if I played it at x0.25 or 1/4 the playback speed: 3200% slower...

  • My man just posted a 25 minute video of him falling through space

    Uzi CumdogUzi Cumdog25 days ago
  • Elden ring fans at the 2020 game awards:

    Moonblessed JaylorianMoonblessed Jaylorian25 days ago
  • Every new smash character brings me back here

    VoidBGVoidBG25 days ago
  • Thank you.

    King PBJamesKing PBJames26 days ago
  • This is where we rest, Waluigi and Geno fans alike.

    Bamboozeld CornBamboozeld Corn26 days ago
  • This got recommended to me 1 week after Sephiroth. Perfect timing.

    Life of brother 5000Life of brother 500026 days ago
  • Geno: *Is a mii costume again* Terminalmontage: my boy.... what did they do to my boy...?

    MetroidFan 59MetroidFan 5926 days ago
  • Recommended at the right time

    Kush kung VivoKush kung Vivo26 days ago
  • The gates are still closed.

    Some GemSome Gem26 days ago
  • I mean,he ‘s in the game,no

    Amel LatiriAmel Latiri26 days ago
    • Just that he a spirit

      Amel LatiriAmel Latiri26 days ago
  • *P* *A* *I* *N*

    Report manReport man26 days ago
  • This is a sad day

    Munching BananaMunching Banana26 days ago
  • The eyes remind me of Ludwigs

    Epic GamerEpic Gamer26 days ago
  • Ahhhhhhh Mozart

    Luka SkificLuka Skific26 days ago
  • I'm not crying you're crying

    The MilkmanThe Milkman26 days ago
  • Oh no he's gone mad because geno is not in smash

    Hayden ThompsonHayden Thompson26 days ago
  • Sorry Geno fans, even though I don't play smash.

    Arzan KatkiArzan Katki26 days ago
  • This is still ongoing in 2929 as we get an outfit instead of an actual fighter

    Keebe The Kirby plushKeebe The Kirby plush26 days ago
  • i feel like that

    Nin-ConsolsNin-Consols26 days ago
  • 0.25 speed to die

    Austin YauAustin Yau26 days ago
  • Now this aged like fine wine.

    hibakiihibakii26 days ago
  • Cool

    Cool SpaghettiCool Spaghetti26 days ago
  • And he never will be, HAHAHA

    MomoMomo26 days ago
  • Now play this at 0.25 speed. As of today your boy has been murdered once more

    dominick Jimenezdominick Jimenez26 days ago
  • Two days ago I got two videos of yours telling me why he should be in smash. Today this got recommend to me.

    Odd ExplosionOdd Explosion26 days ago
  • This hits even harder now man

    Megaquaza DarksideMegaquaza Darkside26 days ago
  • F

    Memegamer3 AnimatedMemegamer3 Animated26 days ago
  • YT: "Hey, did you see the Sephir-" Me: "I don't need a reminder, USworlds." YT: *"But wouldn't it be fun if I reminded you for weeks on end through the algorithm?"* Me: " .... It's Christmas. *At least let me have that, you heartless bastard.* " YT: "Geno's Mii Fighter costume will never be... *just a memory* -" Me: "... Yes, Fbi?... yeah it's the algorithm again."

    Phoenix FyrePhoenix Fyre26 days ago
  • Its way better at .25% speed

    LandonLandon27 days ago
  • The longer this video stays up, the longer the wait for Geno is

    RedKirby5RedKirby527 days ago
  • Pain

    Chest PlateChest Plate27 days ago

    Angelo De La RiveraAngelo De La Rivera27 days ago
  • *sigh*

    suresure27 days ago
  • it's even worse now

    lugilugi27 days ago
  • now it is confirmed that it will not come out

    David BelloDavid Bello27 days ago
  • Haha Geno's not in Smash as a fighter

    AB365AB36527 days ago
  • lul get fucked scrub yall obscure mario RPG character got FUCKED lululul

    Kaheiyattsu221Kaheiyattsu22127 days ago
  • F

    bean manbean man27 days ago
  • *Lacrimosa intensifies*

    Donkey KongDonkey Kong27 days ago
  • Did you get sephiroth Sakurai: yes What did it cost Sakurai: my supporters

    Ruby AlonzoRuby Alonzo27 days ago
  • my soul

    Screamdead43Screamdead4327 days ago