Mario & Luigi's Plumbing Plantastrophe!

Mar 9, 2014
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Mario & Luigi are called to fix Princess Toadstool's plumbing, but what's clogging the toilet?

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  • I got a plumbing ad for this video...

    Pork of furyPork of fury5 hours ago
  • Nobody USworlds: Super Mario odyssey. This is older than odyssey.

    TeeVee DogeTeeVee DogeDay ago

    FalloutToonLink the Doom SlayerFalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer4 days ago
  • I am glad this video is still getting views

    Owgames_101Owgames_1015 days ago
  • Oh my god yes he made that joke

    Pop CatPop Cat7 days ago
  • Nostalgic music :v

    Hamburguesita 64Hamburguesita 648 days ago
  • That blow up animation brought healing to my soul 2:22

    Ha! You'll Never Guess Who I Am!Ha! You'll Never Guess Who I Am!8 days ago
  • Wait, why is a toilet in the hallway in the first place?

    SandwhichProductions EatSandwhichProductions Eat9 days ago
  • 6 years...

    MojoXMojoX10 days ago
  • Why does this song sound so familiar who sings it I swear iv heard it before 🤔

    Elijah RobinetteElijah Robinette11 days ago
  • Mario paired up with my favorite musical of all time, THIS IS GENIUS RIGHT HERE!!!!

    Dragon SoulDragon Soul12 days ago
  • this looks like an adult swim cartoon

    Dean MarshallDean Marshall13 days ago
  • This was Mario before he met cappy

    Toaster DudeToaster Dude14 days ago
  • 2:19

  • when you realize that the last person in fortnite is behind u... 2.19


    Maria Fatima ManulidMaria Fatima Manulid15 days ago

    Playin A Simple GamePlayin A Simple Game15 days ago
  • Respect to Luigi for actually doing his job

    Sloppy PizzaSloppy Pizza15 days ago
  • This was mario before he became a quantum speedrunner?

    Code DerpCode Derp16 days ago
  • Let’s hope you don’t get copyright strikes because I think it’s that song from hop

    Carla ParkerCarla Parker17 days ago
  • This reminds me of Adventure Time, Little Shop of Horrors (the 1986 version) and Gravity Falls for some reason. (1-1-2021)

    Carlo NassarCarlo Nassar19 days ago
  • when the green piranha plant explodes it kinda looks like dream’s icon ngl

    NovusNovus19 days ago
  • Wow this is nostalgia at its finest, this is really good, I also noticed Geno at least once in the roulette box. I got to say, this song is catchy, nice job.

    Super Mario Fan 100Super Mario Fan 10020 days ago
  • I wish he referenced these in his resent works

    Mo_ Omar1Mo_ Omar120 days ago
  • Is this where the piranha plants from yoshi’s story come from? They look really familiar.

    BlaxidiiBlaxidii23 days ago
  • looking back i feel like jeremy became more funny

    ThatYahooThatYahoo23 days ago
  • Ah, my favorite Mario games were Mario and Luigi ones, will you make something about Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga?

    Super Jump BrosSuper Jump Bros23 days ago
  • What dummy puts carpeting in the bathroom?

    Peter ZelayaPeter Zelaya25 days ago
  • Wait YOU MADE THIS??

    orgZee is the SpyorgZee is the Spy28 days ago
  • Why is this actually kind of cool?

    Asylum MoviesAsylum Movies29 days ago
  • Oh how his animation style has changed.

    Fiamma Nera PatrickFiamma Nera PatrickMonth ago
  • i actually remember watching this as a kid WOW

    Nathan BattrawNathan BattrawMonth ago
  • Ok, but you're going to have to replace the toilet bowl now.

    Tim WoodsTim WoodsMonth ago
  • kirbo says: no cursing in my Christian youtube channel.

    SplatingGamer 321SplatingGamer 321Month ago
  • Why was a toilet in the middle of a hall?

    DentDentMonth ago
  • This reminds me of Little Shop Of Horrors.

    Merethe Duøy SolsvikMerethe Duøy SolsvikMonth ago
  • C

    Eliyah QureshiEliyah QureshiMonth ago
  • Wow. This video is growing on me.

    Nando The MadNando The MadMonth ago
  • Poor luigi

    Baby PatrickBaby PatrickMonth ago
  • Little shop of monsters?

    Cody The Skeleton fenderCody The Skeleton fenderMonth ago
  • Preacher: And-I-AM-BAAAD QUuior: PRAISE EMM

    Skyfox dartnerSkyfox dartnerMonth ago
  • Wahoo man? Who's that?

    Skyfox dartnerSkyfox dartnerMonth ago
  • i wonder where he got that song?

    Hunter LemboHunter LemboMonth ago
  • 2:20

    Grubby CloneGrubby CloneMonth ago
  • *P L A N T*

    Turkey TurkeyTurkey TurkeyMonth ago

    Ana Alducin-RamirezAna Alducin-RamirezMonth ago
  • 6 years and i didnt see this animation why this didnt get his respect fame

    Jesus Roberto Gutierrez LopezJesus Roberto Gutierrez LopezMonth ago
  • *OH SH[1UP]*

    Rayne265 [GD]Rayne265 [GD]Month ago
  • Uau

    lua gatinho miauzinhalua gatinho miauzinhaMonth ago
  • Mario and luigi the origin story

    Axel The WarriorAxel The WarriorMonth ago
  • Why'd I never see THIS one before?!

    M3me_EAter YTM3me_EAter YTMonth ago
  • sr pelo this muic is mean green mother

    Liam Kenzie TorresLiam Kenzie TorresMonth ago
  • I believe the song is from little shop of horrors

    Matthew BlomstromMatthew BlomstromMonth ago
  • What was that song?

    Rosalie SuarezRosalie SuarezMonth ago
  • The priranaplant reapered in a new video

    Jacob ScottJacob ScottMonth ago
  • at least the toilet is fixed I gess

    Raphael GomezRaphael GomezMonth ago
  • I'm still asking when yahoo man started to yahoo

    Raphael GomezRaphael GomezMonth ago
  • lol just lol

    George AdamecGeorge AdamecMonth ago
  • *B U S T Y O B A L L S*

    chill s p a g h e t t ɪchill s p a g h e t t ɪMonth ago
  • I want this done with other musicals amd other games....

    Sarah LillySarah LillyMonth ago
  • Where does Luigi’s neck begin and where does his chin end

    missingindymissingindyMonth ago
  • Why is different animation?

    Elite#360Elite#360Month ago
    • Bruh this is from 7 years ago

      chill s p a g h e t t ɪchill s p a g h e t t ɪMonth ago
  • Balls?

    Elite#360Elite#360Month ago
  • Bhkhg,fykuftukftkjgfthmyghmgjhkhtfmyhgymgv,theYvu,hjbvy,jhvj,gym,vgmvhmvghmhmgvhvhgmhmgvgmvgghmgyymugvthmgg

    Malachi Antwi-Yeboah CaminoMalachi Antwi-Yeboah CaminoMonth ago
  • Cody's mom ---> (°⨸°)

    Teresa FoxyTeresa FoxyMonth ago

    T MackT MackMonth ago
  • Hahahaha

    mochi 1000mochi 1000Month ago
  • I laughed so hard at this

    fawful the great gamerfawful the great gamerMonth ago
  • You imagine peach 🎵singing suddenly seymore🎶XD

    mati kcmati kcMonth ago
  • Mario: Hoy la pongo 😎

    Sebastian 128Sebastian 128Month ago
  • Put this part in slow motion 1:53

    Apple On RRApple On RRMonth ago
  • Where did The plant come from?🤔

    Michael GarciaMichael GarciaMonth ago
  • Alternat Title: Something about Super Mario Oddyssey

    Misty DurranceMisty DurranceMonth ago
  • My brain during a test 2:15

    Ave EAve E2 months ago
  • Bon, je veux une version plus longue Serieux elle est grave bien elle serait encore meilleurs plus longue genre entre 2minute est 3minute 30 Dans tout les cas très bon boulot

    Tristan MartinezTristan Martinez2 months ago
  • That little shop of horrors reference tho 😳

    - DiegoTheMarine -- DiegoTheMarine -2 months ago
  • This is pretty darn gud

    Stripey 1010Stripey 10102 months ago
  • Y'know, I'm kind of scared that she sits on the plants and takes a dump on him. and the plant is being a pervert.

    Reo DeGuzmanReo DeGuzman2 months ago
    • r/cursedcomments

      - DiegoTheMarine -- DiegoTheMarine -2 months ago
  • Nolstagia

    Andrew ClarkeAndrew Clarke2 months ago
  • ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha

    Massyn OuhlousMassyn Ouhlous2 months ago
  • Cool!

    Teufeldos R KTeufeldos R K2 months ago
  • So I came here from Something About Yoshi’s Story because somebody commented “I’m a mean green mother from outer space” with the time stamp of the piranha plant, so I came here. Then I saw the piranha plant in this and thought, “they look the exact same, (except for this one being green) were they done by the same artist?” Then went down and noticed, they were both done by Terminal Montage! Would you look at that?

    SquallyCoin 5664SquallyCoin 56642 months ago
  • The mushroom kingdom looks like the place from Aladdin

    RoboLobster3000RoboLobster30002 months ago

    RATRAT2 months ago
  • Cool

    Lucie LemaireLucie Lemaire2 months ago
  • Why is luigi's neck so freaking big

    Anna RosnickAnna Rosnick2 months ago
  • Alguien de 2020 :v

    Sarai ZatarainSarai Zatarain2 months ago
  • This reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors.

    Noka ReemsNoka Reems2 months ago
  • Mario: **regular** Luigi: **long neck boi** Piranna Plant: **reminds me of that weird movie with singing plants that took over the world** Mario: ⏳

    Tito Animates!Tito Animates!2 months ago
  • Luigi

    WhereIsJeremyWhereIsJeremy2 months ago
  • Iuigis neck is long like adam from lankybox

    Zeandreih CabillosZeandreih Cabillos2 months ago
  • 4 Xxxxxsnshxh

    Ana Lucia VidalAna Lucia Vidal2 months ago
  • Zero

    TheKwheezieTheKwheezie2 months ago
  • “Luigi, why the long face?”

    Splat TimSplat Tim2 months ago
  • Luigi is better than mario fight me

    Hamfish The IIIHamfish The III2 months ago
  • I'M GONNA BUST YO BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLS! Some Green Pirhanna Plant - 2014

    Stealie ShawStealie Shaw2 months ago
  • Is that dream exploiting

    Zo the brown recluse ArmendarezZo the brown recluse Armendarez2 months ago
  • Mario oyai

    bonnet five night at freddy sister locationbonnet five night at freddy sister location2 months ago
  • Luigi's neck 6 years later: adios

    boish purpleboish purple2 months ago
  • You can tell it's one of his earlier animations from the different explosion effect.

    joe avenettijoe avenetti2 months ago