Legendary & Mythical Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED 🌍 Collab With @Lockstin & Gnoggin

May 17, 2019
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ALRIGHT. I wasn't going to do this, but thousands of you requested it so I'm re-running the Battle Royale Simulation with Legendary (and Mythical) Pokemon!
Make sure you also check out the explanation at Lockstin's Channel here!: usworlds.info/slow/video/o6GEj67UrKOnamI
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Music used:
Pokemon Black/2/White/2 - Legendary Pokemon (SNES) by ParabeetleX
Pokemon USUM: Ultra Necrozma Battle Remix by GlitchxCity usworlds.info/slow/video/nIxqnI2YkqeYhmo
Pokemon R/B/Y : Professor Oak's Lab Acoustic cover by Steven Morris
The scream at 4:08 by Zach Hadel
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  • If this happens in real life...

    Lucas BorgesLucas Borges16 minutes ago
  • Shaymin with the masterball

    Juan VJuan V52 minutes ago
  • Omg phione

    doktor.piksel1231doktor.piksel1231Hour ago
  • Warning reactor core overheating plaese delete a few pokemon

    Baconbits 2799Baconbits 2799Hour ago
  • 0:54 Use me as a replay button

    Kevin MendezKevin Mendez2 hours ago
  • Where is yveltal

    Pauliflower 99Pauliflower 992 hours ago
    • 4:35

  • elite 4 exists me: 0:24

    Lazuli 10904Lazuli 109042 hours ago
  • Pls make more like these

    BeastXFaheemBeastXFaheem3 hours ago
  • This is what it looks like when the world ends

    Hannah GuvenerHannah Guvener3 hours ago
  • Very Scary

    JaxThePikaPandaYTJaxThePikaPandaYT3 hours ago
  • All the pokemon battle royals are lzughing my head off love the vids

    Hannah GuvenerHannah Guvener3 hours ago
  • 5:16 hol up, is that a jojo AND a sonic refrence?

    Mr. ÆMr. Æ3 hours ago
  • Que paso con Rayquaza y Mewtwo??

    Alexis WeglinAlexis Weglin4 hours ago
  • We need an update with my boi naganadel we all know he will win

    Island MindroidIsland Mindroid4 hours ago
  • Ho qon??

    algwibaalgwiba4 hours ago
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    핑크키위핑크키위5 hours ago
  • Do a elderdragons Battle royal next.

    Jackylegz777Jackylegz7776 hours ago
  • 2020: Necrozma wins 2021: Dracovish wins since he is true Pokemon god

    Madeline NcubeMadeline Ncube7 hours ago
  • So many nostalgic sounds. I'm pretty sure magearna used the falling cargo bridge worker scream.

    Nathan SchubertNathan Schubert8 hours ago
  • No one said but the pikachu at the starting Omae wa mou shindoru

    super duper gamingsuper duper gaming8 hours ago
  • you forget to mention one pokemon its hoopa unbound

    Owais MirzaOwais Mirza10 hours ago
  • all mewto and groudon scences are really funny

    Owais MirzaOwais Mirza10 hours ago
  • 5:58

    수초수초10 hours ago
  • 5:57

    수초수초10 hours ago
  • X바 애들 다 존나 빡친듯 ㅋㅋ

    Deepshark딥상어밥Deepshark딥상어밥11 hours ago
  • The moon's noise Lol

    The Weird MilkThe Weird Milk11 hours ago

    Dark kingDark king12 hours ago
  • What happened to rayquaza and giratina?

    Dylan RazeefDylan Razeef13 hours ago
  • FULL KILL LOGS: (vacuum) -> pikachu mewtwo -> heatran giratina -> genesect cosmog evolved into cosmoem (only valid conclusion, otherwise the number will be wrong at the end) darkrai -> landorus lugia -> articuno lugia -> zapdos lugia -> moltres marshadow -> regirock mewtwo -> zeraora hoopa -> zygardge complete forme mewtwo -> zygardge 50%/10% formes (implied) melmetal -> magearna palkia -> hoopa zekrom -> thundurus reshiram -> cobalion kyurem -> zekrom kyurem-black -> reshiram kyurem-black -> keldeo groudon -> tapu lele groudon -> registeel (i would be very surprise if a steel type survived that) groudon -> tapu funi groudon -> azelf groudon -> virizion groudon -> regice groudon -> marshadow lunala -> suicune lunala -> raikou lunala -> entei mewtwo -> suicune mewtwo -> raikou mewtwo -> entei mewtwo -> ho-oh kyogre -> groudon rayquaza -> lugia lunala -> cosmoem necrozma -> victini necrozma -> yveltal yveltal -> mewtwo yveltal -> kyorge yveltal -> rayquaza yveltal -> deoxys yveltal -> regigigas yveltal -> kyurem-black yveltal -> giratina yveltal -> mew yveltal -> diancie yveltal -> latias yveltal -> latios yveltal -> xerneas yveltal -> tapu koko yveltal -> shaymin yveltal -> meloetta yveltal -> cresselia yveltal -> tapu bolo yveltal -> terrakion yveltal -> manaphy necrozma -> jirachi necrozma -> lunala dawn-wing-necrozma -> solgaleo ultra necrozma -> palkia ultra necrozma -> celebi ultra necrozma -> dialga ?????????? PHEW that took me a long time

    Tsz Ho WONGTsz Ho WONG14 hours ago
  • 2:21 killed me

    Lord NnaratLord Nnarat14 hours ago
  • 0:50 I love how you made Meloetta sound like Mike Kirby from the SNES Kirby Super Star game...oh excuse my wording: Mike Kirbo from the SNES Kirbo Super Star game

    Owen NelsonOwen Nelson15 hours ago
  • 3:29 Bork

    Qayyim RifqyQayyim Rifqy16 hours ago
  • Registeel:*gets hit * revolting. Ho-oh:*dies Registeel: *revolting.* The whole world:ends* Registeel: *R E V O L T I N G .*

    The real koiThe real koi16 hours ago
  • Everyone is talking and commenting on the battle royale but let's have a few seconds to remember the pikachu who exploded in the vacuum of space.

    Comrade GrassComrade Grass16 hours ago
  • No one: Dialga: "Za Warudo"

    Amnri ZainuddinAmnri Zainuddin17 hours ago
  • Were is Deoxys?

    HENTONYHENTONY19 hours ago
  • (War noise)

    Dora the Explorer DoraaaDora the Explorer Doraaa19 hours ago
  • wowow

    SIMON티비SIMON티비19 hours ago
  • Tin ingis popis tatis

    Susana DahnSusana Dahn19 hours ago
  • As a kid I thought groudon was a fire type

    myusersur 109myusersur 10921 hour ago
  • 4:30 what is in the background. These tiny stuff that are insanely hard to see and all the codes like the sub space intro, the little things come a long way.

    Sami ASami A22 hours ago
  • Shaymin comes out from a master ball, registeel does no slaughter, un un un.

    Sami ASami A22 hours ago
  • This is so cringe and funny

    Nolan AdrianNolan Adrian22 hours ago
  • They broke the earth hahahaha

    Firdaus LamFirdaus Lam22 hours ago
  • This looks like it was made by sir pelo

    the rainbow gamerthe rainbow gamer23 hours ago
  • Plz watch 0:54😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😂😂😂😆😆 it’s so much cringe

    jack bahlerjack bahlerDay ago
  • I love all the ultra balls

    Seth dracansethSeth dracansethDay ago
  • Why lag

    Sharom AbiaSharom AbiaDay ago
  • 5:58

    Ange BAnge BDay ago
  • In the alternate reality arceus shouldn’t have won because Necrozma consumed Victini

    Gaming CentralGaming CentralDay ago
  • 5:08 what's that sound effect? Is it a stock effect and can it be found on youtube?

    Enderclaw The CyborgEnderclaw The CyborgDay ago
  • 5:14 nice YuGiOh reference.

    Enderclaw The CyborgEnderclaw The CyborgDay ago
  • I love the concept at the end where theres 2 endings

    [GD] Impostor[GD] ImpostorDay ago
  • Reggirock and Reggice?

    nift tediusnift tediusDay ago
    • Reggirock: 1:07 Reggice: 2:52


    Human EnteiHuman EnteiDay ago
  • Others games reference in animation

    jogador pro de robloxjogador pro de robloxDay ago
  • When slow start where’s off 3:06

    Gaming With PPL ZzZGaming With PPL ZzZDay ago
  • This is incredible. How long did it take to make this?

    HenryHenryDay ago
  • Now do one with Megas and gigantamax Pokémon ( not including eternatus )

    Bonez DaLucarioBonez DaLucarioDay ago
  • So why is shaymin in a master ball

    BisabroBisabroDay ago
  • This is how world war 2 started.

    noobdisasterplan-Robloxnoobdisasterplan-RobloxDay ago
  • U made fun of ho-oh and lugia 😡🤬and made mewtwo very poweful

    Yash AgarwalYash AgarwalDay ago
  • okay so no one ever noticed that when Dialga stops time, it plays the Dio's Timestop sfx

    7Fishy7FishyDay ago
  • 5:17 jojoreference

    WHITE FranXX nekoWHITE FranXX nekoDay ago
  • Mewto is Extremely Entertaining

  • There is two ending. You can only choose one.

    Black HoleBlack HoleDay ago
  • 0:48 master ball

    Black HoleBlack HoleDay ago
  • This could actually make a good Pokémon game where your just a trainer trying to stop all this drama

    OncelyOncelyDay ago
  • Why Pikachu hate in space

    gohan the shitzugohan the shitzuDay ago
  • 0:51

    Eduardo MolinaEduardo MolinaDay ago
  • 1:51 is me and my friend at sundown showdown

    Jaimison NogicJaimison NogicDay ago
  • 0:25 10-16 year old males during cod

    Jaimison NogicJaimison NogicDay ago
  • 1:08 R.I.P regirock un un un :( 1346-2019 1like= 1 un un un for regirock

    I am a dog so no I’m TequilaI am a dog so no I’m TequilaDay ago
  • It is amazing job thanks💪

  • Make a battle royale with all pokémons

    Nelson Carvalho De JesusNelson Carvalho De Jesus2 days ago
  • Add more pokemon pls

    Uyen TranUyen Tran2 days ago
  • 3:26 this was originally from A Mickey Mouse cartoon an episode called Wish Upon a coin.

    Xan LaryXan Lary2 days ago
  • 嘉嘉你好呀朋友多謝晒有冇得有冇

    Chunlok LoChunlok Lo2 days ago
  • Me when i'm buff 3:09

    carmen lopezcarmen lopez2 days ago
  • Where is regice

    Jajang MasdukiJajang Masduki2 days ago
    • @This name was stupid Be glad I changed it o yea thanks

      Jajang MasdukiJajang Masduki2 days ago
    • 2:54 look in the background

      This name was stupid Be glad I changed itThis name was stupid Be glad I changed it2 days ago
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh arcas win

    sultan Mansoorsultan Mansoor2 days ago
  • What have I been doing with my life

    Cyber knights.Cyber knights.2 days ago
  • Wouldn’t Victini automatically win?

    Shadow MasterShadow Master2 days ago
  • I saw some easter eggs in video

    Lucas BorgesLucas Borges2 days ago
  • what happens to the cameraman?

    ibnu maulanaibnu maulana2 days ago
  • Who found the masterball

    Userv SuckUserv Suck2 days ago
  • Yes

    안친한남매안친한남매2 days ago
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    이도욱이도욱2 days ago
  • how did mewtwo turn into goku?

    Erdenesaikhan SurkhiisaikhanErdenesaikhan Surkhiisaikhan2 days ago
  • Someone know the scream of 4:09?

    Joaquin GaticaJoaquin Gatica2 days ago
  • this is amazing

    ChronicChronic2 days ago
  • So cool

    Emencio DemamayEmencio Demamay2 days ago
  • Volcanion just chilling wherever he is. Speaking of which, W H E R E I S H E?

    Nachos Rule 69Nachos Rule 692 days ago
  • Yeah, let's just give 10 year olds the ability to fight with and against gods.

    SnipinJPSnipinJP2 days ago
  • Every registeel line is golden

    Caroline WaldCaroline Wald2 days ago
  • entei: pretends to be the dog(from dog of wisdom) ba hababa hababatuganda

    UltraJasperWorldUltraJasperWorld2 days ago
  • Jojos Yugioh Pokemon, my three favorites animes, perfect

    David Cortés GarciaDavid Cortés Garcia2 days ago
  • As I a Pokémon fan I give this video a 1000000000000000/10

    Water Cup ChannelWater Cup Channel2 days ago
  • Rip to my man Regirock-only man who got done dirty here

    Bag headBag head2 days ago
  • This is a great animation and hilarious too and really crazy

    Zeng FionaZeng Fiona2 days ago