Metal Gear Solid V - A Brief Summary

Oct 9, 2015
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Good game.

Animated in Adobe Flash, in about 7 hours! I also did another version without the fultons I thought it was TOO pointless though, so that's why I added stuff in the background of this video. I dunno why I even made this.
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  • That Konami office at the background was just flawless

    Asier AllikaAsier Allika24 days ago
  • "Letting the days go by" "Let the water hold me down"

    Eldritch ToiletsEldritch ToiletsMonth ago
  • 😂

    ZX GALAXYZX GALAXY3 months ago
  • When ur friends gives you to taste him weed looks like:

    PaulTechPaulTech7 months ago
  • "What a thrill......."

    Nick DustoNick Dusto7 months ago
  • Song name.. uh ı mean woooaaahhh?

    TalhaTalha8 months ago
  • Hats delivering

    DushessDushess10 months ago
  • At 1700 hours, it's more like Metal Gear Solid: Stuff Stealer

    Tman HallTman HallYear ago

    Meme ChroniclesMeme ChroniclesYear ago
  • Played like a damn fiddle

    DisappointmentDisappointmentYear ago
  • No one ever EVER expects the box

    Destructive Absol31Destructive Absol31Year ago
  • Nailed it

    Nigel HardinNigel HardinYear ago
  • A phone lighter ?

    the new kidthe new kidYear ago
  • Ah fresh old memes

    SpicyHaeleSpicyHaele2 years ago
  • I don’t understand how I find these masterpieces so late.

    ToonyToony2 years ago
  • Hey i worked for that

    Big BossBig Boss2 years ago
  • Oh the memories of this game...

    Doctor EntropyDoctor Entropy2 years ago
  • SNAKE IS BACK!!!!!!

    Roboto64Roboto642 years ago
  • You just can't stop, can you?

    ToadboydudeToadboydude2 years ago
  • I hope this becomes a Taunt in Smash Ultimate.

    PkfierPkfier2 years ago

    PkfierPkfier2 years ago
  • This is a horrible summary. This video is finished.

    Liam HortonLiam Horton3 years ago
  • u missing the hot babe bathing with bikini on scene

    Kelmen WongKelmen Wong4 years ago
  • Congrats for having this in a watchmojo top 10

    ArgusArgus4 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] it's in the video, Top 10 video game gadgets you wish you had in real life

      ArgusArgus3 years ago
    • TerminalMontage [Jeremey] I forget what top 10, but it's in one

      ArgusArgus3 years ago
  • Lol The Konami Tower Just Fly by In the End XD

    Korkawin SongritKorkawin Songrit4 years ago
  • Any time I'm in a bad mood, I fire this up.

    Good In Theory GamersGood In Theory Gamers4 years ago
  • butch hartman brought me here

    advers7advers74 years ago
  • after just starting the game and playing for a week i can 100% agree to this

    IndagloIndaglo4 years ago
  • Who came here from the Game Grumps Animated? Great Work btw, Jeremy (If I'am allowed to call you that)

    TwoBlade5TwoBlade54 years ago
    • Daddy

      dummy ding dongdummy ding dong4 years ago
  • Accurate

    Lel HaiLel Hai4 years ago
  • What's going on?

    Mint BriskMint Brisk4 years ago
  • Lol WHAT? Whatever, I'm sold.

    Chop DuFraneChop DuFrane4 years ago
  • 420 blaze it snake ( 0:15 )

    Maza AziMaza Azi4 years ago
  • I can't stop watching this. I haven't even played MGSV.

    Frank MycroftFrank Mycroft4 years ago
  • This is art

    Spooky DookieSpooky Dookie4 years ago
  • Does it say "I wanna touch his privates" in the end ?

    SmubuuSmubuu4 years ago
    • That makes a lot more sense, I thought it was someone, maybe Ocelot (though that's a stretch) saying "I wanna touch the spotlights"

      regularflurfyregularflurfy4 years ago
    • It's a Diamond Dog saying, "I wanna touch his paw pads," referring to DD as a puppy.

      Drew WilliamsDrew Williams4 years ago
  • Thought he was gonna start singing that He-Man song

    Nate DogNate Dog4 years ago
  • Nyaaaah!

    JJJJ4 years ago
  • I was expecting the "Heyeayeayea" thing LOL

    Mariana LoaizaMariana Loaiza4 years ago
    • LOL still pretty dope @TerminalMontage [Jeremey]

      Mariana LoaizaMariana Loaiza4 years ago
  • Was expecting HEYEAYEAYEA. Not disappointed at all though. XD

    DuckDuck4 years ago
  • i lol'd so fucking hard

    Alex AnikeevAlex Anikeev4 years ago
  • Wait, why does Snake look like He-Man?

    Shuphty BaggotsShuphty Baggots4 years ago
    • +RGS now is time for cock

      Shuphty BaggotsShuphty Baggots4 years ago
    • Joke

      RGSRGS4 years ago
  • so fucking accurate

    W. DrasilW. Drasil4 years ago
  • i died

    Alles Fechten MAlles Fechten M4 years ago
  • Some one! make this into a gif! This literaly is the best thing! :D

    Toms MasānsToms Masāns4 years ago
  • So... What's going on?

    Dylan OverstreetDylan Overstreet4 years ago
  • Smoking away the pain of Metal Gear Survive.

    Nice TryNice Try4 years ago
    • .... Whoaaaaaahaaaaaaaaoooooooo!

      Shuphty BaggotsShuphty Baggots4 years ago
  • sins of the father

    Rare EggRare Egg4 years ago
  • WatchMojo Sent me Here. But I Came to early.

    MalikMalik4 years ago
  • Thanks WatchMojo

    Garrus VakarianGarrus Vakarian4 years ago
    • Omg hahaha I'm also here because of watch mojo xD I was watching simply a clip from mgsv and i had to find the guy who made this video

      Al PacaAl Paca4 years ago
    • wait you saw this on WatchMojo 2

      Barry SmithBarry Smith4 years ago
  • I think I found my new desktop background.

    ItalicsItalics4 years ago
  • Iwanatouchispawpads

    James FukumotoJames Fukumoto4 years ago
  • What is that voice saying at the end of this video?

    DonnaighDonnaigh4 years ago
  • What a drag.

    KryptnytKryptnyt4 years ago
    • @Kryptnyt Even better! XDD

      OPW15/SwapDance!PapyrusOPW15/SwapDance!Papyrus4 years ago
    • @onepiecewatcher15 / Nitrous the Hedgehog Was 100% intentional and inglorious

      KryptnytKryptnyt4 years ago
    • +Kryptnyt was that A PUNNN!!!!!??? glorious unintentional pun

      OPW15/SwapDance!PapyrusOPW15/SwapDance!Papyrus4 years ago
  • 0:06 whats the song?

    AmbitiousAustinAmbitiousAustin4 years ago
    • Sins of the father by Donna Burke.

      Double-0 SnakeDouble-0 Snake4 years ago
  • that's an enemy gunship stay low and crawl along the ground

    nicemoreoftennicemoreoften4 years ago
  • That's it. That's the whole game.

    SweetMoonPigeonSweetMoonPigeon4 years ago
  • ....

    Nick KnoedlerNick Knoedler4 years ago
  • LMAO!!! That was genius

    ZeroHxC07ZeroHxC074 years ago
  • Goddamnit. You just HAD to make this. Wonderful.

    regularflurfyregularflurfy4 years ago
  • Why does this look like HEYEYEYEYYEAYEA from the He-man music video? :D

    StrakeeStrakee4 years ago
  • I cannot deny the accuracy of this video.

    AlkhimiyaAlkhimiya5 years ago
  • >inb4 we get a massive animation from TM.

    Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!5 years ago
    • @The Omega He needs his A-Walker (animation walker).

      Ashton MorrisAshton Morris4 years ago
    • @Mr. Bubbles Tea He's comin', he's comin', just give him a second. He needs his walker.

      Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!4 years ago
    • +TerminalMontage [Jeremey] You're a legend in the eyes of those who live on the USworldss. Let the legend come back to life!

      Ashton MorrisAshton Morris4 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] "This animation is what all true heroes strive fooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

      Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!5 years ago
    • @TerminalMontage [Jeremey] As long as it happens, jest' take yer' time.

      Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT!5 years ago
  • Great job as always, TerminalMontage!!!

    doopman512doopman5125 years ago
  • Howmdo you Fulton a claymore without it going off?!

    SnakakuSnakaku5 years ago
    • *minus m

      SnakakuSnakaku5 years ago
  • Who the fuck would wanna fulton the Konami building?! I'd rather fulton legit feces. Because I believe shit is worth more of an investment than Konami is.

    SettingItToWumboSettingItToWumbo5 years ago
  • lol from the 1989

    Kawaii twinsKawaii twins5 years ago
  • You could sum up MGS5 in just a couple words. "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US"

    Noah KearnsNoah Kearns5 years ago
  • When making a cartoon are you supposed to make key frames and then add in Tweens afterwards or add Tweens as you go

    Bryce LoganBryce Logan5 years ago
  • "I wanna touch his butt."

    Ashton MorrisAshton Morris5 years ago
  • Use the Phantom Cigar enough and you too can fulton Konami HQ! Now with micro-transactions! But seriously, the game made for a good fun 130+ hours, even if the plot was a tad disappointing.

    mahius19mahius195 years ago
  • Looks like He-Man... with the Face of Solid Snake :D

    TheWeirdaholicTheWeirdaholic5 years ago
  • Hey TerminalMontage! I saw your NinPUNtendo vid and really liked the Kirby bit. You think you could participate in a collab I'm doing for Newgrounds. It's called The Kirby Collab 3. And if you're busy right now, I can hold a spot for you. Watcha say? Also, awesome animation. And PS, I grew up watching Butch Hartman so eagerly excited to talk to an actual person who knows Butch. Anyways, how's he doing?

    WiKi StudiosWiKi Studios5 years ago
  • The lack of story makes this especially accurate.

    MünShardMünShard5 years ago
  • I guess he hit.... TERMINAL velocity!'ll just let myself out.

    LexLex5 years ago
  • 10/10

    Razmik DegoianRazmik Degoian5 years ago
  • You're that ninja...

    Noah LNoah L5 years ago
  • i have fallen in love with this is is my life now nothing else exist other than this channel I am happy now

    Isaac RotherIsaac Rother5 years ago
  • thank you

    TrashbagsTrashbags5 years ago
  • I don't really understand this. But I _feel_ it.

    Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas TimeSimply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time5 years ago
  • best video

    PaclinkcraftPaclinkcraft5 years ago
  • what is said at the very end? It sound like "I wanna touch his pock marks" lol but I know thats not it.

    Dru KDru K5 years ago
  • You forgot the part where Konami fucked Hideo Kojima

    Supermario64fan53Supermario64fan535 years ago
  • Nice Video! Do More!

    Luke PerkinsLuke Perkins5 years ago
  • "I wanna touch his paw pads"

    ImmolationNileImmolationNile5 years ago
  • lolwut

    Cyber-SamaCyber-Sama5 years ago

    「DUWANGO」「DUWANGO」5 years ago

    JaycerJaycer5 years ago
  • I wanna touch his paw pads.

    tim2slimjimtim2slimjim5 years ago
  • It's He-man ! XD

    Otaku_GameFanOtaku_GameFan5 years ago

    KingTimmahBKingTimmahB5 years ago

      Red WolfRed Wolf8 months ago
  • People don't even need to play the game. Just show them this. It sums up EVERYTHING.

    Generic MedicGeneric Medic5 years ago
  • Cool! But I like your usual animation stile more! :D

    ФриОнизФриОниз5 years ago
  • Did you just.

    Rid KainRid Kain5 years ago
  • Where's Huey blowing everything up?

    DragirbyDragirby5 years ago
  • Dookie brought me here

    Dumbass GayDumbass Gay5 years ago
  • this absolutely needs more views

    SUCCtasticSUCCtastic5 years ago
  • I haven't used the Phantom cigar once... what's it do?

    GidrahGidrah5 years ago
    • Same here. It was more of a gimmick, so I never had any use for it.

      QB786QB7865 years ago
    • +The Introspector I just wait for it to end naturally while finding something to kill time. I only use it once on a few missions.

      Otaku_GameFanOtaku_GameFan5 years ago
    • +GrimGidrah Makes time go by faster. I used it to end sandstorms.

      IntrospectreIntrospectre5 years ago
    • +GrimGidrah Fucks you up real good like.

      FrydayFryday5 years ago

    Blockhead134Blockhead1345 years ago

    Robbie LiddleRobbie Liddle5 years ago