Melee Fox & Marth ASMR (Low Sound Warning)

Apr 1, 2021
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Animation and Voices by Jeremey Chinshue
Production Assistant - Vanessa Chinshue
Button Mashing Sound Effect
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  • I’ve never been so confused and also been able to understand everything at the same time. Terminal montage has opened a new gate.

    Nintendo FanaticNintendo Fanatic2 days ago
    • Right

      x-raphwolf lolx-raphwolf lol2 days ago
    • He has found de wae we’ve been searching for

      RedactedRedacted2 days ago

    Sean ChinSean Chin7 minutes ago

    VMTutorialsVMTutorials3 hours ago
  • 7:11 best moment!!!11!

    Silver ArtsSilver Arts4 hours ago
  • Wow, this is very reassuring... I found inner peace.

    TheMarver8TheMarver84 hours ago
  • HIYAAAAAAAA is now just hiyaaaaaa....

    unknown entityunknown entity5 hours ago
  • Tbf I could listen to this sound for hours

    YuhmanYuhman5 hours ago
  • Ahh just had a bunch of memories of me playing that Tug o War minigame in Mario Party 64.

    Skyline GTR34Skyline GTR345 hours ago
  • Doctor: You got 11:17 left to live Me:

    IRoveRice4IRoveRice46 hours ago
  • play at 0.25

    Moose FartMoose Fart6 hours ago
  • I was about to close the video when the "hay-aaaaah" came. Stayed.

    Alexandre GoesAlexandre Goes7 hours ago
  • Clicking friendship😂😂 nice toons

    Ziandra HidayatZiandra Hidayat7 hours ago
  • :0

    Uriel López VillaUriel López Villa7 hours ago
  • I listened to this on the bus on my to school

    sincere whitesincere white7 hours ago
  • U forgot the one person that made fox go OHH! meta knight

    LeorioLeorio7 hours ago
  • When he did the 10:32 i felt that😞

    VeggieTablz TablzVeggieTablz Tablz8 hours ago
  • Wait what the player of roblox tower of hell 0:00- 11:17

    Kdkdkdkdkd_new YTKdkdkdkdkd_new YT8 hours ago
  • Wow this is even better than something versus because this is exactly how their battle would have gone. *also clicks in friendship*

    Diego Brando SanDiego Brando San8 hours ago
  • This is art.

    Cesar RomerioCesar Romerio9 hours ago
  • What my dad hears while I play my game 0:00 buttons mashing.....

    Monsters Corrupted Studio’s 99Monsters Corrupted Studio’s 999 hours ago
  • A

    Sol MenaSol Mena10 hours ago
  • Man really just mashed two ganecube controllers together for 11 minutes straight for a .mp3 with no cuts. Huh

    Ben WarrBen Warr10 hours ago
  • Emmmmmmm, what?

    Yoshi 117Yoshi 11710 hours ago
  • my ears are in heaven

    laith ahmedlaith ahmed10 hours ago
  • When monster hunter rise?

    WolfStarWish 123WolfStarWish 12311 hours ago
  • Welp this is gonna be in season 4

    jace Rodriguezjace Rodriguez11 hours ago
  • Confusing

    ReflexReflex13 hours ago
  • Hey I did this once then the CPU’s broke and joined me doing this

    yeet lord 1011yeet lord 101113 hours ago
  • Imma write this down in a notebook called how to make good content Ahh yes I see button mashing for 11 minutes and a little bit of talking alright got it

    XzeanoxXzeanox13 hours ago
  • Necesito el de 10 Horas ¡¡¡AHORA!!!

    Samuel JacksonSamuel Jackson14 hours ago
  • Hyaaa

    Ashrof NaasAshrof Naas16 hours ago
  • I like to think that every animator has there own parrel universe There parodys like mario is another parrel universe for the web of marios Say cas van de poles mario is differant than yours Differant timelines and universes Its stupid but a good consept

    The RandomThe Random16 hours ago
  • why

    mister met - cool guy and friendmister met - cool guy and friend16 hours ago
  • ._.

    jairo casilimasjairo casilimas17 hours ago
  • That Moment When You Win 0:58+ 1:47 Amog Us: You Likkin Kinda Susssssssss

    Akshat GamerAkshat Gamer18 hours ago
  • And I doesn’t get old

    Jesus Zepeda-MartinezJesus Zepeda-Martinez18 hours ago
  • I have been playing this video for over the 1 hour

    Jesus Zepeda-MartinezJesus Zepeda-Martinez18 hours ago
  • This unlocks my *SUPER_GAMER_MOVE* attack.

    Non dleNon dle19 hours ago
  • Perfection

    Dark AssassinDark Assassin19 hours ago
  • i wonder what our ancestors think of our sense of humor these days

    B.A.D DecisionsB.A.D Decisions19 hours ago
  • Excelente lección de vida que enseñan estos dos

    alejandro monteroalejandro montero21 hour ago
  • LOL

    Néstor HernándezNéstor Hernández23 hours ago
  • I loved this also plz make every single Pokémon like the ultra beasts legendary classic baby and mega Pokémon

    pikatubepikatubeDay ago
  • wtf Lol.

    Aaron GarzaAaron GarzaDay ago
  • We all need to have a something about little nightmares 2

    Cb and Mike AnimationsCb and Mike AnimationsDay ago
  • Why am I rewatching this entire video again?

    Trym BrusetTrym BrusetDay ago
  • Whispers come on

    MegaJed25MegaJed25Day ago
  • This is the script HIYA R6RY6RTTYRG

    Donna JohnsonDonna JohnsonDay ago
  • A something about friday night funkin pls

    SonicGamer2021SonicGamer2021Day ago
  • Me on a test: "Ok, I just need to focus and everything will be fine" My last two braincells after reading the first question:

    Oskr CMOskr CMDay ago
  • I just watched this 3 times over, I now know the secrets of the universe

    Aidon tijeirnaAidon tijeirnaDay ago
  • This is one of the random things you don’t expect And i love it

    geengeenDay ago
  • Hahahahahahahaha there just spinning

    steven williamssteven williamsDay ago
  • 0.5 x speed sounds like someone chewing

    Guillermo BarrosoGuillermo BarrosoDay ago
  • Dash dancing for eleven minutes? Your thumb must be very raw.

    Cosmic GamingCosmic GamingDay ago
  • No de verían pelear

    abdias plus gamerabdias plus gamerDay ago
  • This is real ASMR

    Jesus Zepeda-MartinezJesus Zepeda-MartinezDay ago
  • 6 yr old me pretending to know what I’m doing

    Random GuyRandom GuyDay ago
  • Where something about Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze?

    BreadBreadDay ago
  • Lo mejor que vi en mi vida!!! 😂😂😂

    Valeria RodriguezValeria RodriguezDay ago

    Mr SmartsMr SmartsDay ago
  • Haayyaaaaaaa~~~~~~

    DadDadDay ago
  • I have never been so relaxed and confused at the same time before

    Brent BunchBrent BunchDay ago
  • Separese que un jugador que toca los teclaros alobestia xddddddddd

    Gisela SimonettiGisela SimonettiDay ago
  • I never got the joke But then, my main is link.

    Jonathan GreenJonathan GreenDay ago
  • Something about a Scott pilgrim

    deanboyfromhedesert 2011deanboyfromhedesert 2011Day ago
  • Monster hunter rise next?

    Ren the Assassin13Ren the Assassin13Day ago
  • *comments quietly*

    noat boardnoat boardDay ago
  • Hmmhhhhhh... this made me sleep.. thanks

    ToadToadDay ago
    • @Photoflowey yeah

      ToadToadDay ago
    • wrote that while sleepin' ?

      PhotofloweyPhotofloweyDay ago
  • This is my new favorite song. (yes i know its not a song, but still.)

    Kellen and Kyle McallisterKellen and Kyle McallisterDay ago
  • i've never felt at peace yet so confused in my life

    Builder DuckBuilder DuckDay ago
  • Hiyaaa

    Itz just NinjaItz just NinjaDay ago
    • Tog-yaaahh

      PhotofloweyPhotofloweyDay ago
  • it's like double clicking on beech and marth 😂🦊🦊🧑🏼🧑🏼

    Jadiel MatiasJadiel MatiasDay ago
  • This has to be the single best April Fools joke video I've ever seen. We thank you Montage

    Ian GrayIan GrayDay ago
  • Wtf?

    Venustiano VazquezVenustiano VazquezDay ago
  • Water bottle

    ryanstarwars.mp4ryanstarwars.mp4Day ago
  • y ,a pelea

    Torres Aldana Maria Camila 7CTorres Aldana Maria Camila 7CDay ago
  • turn up the play speed=1 fps

    Maimouna BaldeMaimouna BaldeDay ago
  • actually it’s a really nice sound

    FlarekianFlarekianDay ago
  • 0:58 "hiyaa" XD

    Forknife2211Forknife2211Day ago
  • 0:57 - "Hiya!" (Hiya!) 1:47 - "Saseru mono ka!" (Like I would let you!) 2:47 - "Hiya!" (Hiya!) 3:37 - "Saseru mono ka!" (Like I would let you!) 4:37 - "Toryah!" (Toryah!) 5:27 - "Miteite kure!" (Please watch me!) 6:27 - "Hiya!" (Hiya!) 7:17 - "Saseru mono ka!" (Like I would let you!) 8:17 - "Hiya!" (Hiya!) 9:07 - "Saseru mono ka!" (Like I would let you!) 10:07 - "Toryah!" (Toryah!) 10:57 - "Miteite kure!" (Please watch me!)

    MaphuMaphuDay ago
  • oh no 2x speed was a bad idea

    Sneaky Matt1Sneaky Matt1Day ago
  • It sounds more like a fox 🦊 and Marty keyboard ⌨️

    Nicolas MiroshnichenkoNicolas MiroshnichenkoDay ago
  • That voice at 3:38 is kinda creepy ngl.

    CoolanicraftCoolanicraftDay ago
  • Hyaaaaa UUWAAAAAA

    Hirohiko ArakiHirohiko ArakiDay ago
  • Hiya👍

    ꧁ Michi ꧂꧁ Michi ꧂Day ago
  • This is now in my playlist

    the asmr guythe asmr guyDay ago
  • At the middle of this asmr: ..................FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!

    Saitama GodjaliSaitama GodjaliDay ago
  • disclaimer: putting the video in 2 x speed will rip a hole in reality

  • dad, come pick me up, im scared, wait no im ok, its calmi- *hiyaah* dad, im scared again

  • There should be an ultra instinct speedrunner Mario for some reason or ultra instinct Kirbo

    Dylan WilsonDylan WilsonDay ago
  • Why it's taking so long?!

    Ofelia DionelaOfelia DionelaDay ago
  • Are you ever going to make a pt2 to the legends of Zelda okorina of time

    personguy212gamingpersonguy212gamingDay ago
  • Hejdkjr ekslnejfosnenodnrjepdnr 😁&! Haitluotx lenm Ito

    Six pistolsSix pistolsDay ago
  • 0:58 thats kinda cute

    Angel Thomas AgnasAngel Thomas Agnas2 days ago
  • 0:58, 1:46, 2:47, 3:37, 4:38, 5:27, 6:28, 7:17, 8:17, 9:07, 10:07 11:01 your welcome.

    DinosBurritoDinosBurrito2 days ago
  • I turned it up to 2x and it sounded practically the same .

    V DonisV Donis2 days ago
  • Melee fox, Marth and Meta knight the Click Crew beacause when they do that theres a clicking sound.

    JRyle MabutinJRyle Mabutin2 days ago
  • TerminalMontage at 3 am: SMASH MELE ASMR

    Tina SinclairTina Sinclair2 days ago
  • I can feel the c r a m p s HIIHHYYAAAA

    Tina SinclairTina Sinclair2 days ago