Mario & Luigi's Ultimate Attack!

Apr 22, 2013
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In commemoration of Nintendo's Year of Luigi, I present to you, Mario & Luigi's Ultimate Attack! Please support the channel by buying a slick T-Shirt:
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I spent a good chunk of time working on this. Tried a lot of new things this time too, the hardest part was trying to work while Flash's (CS5.5) limits were maxed out. I kept getting "there is no more memory to perform this action," or something.
I taught myself how to use blender too, just basic stuff. Like creating the solar system, and making the moon blow up into over 3000 pieces.
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I'll post things related to this animation, as well as other things I'm doing! And how about that scene after the credits? Could there be more? YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE.

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  • Re watching Jeremy's old videos so I can understand the lore of the luigi head

    Super KirbySuper KirbyMonth ago
    • Holy Frick, it's true.

      Some Generic KirbySome Generic Kirby21 day ago
    • I wish he could make a full explanation of the old videos lure

      Hassan DarwishHassan Darwish22 days ago
    • Poyo

      jeremy erojeremy ero26 days ago
    • Hi super kirby but how

      someone does stuffsomeone does stuffMonth ago
    • Mega epic

      Awesomekip 952muAwesomekip 952muMonth ago
  • Rip goomba

    Ali Hamza ÖztürkAli Hamza Öztürk15 hours ago
  • Mario and Luigis version of supernova LOL

    Silae BatakSilae Batak15 hours ago
  • I remembered watching this animation back in the day. When i saw mario launching luigi to the sun and... well, turning the sun green and growing so large that it's destroying other planets and almost devouring the earth just to make the earth suffer from destruction, i thought it was a cool idea for the animation, little did my 10 year old mind know that not only was that my first ff7 spoiler, but probably my very first videogame spoiler. And also not only that, i bought the ps1 classic on Amazon to play ff7 and should be arriving soon and I'm listening to one winged angel as of me typing this right now in the comments. What a time to be alive!

    Eric RodriguezEric RodriguezDay ago
  • L o r e

    SnocSnocDay ago
  • I don't remember "Mario turning Luigi into Sephiroth" being part of the Mario's canon

    YxuerYxuer2 days ago
  • Oh noooo!!!!!

    Geraldo GarciaGeraldo Garcia3 days ago
  • I feel like the end part was a reference to Sephiroth’s attack “Supernova.” Mercury and Venus were destroyed in exactly the same way as in the hour long animation. Am I right or wrong?

    The VoidThe Void4 days ago
  • Supernova can't kill you. But it can turn you into Luigi, apparently.

    ShadowSaberBaroxioShadowSaberBaroxio4 days ago
  • I’m da best

    L.A. LarsonL.A. Larson5 days ago
  • 7 years later: geno holds sakurai at gunpoint to add him in smash but adds a mii costume of geno instead The geno cult will prevail soon

    Help meHelp me5 days ago
  • The Kingdom of Mushroomgrahba gets me every time haha

    The Lazy EyebrowThe Lazy Eyebrow5 days ago
  • I dont know why this exists, but Im glad it does

    King DeDeDeKing DeDeDe6 days ago
  • You know Luigi’s stronger when his final smash doesn’t take the whole Great Britain queens life to finish

    BlessXnaseBlessXnase7 days ago
  • e

    TheFamilyChannelTheFamilyChannel8 days ago
  • 0:30 super sona from ff7

    superaeden thenightmareofgodpowerfulof worlds3458superaeden thenightmareofgodpowerfulof worlds34588 days ago
  • Is this super nova from final fantasy 7

    Norehl Torres MolinaryNorehl Torres Molinary9 days ago
  • You should’ve pressed a right when he hit the moon... you would have got a stylish move

    AmericanToastAmericanToast12 days ago
  • The question is do they get an ok or an excellant if they did not what is the excellent?

    Playin A Simple GamePlayin A Simple Game14 days ago
  • The gomba is like what the f**k

    Joaquin ZelayaJoaquin Zelaya15 days ago
  • There is a thing about mario. Marios friends turn into bricks so mario can get pass levels... its so sad :(

    blue toad teamblue toad team16 days ago
  • 0:40-1:24 Is that the Supernova attack from Sephiroth?

    Ben FischerBen Fischer16 days ago
  • How the Luigi year 2021 event is gonna be. In 1:37

    Luis FloresLuis Flores16 days ago
  • *What kind of pararell universe is this?*

  • *One Winged Angel starts playing

    ButterDawgBenneButterDawgBenne19 days ago
  • Super luigi galaxy couldn't get any more greener

    undead bannedundead banned20 days ago
  • This should be called Luigi turns his friends to himself

    Lauren Marie SmithLauren Marie Smith21 day ago
  • Sephiroth

    Jet is the SwampertJet is the Swampert22 days ago
  • Why is this on my recommended 7 FREAKING YEARS after it was uploaded

    LittleFroggyLittleFroggy22 days ago

      LittleFroggyLittleFroggy21 day ago
  • Mario and Luigis ultimate attack, anti piracy screen. (extremely rare)

    Just a penguin with a beanieJust a penguin with a beanie23 days ago
  • 0:58 Luigi: witness oblivion

    VillagerVillager23 days ago
  • All that to try take out one goomba

    Donald TrumpetDonald Trumpet23 days ago
  • L u *I* g *i*

    AlastorAlastor24 days ago
  • If Majora's Mask was rated T. Also, GENO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nathaniel Chen 1Nathaniel Chen 124 days ago
  • Thumbs up for the FF7 reference * throws chef's kiss *

    RaticusRaticus25 days ago
  • Still shorter than sephiroth's supernova

    Commonation -_'Commonation -_'25 days ago
  • 1:34 Wait, I've seen that cliff before. Mario and a goomba standing on a cliff. Time to take a piss.

    The MrThe Mr25 days ago
  • How did terminal montage like ever comment

    Vish the FishVish the Fish26 days ago
  • Luigi did an assassination class room on the moon

    Vish the FishVish the Fish26 days ago
  • Super Nova? More like *Supa star!*

    PepperonywisePepperonywise26 days ago
  • I’m starting to realize Terminal Montage did a lot of animations from my childhood, and he’s really evolved over the years.

    King EsomKing Esom27 days ago
  • the fact that luigi flies through the moon and into the sun implies that this is taking place during a solar eclipse, meaning the flash of the sun being fully cut off by the moon, which can already blind people, would stop abruptly causing the sun's light to just appear out of nowhere, instead of slowly coming back, and would basically blind the whole mushroom kingdom. they wouldn't see what killed them.

    BruceToonsBruceToons27 days ago

    Green RandomsGreen Randoms27 days ago
  • when will happen part 2

    Mario ZaldivarMario Zaldivar28 days ago
  • luigeor

    ArantasticArantastic28 days ago
  • Remember when Christian Kirbo never existed at this time?

    Japh urtechoJaph urtecho29 days ago
  • ye olde animations

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  • Is this a reference to sephiroth's meteor?

    Probably GabeProbably GabeMonth ago
  • Good video ☺️☺️

    hitaru x charahitaru x charaMonth ago
  • The truth of Luigi

    Iguana GamerIguana GamerMonth ago
  • If I do say so my self all your video are “MADE IN HEAVEN” little Jojo reference for you there

    Sum GuySum GuyMonth ago
  • If the Luigi head is in the Something about series, does that mean that this series is cannon in the something about series?

    LoogiBoi35LoogiBoi35Month ago
  • What he's still reading comments on even old videos

    FrodFrodMonth ago
  • 2013: the year of luigi 2014: *the year of geno*

    agns1210 YTagns1210 YTMonth ago
  • How tf does terminal still like and pin comments? (Probably the most active commenting youtuber)

    Mario WaterMario WaterMonth ago
  • What a big fuss over one Goomba.

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  • So this is what triggers SCP 001-When the day breaks.

    HaqeeqeeHaqeeqeeMonth ago
  • **2 damage**

    Blurry 23Blurry 23Month ago

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  • Luigi absorber of worlds

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  • Still one of your best videos... Too bad the T shirt links don't work no more. :c

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  • What weegie be doin with all that neck

    ScarlettFrostScarlettFrostMonth ago
  • Ok. Why is this suddenly getting recommended?

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  • If it’s my world, they’re all turned into furries but clothed. Same method.

    Transfur StudiosTransfur StudiosMonth ago
  • ALL THAT FOR ONE GOOMBA🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    RandomFunnyGamer ?RandomFunnyGamer ?Month ago
  • Luigi's doesn't even have a head. That's literally just his neck.

    Engie49 RobloxEngie49 RobloxMonth ago
  • H E I S T H E B E S T

    A Random DudeA Random DudeMonth ago
  • Overkill

    Mr_ Man120Mr_ Man120Month ago
  • *Is a Mario and Luigi game* *Has Paper Mario music*

    T0rtelliniT0rtelliniMonth ago
  • Dude you did an awesome job re-animating Meteor, with your own spin on it (I genuinely mean it).

    The NinjaWalrusThe NinjaWalrusMonth ago
  • THE SUN FUCKING EXPLODING INTO LUIGI | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | \ Attacking a goomba. (A poor representation of dominos falling)

    RazzleberryJamRazzleberryJamMonth ago

    DarkRedDarkRedMonth ago
  • Thats one way to kill a goomba

    Jake plays 2 !Jake plays 2 !Month ago
  • The goomba is like Dude I was living my live why do ypu do this

    carricle gamer08_YTcarricle gamer08_YTMonth ago
  • ok

    BattleVisionBattleVisionMonth ago
  • And that’s how Luigi became number one 1:44

    Apple On RRApple On RRMonth ago
  • OOoooh 3d

    DUMDUM2 months ago
  • Oh boy here comes nostalgia

    Andrew ClarkeAndrew Clarke2 months ago
  • First off homestuck Second this attack only does one damage but comes with the bonus affect of turning the character you sacrificed to the sun being able to turn everyone else in to that character. (Doesn’t work in less the character it of pure heart. This can mean pure good or evil)

    Mattblaster237Mattblaster2372 months ago
  • Of course it got weird xD

    Alex CreedAlex Creed2 months ago

    SB43SB432 months ago
  • ルイージ

    登録されると絵を描く 西成区役所OD課登録されると絵を描く 西成区役所OD課2 months ago
  • so that is why there is a Luigi in every space scene

    Rat ERat E2 months ago
  • U hate luigi now this is the stupidst video ever

    Carsten de LandmeterCarsten de Landmeter2 months ago
  • Is this where all the luigi easter eggs started

    some personsome person2 months ago
  • Ok so what i got to know form this video is that, mario YEETED luigi into the sun and then luigi turned everyone into... Well ypu guessed it LUIGI

    Axelop10 playsAxelop10 plays2 months ago
  • I'm getting Boris e Rufus vibes from this

    HiHi Rhythm PuppyGloomyHiHi Rhythm PuppyGloomy2 months ago
  • Wait it's all luigi?

    Dudez BoiDudez Boi2 months ago
  • How much bp/fp did this use?!?!?!

    a uncreative namea uncreative name2 months ago
  • This is where all trouble begins

    Capitan Golf BravoCapitan Golf Bravo2 months ago
  • I want a sequel

    JulietJuliet2 months ago
  • Is it hard to get a heart from you terminal?

    Mario WaterMario Water2 months ago
  • O luigi ficol uma bosta

    world animationworld animation2 months ago
  • Luigi’s face be like -|- | | | | /-\ /\

    Adrian SowmaAdrian Sowma2 months ago
    • I love how this guy spends his time liking comments from old videos, thanks dude for all the things you have made you have now entertained millions of people :)

      Adrian SowmaAdrian Sowma2 months ago
  • Ah gottem ggs

    metalmagerin3metalmagerin32 months ago
  • *cue lifelight theme*

    TCn TheClassicnathanTCn TheClassicnathan3 months ago
  • Sakurai wants to add Geno to Super Smash, but he's been waiting 7 years for TerminalMontage to finish Geno's lore.

    Erik NicholasErik Nicholas3 months ago
    • Thanks for the heart :)

      CL2yaaCL2yaaMonth ago
    • Well now this makes me happy

      CL2yaaCL2yaaMonth ago
    • @Superdude None~ as important as this one. ;)

      Erik NicholasErik Nicholas2 months ago
    • Was there another pinned comment before...?

      SuperdudeSuperdude2 months ago
    • Wow

      Mr QuacksMr Quacks2 months ago
  • what is this.......I LOVE IT

    JulietJuliet3 months ago
  • That’s why I didn’t saw a moon tonight

    Sahel SakandariSahel Sakandari3 months ago
  • The nostalgia..

    Jotaro KujoJotaro Kujo3 months ago