Legendary & Mythical Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED 🌍 Collab With @Lockstin & Gnoggin

May 17, 2019
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ALRIGHT. I wasn't going to do this, but thousands of you requested it so I'm re-running the Battle Royale Simulation with Legendary (and Mythical) Pokemon!
Make sure you also check out the explanation at Lockstin's Channel here!: usworlds.info/slow/video/o6GEj67UrKOnamI
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Music used:
Pokemon Black/2/White/2 - Legendary Pokemon (SNES) by ParabeetleX
Pokemon USUM: Ultra Necrozma Battle Remix by GlitchxCity usworlds.info/slow/video/nIxqnI2YkqeYhmo
Pokemon R/B/Y : Professor Oak's Lab Acoustic cover by Steven Morris
The scream at 4:08 by Zach Hadel
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  • 1:32 Something snatched squishy

    Erin CzydgeErin Czydge4 hours ago
  • 0:26 Observation: this is a GREAT opportunity for slaughter.

    Random Youtuber.Random Youtuber.6 hours ago
  • Did Lugia said "MAAAMA!"

    FlipamationFlipamation6 hours ago
  • Gana Ditto con cinta elegida :)

    dogor rockdogor rock7 hours ago
  • 2.26 agh agh

    minecraft gaming IDminecraft gaming ID7 hours ago
  • Why is nobody talking about 1:42

    ArceusArceus8 hours ago
  • 0:47 shaymin’s pokeball is the only master ball in the video. I think this was an easter egg and I found it.

    -Gemma Potato--Gemma Potato-9 hours ago
  • I was not prepared for Entei... 😭😭😭🤣

    Roberto ParrisRoberto Parris11 hours ago
  • This video is inaccurate because Victini wins every battle

    Finn AberjanskiFinn Aberjanski15 hours ago
  • I always wondered why is mewtwos tail black and not purple

    The ShuckleGuyThe ShuckleGuy15 hours ago
  • What's the theme that plays in the background?

    radhika shekhawatradhika shekhawat15 hours ago
  • Actually Necrosma is gaurenteed to win because of victini

    Darth VitiateDarth Vitiate16 hours ago
  • I like the part where kyrem stepped on keldeo 😂😂😂😂😂

    Syed Abrash 6-DSyed Abrash 6-D18 hours ago
  • 2:22 momen epic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣sumpah

    ety etyety ety19 hours ago
  • Lunala taken over by Necrozma. Solgaleo : "Oh no"🤣

    Simon van TilburgSimon van TilburgDay ago
  • Pokemon go trainer code - 015917918685 Send a request!!

    Ipshita SinghIpshita SinghDay ago
  • my fav is mega primal kyogore ex

    Mario QMario QDay ago
  • wait would it technically be sogaleo, lunala, and necrozma win because they are 1 pokemon

    Sans undertaleSans undertaleDay ago
  • 2:15 when you step on a Lego

    LugiDaGamrLugiDaGamrDay ago
  • Mewtwo = Satoru Gojo

    _Tute_TuteDay ago
  • Rip hoopa whi just wanted to vibe with rings

    Ballora cult HeyBallora cult HeyDay ago
  • Fun fact:most of new comments are more famous than the old one

    Crappy WeebCrappy WeebDay ago
  • I just noticed xerneas shown being killed that meansss

    Nova playzNova playzDay ago
  • Well who won tho ?.

    S Aditya chakravarthyS Aditya chakravarthyDay ago
  • I loved the video but in the ultra necrozma it is a very good legendary pokemon but the best legendary pokemon is mega mewtwo y or x is the best, mewtwo had to face arceus

    juan andres garcia manzanaresjuan andres garcia manzanaresDay ago
  • Groudon: lives World: here we have the big bang

    Hayden EdgeworthHayden EdgeworthDay ago
  • If y'all wondering what happened to giratina He was disqualified due to his dimensional portal (Forgotten the name)

    Math TeacherMath TeacherDay ago
    • Lmao

      Hayden EdgeworthHayden EdgeworthDay ago
  • 3:44 rip groudon

    E- 29 SALMAN YTE- 29 SALMAN YT2 days ago

    Don MitchellDon Mitchell2 days ago
  • Your genius

    Imanol CeberioImanol Ceberio2 days ago
  • 5:02 I like how the sun respawned back in the center of the galaxy, the pokemon world is quite a strange place!

    D0ct0rPrism4tixD0ct0rPrism4tix2 days ago
  • Pa pa pa my favorite part of the whole video and one of my favorite videos of your entire channel there is so much chaos in this video maybe that's why I love it

    Andrés Felipe diagoAndrés Felipe diago2 days ago
  • Rayquaza 🐉🐲

    0Jeremiasz0Jeremiasz2 days ago
  • 4:56 lol Luigi

    meme machinememe machine2 days ago
  • 3:10 my body is ready

    Beatriz MFBeatriz MF3 days ago
  • 0:24 all suspension this is a great opportunity for swalter

    Beatriz MFBeatriz MF3 days ago
  • 2:32 Defining statement there is nothing u can do to me do ur worst repulty/repulting -registeel

    Beatriz MFBeatriz MF3 days ago
  • The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.

    PikachuODSTPikachuODST3 days ago
  • Mewto to almost everyone: ctrl A

    Weird CatWeird Cat3 days ago
  • who catches shemin with master ball?

    dzipap v1dzipap v13 days ago
  • 3:01 LMAO

    ʟᴜɴɪxʟᴜɴɪx3 days ago
  • i love the sense that ultra necrozma is invincible edit:i also love how its playing the ultra necrozma theme during that part other edit: i love how theres no galar legendaries but for a split second at 1:46 hoopa passes professor magnolia's house once again another edit: 2:24 notice how keldio is still hanging on

    Brady CumminsBrady Cummins3 days ago
  • entei: ba. (BOOOOM) entei: ba. (BOOOOM) entei: ba. (BOOOOM)

    Noah QuillinNoah Quillin3 days ago
  • The robot Pokemon is all like this is fine 2:45

    Taydwn HoughtonTaydwn Houghton3 days ago
  • Yo are we gonna talk about how dope that necrozma/arceus hybrid looks?

    ArchbishopArchbishop3 days ago
  • Basically Pokemon : 10 year old children enslave magical animals that have the potential to destroy the world for their own pleasure

    Swap!SwapYTSwap!SwapYT3 days ago
  • Guys, I don't understand. Who won this? I'm very ignorant about pokemon, just watched season 1 haha

    DiferDifer3 days ago
    • I too dont know much about pokemon. But I assume that both of the pokemon lose and win at the same time. What I mean by that is both of the pokemon having both probability of losing and winning at the same time .It like quantum number where 0 and 1 can exist at the same time. Sorry, Im bad at explaining.

      Blood LustBlood LustDay ago
    • @Blood Lust yes i dont understand

      DiferDiferDay ago
    • You mean the last part?

      Blood LustBlood LustDay ago
  • Where was volcanion😭😭the only water fire type

    Donnie FreidmanDonnie Freidman3 days ago
  • Oye se traba

    Dulce EscalanteDulce Escalante3 days ago
  • Oye que mal sacaron a rayquaza 😠

    Dulce EscalanteDulce Escalante3 days ago
  • Where is mew? Did I miss him?

    Chazz PrincetonChazz Princeton3 days ago
    • @Donnie Freidman you're on both your observations, I'm pretty sure. Already checked 0.21 and yea now I know, I hadn't missed him but he only appears for like 2 seconds. Am not gonna watch it again now, but I'm pretty sure volcanion isn't there, or maybe he is in some background for 2 seconds too 😂. Anyway, thanks!

      Chazz PrincetonChazz Princeton3 days ago
    • Check 0:21 saw him there. But volcanion however is completely missing😭he got that dope fire water typings and shoots super blasts of boiling steam

      Donnie FreidmanDonnie Freidman3 days ago
  • 0:44 Si lo pausan, ven una pokebola detrás del cuerno del pokemon.

    Jerry Eduardo Rodriguez QuirozJerry Eduardo Rodriguez Quiroz3 days ago
  • Uno [Articuno], Dos [Zapdos] y Tres [Moltres]

    Vanessa AparicioVanessa Aparicio3 days ago
  • Is no-one gonna talk about cosmog?

    Dark KnightDark Knight3 days ago
  • zaptos shaymin latios

    The BentaeolusThe Bentaeolus3 days ago
  • Garchomp is legendary pokemon too

    Nojus BumblauskasNojus Bumblauskas4 days ago
  • Nice!

    Boss MewtwoBoss Mewtwo4 days ago
  • I just noticed the detail with Deoxys changing form to form. Don't know why but I found that impressive

    Boden SparksBoden Sparks4 days ago
  • This is so funny and weird

    Goretty EsparzaGoretty Esparza4 days ago
  • Registeel-coorta coorta are you dead yet? smug statement: did I forget to mention that I reversed the turbolift codes.... In case you managed to get this far .

    subject nivleissubject nivleis4 days ago
  • 2:15 wtf XD

    Martina YuvoneMartina Yuvone4 days ago
  • Arceus

    Gabriel Santos SousaGabriel Santos Sousa4 days ago
  • Super epic omega elic

    Dustyn Joel JuradoDustyn Joel Jurado4 days ago
  • 2:54 revive is just vibing

    G michG mich4 days ago
  • SO mewto can turn pokemon into tiny little balls of skin now? Isn't it already OP enough?

    DoritoCat101DoritoCat1014 days ago
  • Where is zacian and zazementa

    loraxlorax4 days ago
  • Meanwhile with the galar legendaries...

    Doom_Slayer225Doom_Slayer2254 days ago
    • This video was made before the game was released i think

      dont ask to change my namedont ask to change my name2 days ago
    • Its possible that they were making this video before sword and shield came out

      Donnie FreidmanDonnie Freidman3 days ago
    • But really, where are they?

      Doom_Slayer225Doom_Slayer2254 days ago
  • Mewtwo was too op

    Shilpa MenonShilpa Menon4 days ago
  • Who would win? Arceus or Necrozma? TerminalMontage: Yes

    Sarah BarkerSarah Barker4 days ago
  • 3:03

    최대완최대완4 days ago
  • Why not master balls?

    Ash ketumAsh ketum5 days ago
  • is no one going to talk about that poor Spearow that got destroyed by Regigigas like mate that thing can tow the contantent of Asia and it just break neck blitzed a bird

    Oyfum白Oyfum白5 days ago
  • so what was the song that was playing during the ending

    PurpleJessiePurpleJessie5 days ago
  • There is nothing HAIYA

    Idris KasepIdris Kasep5 days ago
  • i wish sword and shield legendaries where here, would have been interesting to see if erturnitus could absorb all the energy before necrozma absorbed it, tho i understand why they were not here

    The Legions CaesarThe Legions Caesar5 days ago
  • LOL this is so funny

    Ryan PflaumeRyan Pflaume5 days ago
  • From what video is when crushed entei bark?

    thedarksoul2279thedarksoul22795 days ago
  • 5:18 ZA WARUDO!!

    The Official GroudonThe Official Groudon5 days ago
  • Someone I need to know, when Hoopa uses a portal, where does the sound effect come from, my brain knows but doesnt at the same time.

    ChaosSaberChaosSaber5 days ago
    • is not from kirby

      Raemuo WalterRaemuo Walter2 days ago
  • 3:08

    Breno SouzaBreno Souza5 days ago
  • What happend to tapu koko :P

    NebbyNebby5 days ago
  • 0:53-1:00 is my favorite and new ringtone scene.

    Jacob SilvaJacob Silva5 days ago
  • 3:02 That was a JonTron scream, wasn't it?

    flummox3dflummox3d5 days ago
  • Deep down in our hearts, we all know Registeel won.

    Chadius MaximusChadius Maximus5 days ago
    • registeel isn't alive i believe it's like a golem or a robot, so when Yveltal died and took everyone with him, registeel *should* be fine, same with the other regi pokemon to

      The Legions CaesarThe Legions Caesar5 days ago
  • Arceus

    Lulu Y.TLulu Y.T5 days ago
  • Desafía todo está jugar

    Cristian MortielCristian Mortiel5 days ago
  • can you do mega pokemon battle royal plsss

    Borys KrugerBorys Kruger5 days ago
  • 5:16 *everywhere i go i see Jojo Reference*

    Killer Queen The THOT SlayerKiller Queen The THOT Slayer5 days ago
  • ………………?

    楊瑞瑞楊瑞瑞5 days ago
  • So based on Jirachi’s alarm clock, they are all fighting on New Year’s Eve going into New Year’s Day. What a way to celebrate the new year

    AceTrainerXAceTrainerX6 days ago
  • i like solgaleo saying oh no

    Aditya DeshmukhAditya Deshmukh6 days ago
  • My favorite part is "bah,hab bah bah, hab bah bah gah gah" if your favorite part is this pls +1

    Mustafa Tarık HatunMustafa Tarık Hatun6 days ago
  • q

    時田かおり時田かおり6 days ago
  • Necrozma really just Archie Sonic'd Dialga.

    Arch StantonArch Stanton6 days ago
  • 2:23 me when I stub my toe

    Fikin FortniteFikin Fortnite6 days ago
  • Hi

    Max Chan vlogsMax Chan vlogs6 days ago
  • -5:42 kirbo it does not work

    Camila Hernadez LopezCamila Hernadez Lopez6 days ago
  • Erm wtf happened to mewtwo?!!

    The Real Psycho7The Real Psycho76 days ago
  • Ok now do mega evolutions battle royale

    poo on a stickpoo on a stick6 days ago
  • 1:26 Lukia

    John-paul Farrington hoyleJohn-paul Farrington hoyle6 days ago